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Prompt for a fix; maybe; Sportacus' crystal goes off, and robbie gets stuck under a new machine that falls on him, while he was making it, All from sporty's pov

-throws open door and shouts into the apartment building I imagine we all live in- GUYS SOMEONE READS MY TAGS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??

Thank you for this~

Sportacus was just catching a fly ball from Stingy when his crystal went off.

“Someone’s in trouble!” He tossed Ziggy the ball and jumped onto the nearest wall, scanning the town. The mayor wasn’t ‘helping’ Bessie with anything, the kids were safe, even the kitten was innocently walking around. Who else could have set off-

The answer struck him and fear gripped his heart, “Robbie…” He whispered.

He ran, flipped, and cartwheeled his way to Robbie’s lair. Once inside, Sportacus found the trouble right away.

In the middle of the bunker was Robbie. He seemed to be holding up a large metal box that was tipped towards him at a dangerous angle. When Sportacus landed in the lair, Robbie locked eyes with him.

“Help,” he squeaked, almost comically.

Without hesitation, Sportacus sprang forward. He planted his feet beside Robbie and joined in the pushing. Together, they got the box to tumble onto another side, away from them both. With a loud bang, Robbie was safe.  

The box had been much heavier than Sportacus thought. How had Robbie been holing it on his own?! He turned, out of breath, to ask Robbie that very question. 

His eyes caught the answer.

Robbie wasn’t wearing his usual outfit. Instead, he was in purple sweat pants and a black tank top. The tank top showed off what his long sleeved stripped number usually hid.

Robbie caught Sportacus staring. Between gasps for breath, he asked, “Wha- what are you st-staring at?”

Sportacus opened and closed his mouth several times, not trusting himself not to blurt out “When did your arms get so muscular?

Instead he asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to hear that stupid crystal’s beeping.”

Sportacus gave a weak chuckle. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off Robbie’s arms.

“Seriously, what are you staring at?”

“Can I feel your biceps?”

“… can you what?”

Wait, nope, he’d said that out loud. “NevermindByeRobbieStaySafe!”

“Get back here!”

[this ficlet brought to you in part by @rottensocksandfluff sending me a picture of buff!Robbie not once, but twice tonight:

Thank you, love]

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Hey Jin! May I request a comforting Ravus with OC going through a hard event in their life? Many please and thank yous ;;

In need of Comfort | Ravus Nox Fleuret x Reader | Fluff

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One would say Ravus Nox Fleuret was callous, rude, uncaring and harsh.

His girlfriend would say otherwise.

She would say he is caring, loving, sensitive and a bit dorky.

Ravus had been ready for work heading down the hallway from his office carrying papers to see his girlfriend on their bed sitting crying, shaking hair all disheveled. That was rare she didn’t cry often a tough woman normally so whatever it was it was important. He immediately called work and changed clothes, wearing a pair of black sweat pants, purple tank top with his hair pulled back in a ponytail.

He was boiling water for the tea kettle making her a herbal tea along with some sugar cookies. He didn’t like seeing her like this so he did what he could to help her as he wasn’t really skilled with dealing with such things. Heading up the stairs and back to the room he sat down next to her, handing her the elegant blue and white tea cup.

“Would you like a drink, my sweet?” He asked, in a soft tone.

“Yes…” She sniffled shakily reaching for the teacup, Ravus reached out cupping her hands so she wouldn’t spill any of the tea, on her and harm her.

“What has happened, sweet?” He asked after a few moments of silence, feeding her a sugar cookie.

“Don’t you have work?” She questioned, concerned about his job.

“Today is about you, I called off it is fine. You are sad I am here for you, just like you are always here for me.”

“My aunt passed away last night.” She said hiccupping leaning against him picking up the photo album that had countless photos of her and family.

Her family was close knit and he loved that, her aunt had been a huge influence on who she was a person. The person he fell in love with. Wrapping a arm around her hugging her tightly he pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“I am sorry my love, I know that she was really important to you.” Ravus said softly, moving his hand back rubbing her back softly and comfortingly with his Magitek arm.

“She was important to me, she helped me a lot growing up Ray.” She sobbed a little calling him by his pet name.

“Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more. You will appreciate each day more now my sweet. Keep her in your heart and in your memories and she will always be with you.” Ravus said sagely pulling her onto his lap as he placed the teacup and tray down.

“You are right…” She answered burying her face into his chest wrapping arms around him holding him close.

Ravus peppered several kisses on her forehead, wrapping his arms around her holding her closer rocking her a little. Reaching for the photo album he looked at it smiling at a photo of her when she was tiny behind held by her aunt.

“Would you tell me about her? So then she will always be in my heart and can live on that way?” He asked handing her the photo album.

“I would love to do that, Ravus. You two would have gotten together really well too bad she lived so far away from here.” She said cheering up at the thought grabbing the album from him.

She started from the beginning and started telling him stories about her aunt and the wonderful things about her. The whole time he stroked her back calming her, giving her soft kisses everyone once in a while.

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my dad takes non of the toxic mascunality shit so we went for a run and he was wearing a pink shirt w purple sweat pants and my brother was like WOW NO YOU'RE GOING OUT LIKE DIS ??? WAT WILL UR FRIENDS SAY ??? UR NOT SERIOUS R U ?? and dad just stared at him until he shut up and yeah it made my day


Rainy Days (Written with the amazing obsessedwithjustinandselena)

“Hey Pattie!” 18-year-old Selena grinned as her boyfriend’s mother opened the door, letting her into his house. 

“Oh in you come sweetheart, you’re soaking” Selena grinned bashfully as she nodded her head. LA had been caught in an intense storm and Selena had been caught running from her car to the house. 

“I know I was only coming from the car, it’s crazy out there” she said as she pulled off her wet jacket so Pattie could put it on the radiator to dry off. 

“Up you go sweetheart. He’s in his room, I’ll bring you up a hot chocolate each.” She smiled.

“Okay, thanks Pattie” she said as she made the climb to the second floor to her boyfriends bedroom. 

She knocked briefly before opening the door to see Justin lying on his bed with his Beats on. His eyes were shut as he bobbed along to the beats as Selena giggled. She climbed onto the bed as his eyes snapped open at the sudden change in levels. 

His eyes lit up as he gazed upon the raven-haired beauty and he took his headphones off before bringing her into his arms. “Hi baby” he whispered, pouting his lips for her to kiss them softly. 

“Hey, nice moves” she joked as he rolled his eyes playfully. 

“Do you want dry clothes?” He asked with a laugh as he swiped a finger down her arm and gazed at the drops of water he had collected. She nodded her head as he went into his drawer to pull out a pair of sweats “colour, my love?" 

"Um, lets go with purple today” she said as he laughed and pulled out a pair of purple HCO sweat pants and threw them at her head. She giggled and pealed her jeans off before slipping the sweats on and throwing her jeans at her boyfriend as he caught them and put them on the radiator. 

‘What do you want to do baby?’ She asked as he re-joined her on the bed and snuggled into her. 

“Cuddle” he said softly as she smiled, she ran her fingers through his hair and he grinned up at her like a little boy. 

Selena leaned down to join their lips softly as he smiled into the kiss “yes” he said softly pulling back “music and cuddles” she nodded her head. 

“Your mom is bringing us up hot chocolate” she said as his eyes lit up and she mirrored his grin. 

“This was the best idea ever!” Selena exclaimed as she lay in Justin’s arms. They had built their own fort out of blankets, comforters, pillows and even the occasional soft toy Justin owned that next to no one knew about. 

“I’m not just a pretty face, Gomez” he said pouting. She giggled at him and swooped down to kiss his pout away and it turned to a boyish grin. 

“I love you so much” she whispered softly and he lay back down, smile tugging on his lips and laced their fingers at arms length. 

“I love you too” he whispered back before placing a kiss on the shell of her ear “I love this song” he confessed as the soft melody took over their private bubble. 

“Me too” she replied, as she rest her head on his chest she felt it vibrate as he hummed along with the peaceful song. 

“Dance with me” he whispered as she looked up to him, eyebrows furrowed and the ‘v’ shape on her forehead prominent. “What?” She looked at him like he was crazy and he just grinned charmingly at her. 

“Come on,” he said standing to two feet and offering his hand out to her, “can I have this dance my love?” She nodded and stood up, wrapping her arms around his neck and his around her waist. 

The young couple had barely any space between their bodies as Justin quietly sang the words to his girlfriend who felt waves of emotion washing over her. 

“This was the first song we ever danced to as a couple” he mused as she nodded against the crook of his neck and he felt her smile “I think it should be the first song we ever dance to as a married couple too.” He said, not aware of the breath he had been holding as it was released and she looked up.

“You think?” He nodded, thankful she wasn’t too freaked out by his confession, nice to know they were on the same page at least. 

“Honestly Sel, when we danced to this song it was at the Vanity Fair party and I knew right there that I didn’t ever want anyone else. I’m head over heels in love with you” she sniffed a little as her hands glided down to rest on his chest and their gaze met. 

“Good because I’m head over heels for you too” she confessed and she smiled, taking her hand he twirled her around before bringing her back into his chest. “Do you think it’s always like this?” She asked a little unsure as he shook his head.

“It can’t be baby, if it was people would never break up. I couldn’t live one day on this earth without you, you know. You’re the light in my universe” he whispered. She couldn’t even control the tear that slid down her face as she leaned in to join their lips softly. 

“Yes, when we get married this should be our song” she whispered as he grinned. 

“We’ll have a beautiful wedding, you’ll be the most beautiful bride ever known to mankind. We can have whatever you want, however big or small you want” he whispered as she shook her head in response. 

“Whatever we want, I only want you, I don’t care how we do it” he smiled and kissed her again still dancing, as the few remaining bars of the song faded out.

Once the song had faded out the young couple resumed their original positions, cuddled underneath a blanket as they admired their handiwork.

“Do you have a 10 year plan” she asked as she sat up and sat across his legs whilst he sat up as well. He nodded in return before she continued ‘what’s in that 10 year plan?“

"Obviously, you” he began which of course made Selena smile as she wrapped her arms around his neck securely.

“What else?” she asked, encouraging him to continue. The young couple had never really sat down and talked about this sort of thing seriously because they both believed that their relationship was supposed to be full of fun and love but deep down they knew that this was forever.

“We’ll have a killer honeymoon with an abundance of love making” he said winking at her which cause her to blush and let out a laugh, hiding her face in his chest “That’s a minimum of 3 times a day” he continued which made her pull back and slap his chest.

“Stoooop” she whined which made him laugh because he knew she got embarrassed talking about that sort of thing.

“Well after the killer honey that contains a lot of sex” he began again as she shot him a stern glance. Justin gently reached up and pulled his girlfriends head down to his level so he could rest his forehead against hers and look right into her perfect eyes. “We could take some time off and start thinking about having a family”

Selena smiled at his confession which once again made Justin feel relieved that she wasn’t freaked out by his words. 

'Which means a lot more sex” he added making Selena scoff before pressing her lips against his.

“Can you even imagine how crazy and stubborn those kids are going to be?” she asked with a small laugh as Justin shook his head.

“I don’t even want to know!” he said hiding his face in the crook of her neck, “But I do know that they’ll be adorable” he added and Selena couldn’t help but let a smile spread across her delicate lips as she felt Justin’s lips curve into a smile.

“3 maximum” she laughed and he pulled away shaking his head.

“4” he countered which once again made Selena scoff.

We can decide when the time comes” she reasoned and he nodded his head before giving her a chaste kiss.

“But we’re having 4” he laughed as he gently pushed her off of him and got to 2 feet.

Selena looked up at him from the abundance of pillows and soft toys that had nearly swallowed her before jumping to her feet and racing after Justin who had begun to run away from her.

“No running in the house” Pattie called out at the couple began running through the kitchen. Both teenagers slowed their pace to a power walk but as soon as Pattie was out of sight began to run again as fits of laughter escaped the both of them.

After running around for a few minutes Justin had run through so many different doors that Selena had lost him and she was just running around in circles.

She made her way down to the kitchen where Pattie was standing cooking dinner, “Hey sweetheart” she smiled as Selena went and picked up the spoon, stirring the pasta. “Are you staying tonight?” 

“I’m not sure, Justin and I haven’t spoken-” she said before she was cut off by Justin wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Yeah, she is Mum” he cut her off which made Selena smile as she reached behind her to kiss him.

“Don’t burn my pasta Selena” Pattie scolded playfully which cause the couple to break away as they both turned to the stove.

“4” Justin whispered in Selena’s ear which made her giggle as she felt her heart flutter again just from the thought of Justin wanting to raise a family with her sometime in the very very very distant future.

“3” she countered back which made Justin snicker into her shoulder as he tightened his grip around her waist.

“You’re so perfect” he said quietly which caused Selena’s cheeks to go a cherry red.

“And I’m forever alone” the couple heard Pattie say from behind them which made them both giggle. Selena turned in Justin’s arms as he dipped down to hug her while she spoke to his mother over his shoulder.

“You’ll find your Man Pattie” she said which made Pattie smile at how sweet the young girl was. Selena had grown to be somewhat like a daughter to her and she couldn’t have been more pleased with her sons decision.

“Well thank you sweetheart, I hope you find yours too” she replied teasingly.

“Heeeey, I’m right here” Justin whined which made the both of them laugh.

“I think I already found mine” the brunette replied which made Pattie ‘aww’.

“Damn right you have” Justin smiled as he lifted his head so he could kiss his beautiful girlfriend.