The strong use of colour theory is what really sells this houmongi outfit; the obiage alludes to the light, creamy pinks in the flowers and makes them pop out, and obi is slightly golden in colour, which is purple’s contrast (yellow). It also draws out the smaller details of yellow in the kimono. The light purple obijime gives the outfit a softer look where a darker one would’ve provided a more distinct contrast, and the dark pink collar amps up the saturation, giving the whole outfit a ‘brighter’ look.

This is a great looking semi-formal or even formal attire. You could wear this outfit too a matchmaking meeting, or a serious birthday party.


This beautiful furisode not only has a modern color palette in a traditional design–the deep purple, bright lime and mauve pink are a new take on color– but the hair accessories launch this coordination right into the contemporary age! The strip of pink obiage that perfectly matches the model’s lipstick is probably my favorite touch. There is not much pink in this coordination except the dim mauve color in the centers of some of the flowers. I think this fairly reflects the current fashion color palette.

“Gifu City Walking” ticket, one-day train pass on Meitetsu line.

This cool poster is advertising one of the few ways I see kimono ever advertised in an informal way. Some cities that rely on tourism will suggest “kimono days” and encourage people to come in kimono, or rent them, for walking around the historical part of the town. 

Here they are really pushing a Taisho/1920′s look with the antique kimono with a large, bright pattern (they are “tachibana”, a winter orange) and matching it with a very light geometric obi that echoes the diagonal lines in the background of the kimono design. This bold kimono, with the bright pink in the obi-age, the bright red eri collar, and the sassy men’s hat, is as festive and young as you could imagine!

Let’s go wear kimono in Gifu! :D

This is a Kimono Nagoya Exclusive. The first of an unpublished set from Fuuga’s spring photoshoot.

I am really liking the choice of butter yellow for the Obiage with this set.  It’s intuitive as a contrast to purple, but also a nice contrast in tonal quality, which brightens the outfit a bit.

The (High Fashion!) roses hair accessories are a nice match to the roses on the Kimono, and the butterflies as Obidome are pretty great complimentary motif, which also pops a bit in colour.  Rather than using the same motif all the time, changing things up helps create more of an atmosphere or story to the outfit. The choice of turquoise, rather than pink or more purple brightens what I think is a pretty dark outfit.  Fuuga has often contrasted very dark mature colours with bright youthful ones.  With careful planning it’s a nice nice way to give an outfit more versatility and age-range. 

They also seem to have a Kickstarter going which has some pretty cool potential, and it would be cool to see Kimono peeps rally around one of their own.  Fuuga looks like they want to do some neat things in the future, including some ‘western’ sizes for those of you who have been asking about it!  It will be interesting to see what they can accomplish!  Looking forward to seeing what Fuuga will do in the future and can’t wait to see the next set of photos!

I love unique pieces and this is definitely one! 

A collage of dog photos, mostly in blues and violets, but small touches of yellow-green and red-orange, complete the tertiary color set. My only comment is that the mustard yellow obi (faced with beige) doesn’t do justice to the stained-glass look of the kimono’s print. I would have chosen another geometric pattern for the obi, or even an arabesque sort of floral. Here’s another place where a piano keys obi would be great! 

From far away (or if you take off your glasses XD) you can see that the balance of the kimono’s pattern is very nicely done, with the orange and green just sparsely sprinkled through the blue-violets. Only when you really look closely can you see the dogs. Very fun piece!

「おすましなわたし」■きもの¥189,000(お誂え価格)(Kimono)■帯¥73,500(お誂え価格)(Obi)■ショール¥50,400 (Shawl)
Iromuji furisode are quite uncommon traditionally but I have seen designers such as Mamechiyo making use of them with very bold accessories lately.
Mimatsu has also paired this with a black fur shawl which is tied with extraordinarily bright floral fabric, in a bow that lands square on the front of the obi, mimicking the bow in the back and adding a very powerful splash of color to the solid color of the kimono.
Taking into account the touch of lace at the collar (not too much), the realistic flower in the kanzashi (hair accessory) with the ribbons around it, the deep fuchsia color with warm pink, silver, and bright turquoise, black shawl, and touches of bright red in the zori and the tassels at the obi, I would predict that this type of coordination is EXACTLY where the fashion of kimono is heading in the future. This is what everyone will be striving for in terms of color and cleanliness of accessories. The balance of vintage feel and modern color and cleanliness is knife-edge-perfect. 
This is where kimono is heading, definitely. Keep an eye on Mimatsu.