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Midnight Circus pt. 2

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☾pairing: Jungkook ♡→  reader
☾genre: Angst. Fluff. Mature content. badboysummerfling au
☾summary: “You’re ten times hotter this summer, you know that?”

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It was a delightful morning, you underestimated the amount of peace there was at a camping ground when night fell. You were fully rested and ready for the day. Everyone hadn’t left the cabins yet but those of you who did went to the recreational center for breakfast. You piled the roasted potatoes on your plate and walked back to the table with Nayeon, Jin, Namjoon and Jennie, everyone else was asleep so you guys left them alone. The whether was nice, breakfast was delicious, Jungkook wasn’t here, it was close to perfect.

“After breakfast I planned some stuff for all us.” Jennie brought the mug to her lips and sipped the bitter sweet coffee. “We can get cleaned up then we’ll hike up to the springs and eat lunch there, we can swim for a little while too.” When Jennie looked up to see Beah and Naeun we’re coming to the table and you braced yourself, you knew who wasn’t far behind them. Low and behold, Jimin, Tae and Jungkook walked in and you sighed—he glanced at you before grabbing a plate for breakfast, his hair was so fluffy and too soft to be his own, you wondered why the worst people have the prettiest features.

“Good morning,” Jimin came to sit next to Namjoon and across from Beah, with a bowl of fruit. Taehyung came to sit next to Beah, putting the seat beside you up for grabs. 

“Did you guys sleep well?” Jennie was really just indirectly asking Jimin. 

“Yeah, I kept hearing a weird sound though like a cat or something…” Tae mumbled and Nayeon nodded in agreement.

“I heard that too,” She gasped, “oh my God, are there wildcats out here?”

You giggled as Jennie tried to convince everyone that there has only ever been one wildcat sighting, most of them weren’t convinced. When Taehyung brought up the subject of the ‘thing’ in the tree outside of his window, you couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous he was.

“There was not!” Jimin playfully slapped his arm. “You shouldn’t have eaten those snacks, you were just seeing things.” 

Jungkook actually chuckled—he, of course, had to sit right next to you. His plate was piled uo like most of the guys but his plates always looked huge. You ate your potatoes, sipped your juice and got up to take your empty plate—you wanted to get away from him before you two started at it again. You grimaced at having to go back to that table, you could practically feel Jungkook looking at you—his eyes as unapologetic as ever when you looked back at him. Feeling your pink pajama shorts lift slightly prompted you to quickly tug them down. You kept your cool and walked to the fruit bar, making a nice bowl of pineapples before taking your seat beside him. It was ridiculous how he kept eyeing you like you didn’t notice him staring, he scrap his fork against his teeth and just glare at you.

You ate about three pieces until you saw his greasy fingers stroll into your view, attempting to take one of your pineapples, you smacked his hand, moving your chair farther from him—he is a literal child. He doesn’t understand the concept of enemies, he acts like your annoying friend one second and he’s pissing you off the next. He giggled, trying to grab it again just to annoy you.

“Stop.” You glared at him—looking down at your pineapples, they didn’t even look all that appetizing anymore. 

He had the nerve to scoff, letting out an exasperated sigh. “Why do you have to get worked up over pointless shit like pineapples?” He grabbed the same pineapple he was gonna eat originally and popped it in his mouth. “It’s fucking fruit. You need to learn how to share.”

“It’s my fruit, and I think you’re forgetting that we’re not on good terms.” You crossed your arms—you’ve never glared at anyone with such animosity. “And I don’t share with heathens like you…”

“Me? A heathen?” He feigned a look of shock. “You nag about everything, no wonder you never get any-” If he would’ve finished that sentence you would’ve strangled him.

“Are you two seriously fighting over a bowl of pineapples?” Namjoon called you two out causing the whole table to stare at the both of you. Of course you both started defending yourselves, your words clashing together like children trying to prove their points in a feud.

“Hey! We don’t want to hear about your pineapples guys,” Jennie spoke up, “let’s go get ready for the springs.” At that everyone agreed and got up, leaving their plates and continuing their conversations. As you were storming back to the cabin Naeun came to walk beside you, just skipping along like there was no tomorrow. You thought she was more excited to go swimming and you could understand why—swimming with all of those good looking guys was pretty exciting but you didn’t even think of that. You are going to have a good time, he wasn’t about to get the best of you, not now.

You washed up, put on light make up and slid on a pair of jean shorts over your bathing suit. When you tied your hair in a ponytail you got a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, Beah and Jennie were getting ready in the mirror as well. 

“You look cute Y/N,” Jennie looked back at your somewhat uncharacteristically revealing get up, “I don’t think Jeon will be able to argue with you in that, honestly you guys would be cute if you could stay in a room without killing each other.” She giggled, the way you grimaced in disgust was priceless.

“You’re kidding?” You wanted to vomit—that thought never even crossed your mind, “No, we wouldn’t, ugh, don’t even think of that. All I see Jungkook as is a means to ruin my life. And FYI he’ll lust after anything with boobs so it doesn’t matter what any of us wear, he undresses people with his eyes…” They all laughed but it was true, and you were determined not to let him touch any of your friends. 

“I wouldn’t mind that entirely.” Naeun walked in, she wore a black one piece with large openings on the sides to show quite a bit of skin. “He’s one of the hottest guys in school, and you get to fight with him.” She snickered.

“First of all, that’s gross. Second of all, he’s not ugly, that’s all I have to say about his looks.” Everyone was in there swimsuits, had their bags with shoes, extra clothes and some snacks. When the five of you walked out the boys were already waiting for you guys outside of their cabin.

Jin stretched. “So how long is the hike?” 

Jennie pulled out a can of bug spray and offered some to everyone before spraying her legs and arms. “Like 15 to 20  minutes, it’s not that long. Since I’m leading the hike, I’ll do it like my aunt does it. Everyone can grab a buddy to walk with so we don’t get separated!” She cut her eyes to you before smirking, she was doing this on purpose. 

You had your eye on Jimin but Nayeon beat you to it, your next option was Jin but Jennie purposely walked with him since they were the oldest. Namjoon walked with Beah, Tae walked with Naeun. When you looked around you saw everyone had a partner and followed Jennie into the woods, and of course you were at the end of the line—with him.

“Jen!” You shouted from the back running up beside her, “Can I-”

“You and Jungkook are partners, you can’t third wheel with me now go back.” She shooed you away, you’ve never felt more betrayed in your life. They all walked by, talking and smiling as Jungkook was walking towards you, an innocent look on his face.

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Rough Day at Work?

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x unnamed reader
Rating: M (Smut) 
summary: Thomas is stressed at work lately, so you take in upon yourself to relieve his stress at the office.

@thedoctorsfavoriteband @hamfamhamfam

“How’s Thomas?” Eliza asked you as she refilled her glass of lemonade. You were currently sitting on the patio of your backyard, it was a nice afternoon when your friend Eliza came over to chat. You knew Eliza from college and you were quite close friends with the rest of her family like her husband, Alexander Hamilton, much to the dismay of your own husband, Thomas Jefferson.

“He’s good but he’s been so stressed lately,” you respond leaning back into your chair “I worry about him sometimes.” Thomas was surprisingly a loving husband. He was cold and calculated to all his co-workers but whenever he’s with you, he turns into the gentle and loving man you married. But lately, he’d been spending so much of his time at work, his boss giving him long assignments on the daily, almost completely depriving Thomas of any sleep.

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A Hero, Somewhere

Characters: Wade Wilson (Deadpool), Reader (You), The Avengers.

Requested by: Anonymous.

Synopsis: Reader leaves the Avengers to become Deadpool’s partner because she “can’t be a hero.”

Warnings: Language, blood.

A/N: Y/N = Your Name.
I’m sorry. This is shit. I tried.
Hope you like it!

Tags: @lastbeliever

“More damage has been done with you around than without.” Tony Stark scolded you. “Hundreds. Hundreds of people could have died.”
“It wasn’t that high.” You pouted like a child.
“No. But more people died than should have. You can’t be a hero, if you’re going to be reckless.”
The rest of the Avengers stayed silence, watching yoy as you were lectured.
“Fine.” You threw your hands in the air. “I quit.”
“What?” Multiple members gasped.
“I quit. I can’t be a hero here, so I’ll go somewhere I belong.”


“Don’t fuck with me.” Wade laughed. “I’ve tried to have you work with me for decades!”
“We’ve only known each other for a year.”
“First rule of working with me, get used to me.”
“Remember, I’m not agreeing to a con job with you, Pool.”
“Oh come on! Dress up as Black Widow or something, I’ll be Hawkeye and we can rob some jewelers like I did with Gambit. Before we were crossed. Damn it! Now Destiny’s Child is stuck in my head!”
“I can think of so many reasons that won’t work.”
He laughed as he slipped his mask on. “Tumblr might lose their shit for you dissing me.”
“Let the internet think what they want to think.”
“Oh, the first person to know what I was talking about.”
“Hey, I may be busy saving the world, but I have a life.”
“Okay, Reader.”
You blinked. “Reader?”
“Yeah, nevermind.” Deadpool headed for the door of the shit-smelling motel room to leave. “Get yourself a uniform if you’re going to work with me!”
“What’s wrong with my one?” You gestured to the black cat suit.
“It’s generic.” He slammed the door shut behind him and you pursed your lips.
New outfit, eh?


“Hey, you going to join me on my next mission- Wha-What is that?” Deadpool stopped his question to stare at your attire.
“My new uniform.”
“It’s-It’s uh-”
“I’m rebranding myself. I can’t be hero with the Avengers, so I will be a new person. No one will know it’s me.” You placed your hands on your hips.
Your new outfit was skin tight purple leather two piece, crop top and pants, a black belt strapped across the middle of your stomach, stocked with throwing daggers and a black holster for a gun on your thigh, plus big black lace up boots. You had your hair up in a ponytail and you had thick black paint around your eyes.
“It’s working. I can see you becoming an obsession online.” Deadpool pulled of his mask, revealing his face.
“That- personality, yeah.” Wade smirked. “I’m a survivor, not gonna give up.” He sung to himself as he stripped himself of his suit.
“Woah, cowboy. Wait til I’m out of the fucking room.” You covered your eyes and stumbled into the bathroom, feeling the wall to find your way.


“Guess who is making headlines. That’s my girl!” He threw a newspaper with a photo of you as the headline. Deadpool high-fived you while you were vigorously srubbing blood off your face in a gas station bathroom mirror.
“Now are you a spicy girl or a teriyaki girl, I can never remember?” Deadpool dangled packets of jerky in front of your face.
“What, you just went into the store and bought some food? Dressed like this?” You laughed at the idea and the shock of the poor attendant when a man in a red and black suit, full face mask and carrying a fucking armory walked in and bought beef jerky.
“May have sent the poor bastard to another dimension, but other than that he’s just fine.”
He started sing Destiny’s Child to himself again quietly before quietly telling himself to shut up.


“Y/N?” Hawkeye froze in place as he bumped into you on the roof of a warehouse. “What are you-”
“Ssh!” You shushed him.
“Don’t ‘ssh’ me, what are you doing here.”
“I’m taking out this guy. What are you doing here.”
“Taking out a guy.” He raised an eyebrow. “So, what?” He lowered his bow that he had pointed at your face from startling him. “You left the Avengers and became a hitman for hire, something like that.”
“Not really.”
“What do you mean ‘not really’?”
“I’m not getting paid.”
“That’s a bit more illegal.” He shrugged.
“Just a bit.” I smiled. “I’ve missed you.” I opened my arms and he pulled me in for a hug.
“I’ve missed you too. We’ve all missed you.”
“Okay, if you’re going to try and convince me to come back-”
“I’m not. I’m really not. I’m just saying, you dropped off the map and this appearance,” He looked you up and down, “it’s new.”
You crossed your arms over your chest. “So?”
He studied you in silence before asking, “So you are a solo vigilante? How did you get intel on this guy?”
“I’m not a solo-” As if summoned, Deadpool landed on the roof behind you.
“How the fuck did you scale this thing so easily,” he wheezed, “are you fucking part spider? Are you related to Spider-Man?”
“I got up here half an hour ago.”
“It’s fucking hard- Hey, Hawkeye. I don’t know how you do it.”
“H-H-Him? You’re working with him?”
“My partner in crime,” Deadpool wrapped an arm around your shoulder and pulled you close, “or in hero, saving, saviouring, whatever the fuck this career is called.”
“Technically a crime.”
“Wasn’t talking to you.”
“But you were-”
“This is our guy, Hawkeye -heh, that rhymes a bit- so, shoo.”
Hawkeye hesitantly walked off mumbling about how he was going to tell Tony about this.


“It’s about time you arrived.” You and Deadpool entered the house to find The Avengers all packed inside.
“What are you-”
“Oh my god, Captian America! You really are dreamy!” Deapool interrupted.
“Are you fucking-”
“Can I speak?” You rolled your eyes. And everyone looked at you and shut up. “What are you doing here?”
“Clint said you were working with Deadpool now. Why?” Tony asked.
“You said I couldn’t do anything right, so I am here. Being a hero. You’ve seen the news right? With The Avengers I am a menace, with Wade I am a saviour. People like me better.”
“But, he’s dangerous.”
“Like I am?” You put your hands on your hips.
Tony sighed. “It’s just not you, Y/N.”
“Or maybe it is, and who I am now is who I’m really meant to be. Leave.”
“Leave! I quit, so don’t come crying back to me and pretend I am going to be useful to you guys.”
They left without another word. Wanda pulled you in for a hug, whispering into your ear “I know you may blame yourself for their deaths, believe me, I know but, be smart about this.” And she left.
You stared at the closed front door, thinking.
“You really want to stay with me?” Deapool asked.
You turned around to face him, in the process of putting his crocs on.
“Of course. Life’s more fun with you.”

Shades of Purple - Issho and Viola 

thelittlehobbsgirl  asked:

could you post some nymphet clothes from Romwe :)


Pleated Pink Short-sleeved Bandeau Shirt

Lipstick Single-breasted White Shirt

Polka Dot Print Bowknot White Bandeau also in black

Heart-shaped Cutout Pink Bandeau

Faux Roses Embellished Pink Bandeau

Green Lace-up Bandeau

Crop Black Lace Camisole Vest also in white

Straps Flouncing Backless Floral Print Apricot-yellow Vest

Flower Print Layered Blue Bandeau

Sunflowers Print Crossed Straps Slim Black Vest

Straps Sunflowers Print Flouncing Black Vest

Bowknot Hollow-out Elastic Slim Sheer Black Suntop

Halter V-neck Backless Midriff Black Vest

Flower Print Layered Pink Bandeau

Barbie Print Pink Sweatshirt


Washing Fading Destroyed Lip Embroidery Shorts & here

Red Lip Stitching Distressed Blue Denim Shorts

Sunflower Print High-waist Denim Shorts

White Floral Print High-waist Denim Light-blue Shorts

Red Lip Print Split Side Apricot Shorts

Polka Dots Pleated Print Blue Shorts 

Elastic Pleated Sheer Blue Shorts

Zippered Goose Embellished Light Blue Shorts

Cherry Embroidered Pocketed Blue Shorts

Zippered Floral Print Black Shorts also in white


Heart Print Pleated Black Skirt

Sunflower Print Pleated Zippered Denim Skirt

Sunflower Print High Waist Light Apricot Skirt also in blue

Falbala Dual-tone White High Waist Skirt

Pleated Slim Sheer White Skirt

High-waisted A-line Light-blue Denim Skirt

Scotland Stripes Print Zippered Flouncing Skirt

Wool Panel Bodycon Flouncing Sheer White Skirt

Red Lips Print Elastic Black Umbrella Skirt

Polka Dots Print Black Umbrella Skirt

Floral Print Zippered Pleated Black Skirt

Elastic Waist Falbala Sheer Black Skirt also in blue & pink

Dark Blue Denim Skirt

Flouncing Light-blue Skirt

Floral Print Pleated Black Skirt

Hearts Print Pink Skirt

Colorful Holographic Material Vinyl Skirt

Faux Roses Embellished Pink Skirt

High Waist Light Blue Denim Skirt


Navy Striped Bandeau & Skirt Two Pieces

Floral Print Sleeveless Purple Lace Two Pieces


Flower Print Buttoned Embellished Pink Camisole Dress

Flowers Round Neck Sleeveless Light-blue Dress

Daisy Print Sleeveless Slim Black Dress

Cut-out Dress also in pinkblack and purple

Round Neck Sleeveless Pleated Loose Sheer White Dress

Polka Dots Print Backless Bowknots Zippered Pink Dress

Hearts Backless Pleated Slim Print Dress

Cut-out Bowknot Sheer Yellow Strap Dress

Flouncing Puff Hem Sleeveless Sheer Pink Dress

Pleated Puff Hem Sleeveless Sheer White Dress

Polka Dots Print Pleated Black Dress

Pleated Sleeveless Puff Sky-blue Dress

Sleeveless Waisted Fish-tail Flouncing Sky-blue Dress

Beads Embellished Camisole Purple Dress

Lolita Lace Short-sleeved Bule Dress

Pleated Round Neck Dress

Panel PU Cut-out Lips Print White Halter Dress

V-neck Polka Dots Print Pleated Black Dress

 V-neck Pleated Sleeveless Light-blue Dress

Heart-shaped Cutout Sleeveless Black Dress

Heart-shaped Embellishment Blue Camisole Dress

Beaded Pleated Layered White Dress

Beaded Pleated Layered Apricot Smock Dress

Retro Lapel Neck Black Dress

anonymous asked:

Aaah summer themes! I know the ask box is closed but I saw the bathing suit theme and thought it was ok. If it's not then do ignore this, you guys have plenty of asks already! If it's ok, may I request Chrom and Frederick seeing f!mu in a bathing suit for the first time and getting flustered because they're trying to get them to try on a bathing suit and take a dip together? Thank you, you lovely gifts of nature ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Slightly confused with the wording, but I hope this will suffice!

Frederick: “Frederick pleeeease,” you beg him to just try on the pair of swim trunks you’re proffering him. He eyes them warily, as though they’re an enemy ready to strike. “Come on, they won’t burn off your bum.” He mumbles something along the lines of, ‘are you quite sure about that?’ and you huff in frustration. “Fine. I’m going to put this on, and I want you in that by the time I come back.” You hold up a purple two piece, and you can see him trying to protest. You hear nothing, and prance away to put it back.
“Why bother. She does whatever she wants, anyways,” he mumbles to himself, and wanders to a changing booth.

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This 19th century handmade child’s dress is made of cotton and figured with tiny flowers of red, brown, green, and purple. Two overlapping pieces create adorable rounded sleeves accented by narrow strips of black velvet.

Child’s Dress, 19th century, cotton, N0271.1959. Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, NY.