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Which do you like more purple hair Trunks or blue hair Trunks?


(Although we should say it’s LAVENDER just in case, I don’t want to start a new controversy!)

I don’t know why they changed Mirai Trunks’ hair (just like I didn’t like Bulma very much with lavender hair either, even though she’s always a cutie pie anyway). Maybe it’s because I grew up with the original DB and DBZ and I’m a “purist”…

It’s also weird that kid Trunks has lavender hair in Super and blue hair when Mirai comes back.



Long haired Mirai Trunks did “things” to me…


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Here’s the fic I wrote for the @aftgexchange for @dysfunctional-college-roommates! One of the summer options was Foxes go to a waterpark and well…I guess I sort of set them in the waterpark I go to with my friends every summer and…I kind of wrote more than I expected to? Anyway it’s 7k now (sorry!) and I had a lot of fun but it’s unbetaed. How did this happen, I ask myself, when I couldn’t think of a title. I’ll probably clean it up and post it to Ao3 one day or something but for now I hope you like it!

Neil felt hot just looking at Andrew. It was eighty-five degrees outside. Pushing higher as the afternoon approached, and they’d just gotten off a bus full of athletes. Also, Andrew allowed Neil to share headphones with him while their arms pressed together the entire trip, so there was a less uncomfortable warmth growing inside of Neil’s chest.

Even so Andrew persisted in his usual dark attire despite the heat. Though Neil was quick to notice that the all-black outfits were one-by-one being replaced with navy blues and lower hues of the color spectrum. He gained more contentment out of that than this waterpark trip they’d somehow all been talked into ever could.

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Finn and Rey at the beach. 

Finn is wearing his favorite purple swim trunks and swimming goggles. He brings a giant blue beach umbrella, some towels and sunscreen. He’s been to the beach before but never with Rey and he’s looking forward to spending a whole day at the beach with her.

Rey wears a cute little yellow bikini and a giant beach hat to shield her eyes from the sun. Like Finn, she comes prepared with a picnic basket crammed with their favorite foods and sunglasses. She also brings several bottles of water and a beach ball.

The two spend the whole day swimming, exchanging sweet kisses under the shade, playing volleyball and eating the hot dogs Aunt Leia put in their picnic basket. When it’s all said and done the two watch the sunset together, fingers intertwined.

I’ve been stewing on this for a while, but I shall stew no longer

Okay so are we all just gonna ignore that the timeline that Goku Black got his body from and killed Goten and Chichi literally cannot be future Trunks’ timeline? Because according to the official Toei timeline he got his body from future Trunks’ timeline.

I’ll give you the short version if you’re not big on trying to decipher this mess: green box means Future Trunks’ timeline and at the very bottom on the right in green it says Goku Black got his body, therefore he got it from Future Trunks’ timeline.

So what’s this mean? Why does it matter? It means Blue hair Future Trunks from Super and Purple hair Future Trunks from Z (henceforth known as Blue and Purple Trunks) cannot be the same Trunks. To explain, let’s build a basic timeline from what we’ve seen in Z and accept as canon.

Purple Trunks’ timeline:

- King Cold and Mecha Freeza arrive on Earth and are defeated by Goku and/or Z fighters, doesn’t really matter

- Everyone lives in relative peace and happiness for two and a half years

- Goku dies of heart virus half a year before androids 17 and 18 show up

- 17 and 18 kill the cast of DBZ with the exceptions of Gohan, Trunks and Bulma

- Gohan and Trunks train and fight against the androids

- Gohan loses his arm

- Gohan dies

- Trunks achieves Super Saiyan

- Bulma makes a time machine and sends Trunks back to change the past and save Goku.

The rest of it plays out as we see in Z.

Now if Blue and Purple Trunks are the same then Goku Black has to take the body of Goku from before him dying of the heart virus because we clearly see him alive and kicking when Goku Black takes the body. You know who else is alive? Goten. Goten. Goten who cannot be as old as he is in the flashback since he isn’t born ‘til after Goku dies of the heart virus if he’d even exist in the unchanged timeline to begin with.

While y'all were having the kisscoruse, you missed a more prevalent and important little fact that Toei royally fucked up. Anyone who wants to add to points I made or missed please do so, I’d love to talk about this with anyone.

A Night At The Pool

Bella smiled at her daughter as she shifted her from arm to arm and picked up the bag that was on the floor and put it over her shoulder. Just as she she was about to walk out of the bedroom Zsadist came through the door to the hallway and stopped dead in his tracks.

“What are you wearing?” Z asked with a deep frown and his brows dropping real low as he looked at his mate. It looked like she was wearing a bra and panties but they were of a different material and looked different from the lace she usually preferred to wear.

Bella arched a brow and looked down at herself before looking back at him. “A bikini.” Bella said simply as she gestured at the navy blue bikini top and bottom that she was wearing.

“What is a bikini?” Zsadist asked as he stared very hard at his mate, not liking that she looked to be leaving the room in such a state of undress.

“It is a swim suit.”

“Swim suit?”

“You know, to go swimming in? Swimming. At the pool.”

“The pool?”

“The pool in the back yard.”

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