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The View From Here - Ch 5

So.. Once again. The thing I wanted to take 1 chapter is taking another chapter.. Did I think all of this was going to fit in chapter 4? Its going to take me at least part way into chapter 6… Man. I just don’t stop typing… Anyway… 

First Chapter: Prologue

Most Recent: Chapter 4

Next Chapter: Chapter 6

Patton drove home, his heart racing. He didn’t know what it was about Logan… But there was just something about him. And Patton wasn’t stupid. He could be naive at times, sure, but feelings were something he understood better than most. He knew Logan felt it too, even if Logan himself wasn’t quite understanding it.

Patton arrived home, throwing his plastic containers in the sink to deal with later and he went straight up to his room. He laid down on his extra tall, extra long King sized bed and stared at his phone. He smiled a little at his two new contacts. Roman was a fellow lover of emojis, it seemed.

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The View From Here - Ch 4

Logan and Patton are rapidly stealing the show here.. I just… So Pure.

((Also, I did not make the board game I used up, I own it. It just fit really weirdly well. As soon as I saw the tagline I was like… Yeah. This is for the sides.))

First Chapter- Prologue

Most Recent- Chapter 3

Next Chapter- Chapter 5

“So where should I put all these? Sorry if I went overboard… Dessert is just what I love to do.” Patton asked as they walked toward the house. Logan heard them approaching and tried to steady his heart rate.

“Oh we can put them on some plates so we can snack on them easier.” Roman cheerily answered.

The 3 of them walked in, each holding a couple plastic containers with handles. Roman lead the way, followed by Virgil, and finally Patton. Logan tried to barely look as he watched the giant enter his home, hardly ducking low enough to avoid hitting his head on his doorframe. Virgil and Roman had made it to the table to put their containers down and then Virgil went back and grabbed the ones that Patton still held. Patton had paused when he entered, noticing Logan on the couch.

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