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Today I got to go on one of our runs to more rural shelters to help relieve overcrowding there. We ended up bringing back 21 kittens and 10 dogs. So fun day. But this morning, while I was getting stuff together in preparation for the 90 minute drive…. This happened.

Excuse you Tiniest Opossum, but you are NOT allowed to escape through the front bars of the cat carrier we were housing you in. I’m going to put you back.


I am going to catch you and put you back and you have no say in this matter.


Catching you and putting you back now.


Aaaand back you go. Let go of the purple towel and go in the cardboard box.


Hot Tub Anyone?

Happy Friday! Hello guys! This is the third part of the Hot Shower Anyone / Hot Bath Anyone fic. This was completely a anon’s idea, so thank you! I would love to hear from you if you see this :) Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy, I got a little blocked on this one, but it’s finally done! Enjoy your weekends! 

Warnings: Read parts 1 and 2 which are attached above, smut kind of I guess like if you squint, implied smut, language,

using this gif again i am NOT sorry

Originally posted by winterdorito

As always, your enemy of an alarm clock woke you from your beloved slumber and with your usual groan, you fell out of bed and slapped the off button on your way by. It was the only defense you had against the morning and it made you feel better to hurt the clock the way it hurt you. Or to pretend that actually worked. 

After changing into the new bathing suit that had magically appeared on your bed a few days ago and grabbing your bag, you headed to the kitchen to grab some breakfast before heading down to the pool to do your laps.

You dragged your feet out of the elevator after it delivered you to the kitchen floor and crinkled your nose when you heard people speaking. Usually no one was up at this hour and you liked it that way. You loved your team, but hated any talking in the morning. 

“Morning, sunshine!” Tony yelled. 

“Why. Why are you so loud.” It was more of a statement than a question. 

You walked over to the counter where your stash of plums sat in a brown bowl. You took a juicy bite and felt Tony’s arm wrap around your shoulders. He kissed the top of your head and whispered an apology, something that would seem nice if you didn’t know he was mocking you.

“I hate to tell you this, kiddo, but the pool is closed today,” he said, handing you a paper towel to help with the plum juice sliding down your fingers. 

“Closed? What do you mean it’s closed? It’s our pool.”

“It’s only closed today, we’re get-”

“We’re gettin’ a hot tub,” Clint sang as he entered the room.

“A hot tub? Why?” You asked.


“SHHHHHHHHH! It’s the morning, hot shot. We’re supposed to be quiet until kiddo has her plum and swim,” Tony said.

You took another bite of your fruit and shoved Tony playfully. “But seriously, why do we need a hot tub?”

“Somethin’ about how you’re cold all the time,” Clint said.

“What?” You asked with a full mouth.

“We’re getting one installed so you can warm up after your laps instead of racing hypothermia on your way to the shower,” Tony explained.

“It was Barnes’ idea. He said you’re always freezing after you swim in the morning. That’s why he got you that new suit,” Clint said, pointing to you.

“Bucky got me this?” you said, looking down at the mystery suit.

“Yeah. He didn’t tell you? He had it specially made to be super warm. Somethin’ about seal fur,” Clint said, taking a sip of his day old coffee he had found on the counter. 

You looked at Tony for an explanation. He sighed and rolled his eyes at Clint. “It has two layers. The threads of fabric in each layer run the opposite way, so the water never touches any skin that’s covered by the suit.”

“He did that?” you whispered more to yourself than anyone else. 

“I had the SHIELD insignia put on the hip. That was my idea.”

You giggled, taken out of your surprised haze by Tony’s pride. “Thank you, Tony. It really makes it.”

“You’re welcome, kiddo.”

You had just finished your plum when you heard what sounded like the rest of the team walking down the hall to the kitchen. Natasha was followed by Sam and you heard Steve talking to who must have been Bucky behind them. You didn’t wait to watch them come in. You and Bucky hadn’t talked much since the whole bath sharing incident. You blamed it on shyness, even though you didn’t know Bucky to be bashful about anything. But you didn’t want to think about that right now.

“Oh, good. The gang’s all here.”

“Well, you did call a team meeting, Tony,” Steve said, pulling a stool up next to the counter.

“You did?” you asked.

“I waited until you were up.” Your look of confusion prompted him to explain. “You get grumpy if someone wakes you up.”

You breathed out a laugh and rolled your eyes. He wasn’t wrong.

“I wanted to invite you all to the party tomorrow to celebrate the installment of the new hot tub downstairs,” Tony announced. 

“I would think we’d be invited. We live here,” Sam quipped.

“Except you,” Tony said, pointing to Sam. “Everyone else, the party starts at 8. Please don’t be late or embarrassing.”

“We know (Y/N)’s excited, she’s already dressed for the party,” Bucky said, pointing to your bathing suit. Your rolled your eyes and held your tongue.

“She didn’t get the memo that the pool floor was closed today,” Tony defended. 

“Yeah, she was sleeping when Tony told us all,” Steve said, making chuckles echo throughout the room. 

“Why is everyone bashing my sleep patterns today?!”

“Not bashing, just stating a fact,” Steve said over his shoulder as he followed Natasha and Sam out.

“Ridiculous. I get eight hours of sleep. That’s what you’re supposed to get,” you mumbled to yourself as your pulled an over-sized sweatshirt out of your bag and slipped it over your head. When you emerged, the only other person in the room was Bucky.

“They’re just jealous you can get eight hours of sleep. They have to get up before dawn in order to make it to the early bird elderly special,” Bucky said, grabbing plum. 

You laughed, just happy he opted to stay in the room with you instead of taking the escape route. You didn’t like tip-toeing around him and you missed the friendly banter you two always shared.

“Nice suit. Looks warm,” he said, taking a bite of his plum, resulting in juice decorating his chin. 

You smiled and handed him a paper towel. “It just found its way into my room a couple days ago. It’s a great suit, someone put a lot of thought into it.”

Despite the clean paper towel, purple juice ran down Bucky’s chin in a stream. “Jeez, these are ripe, huh?” he laughed, wiping his face. You pointed to a spot on yourself and shook your head when he kept missing the mess. “Here,” you said, taking the towel from him and wiping his chin and cheek. “You’re a slob,” trying to combat the butterflies that took root in your stomach.

He chuckled and thanked you. “Well, it sounds like a mystery suit to me,” he said, bringing the conversation back around to avoid silence. 


“Well,” he said with a last bite, “Now that Tony’s “very important meeting” is over, I’m gonna go for a run.” He neatly tossed his paper towel rolled pit into the garbage and gave his mouth one last wipe with the back of his hand. “Wanna join? Since you can’t swim today.”

“Oh, no. I do not run.”

“Fine. I guess I’ll just be lonely then,” he said, leaning into you with a fake pout.

“Get goin’,” you said, pushing him away, making him laugh.

You watched him run out of the kitchen into the hallway and couldn’t wipe the smile off your face. However, you couldn’t stop the back of your mind from thinking about the hot tub. If it was his idea, maybe he didn’t enjoy being your personal heater as much as you thought he did. 

The rest of the day dragged by. You cleaned and did the laundry that was begging to be done, all the while thinking about Bucky and already feeling nervous about the party the next day, which you felt ridiculous about. There was no need to feel anxious about a party in your own tower. 

It was getting later, but you knew any efforts to sleep would be fruitless with the way your mind was constantly wandering. You decided to take this time to enjoy a book, sitting in a huge leather chair by the window in your room. Miraculously, you were able to stay focused as you ripped through chapter after chapter.  

A few hours later, you were about halfway through your book, your legs tucked up under you, the lights from the adjacent buildings shining through your window when your door opened without a knock.


The voice made you jump. When you looked up from your book and saw who it was, you rolled your eyes. “Bucky. Jesus, can’t you knock? What time is it?”

“Come with me,” he said, leaning on the doorknob, jerking his head in the direction of the hallway.


“Just come with me, doll.”

“But,” you muttered, hesitantly dogearing the page. “I’m almost done with this chapter.”

He lowered his head and breathed out a laugh with closed eyes. He opened your door all the way and jogged over to you. He gently took the book from your hands and laid in on the bed, careful not to loose your page. The next thing you knew, he was lifting you out of your chair and carrying you out the door and into the hallway,

“Bucky! Buck, put me down!” you whisper screamed, scared his shenanigans would wake up the team. 

“But this is fun,” he said grinning at you, as calm as ever.

“James Buchanan Barnes, put me down,” you said as sternly as possible, looking at how far away the ground was.

“Add a “Sargent” to that and I will,” he winked, pressing the button to call the elevator. 

“Bucky,” you hissed and slapped his chest playfully. The hard muscle you felt under your fingertips made you pay more attention to his arms all around you. Bucky was carrying you. You worked to hide your blush and the squeal rising in your chest as the elevator doors opened and he walked inside, still holding you.

“Alright, alright,” he said. He gently put your feet on the ground and steadied you. You immediately missed his warmth and strong arms around you. However, your longing was paused when you saw him push the “P” button when the elevator doors closed. 

“But it’s closed.”

“It was closed,” he winked, one eyebrow cocked high above the other. 

The ground stopped moving below your feet and the doors before you parted to show a ghostly quiet pool room. But now, to the right of the Olympic sized pool, was a large hot tub bubbling away. You also noticed the decorations already in place for tomorrow’s party. Tasteful tiki lights stood tall in every corner, as well as smaller lights hanging low just above the hot tub, mirrored in the water. Flowers paved the way on the shining tile floor and were piled around the walls of the tub and pool. 

You only realized you were staring when Bucky entangled his fingers in yours and started pulling you away from the elevator. 

“Tony said we can’t use it until tomorrow,” you said.

“Technically, it is tomorrow,” he said, looking at the clock on the wall.

You laughed, but you were still concerned, which Bucky picked up on. “Relax, he told me I could bring you down here early.”

“That’s uncharacteristically chill of him,” you laughed, taking a step closer to the tub and watching the lights reflect off the stirring water. 

“Well, it is your hot tub,” Bucky said, easily taking off his shirt by the back of its neck. His golden skin was pulled tight against the lines of his muscles and you watched them move like melted chocolate as he messily pulled his long hair into a bun at the nape of his neck. The next to go was his shorts, which he gracefully pulled off, folded and tossed in the corner on top of his shirt. 

He stood there, one eyebrow cocked high above the other in only his loose, white boxer briefs. When you didn’t move, he strolled over to you until his outstretched fingers grasped at the bottom of your over sized pajama shirt. “Would you like some help?”

“No, I got it,” you said, trying to remember what the hell you had on under these pajamas. 

He smiled kindly at you, nothing teasing or cocky hiding behind his grin, which made the tension drop from your shoulders. As he turned around and stepped into the tub, you pulled your shirt over your head to reveal a grey sports bra. You cursed yourself for not wearing something prettier, but you reminded yourself that you were planning to go to sleep before Bucky came into your room. And that things could be much worse since you did own your fair share of granny panties. 

He has seen me naked, you reminded yourself, as you pulled off your pajama shorts and quickly stepped into the tub. You situated yourself across the tub from him next to a jet. When you looked over to him, he had a sad looking smile on his face. You cocked your head to the side as if to ask what was wrong. 

“(Y/N), I’m sorry. I messed this whole thing up.” His usual smirk was gone and he was watching the water swish and slosh around his fingers as he moved them side to side.

“What thing?”

“This.” He gestured to the both of you. “Whatever this is.” He sounded exasperated and you wished he would explain more. You moved to the other side of the tub and sat next to him on the ledge. Only when you grabbed his hand did he finally look at you.

“What’s goin’ on, Buck?”

Through his thick lashes and loose strands of hair, you could see his eyes shining again as the corners of his mouth turned up at you. “I’ve completely fallen for you and you have no idea, doll.” He laughed at your raised eyebrows and continued. “Every time I try to talk about it with ya, someone walks in the room or Tony throws a party or we’re on a mission. But it’s all I can think of to say around ya. That’s why I’ve been so quiet lately, sweetheart. I didn’t want it to slip out at a bad time.”

His fingers were gently running through your hair and rubbing your cheek as he spoke. His eyes floated over your face, like he was taking in your every feature, trying to memorize it for later.

“What’s goin’ on in that head a yours?” he finally asked.

You laughed and finally let free a wide smile you had been holding in. Instead of trying to explain all the happiness and relief you felt, you cupped both sides of his face and pulled him to you. You felt his soft lips smile and begin to play with yours as the kiss deepened.

His flesh fingers ran through your locks with care and held the back of your head while his metal hand slid around your bare back and pulled you closer to him. His smooth skin under your fingertips was practically burning. You pulled away and smiled when you saw his chest and ears turning a deep shade of red. Between the heated kiss and the hot water of the tub, you were both damp with sweat. 

“Let’s move this somewhere cooler, huh?” He said shyly.

He stood up and stepped out of the tub, his wet briefs clinging to his frame. He turned back to you and offered a hand to help you up. You followed him over to the edge of the pool, your small hand enclosed in his. A plan hatching in your mind, you cupped both side of his face and brought him to you for another kiss. When he was just distracted enough, you pushed him with all the strength you could muster until he fell over into the pool, yelling your name.

He emerged from the water to find you laughing, proud of your plan that made things between you feel a little bit more normal. “Well, are you gonna join me?” he asked, his hands swishing in the water to keep him afloat in the deep water.

You laughed lean off the edge, calmly diving into the water in the space next to him. When you floated back to the top, you placed your back against the edge of the pool, inviting Bucky to come closer to you. He balanced his hands on either side of you as you studied him with a smile plastered on your face. 

“What?” he asked, sensing that your mind was whirring.


He leaned into you. “Doesn’t look like nothin’,” he mumbled into your neck, placing kisses on your skin between the words. When he was done, he pulled away to look at you again, causing you to hold in a groan.

“I’ve fallen for you too, Buck.”

His smile grew bright and toothy, but you could only admire it for a second before he kissed your cheek. Running his nose from your jaw to your ear, he mumbled, “Good,” making your giggle. He made his way to your mouth and met your lips gently. His kisses were simple and soft as he held himself up in the water.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, allowing him to hold the both of you up by the edge of the pool. Tilting your head, you furiously kissed him, growing impatient and more passionate. You could hardly hear his heavy breathing under your thrashing heartbeat. 

“Oh, screw this,” he said against your lips. He turned you around so you could grab onto the ledge of the pool and pulled himself up out of the water, sitting to face you. He pulled you up on his lap with ease, so your legs were straddling his hips.

Once again, his lips crashed onto yours and his hands found your hips, holding onto them tightly. Your fingers found his bun and freed his hair from the tie, tactfully placing it around your wrist and running your hands through his damp locks. Your work made him groan, which your felt rumble through his chest. 

Your fingers traced his skin, working to memorize every inch of muscle and scar by only touch. He pushed your hips around, and you felt his hard member between your legs. The thin fabric of your underwear did little to shield your clit as he rocked you back and forth.

Your whimpers evoked grumbling moans from Bucky’s mouth, only sending you spiraling down the hole with more speed. “Bucky,” you whined. “Let’s-let’s go-”

“Upstairs,” he finished for you.

You pulled away from him, the world slowly turning back into place and then stopping, your mind a little clearer. He was smiling at you with such fondness. He kissed your forehead and you climbed off of him and you both grabbed your things and messily threw enough clothing on to get you upstairs. 

He held your hand and led you over to the elevator which opened right away, ready to take you to your rooms. When you entered, Bucky swung his arms around your shoulders and kissed the top of your head. You could feel his heart still pounding. “I love you doll.”

“You looked up at him and grinned. “I love you too, Buck.”


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Accidents happen

Takashi Shirogane (Shiro) x reader

A/N: Honest to god, I laughed when I got this request but I promise I will make it pure gold! I honestly love the anon who sent this request in…thank you so much! XD

Warnings: I may or may not have made it a bit ‘saucy’ at some point…

Request: ‘How about the reader walking in on shiro walkin out of the communal shower without his towel’ – ‘comic genius’ anon

Originally posted by relatablepicsofvoltron

You woke up desperately needing a shower. Smelling of someone who had never seen a stick of deodorant in their life, you stumbled sleepily down the hallway. Almost reluctantly really. You never liked the communal showers that were available to you and the rest of team Voltron. Being only one of two female paladins, you always had to wait until none of the guys would come in and then shower. You didn’t want to walk in on one of the guys…naked. That was just, weird. You would never be able to look at them the same way ever again. It would be even worse if they walked in on you, seeing as you had different features compared to a male’s body.

Cringing just thinking about it, you held your towel over your head as you walked up to the door to the showers. Ignoring the sound of water hitting tile and the ever so obvious purple towel on the door handle. Thinking someone had just left it there, you opened the door without a second thought. Still tired, you rubbed your eyes whilst yawning, stretching out as you realised that you were not alone. Hoping to god that it was either Pidge or Allura, you hesitantly opened your eyes.

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anonymous asked:

So... I was thinking if you could write something to lighten up the mood a bit :/ After all that hurt for Alex and Kara and that much karamel x.x.... How about kara asking alex for a device that would weaken her so she could go on a romantic get away with lena without worrying she's gonna break everything or hurt lena. And maybe some Sanvers Domestic Fluff....

When she hears the fluttering at the window, she smiles to herself and starts brewing extra coffee, starts rummaging around to make extra pancake batter.

“Good morning, Kara,” Maggie sing-songs without turning around. “You realize we have a door, don’t you?”

Kara guffaws and steps into the kitchen with a broad smile on her face. She blushes slightly when she realizes that Maggie is wearing only one of Alex’s old college t-shirts and a pair of boxers, but Maggie doesn’t seem bothered, so Kara decides she won’t be, either.

Especially not if she’s going to ask Alex what she needs to ask Alex.

“Good morning to you, too, woman who makes the best chocolate chips pancakes in the galaxy.” Kara grabs a fistful of pancakes that Maggie had already made and set aside for her and Alex.


“What’s that there, Sunshine?” Maggie asks with a furrowed brow but a huge grin as she whips up more batter.

“And I can say that literally,” Alex supplies for her sister as she steps out of the shower, hair still wet and wearing nothing but a fluffy purple towel. She pads over to her favorite women and pokes Kara’s nose and kisses her cheek before kissing Maggie’s lips long, soft, passionate.

Kara adjusts her glasses behind them and clears her throat after it seems like they’ve had long enough, thank you very much.

“Sorry, Little Danvers,” Maggie offers, but she doesn’t look sorry at all.

Alex is beaming as she grabs a pancake off of the plate, too.

“God, it’s both of you, isn’t it, what, did Eliza make you compete for food as kids?”

Kara and Alex just lean into each other and laugh, laugh, laugh, because the sun is shining and it’s a new day and they’re all together, together, together.

“Alex, I wanted to ask you something,” Kara ventures when their laughter finally subsides.

“Shoot,” she says, taking another pancake as she perches on a stool, completely unbothered by the fact that she’s naked under her towel.

Kara adjusts her glasses and Maggie glances sidelong at her as she stirs extra batter.

“Oh boy, this is gonna be a doozy,” she interprets, and Kara blushes. Maggie nods, confirming her own diagnosis. “Yep. Out with it, Little Danvers.”

“Well, um, Alex, I… I wanted to take Lena away for a weekend, and I… It’s been so hard, you know, since we defeated Cadmus, you know, for… for all of us, and I… I thought we could use a romantic weekend together…”

Alex cocks an eyebrow and swipes her finger through the batter Maggie’s working on. “You want a destination recommendation or something? Because I’m pretty sure a Super and a Luthor can get a VIP stay anywhere – “

Kara adjusts her glasses again, and Maggie knows what’s coming a moment before she says it. She tries to hide her smirk and watches her girlfriend closely.

“I was… I just… I was wondering if you could maybe make me something. Portable. To drain my powers, just… safely, so I… so I don’t… hurt her or… or break anything…”

Alex blinks and Alex stares and then Alex rounds on Maggie. “Is that why you keep going on those late night runs to Kara’s place? To Lena’s? Are they…” She rounds back on her sister. “Kara, what have you been breaking?”

She adjusts her glasses furiously. “The bed, the couch, the kitchen c– “

Alex throws up her hands as Maggie snickers. “Lalalala, okay, yes, good, I’m so glad my sister is happy and getting laid and just… yes, good, but my god I just woke up, Kara, I don’t need a blow-by-blow of my little sister’s kinks – “

“Well you asked her, Danvers. And don’t forget how many times the poor innocent soul’s walked in on our kinks…”

“You hush up or there will be no more kinks for you, Sawyer.”

“Oh please, Danvers, I’d like to see you try and resist me.”

“Um, guys. Still here. Still humbly asking for help.”

“Sorry, Sunshine.”

“Yeah, what she said. Um…” Alex adjusts her towel and stares off into the distance like she does when she’s working on a problem, when she’s conducting an experiment in her head. She nods to herself and she starts muttering slightly, and Maggie and Kara exchange a grin, because they know what comes next.

“It can be done. Yeah. Red sun lamps. We can have them installed in strategic corners of wherever you’re staying, even probably work them up as mood lighting, like regular light bulbs… I’ll have to uh… figure out what to tell J’onn about the allocation of the resources…”

Maggie chuckles. “Oh please, you think he doesn’t know? Alex, your gay thoughts were apparently so loud he knew even though he didn’t explicitly read your mind. You think Kara doesn’t think just as loudly as you do?”

Alex smirks as her fingers collide with Kara’s in the batter bowl.

“I don’t believe I’m helping my sister get laid.”

“You love me.”

“That I do, Kara. That I do.”

Baby steps.

Ears out for balance and walking on tippy-toes, Simon completes his maiden voyage onto the wood floor and heads back to the safety of the purple towel.  I’m amazed he ventured out that far.  Meanwhile, River is checking the perimeter for weaknesses to exploit that will allow her under the furniture.

Sharon/Steve, ‘Heaven is a Place on Earth’

for @goyaveh

Heaven is a Place on Earth - Belinda Carlisle

Sharon reached out to grab the towel from the rack on the wall and wasn’t really surprised that it wasn’t there.  “Hey.  Towel-Thief.”  

Steve paused in mid-shave, his gaze cutting over towards the shower.  “You talkin’ to me?”

“Yeah.  You there.  With the fluffy purple towel around your waist.  Get me another one.”  

He reached down with his free hand and yanked the towel from his hips, tossing back in her direction before continuing his shave.  

“If your ass didn’t look like it does…I might be mad about this…” Sharon wasn’t sure when they’d slipped into this heavenly domestic place, but she wasn’t complaining one bit.  

Tfw ur best friend is 90% of ur impulse control and ur left home alone and she can’t visit u and help u be a Functioning Adult

Night Falls: Chapter 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing,

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: 1,884


A/N: Can you believe I hand-wrote this whole chapter?

Prologue, Chapter 1

“Son of a bitch,” Dean groans as his hand runs through his hair, watching the cab drive off.

He hadn’t expected you to storm out like that. He had no idea what the hell your problem was, but the last thing he needed was an uncooperative witness. If he wanted any chance of finally nailing Crowley, you were it. 

He turns around and heads back to the police station, finding the detective Dean had seen you with earlier sitting at his desk drinking coffee.

“Are you the detective working the Hein murder?” Dean plops himself down in the witness chair next to the desk without invitation.

“Yeah, Benny Lafitte.” He reaches out his hand for Dean to shake. 

“Dean Winchester.”  Benny nods, his hand falling away to flip open a file, flashes of crime scene photos appearing before he lands on a statement page. 

“How can I help?”

“Your witness,” Dean throws a thumb up towards the door you had stormed out from just a few minutes ago. “What can you tell me about her?”

Benny’s head dips as he reads the file.

“Y/F/N Y/L/N, age 27. Works at the Barclays Business Center as an Content Marketing Specialist. Was on her way home when she walked in on the murder. Got fourteen stitches in her hands after being shot at twice by this man.” He pulls out a sketch and slides it over to Dean. 

Long pencil strokes create a man with a crooked nose, a long, circular jaw and short beard covering the lower half of his face. Without the fine lines of age, he looked exactly like the man Dean saw twenty-four years ago, even without the scar running down his left eye.

“And she’s sure this is him?” Dean breaks his gaze away from the graphite eyes staring up at him.

“Seemed pretty sure.” Benny leans back in his seat. “When our guys got there, they figured he was ‘bout 100 feet away before he fired at her.” He taps his pen against his keyboard. 

“Lucky for her, she’s quick. The guy put two bullets straight through the headrest.”

Dean nods, already knowing of Zazel’s marksmanship.

“Did you get her address before she left?” Dean steers the conversation back tho the entire reason he came back into the station.

“Yeah,” Benny says while thinking, pushing some papers aside before picking up a blue sticky note.

“709 Jefferson Court, apartment 3E.” Benny hands Dean the address.

“Thanks,” he folds it up and sticks it into his pocket next to his badge. 

A silence falls over them and Dean stands, the conversation clearly over. Benny stands with him.

“Good luck with her.” Benny shakes his hand.

Dean thanks him, not telling him it’s you who needs the luck.

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Chlorine Kisses

Ayer-verse One shot for my very good friend @royal-flush-gang! After the events from Belle Reve, the Joker decides it’s time for Harley to face her fears and learn to swim. With the Joker as her teacher and general tormentor.. Will she ever get over her fear? (Not related to the Impulse series.) Rated M.

“I don’t think I can do this.” Harley said, biting into her bottom lip inbetween her teeth. She tiptoed over the cold, beige tiled surface, occasionally catching her toes on the wet puddles that littered themselves across the ground.

Harley wrapped her arms around her almost bare body, her golden and black sequined bikini being her only cover. She shivered in fear when she lay her eyes on the cool blue liquid object of her nightmares that had been haunting her over the past few months. Since being rescued by the Joker from Belle Reve, he had been insistent that she take swimming lessons. Harley agreed half heartedly at his suggestion in the hope that he would forget. But here she stood, glancing down at the rippled water that danced with the reflection of the overhead chandelier.

The tiled base of the pool was a stark white colour with all the playing card suits printed on top. But even this masterpiece wasn’t enough to invite her in.

“You’re such a baby.” A deep voice echoed across the room. Harley snapped her head round to the source of the noise. The Joker strode in from the marble archway with a purple towel slung over his shoulder. His extraordinarily pale body was on display in all the right ways. J’s dark, prominent tattoos being the perfect print for his muscular white canvas. He donned only a pair of black metallic coloured swimming shorts with golden scribbles of the word ‘Ha-ha’ etched down the side seams.

Harley had fought and protested against wearing swimwear, due to the activity they were meant for. The Joker had suggested that they take lessons naked, but received a harsh look in return, instead he opted for a matching swim set to persuade her.

Success so far he thought, eyeing her curvy figure barely concealed by the black and gold sequins.

“I’m not a baby!” Harley shouted across the pool. “I told you, I don’t wanna do this!”

“Since when did your opinion matter?” J retorted, throwing his towel over the chaise lounge that lined the side of the indoor swimming pool.

Harley folded her arms and pouted in protest. “I don’t like getting wet.” She murmured.

“Yes you do.” He quipped back with a wink. Harley giggled and looked over at him, his muscles strained deliciously against his skin, moving with every action he took.

“Look,” He sighed. “If you want to be sitting at the bottom of a river the next time we have to make a spontaneous midnight dip, then be my guest.” Joker shrugged. “Telling me that you couldn’t swim whilst we were about to plunge into the water, wasn’t exactly the right time to bring up the subject was it? You daft cow.”

“No,” Harley whispered, preparing herself for another lecture about the incident.
“If you don’t at least try, I swear next time I’ll drown you myself. Understood?” Joker snarled, pointing his finger at her.

“Yes sir.” She nodded, clutching her own body tightly.

“Besides,” J said, moving around the pool towards her. “It could be fun.”
Joker suddenly rushed towards her and grabbed her waist. Harley squealed as he began to tickle her. “You want to have fun, don’t you Harley?” He murmured hotly against the shell of her ear.

“Mmm, yes Puddin’.” Harley breathed, feeling his arms wrap around her waist tightly. Now with her back towards the swimming pool, Harley slid her hands up past his shoulders and around his neck, teasing the ends of his green hair inbetween her fingers.

“Please don’t make me do it Puddin’… We could just stay in the shallow end and mess about..” Harley whispered with lust filled eyes.

Joker raised a brow at her suggestion. He let his eyes drift for a moment past her shoulders and down towards the pool. He smirked when he noticed that they were both standing by the deep end.

“Naughty.” He purred, leaning down to kiss her. Whilst he had captured her undivided attention, Joker began taking tiny steps forwards, making Harley move backwards. Once he could see the heels of her feet teetering on the edge, he stopped.

“What, what’s wrong?” Harley asked, noticing his distracted eyes.

Joker looked down at her with a broad smile stretched across his face. “I didn’t want to do this Harl, but you’ve left me with no choice.” His hands grabbed her hips harshly and before the words even met Harley’s ears, she was being pushed backwards.

Suddenly Harley was engulfed by water, her back smacked against the calm looking surface with a painful slap. Her eyes were wide with fear as she felt the water sting against the corners of her eyes and wrap itself around her ankles.
Harley felt trapped, like she was being dragged down into an endless abyss. She tried to hold her breath but soon enough, air bubbles were erupting from her throat.

Harley saw a distorted image of the Joker leaning over the edge of the pool, trying to look in to find her. Once she saw him, her body kicked into autopilot. Her hands reached up through the dense liquid barrier to try and reach him.
Before her fingertips could break the surface, a muffled splash invaded her water filled ears. A pair of strong arms broke the waters hold on her body and lifted her up.

As soon as Harley’s face emerged from the water she gasped, inhaling as much oxygen as she could.

The Joker appeared in front of her. While his right hand was still firmly attached her waist, he smoothed back his wet green hair with his left, trying to stifle a giggle when he saw that Harley’s eyes were bloodshot, and that her own locks were stuck to her face tightly, making her prominently angry blue eyes even more visible.

“You – You bastard!” She cried, weakly beating his chest with her fists, making the water splash around them.

J threw his head back and laughed at the wound up little blonde attacking him.
“I hate you!” Harley yelled, pinching her eyes closed to ease the burn.

“Oh baby… and I thought my feelings were only one sided.” J teased. His smile was soon wiped of his face when a hard, wet slap was administered to his cheek. He glared down at Harley’s furious face.

“This isn’t funny! You coulda’ killed me! I might of drowned!” She yelled. Harley suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her head against his shoulder, trying to catch her stolen breath.

“Lesson learnt then isn’t it Harley, anyone can push you in. Next time it might not be me, next time you might not come back up.” He threatened, running a finger down her spine. “You need to learn how to swim.”

Harley nodded into his neck. “Just promise not to do that again.” She muttered, brushing her wet lips against this equally wet skin.

“Mmmm… I suppose there are other ways for me to have fun.” He smirked, teasing the back tie of her bikini top.
Harley stood at the shallow end of the pool, the water barely tickling her waist line as she gazed at the Joker who was now at the opposite end to her, treading water.

“Just do it like I taught you!” He yelled.

Harley bit her lip and fumbled with her fingers. “I can’t do the whole length Pud.”

“Yes you can!” Joker shouted back with an encouraging smile. “Just focus on me.”

Harley nodded and crouched down, letting the shallow water engulf her shoulders. She thought back to the method that the Joker had taught her. He had her laying on her front as he gently walked along with her, holding her above water by his hands as she glided against the water.

“C'mon baby.” He whispered, locking onto her fearful eyes.

Harley nodded and looked down at the water rippling over her skin, she took a deep breath and pushed off against the printed tiles. She extended her arms and legs out completely and swiftly began to move her right arm down past her thighs, brushing it with her pruned fingertips. After being scolded multiple times, Harley remembered to kick her legs beneath the waters surface, making her propel across the pool faster. Her body twisted under the water to the side, allowing her to glide through her side stroke. Her legs kicked in rhythm with her arms movements, remembering to take breaths every time her head rose up to move again.

Harley’s muscles ached from the practice, but she fought through the pain. J being her prize for reaching the other end was her only motivation now.

“That’s it!” Joker beamed, watching her head dip in and out of the water while she swiftly moved across the surface. “Good girl.”

When Harley was only a few strokes away from him, J extended one arm out while the other continued to keep him afloat. He grabbed onto her left wrist as it came circulating round again. Joker pulled her forward, earning a water filled gasp from her lips.

Harley squealed when her balance got knocked off. But before she slipped under, Joker hauled her over to him, causing her to crash into his chest.

“Keep this up and you can be my very own little mermaid.” He grinned, looking down at her. Harley giggled under his praise and pulled her arms up around his shoulders, holding on tightly.

“I can’t believe I did it!” Harley squeaked, looking over her shoulder at the distance she’d just achieved.

“I told you.. That’s why you should always listen to Daddy, he knows best.” Joker nodded. He leant back slightly and grabbed the edge of the pool when he noticed that Harley’s weight attached to his was slowly making them sink.

“Thank you Daddy.” Harley smiled, placing a wet kiss on his cheek. She kissed him again, but slightly lower, and then once more, capturing his soft cold lips with her own. Joker groaned into her mouth, slipping his tongue inbetween her teeth to tease her.

Harley shivered. Feeling his wet skin against her own made the kiss all that more passionate. He had a way of making fireworks burst inside her, even from just a simple touch. “Puddin’.” She moaned, grabbing at his skin to pull herself closer.

“Wrap your legs around me.” Joker purred, patting her ass lightly as a hint. Using his broad shoulders as leverage, Harley jumped up and wrapped her toned legs around his waist.

“Ready for your second lesson?” Joker asked.

Harley raised a brow playfully. “What’s that?”

“Oxygen preservation.” He smirked. Suddenly J pushed up against the ledge and forced them both under the water. A flash of panic filled Harley’s eyes as she tried to blink through the air bubbles that were rising from both their bodies.
Joker smiled widely, letting the water seep through the gaps of his grill. His hair floated like a fresh meadow, while pink and blue stands threatened to invade his space. Both Harley and the Joker’s faces were now surrounded by hair, dancing in the ripples of movement that their bodies created.

Harley still had her legs wrapped around the Joker, holding on to dear life.
J smirked at her fear. He could feel her heart beating with adrenaline up against his own, her veins were full of it… Excitement and fear all rolled into one… How magnificent.

Joker’s hand wandered up to her hair, feeling the weightless strands tickle his knuckles. In amongst it all he found the back of her head and he grasped her roots painfully, making her eyes snap up and focus on him, instead of the water that was threatening to fill her lungs. Joker pushed her head forward and crashed his lips onto hers.

After a few moments, Harley reacted to his hot tongue, opening up her mouth for him to enter, she felt his whole mouth latch onto hers like her own personal oxygen mask. But she could feel him running out of breath whilst he was giving her the hottest kiss she’d ever had.

Joker set his feet firmly on the tiles. Still with his eyes closed, he tried to make Harley forget about the deep, all consuming abyss.

J pushed off from the tiles when he felt his air running out. Still holding her, they both rose up to the surface.

Once they broke through, Joker had admittedly expected another slap or even an aggressive glare from the girl squeezing the life out of him in an iron grip. But instead she pulled away for a moment, admiring the way his hair looked effortlessly flawless after just being underwater. Harley bit her lip and looked down to his mouth, feeling droplets of water pebble down her face.

She pulled him in by the grip on his neck and immediately began to devour his mouth. J ran his fingers down her back, feeling the contours of her athletic figure react to his every touch.

“Oh.” Harley moaned, feeling him begin to fumble with the tie of her bikini top. He pinched one end of the prefect bow and pulled gently, allowing the thin material to fall away from her body. He pressed her harder against his chest, making him growl deeply.

Joker moved from her mouth and began to suckle on her neck, leaving bright red teeth marks in his wake. Harley lolled her head to the side, falling victim to his mouth once more.

“Joker..” Harley groaned, feeling her back press up against the cold edge of the pool. J’s hands began to wander lower past her waist, cupping her ass and giving it a squeeze as he began to grind his own arousal against her. He was pleased to discover that Harley’s bikini bottoms were also secured by two flimsy looking ties. Joker took them between his fingers and pulled them apart.

Harley arched her back, allowing him to peel the material away form her. She frowned in the knowledge that he was still wearing his swimming shorts. Harley couldn’t help but moan when she felt the elastic waistband teasingly rub against her inner thigh.

“Ah!” She cried, feeling his teeth bite away at her collar bone. Whilst he was busy creating a path of bruises on her wet, pale skin; Harley dipped her hand under the water and began to tug at his shorts. She gasped when she felt his hardness poke inbetween her legs.

“Such a good girl.” Joker purred. Now nipping at her earlobe and dragging the skin away from her.

Harley pushed his shorts down as far as she could in the position she was in. J chuckled and stepped out of his black shorts, pushing her further against the tiles in the process.

“Please Daddy.” She whispered seductively, feeling how hard he was against her skin.

J shifted her slightly around his hips, making it easier for him to give her what she desired so desperately.

Harley locked him in place with her legs, giving a heavy sigh as she felt one of his hands adjust himself below the water. “Beg for me.” J murmured against her cheek.

Harley dropped her head onto his shoulder and moaned in anticipation. “Please Daddy. Oh, please.”

“Do you deserve it?” He asked, grinding painfully into her.

Harley nodded in response, clamping her teeth gently onto his shoulder. “I do, please Daddy.”

Joker’s hands latched onto her thighs, leaving pink indents of his nails onto her skin. Within moments, he pushed forward and filled her completely with his lust.
Harley cried out with an open mouth against his skin. She arched into his body, so that they were flush against each other. Harley grabbed the nape of his neck and clawed at his damp hair.

Joker hooked his arms underneath her, lifting her up and down. He growled with every twitch she gave him. Her moans were deep, full of love in the purest form.

J pressed his open mouth against her face and grunted loudly, matching her moans. Usually during their throes of passion the Joker would whisper tantalisingly dirty things into her ear, he would pin her down or even tie her just so she understood who was in control. But not this time, no, this time Harley moved on her own with J’s encouragement. And the only sound that could be heard was their deep sighs and the sound of water cascading over their intertwined bodies.

“I can’t-” Harley cried, clawing at every part of his skin exposed to her. “J!”

“Shhh..” He muttered. Joker increased his pace, pulling her down harder onto him.

“I’m so close…”

“I know.” He purred. One more thrust and Harley was done for, she threw her head back in ecstasy, chanting his name like a forbidden prayer.

Joker sped up when he felt Harley’s body grow limp into his arms. His pace was relentless, quickly finding his own release. J growled and pinched his eyes shut, feeling himself give in to her completely.

“Such a good, good girl.” He moaned, resting his forehead against her chest. Harley tired to speak, but her breath had been stolen from her lungs, all symptoms of her body still coming down from the high that only the Joker could bring her to.

J reached up suddenly and tilted her chin to the side so that she faced him. He brushed stray damp hairs off her skin and back behind her ear.

“I told you we’d have fun.” He giggled right before he kissed her, feeling her soul melt into his again.

“Got anything else you want to teach me Daddy?” Harley asked, winking lazily.

“Now that you mention it…”

The End.

Karushuu Week, Day 7 - Kiss

Time Period: Summer before first year of High School

Karma Akabane was surprised his parents decided to stick around him long enough to actually go on summer vaction. Less surprisingly, it was because they were meeting important people at the resort they were staying at, and they wanted to present the image of a perfect family.

“Perfect family, ha.” Karma grumbled, walking down the beach, kicking at sand. The resort had their own private stretch of beach, so he was down in an unoccupied part. He didn’t expect to see anyone around, so when he glanced over and saw a purple towel with a familiar blonde on it, he was a bit shocked.

He was not, however, really feeling the urge to mess with Gakushuu today, so he turned to walk the other way before the other teenage noticed him. Luck was not on his side though, as he heard his name called out.


Karma turned slowly, putting on a casual half smirk. “Fancy seeing you here, Second Place-Kun~”

“What are you doing here?” Gakushuu raised an eyebrow. “This certainly doesn’t seem like your ideal kind of place to be, during the summer.”

“Parents decided it’d be a nice family vacation. It’s a nice outing, missing out on the family part of it.” Karma shrugged. A flash of something that seemed like understand crossed his face before it was gone.

“Ah. I can understand the problem.” Gakushuu motioned to the book on his lap. “Obviously my nice family vacation is lacking the family part as well.”

Yeah, Karma admitted that Gakushuu’s dad was pretty shit. “Well, I feel you.”

There was silence for a moment. Karma was about to leave this conversation and the now awkward silence between them when Gakushuu spoke up.

“You can… Come sit, if you’d like.” Gakushuu motioned to the towel he was sitting on, half of it open. Karma blinked at him, slowly nodding and walking over. He sat down cautiously, crossing his legs. Gakushuu opened his bookback up, reading. They sat in silence for several minutes, before Karma groaned and shoved at Gakushuu’s shoulder.

“Come on, if I’m going to hang out with you we need to have fun.”

“I find reading intellectually helpful and fun.” Gakushuu said in that haughty voice that made Karma want to punch him in the face. The redhead gave him a look that clearly conveyed this. Gakushuu huffed, setting it to the side and crossing his arms.

“What do you propose we do then?”

“Come on.” Karma got to his feet, offering his hand. Gakushuu looked up, reaching up and taking his hand as he stood. Karma grinned, pulling him into the water. Gakushuu jumped when they touched the cold water, giving Karma a look.

“Don’t be a baby.” Karma grinned, pulling him farther in. He let his hand go, turning and splashing him with water. Gakushuu made a face, splashing him back. Soon the two were in an all-out water war, until Karma tackled Gakushuu into the shallow water and held him down until he gave.

“Fine fine you win this time! Only because you cheated!” Gakushuu scowled. Karma grinned cheekily in response.

“I’ll take it. A win is a win.” Gakushuu’s breath ghosted across his face. Karma flushed slightly, pulling away as he realized how close they were. Oops…

“Karma.” The redhead looked down as the blonde said his name, suddenly feeling smooth lips on his own. He kissed back slowly, before pulling away.

“What was that?” He questioned.

Gakushuu flushed. “Stupid, I’m sorry.”

“Nope.” Karma grinned, leaning down and kissing him again. “Shush. I approve. We should defiantly make out more.”

Gakushuu flushed darker. But Karma defiantly got his way, and kisses extended through the afternoon.

New Pet  |  Part 6

yo yo yo got Part 6 put now. Should I start to make a master list for New Pet? This one is everywhere, idk what I was doing with it. Sorry

Warning: Smut, Language, Violence

Word Count: 2,252


When I woke up that afternoon I was a bit sleep deprived because I kept tossing and turning not being able to keep my eyes closed. I was woken up to a warmth on my stomach, I thought it was breakfast in bed at first, until I felt for a tray and felt hair instead. I looked down and saw J’s startling eyes staring back at me. J’s lips, so plush and full, were first on my sternum slowly tracing downwards achingly close to my lips. I tried to push his head away but it felt so good. I wanted it, no I needed it.

My hips responded to his every touch. J traced his fingers lightly from my left boob down my side and over my hipbone tracing his touch with a single kiss all the way down to my thighs. Without warning J thrust two fingers inside me. I screamed, not of pain but pleasure. He took this as a sign and kissed down my v line and licked my clit. My hips came up wanting more but he held me down with his free hand so I took advantage and pulled his head closer. Needing more of him. He moved his fingers faster and faster and soon enough I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“I’m gonna cum daddy!” J gave me a look that almost did it and said “Hold on y/n” and put his thumb on my clit and rubbed in circular motions, putting his face in the right spot and licked once, twice, and I lost it. My hips came up and I screamed out his name. He licked every, last, drop. He got off the bed like nothing had just happened and headed to the closet to get dressed. The jeans were riding lower and he threw on his purple leather jacket which showed of his chest.

“I have some business to do, take a shower and I’ll be back shortly.” He kissed me on the forehead, by the time my eyes opened back up he had already disappeared from the room.

‘I do need a shower. I guess now is a better time than never.’ I crawl out of the bed and walk over to the bathroom connected to the bedroom. This was my first time being in this bathroom since I had been here and it was beautiful. The tile was a white marble with little gold streaks in it, they reflected the light so the room was brighter than it truly was. As soon as I face the mirror a sigh of relief crosses through my body, ‘Thank lord, I am not a total mess.’

I start to search the drawers for a brush to use before I shower and I find a little bag full of make up. It was mine, and I was so happy to see it. I find a small comb as use it to brush out my thick hair.

I take a long shower, it was well needed. The whole time I can hear footsteps on the other side of the door walking in and out of the bedroom, it felt to be on a loop. Footsteps walk in, a few ruffling noises, footsteps walk out, a few moments later it repeats. I shortly began to fade them out, I just wanted to enjoy this shower.

I get out, wrapping myself with a rich purple towel, tucking it to hold itself up. Now, I could begin to look flawless again so I grab my make up and get to work. Once I was done I look myself in the mirror, I had so much confidence when I had my makeup on. As I walk out of the bathroom to go raid Mr. J’s closet for a shirt I see a beautiful black sequined dress sprawled across the bed with a small note on it.

“I told you I was working on getting you clothes. Put this on, we are going out tonight at 6 p.m. sharp. Be ready.” signed J

‘We are going out tonight? Why do I need such a flashy dress?’ I hold the dress up and the light shimmers off of the small jewels, relieving a deep cut V neck down the front of my chest to my bellybutton. I squeeze the tight fitting dress over my body and slip on some black heels with a purple undertone on them. I looked hot, I hadn’t felt this good in a long time.

I had been sitting on the bed for quite a while now and Mr. J still hadn’t came in. I’m frequently glancing at the alarm clock, ‘5:57, 5:58, 5:59, 6:00′. He said to be ready by six and he hasn’t even come in to get ready yet. I was starting to worry that we wouldn’t be going out tonight so I decided to go look for him.

As I open the bedroom door Mr. J is standing on the other side, dressed nice and scanning my body up and down. He lets out a soft growl while biting his lip, “Damn babe, you look great. Let’s go?” He wraps his arm around my waist gesturing toward the stairs. I just smile and nod my head, taking a step towards the stairs.

We exit the front door and Logan is standing next to a rich in color purple, unmarked, Lamborghini. As Logan gets into the driver’s seat J opens my door for me to get into the backseat. I slide in, Mr. J following me. As soon as J closes his door Logan slams on the accelerator.

“Where are we going Mr. J?” I ask.

“You’ll see, we are almost there.” He rests his arm on my thigh, squeezing it tightly.

We come to a quick stop. ‘I should have known we were going to his club’. I wasn’t mad though, I was sort of glad he was showing me off. As he entered the club the guards outside give us a double door entrance, both of them looking at me like a piece of meat. We get into the elevator and I knew exactly where we were heading.

I start to feel excited as he elevator comes to a stop and the doors slide open. There were more people up here than last time and all eyes were on us as we headed towards a both. I could tell this one was J’s booth because it was lighted differently and kind of separate from the others.

“Do you want something to drink?” I ask him while rubbing my leg up his thigh.

“Yeah, but someone else can get them for us.” He slides his hand on the side of my neck, squeezing it lightly while pulling me in for a kiss.

I bite his lip while pulling away slowly, “No it’s fine. I’ll go get them.” I stand up walking over to the elevator, making sure to wiggle my ass just a little bit more because I knew he was watching.

As I get to the bar downstairs I take a seat on one of the tall stools and order a glass of Brandy for J and Red Wine for myself. “You’re Y/N, the girl that came in with The Joker, aren’t you?” The bartender asks while pouring the two drinks.

“Um, yeah. How do you know my name?” My attention now completely focused on him.

“Everyone here knows your name. I’m not sure who found out first, but news just spreads like a wildfire in this place. I’m Danny by the way, nice to meet you.” He extends his hand out for me to shake it.

“Nice to meet you too. I should really get heading back up there though. Thank you for the drinks.” I say grabbing the drink s from the bar and heading my way back up to J.

As I arrive up stairs Logan tries to stop and talk to me. “Y/N you should go dance, I can take those to the booth if you would like.” Reaching for the drinks in my hands.

“I don’t want to dance, I want to be with J.” Pulling the drinks closer to my body, having a few drops drip on the ground.

“No really, I insist.” He steps in front of me, keeping me from walking forward.

“Is that so? Well in that case, I’ll definitely take them myself.” I slightly nudge Logan out of my way walking over to J’s both. As soon as I get there I couldn’t believe what I saw, A girl sitting on his lap, touching him all over, her mouth locked with his. I just slowly backed out of the booth, walking back over to Logan and handing him my drink. He gives me a confused look as I gulp down J’s Brandy and walk over to the elevator.

As I exit the elevator I run over to the bar slamming my hand down, “Danny!?” He looks at me as rage fills my face.

“Yes Y/N?” He could see that I was mad and was talking with a smooth, nice voice.

“Give me a bottle of your hardest stuff!” I exclaim, pointing to all of the bottle lined up on bar behind him.

He grabs a dank bottle, handing the thing to me, “I think this is what you want.”

I didn’t even look at what it was, I just started to chug it. After a “few” shots worth I decided I was going to get revenge on Mr. J, he wasn’t aloud to just pull this shit on me. I walk over to a tall handsome man who was getting a lap dance from one of the dancers. I tap her on the shoulder, when she looked at me she automatically knew who I was and scurried away. I slowly straddle his lap and start grinding closely on his body. I waste no time; I lean in, wrapping my arms around his neck and nibbling on his ear. I kiss a trail down his jawline and start to makeout with him.

‘Even if J doesn’t see this I’m still enjoying it.’ Right as I say that in my head I hear a gunshot go off behind me and the crowd gasps, resulting in complete silence. A hand wraps around my hair, yanking me to the ground.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” J shouts at me, pointing his gun between my eyes. I had no words, only fear. I sobered up real quick and I knew if I said anything he would kill me. I just laid there on the ground, hoping that he isn’t crazy enough to kill me.

“Huh?” He shouts while leaning in closer. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to keep myself from crying. As I open my eyes the gun is now pointing at the man who I was just with. ‘BOOM’ The man falls to the ground as he becomes lifeless.

J grabs a hold of my arm yanking me up and dragging me out to the front doors of the club. As we get out there Logan pulls up in the same vehicle we arrived in and J pushes me into the back seat as he climbs into the front. Not a word was spoken the entire ride but I felt so afraid.

As we pull up to the house J gets out of the car, slamming his door shut and walking inside. I start to open mine as Logan grabs it from the outside for me. “Let him have his space, or he will get worse.” Logan whispers in my ear as he helps me out of the car. He walks behind me as I walk up to the front door, opening it slowly while scanning the front room for J. He wasn’t there but Brooke was, and she gave me a worried look.

‘Yep, my drunkenness is started to hit me again. I need some water.’ I tell myself while walking into the kitchen. I reach up for a glass, filling it partially in the sink. As I turn away from the sink a sting rings across my face as I fall to the ground, my glass shattering underneath me.

“That man died tonight because you were stupid. He died because you couldn’t handle yourself.” J says as he walks around my limp body to get himself some water. I push myself up off the ground pushing him against the fridge with all of my force.

“Don’t blame this all on me you bastard. Don’t pretend that you weren’t with a little skank tonight. You didn’t have to kill him, but you did, that’s on you.” I say while giving him a little extra push and ripping my hands away from him. I turn to where the glass had broken on the ground to clean it up and there was blood mixing in with the water.

I look down to my side and a large shard of glass was in my skin right below my ribs. Not thinking about it I pull the glass out as it rips a bit more of my skin open. Blood starts to rush out of my body as I drop the piece of glass on the ground to cover the wound with my hands. As the blood squeezes its way through the cracks in my hand I look up at Mr. J as the world goes dark.


Sombra’s S/O desperately trying to hide the fact that they have a kid (maybe Sombra meets the little munchkin?)

She had wanted to surprise you, especially since she hadn’t seen you in weeks. Sombra moved quietly, slipping into your home without a problem. You didn’t exactly have the strongest of security systems, and she swore she would change that.

As she moved across the room, something caught on her shoe, and she jerked back. Lowering her head, she noticed a colorful block on the carpet. The harder she looked, the more toys she noticed.

Confused, Sombra turned her head and listened. She could hear your joyful voice, the sound of your approaching footsteps. When you turned the corner, you stopped, your smile replaced with panic.

“What’re you doing here?” You asked, your voice wavering.

“I came to surprise you, Florecita,” she said, eyeing the beam of light that spilled out of the bathroom. “Is someone here?”

You awkwardly rubbed the back of your neck and nodded.

“Give me a second.” You wandered back to the bathroom, and she heard you speaking to someone. Your voice was quiet, a gentle tone.

Sombra almost fell over when she saw you carrying a child in your arms. They were young, wrapped in a neon purple towel, and she saw every piece of you in their face.

“I kept trying to find a way to tell you, Sombra. I just…I don’t know how you feel about children,” you said, pressing a kiss to the child’s forehead.

You set them down, and they held the towel to their chest, staring up at Sombra. Their eyes were wide and full of wonder, a sweet smile stretching the length of their chubby face.

They waddled toward her and tilted their head back, staring up at Sombra’s face.

“Purple is my favorite color,” they said.

You giggled, but there was still worry in your eyes. You glanced at Sombra, trying to read her expression. She was never the easiest to understand, but you hoped she was alright with this.

You watched as she knelt down to your child’s level, and she leaned forward, pressing her finger against their nose.

“Well, it’s mine, too, kid.”

Your child laughed and turned to look at you.

“Can she read me a story?” They asked, and you met Sombra’s eyes. She nodded slowly, and you nudged your child toward their bedroom. When they were out of earshot, you faced her.

“I’m sorry for keeping them from you,” you said. “I didn’t know if you even liked kids.”

“They’re your family, Mi alma. You do not need to worry.” She threw an arm around your shoulders, kissing your cheek. You leaned into her, sighing softly. “Besides, they have a great taste in colors.”

You laughed, grateful that this had gone better than you thought.

Drabble #3

For @castellandiangelo 

AN: Sorry if this is a little bland! I hope you still enjoy it *W*

     You exit your bathroom with a fluffy purple towel around your body as you squeeze excess water from your hair into the towel on top of your head. It was Christmas Eve and you and Barry were getting ready to meet at Joe’s house. Once you remove the towel on your head, you look and see Barry trying to decide which sweater to wear, a deep maroon one or a dark navy one.
    “Which one do you think I should wear, Y/N? You seem to have the better sense of style in this relationship.” Barry asks, holding the sweaters, alternating them back and forth.
     “I think…” you stop and ponder for a moment.  “Maroon. So you’ll match with me.” you says as you hold up maroon jeggings to your body. “But don’t be jealous if I look better in Maroon, darling,” you say flicking your right hand at Barry, speaking in a fake British accent, “It my color, you know” you dramatically say, bringing your right hand to your chest fluttering your eyelashes.
    “Oh honey, I’d never be jealous of you.” Barry retorts, equally as sassy.
You guys finish getting ready, you putting the finishing touches on your makeup as Barry finishes shaving. He enters the room again wiping his face with a towel, and comes up behind you, wrapping his arms loosely around your neck, resting his head on you shoulder.
 “I don’t know, darling. Maroon seems to be my color.” he whispers in your ear and quickly moving, avoiding being hit by you.
 “I guess something has to look good on you, ‘cause your face sure doesn’t.” you say, perfecting your eyeliner in the mirror.
  Barry places his hand on his heart, “Ok, ok. Enough with the sass.” He says, fake offense lacing his voice.

   You guys finally arrive at Joe’s house and are greeted by all of your companions.
   The party was super fun, something that all of you needed because of how hectic your lives have been lately. The night consisted of laughter, stories, low playing music, and eggnog with an abnormal amount of bourbon in it.
    You and Iris began to just talk as Joe began to tell Caitlyn and Cisco an embarrassing story about Barry that both of you have heard multiple times.
    “It’s cute how you and Barry are matching, sort of.” she points out, smiling to herself.
    “Yeah, but I made it known to him that I obviously look better in Maroon.” you joke, making you and Iris laugh.
    “I told you I look better!” You hear Barry whine as he gets up and stands in the archway between the family room and the dining room as you and Iris busted out laughing.
    You get up and walk over to your pouting boyfriend and hug his torso, taking in the reasonable height difference. “It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.” You say looking up at his face. He begins to smirk and then looks up at the mistletoe above you guys.
    “I won’t be mad if you give me a kiss.” he persuades, closing his eyes and puckering his lips. You guys share a sweet, gentle kiss, but it may have lasted a bit too long because after awhile you heard Cisco yell “Get a room!”. You guys laugh and then join the party again in the family room.


A/N: Welcome to the ridiculous reveal scenario that no one asked for.
Rating: T (for mild language)
Words: 6k
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There were plenty of things Marinette wasn’t expecting to do on her Thursday afternoon off, homework actually being one of them. Despite the deadlines of numerous reports and projects slowly approaching as the year began to come to a halt, a certain temptress named Procrastination had wormed her way into Marinette’s life and was making it so that meaningful productivity was a foreign word to her.

She could almost hear Alya’s nagging words in the back of her mind now, reminding her of the worth of each assignment in terms of grade points…

Marinette subconsciously found herself reaching over and turning her music up.

But, she justified to herself, she still had about a week before the due dates began to strike them one by one. Which was why she found herself, instead of studying, reorganizing all of her sewing materials and fabrics. For the second time that week. (She argued with Tikki that she hadn’t been thorough enough during her first round; she’d forgotten to color-code her fabrics, for goodness sake!)

So, while the last thing Marinette expected to deal with on a Thursday afternoon was actual work, dealing with a bleeding and delirious Chat Noir had also been pretty high up on that list.

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