Flaunt It - Luke Hemmings Imagine

A/N: I thought of this while I was vacationing and I just had to write it out.

“You want a drink, babe?” Luke asks while turning his head towards me.
“A strawberry daiquiri, please.” I say with a smile.
He gives me a smile before turning his head back to waiter.
“You heard my lady,” Luke says to the guy with a chuckle while giving him a twenty. “I’ll have a Piña Colada as well.”
The guy nods to Luke and then walks away from us.
I watch the waves reach the white sand as the sun and humidity makes me sweat.
I lean back against the sun chair and close my eyes.
“This is so nice.” I mumble after I sigh.
“Yeah it is.” Luke whispers.
I feel him take my hand.
“You’re sweatin’, (Y/N).” He chuckles as he begins to rub my hand with his thumb.
“I know.” I giggle, sliding my flip flops off.
“Why don’t you take off your cover up dress and relax,” He suggests and I open my eyes. “You’ll be more comfortable.”
I look over to him and he gives me a smile.
He looks even more handsome with his beach wear: his Ray Bans, tank top, SnapBack, and my favorite swim trunks on him.
I sigh a little and shake my head.
“I’m all set.” I lie, squeezing his hand.
Luke frowns a bit.
“Why not, baby?” He asks, fixing his hat before smirking to me. “I’m dying to know what you have on underneath.”
I stare at our hands while feeling my cheeks warm up. I smile.
“I’m really okay right now.” I admit before leaning in and kissing his lips.
“Are you sure? I want you to be-”
“Luke, really, I’m fine. Quit your worrying and relax.” I say with a laugh.
He shakes his head at me and then kisses me.
“(Y/N), you’re killing me here.” He mumbles against my lips and I laugh.
“You’re still breathing.” I say before pulling away.
“Please, (Y/N).” Luke implores, his fingers brushing against mine. “Take it off? For me?”
I frown a bit and shake my head.
“I don’t want to.” I mumble, hearing kids laughter from somewhere on the beach.
“How come?”
“Luke, I don’t-”
“You’re not gonna get your tan if you keep wearing-”
“I don’t feel comfortable with myself, alright?” I finally tell him, biting my lip.
I don’t look at him.
I stare at my hands in front of me as I feel his eyes on me.
“Baby, what have I been telling you?” Luke asks, softly.
I sigh quietly, feeling bad.
I should’ve never said anything.
“You’re absolutely beautiful, (Y/N).” He says, gently.
He takes my hand in his again.
“I know, I know, but I’m finding it hard to believe you, Luke.” I admit, watching my thumb rub the back of his thumb.
“Please believe it, baby, ‘cause it’s true.” Luke admits and the waiter comes back with our drinks.
He thanks the man, telling him to keep the change and then hands me my daiquiri.
I sip my drink while looking over the ocean, trying to forget what happened a few minutes ago.
“You know I get insecure too, (Y/N).” Luke says after taking a drink from his beverage.
I nod, of course I know.
He gets really insecure at times. He always gets down if he didn’t do well in a show, when he gets hate, when he gets naked in front of me, or when he has his shirt off.
And I’m the same way.
“But I tell myself that I’m better than that and sometimes, I just don’t care what people think or what I think,” Luke says and then squeezes my hand again. “And you should do that too, my love, because life’s a lot better when you do that.”
I smile a bit and nod.
“You like your swim suit you’re wearing?” He asks me and I nod.
“I really like it but I-”
“No buts. You show it off and you show yourself off.” Luke demands in a kind way to me and I sigh again.
“How about this,” He says, turning in his seat to face me. “I’ll take my shirt off if you take off the dress.”
I breathe in a bit.
“Luke, no, you don’t have to-”
“No, I want to,” He says, giving me his serious look. “I want to make you feel comfortable.”
“Then how will you feel comfortable?” I ask and he smiles.
“Because we’re facing our fears together.” Luke simply says.
I then smile big.
He puts his hands on the bottom hem of his shirt and then pulls it up over his head.
I bite my bottom lip once I see his naked chest.
He looks over to me and smiles at me encouragingly.
I breathe in before finding the swim suit cover ups hem with my hands.
I then pull it up over my head, revealing my purple swim suit.
I set it in the beach bag before looking over to Luke.
He lifts his glasses up to his hair and smiles a bit before biting his lip.
“Mmmm, (Y/N).” He whispers, huskily.
He leans over to me, cups my cheeks and kisses me hard, leaving me breathless.
“That’s my girl.” Luke whispers against my lips.
“I love you.” I mumble, happily and gently.
He pulls away and I stare into his beautiful blue eyes.
“I love you too, (Y/N).” He says before kissing my cheek.
I giggle a bit and breathe in. I feel relaxed and loved because of him.
He truly is my haven.
“Now, fuck it and flaunt it baby,” Luke says with a smirk, leaning back into his chair as I smile widely. “Because you are beyond perfect.”