purple tends to be 'standard' and then


I am 1000% not here for women who do women’s empowerment all types of wrong in ways like this

1) she sets her daughter up to believe that whatever her brother does is smarter by virtue of him being a man. That is presumably the opposite of what she wants to teach her (unless she subscribes to lean in feminism… then idk)

2) Zadie Smith fits many standards of beauty. Many women wear makeup because we are all expected to naturally look like zadie fucking smith. And some people wear makeup because they feel like it and wanna have a winged eye with purple lips and a green eyeshadow. Labeling makeup as some type of performative art is really old feminism and really damaging

Sometimes makeup is survival. Sometimes makeup is just fun. Sometimes makeup is none of your business. But makeup tends to only be an issue when rich conventionally attractive women *cough Alicia keys* *cough who was wearing makeup the whole time* try to use it as a tool to assert some absurd moral high ground

Was one of Lotor’s allies the Galra found in the Weblum’s Belly?

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So, everyone really got a kick out of the April Fools day video that the V:LD crew released, but I was rewatching it after the newest trailer of season 3 got released just for fun when I actually thought for a second:

huh. those colors are familiar

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How do I make hips and legs for female Mocs different from male Mocs?

This took me a bit longer than i wanted to put together but here we go!

First of all, i’m kinda surprised that you asked me because all the guys i make have feminine hips but i kinda do that intentionally.

Females tend to have wider hips and usually a tad bit bigger on the thighs. The pelvic bone on females alone tends to be wider to make room for the baby makers if you know what i mean. 

Since males weren’t designed to carry baby around in side them, their hips are closer to together.

So this is just from a human standard. but if we are to apply this to moccing, basically you make the hips wider apart.

(Purple is male and yellow is female)

And all i did here Was on the male use a 5 long axle (which is about the same with as a prefab hip connection, like the same with as the toa metru and inika) 

And a 6 long axle on the female. But you can see i also used a wider part for the thighs. I mostly did this to minimize the tight gap. On moccing especially, to much thigh gap does not look nice.

I mentioned in my Old Anitami series that one of the major challenges in historical linguistics is reconstructing cast dialects. The first major period of standardization occurred after the invention of the printing press (though of course it’s hard to tell, since we’re always short on writing by anyone who wasn’t yellow, green, or blue). The second started about 60 years ago and ended in the last decade - that is, the period after the invention of the internet but before reliable machine translation. 

One of the more selfish reasons I’m in favor of relaxing the out of caste income cap is that I really want a change to look at other caste’s unique linguistic features without having to interrogate some poor barista. From what I can tell, green and yellow speech are by far the closest - which makes sense, considering that the earliest yellow professions (like scribes) all involved working closely with greens. There’s a slight accent difference, no more. Blue speech is also pretty similar - I’m sure they cultivate that aristocratic accent, but the literary language is sort of definitionally going to be set by greens. 

After that, it gets a little weird. (I’m sure that most people who, like, consume media can understand their native language’s green dialect just fine, but us greens don’t have that advantage). There are definitely distinct purple and orange speech registers in Modern Anitami (if there were equivalents in Old Anitami, they’re now lost). I can read them just fine but I struggle with the accents. From what I can tell, purple Anitami in particular has a ton of phonological variation that green* Anitami doesn’t. (I just read a fascinating paper on intervocalic lenition in the Lakla speech community). 

Purple (and to a lesser extent, Orange and Gray) Anitamis also have some really archaic grammatical and lexical features. We think that’s because purple communities are functionally diglossic - they all learn the literary/prestige language in school, and speak something substantially different at home. A stable diglossia tend to preserve local dialectical variations in the lower prestige language, since people keep using their dialects in their local speech communities instead of modifying them in the direction of the standard. Whereas Greens basically all speak the same. 

All of which is a really long-winded way of saying, I’d love to hear more about language difference from people in other countries and other castes. Does anyone use machine translation for e.g. blogs written in your language but in a different caste register? How different are caste languages where you live?In your online writing, do you tend to default to your caste register or is there pressure to sound greener? 

(*there’s a big debate right now among the Tamai lit faculty about referring to the thing that’s currently called “standard” Anitami as “green” Anitami. I’m about 85% on board. It’s certainly more precise from a historical linguistic perspective, which is why I’m using it now, but refusing to call it standard doesn’t mean it’s not the language used by schools and the government and literally all media. I’m not sure if we should change that, but if we want to, it’ll take more than vocabulary).

Most Used Pens (& Pencils) - This was requested last week but I was so busy with exams that I’m just getting to it now. These are some of my most used pens and pencils from my pencil cases. All of my pens can be purchased from JetPens, PenGems, or Staples! (Descriptions start from the top left)

  • Staedtler Fineliners - these come in a variety of colours and I purchased mine at Staples. Avoid buying them from places like Michael’s where the mark up is absolutely insane! Only the black is pictured, but I do have a variety of other colours.
  • Stabilo point 88 Fineliners - like the Staedtlers, these come in a variety of colours. I ordered mine from JetPens. These are great for drawing diagrams, mind maps or when you need to add a little colour to your work. 
  • Staedtler TextSurfer - highlighters in pink and teal. Purchased these from my university book store. Pretty basic.
  • Sharpie Clear View Highlighter - LOVE THESE! They’re great for not over highlighting words because you can see when you need to stop. They are super thick, but you can turn the nib to get a finer line. 
  • Pentel EnerGel Retractable Gel Ink Pen 0.7mm - my favourite pen for writing notes. It’s gel ink but it doesn’t bleed or streak across pages. 
  • PaperMate InkJoy - basic pens from Walmart. Great ball points if you just need to write things down. Nothing special. These ones came in a pack of 5 different colours. 
  • Zebra Mildliners - every studyblr on Tumblr seems to have these! I love them because they’re super light. However, they do tend to streak ink. They grey is my favourite and I just ordered more. 
  • UniBall Vision Needle Gel Ink Pens - a Staples buy. Fairly expensive pens but I enjoy using these for taking notes in class. The lighter gray version is the thicker nib and the black is the finer nib. Smooth flowing ink and great for people who write on an angle (me). 
  • Zebra Fullst Mechanical Pencil - I’ve been using this for all of my exams because the grip is so squishy and doesn’t make my hand sore. The eraser comes out of the top by turning and JetPens sells replacements. It’s super cute too!
  • Pilot HiTecC Coleto 4 Colour Multipen in Lilac - JetPens sells these by the body only and then you can choose which inks you want to go inside. Mine contains black, pink, light pink and purple gel inks. I would buy this in every colour. I love them. 
  • Uni JetStream Standard Ballpoint in 0.5mm - Purple body. Super basic. Kind of scratchy so I went back and purchased it in 0.7mm instead. Use this for quick notes or in my planner because the ink is lighter. 
  • Pilot Juice Gel Pens in 0.5mm - Colours pictured are black, baby pink, pink and coral. I know they all look like the same pink but on paper they’re different. You can never have too many pink pens. These are great for drawing diagrams and underlining. 
  • PaperMate Flair Pens - thicker felt tip pens from Staples. Come in a variety of colours but tend to bleed through plain paper if you press to hard. I like to use these for cue cards or when I need to make a point bold and big!
  • PenGems Signature Pen in Amethyst - This is my go to planner pen! It fits perfectly in my Kikki.K. I also have it in pink (the one that’s currently in my planner). These are so smooth and are great for thin planner pages or just writing notes in class! 

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Match-up please? Blue Gray eyes,Pastel purple hair,Asexual,owns 5 cats,collects random stuff from rocks to killer dolls,shy with resting bitch face,i only open up to close friends,i love my sweaters,i tend to scratch holes in my clothing and blankets if im calm or sleepy,love cuddles,i don't know how to date,i have never even dated anybody because my standards are on the top shelf that i can't even reach even,hate spiders so much,very fussy when it comes to food,love sugary food,hordes chips

your hair is my aesthetic. pastelll purpppleeee. nice

I ship you with…UnderTale Sans!!! Sans first noticed you because of your pastel purple hair and found himself falling in love with you ever since. The way that you have a whole bunch of odds and ends collected. The hordes of chips you have stashed in various places. He finds it cute the way you’ll scratch at what you’re wearing when you’re tired, kinda reminds him of the cats you own (which he also loves dearly cause i mean fluffy sleepy things of hate? whats not to love) He probably loves cuddles more than you do, so thats a major plus. He finds your shyness absolutely endearing especially if you start to open up to him. He’s a little put out that you’re fussy when it comes to food, cause he literally chugs ketchup, but hey whatever floats your bloat. 

Did you get who you think you would? Did i do good? :3 Hope you like it. @drama-ostrich

“You’re so beautiful.”

Callie turned away from the pan she was tending on the stove, her eyes glancing toward the table where Arizona was simply watching her; blue eyes tracking her, a smile curving easily on her lips.

“Right now?” the brunette looked down at herself – her body clad in purple sleep shorts and an old faded t-shirt, her hair hanging loose and tousled after taking it down from the day’s ponytail, “wow, your standards have really lowered over the years…”

So beautiful. Callie, you are just…”

Arizona paused, words lingering in the air between them as she studied the woman in front of her.

“I’m cooking supper in my pajamas–”

“You’re radiant. You have never looked more stunning.”

Callie couldn’t help the small smile that tugged at her lips, a barely noticeable blush colouring her cheeks as the blonde spoke again softly. She took a few steps across the kitchen until she was nestled between Arizona’s knees, her hands smoothing over soft, bare shoulders, and when blue eyes met hers she leaned down to share a sweet, gentle kiss with the love of her life. 

“It’s because I’m happy. And you are so beautiful too, Arizona – you have no idea.”

Arizona smiled as Callie kissed her again, wrapping her arms around the other woman’s waist, and she let out the smallest, content sigh at the thought that they had finally, finally gotten things right. That they were here, in a home they shared again, cooking supper and talking about their day and just…being together. Being more amazing than ever.

She kissed Callie once more, her fingers stroking lightly under the hem of her t-shirt, and felt an unparalleled wave of emotion as she murmured her next words.

“Love looks good on us.”