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anonymous asked:

I don't see anything from Gravity Falls, what would Dipper and Mabels' stands be?

Stand Master: 「DIPPER PINES」
Stand Origin: Beyond Belief by Epica

Appearance Classification: Natural Humanoid

Stand Type: Long range automatic

Stand Appearance: Beyond Belief manifests as a tall and thin humanoid with green skin and is dressed like a noir detective with a purple trench coat, fedora, and pants. Its eyes are a solid bright yellow color. The belt of the trench coat is tied off, ending in a “?” and “!” punctuation mark on opposite ends. In the band of the fedora is a playing card with the backside facing outwards and showing a blue pine tree.

Stand Parameters:

Destructive Potential: D
Speed: B
Range: C/A (for Eye Spy)
Durability: C
Precision: A
Developmental Potential: B

Stand Ability:

Eye Spy: Beyond Belief can remove one of its eyes and toss it high into the air, where it is able to scan an area 2 kilometers in diameter, detecting anything supernatural in nature, including Stands. This power can also be used to find individual objects or people as long as Dipper knows what the object or person looks like.

Anonymous Tip: Beyond Belief has a mind of its own, and can piece clues together faster than Dipper on occasion. In such an event, it is able to call the nearest working phone of any kind available to Dipper. If Dipper answers, it gives him another clue in a garbled voice and hangs up. This is the only way that Beyond Belief can communicate with Dipper.

Artful Dodger: Beyond Belief’s body is as flexible as humanly possible. This allows it to fit through small openings and twist to avoid blows in a multitude of ways.

There’s a lot to say about Dipper with a Stand. In this AU, he’d develop his stand in his teens after finding an Arrowhead that pierces him. He freaks out and immediately goes to Ford, who classifies it as a “Rank 2 Spiritual Anomaly” haunting Dipper and examines the Arrowhead, but finds no proof to back up his claims.

Dipper would start studying his stand, calling it a “Spiritual Projection”. It would help him solve other mysteries, but never to find the mysterious informant who would always call at the perfect time.