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Hi Rarity, I was wondering, do you have a favourite colour to wear?

When choosing a wardrobe color to wear, it is important to choose a palette that compliments one’s own complexion. For Instance, my coat is white, my mane and tail are purple, and my eyes are a sky blue, therefore I would choose a palette with similar colors such as blues, pinks, purples, and reds. Or I can choose a complimentary color to purple and wear yellow which is best for the warmer months.

My personal favorite among these colors I believe would be a deep shade of fuchsia or perhaps a dazzling maroon. Exquisitely lovely and feminine colors that can do me no wrong.

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Ten Facts About Me

• Nickname(s): Liv, 

• Eye Color: Brown/Green - Hazel

• Hair Color: Brown

• One Random Fact: When I feel like I’m drowning-whether metaphorically or not-I panic. I try to get help. Though I wish I wouldn’t. I play instruments,-guitar,piano, and saxophone- love drawing the kuro character Claude Faustus(I can draw barely), and I love to bottle my feelings like it’s going out of style cake and trains.

• Favorite Color: Lavender, Purple, Neon Green, Blood Red, Black, All shades of Blue, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Red, White, 

• Favorite Place: Honestly, sleeping.

• Favorite Celebrity: Daniel Radcliff

• Favorite Animal: Cat ^.^

• Favorite Song: Demons by Imagine Dragons, Black Parade by MCR, Monochrome No Kiss (don’t know who this one’s by but it’s becoming my theme),  I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz, I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble, Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day, Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day, 21 Guns by Green Day, Know Your Enemy by Green Day, Jumper by Third Eye Blind, Facedown by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, You’re Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring, and a few more.

• Favorite Book: Morganville Vampire Series by Rachel Caine and all of the Rick Riordan books. Harry Potter Books too.

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1) Last beverage:

Mellow Yellow

2) Last phone call:

My Aunt

3) Last text message:

My Sister Crystil

4) Last song you listened to:

“We’ve Got Lots In Common” from Charlotte’s Web (My younger sister and I were watching it because we haven’t watched it in awhile) 

5) Last time you cried:

Two weeks ago


6) Dated someone twice:

I gave a guy a second chance once so would that count? 

7) Been cheated on:

I have no idea.

8) Kissed someone and regretted it:


9) Lost someone special:

Yes I have

10) Been depressed:

have been somewhat depressed  on and off since 2010 

11) Been drunk and threw up:



any shade of Pink,Black, Royal Purple 


15) Made a new friend:

Yes a few from work

16) Fallen out of love:


17) Laughed until you cried:

at least twice

18) Met someone who changed you:

I don’t know 

19) Found out who your true friends are:

well I have only like two real friends now lol 

20) Found out someone was talking about you:

When are people not? (Meaning Family

21) Kissed anyone you follow/follows you:



22) How many people do you know in real life that you follow/follows you on Tumblr: 

1 dree-aminq 

24) Do you have any pets:

3 dogs and two fish

25) Do you want to change your name:

When I was younger I did

26) What did you do for your last birthday:

We went out for dinner and then a week later I got my 2DS

27) What time did you wake up today:

2:48 pm then I slept again till like 4:30 ( I had Work last night and didn’t come home til like 5 and wet to bed at 7 am)

28) What were you doing at midnight last night:

Working that third shift

29) Name something you CANNOT wait for:


30) Last time you saw your mother:

an hour ago

31) What is one thing you wish you could change about your life:

I wish that I had more motivation back in high school to get better grades do sports,theater,choir, and get scholarships to go to college instead of doing 40 hours a week doing 3rd shift but hey I can’t go back until someone builds a time machine lol.

32) What are you listening to right now:

The new episode of The Fosters  #Jonnor

33) Have you ever talked to a person named Tom:


34) What’s getting on your nerves right now:

Work possibly lol other wise 

35) Most visited website:

Tumblr or Youtube

36) Blood type:

Not sure lol

37) Nickname:


38) Relationship status:

In a relationship with Lucas

39) Zodiac sign:


40) Pronouns:


41) Elementary:

Was fun nothing bad really happened

42) High school:

Crazy but I got into a lot of Fandoms (Especially 1D) and made some amazing friends

43) College:

I need Money and The Motivation For that But Going to school For Music Education actually sounds Good.

44) Hair color:

Dark Brown

45) Long or short:

Cut it short in January but I am growing it out 

46) Height:

5′1 maybe 5′2 idk 

47) Do you have a crush on someone:

Lucas :) and basically any youtubers and band members 

48) What do you like about yourself:

My eyes and legs i guess

49) This question got lost so most people are putting a random fact so here’s one:

When I get frozen yogurt I usually get Pink lemonade royo with cookie dough bites

50) Tattoos:

none atm but I’m thinking about doing it after I pay for the concert tickets.

51) Righty or lefty:


52) First surgery:

gladly I haven’t one yet.

53) First piercing:

Ears when I was an Infant

54) First best friend:

Lucas and Andi

55) First sport you ever enjoyed:

Softball/Baseball or Basketball

56) First vacation:

Went to New Mexico for my uncle’s Wedding I was only 6 weeks old btw

58) First pair of trainers:

Baby Jordans then I guess Converse when I was in 8th grade (I don’t know how to answer this)


59) Eating:

Pink Lemonade  froyo with cookie dough bites

60) Drinking:

Nothing but I’ll probably water after the froyo

61) I’m about to:

finish watching Charlotte’s Web and finish this

62) Listening to:

Charlotte’s Web

63) Waiting for:

My life to begin lol I just want to finish this froyo.

64) Want kids:

YES! at least 3-4  also Twins Skip generations on my mom’s side so it’s possible that I will have them! 

65) Get married:

Hopefully in time 

66) Career:

At first  Early Childhood Education then Cosmetology but now Music Education for sure


67) Lips or eyes:


68) Hugs or kisses:


69) Shorter or taller:


70) Older or younger:

either around the same age or older

71) Romantic or spontaneous:


72) Nice stomach or nice arms:


73) sensitive or loud:


74) Hook-up or relationship:


75) Trouble maker or hesitate:



76) Kissed a stranger:


77) Drank hard liquor:

Nope not planning on it

78) Lost contacts/glasses:

No but broke my first pair 

79) Sex on first date:


80) Broke someone’s heart:

yep unfortunately.

81) Had your own heart broken:


83) Turned someone down:


84) Cried when someone died:

Of Course.

85) Fallen for a friend:

Yep  my neighbor/ childhood friend now he’s a Marine *sigh*


86) Yourself:


87) Miracles:


88) Love at first sight:

I don’t know

89) Heaven:


90) Santa Claus:


91) Kiss on first date:


92) Angels:


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