I have too many Cecil headcanons and I will never love one more than the others. 

  • There’s the fanon white, tall, skinny blonde guy with tattoos and a third eye 
  • The native american with long, gorgeous black hair and violet eyes with freckles 
  • The albino with purple streaked hair and thick glasses who wears dresses and crop tops 
  • The tall, stunning black man with poofy hair and a dazzling smile and thin, circle glasses 
  • The latino man with earrings and dyed blue hair who always wears bowties and short sleeved shirts 

Like ??? there’s no way to pick just one and I refuse to limit myself 


Had a Halloween Reptile Day at our local bait shop. The owner is super cool and likes to have us come and hang out with customers. Mostly kids and their parents throughout the day, but a few officers happened to drive by and stopped to say hello!