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Accidents Happen {Reader Insert}

Imagine: A young Serpent needs refuge. Her first thought is an old friend, but when a redhead hottie opens the door, her plans are quick to change.

Summary: {Y/N} comes from the other side of the tracks, from a rough and broken home. In the spur of the moment, an accident happens and she’s left scared and vulnerable. She turns to an old friend, Jughead Jones. But it seems he’s quite preoccupied. Instead, she comes face to face with the famous Archie Andrews. Who knew good boys could make such good company?

Request?: No, another random thought that just had to be voiced. I mean, c’mon, Archiekins deserves all the love.

Word Count: 2078

Taglist: Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in anything.

Disclaimer: I do not own the gif, credit to the user that made it. The Riverdale characters and storyline are also not mine, credit to the writers and producers.

A/N: When I first started writing this little oneshot, I honestly wasn’t too sure as to where I wanted it to go. But, I am very happy with how this turned out. Do let me know what you think! And of course, my ask box is open for any requests that you might have! Enjoy, my little bookworms 🖤

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Extended Imagine - Sweet Cakes

It was a beautiful spring day - everywhere you looked, flowers were blooming, birds were chirping, and the sun was shining. Standing outside, you could feel the gentle warmth from the rays on your skin. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, and you couldn’t think of a single way this day could get any better.

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Welp. Ended up doodling this little cinnamon roll instead of doing my overflowing mountain of HW
fuuuuuck me :’)
but anyway

a hint of Gramander because again, I’ve fallen into another fandom pit and I just can’t seem to claw my way out

but I thought I’d maybe write something for it
please don’t judge though, I’m pretty shit at writing and I’ve never done it before so here goes nothing
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

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[fic] darling so it goes

he tian x mo guan shan (1st half); jian yi x zhengxi (2nd half)

tags/notes: fluff, swearing, light altercation in the form of a head cuff, title from here, ‘SAR’ is a military term for ‘search-and-rescue’ 

synopsis: after-shot of chapter 196.

‘What crawled up his ass?’

He Tian cuffed the top of Guan Shan’s head. It earned him a sharp exhalation from where Guan Shan sat on the bench, scowling up at him, features pinched, eyes washed copper in the sun.

‘Jian Yi,’ He Tian said. ‘He’s missing.’

They watched Zhengxi stalk across the court in silence, smudges of purple storms under his eyes, shoulders rounded and taut. He swiped a basketball from the bag on the side of the court, threw it aimlessly against the chain-link fence. The sound rattled, ball smacking back down to asphalt, the whole fence trembling around the perimeter with the aftershock like soundwaves.

‘Like … missing?’

He Tian made a quiet ‘hm’ sound. He’d heard nothing from his brother. The SAR must have been immediate, no handler, a quick in-and-out job. Carefully planned, cleanly executed. No casualties except a pulled shoulder from the rebound of a gun. It was only a matter of time before someone went for Jian Yi. You couldn’t have a father like that and have your hands kept clean for long. You couldn’t have a father like that and not escape without some bullet holes.

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Mistletoe (continued)(Various Drabbles)

A/N: A few more characters were requested, I know Christmas is over but w/e. kisses galore here


You yawned tiredly as the end of the Christmas party came near. Leaning your head onto Reinhardts large shoulder, you glance up at him with a smile. Reinhardt looked down at you with a loving look, one of his muscular arms wrap around you.

“Are you tired, liebling?” He asked gently. You nodded and maneuver yourself into his lap, snuggling into his firm chest. His deep chuckle was like music in your ears. “Alright,  let’s get going then.” He picked you up with ease, carrying you bridal style.

“Thanks Rein.”

“Anything for you.” The large German walked out of the room but was stopped by Zarya, who held a smirk on her face. “As much as I would love to arm wrestle you, Zarya, (Y/N) is tired.” You gave the Russian woman a little wave.

“That is not why I stopped you old man.” She laughed and pointed upwards before walking away. Both you and your lover looked upwards, spotting the plant above your heads.

“Mistletoe!” Reinhard laughed with his signature grin on his handsome face. Moving you to only holding you in one arm, his hand cupped your cheek lovingly while place a big kiss on your lips.


You walked through the small town, hand in hand with your cyborg boyfriend, Genji. He kept you close to his body and you and him chatted while looking at all the decorations. It was yours and Genji’s day off and you both were able to have a day out together.

“You are not too cold are you, (Y/N)?” He asked.

“Yeah I’m fine, Genji.” You giggled. “You’ve already given me your scarf.”

“I just don’t want you uncomfortable, my love.” Genji wrapped his around  your shoulders. “Are you sure you don’t want my coat?” You stop and face him, a smile on your face.

“I am very sure.” You both heard giggling as a child approach you, a grin was on her cute chubby face.

“Excuse me! You two are under da mistletoe.” She giggled again and was about to speak again until her mother pulled her away with a quick apology.

“Well you heard the girl, we are under mistletoe.”

“It would be my honor.”  His hands carefully remove his mask, the sound of air releasing was loud and clear. His scarred face was smiling, his deep, chocolate brown eyes stared lovingly into your (e/c) hues. His hand rested on your warm cheeks, and despite his mechanical body, he still felt warm.

“I love you Genji.”

“I love you too.” His rough lips met yours in a sweet kiss.


“Mi amore! Come here!” You heard your girlfriend Sombra call from another room. “I made us hot chocolate.” You practically run to wherever your girlfriend is, you could never pass up a mug of hot chocolate, especially Sombra’s. You go to the kitchen where you heard her voice but found it vacant.

“Sombra?” You called out.

“Boo!” You jumped with a shriek as she became visible behind you. She laughed loudly while wrapping her arms around your waist.

“That’s not funny, Sombra!” You pouted while she moved herself in front of you, her arms still around you.

“I’m sorry, Corazón. But look up!” She smiled and you glanced up at ceiling where mistletoe hung loosely. “How about an apology kiss?”

“Okay fine.” You gave in.  Your lips met with hers briefly, you could taste a hint of chocolate. When you pulled away, you could tell some of her purple lipstick had smudged onto your face. “So where is that hot chocolate?”

“Ah, I’m sorry (Y/N)… I may have drank both of our hot chocolates.”


Shelter from Your Storm (Part 24)

Blindspot fanfic.

(Part 1 | Part 2 |  Part 3 |  Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10| Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21 | Part 22 | Part 23)

So no, I’m not dead, and this fic has not been abandoned. Life has been a little crazy lately. And to be totally honest, married-but-separated canon Jeller was kind of messing with my married-but-oblivious fanfic Jeller, and it took me longer than I expected to get back into the headspace of this story.

Thanks for still being here!

Also, here you go, @kate-dammit-run and @zumbagirl8302. Please include chocolate with future nagging for faster response. ::blows kisses at you both::

Jane shifted in the chair beside Roman’s bed. It was more comfortable than the one she’d spent three hours on in the waiting room, but she still couldn’t manage to relax.

“You gonna talk about it, or just sit there and sigh all night?” Roman cracked one eye open.

“I can go. You should rest.” She put her hands on the arms of the chair, preparing to stand.

“I’m kidding.” He opened both eyes to peer at her. “How’s your head? Sure you don’t want to check in? They’ll give you the good stuff.”

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Here, some Yvaine/Cullen pining, because I’ve missed these two and I need to write more for them. 1.5k.

He shouldn’t be doing this. She’s the Inquisitor, perhaps even Andraste’s Chosen, if some are to be believed, and he’s a half-broken lyrium addict who hasn’t had a full night’s sleep in more than a year. She’s surviving ambushes and rearranging countries; he’s sitting behind a desk ordering her to go no, there, because there is a better place for her to put her life at risk. The truth is that too often, there are no better places. Even if he knows that she’ll likely emerge victorious with some quip or other, ruffled but smiling… Most nights that allows him to live with himself. Not always, especially when the pain’s bad and he’s just watched her ride off to somewhere like the Makerforsaken Wastes. He’s seen her in a fight - she’s no sheltered Circle mage - but there are rare times he imagines what she must be doing out there, remembers some of her worst reports and thinks that more than enough people have died under his watch, and Maker, not one more. Not this one.

He remembers asking for a report when she was on an extended mission and receiving a piece of parchment from a raven. He’d opened it to see Pavus’ overly flourished handwriting instead of the familiar spidery scrawl, and thought -

Not to worry, it had begun, she’s just broken her writing arm and the healing’s taking some time, and then it had launched into a recounting of the week’s events. He’d snorted in bitter amusement, making Leliana look up. Not to worry.

He may well be unworthy of a command post, and he’s not entirely sure he deserves her friendship, even if she’s insisted on giving it. He’s certainly unworthy of asking her if she might consider - 

He takes those thoughts and shoves them aside, even when he wants to put his face in his hands and ask himself what the bloody Void he thinks he’s doing.

He shouldn’t be doing this. That’s what he thinks as he walks across the gardens and spots a blonde-haired figure there, on her tiptoes, craning her neck to look up at the largest oak. 

She turns at the sound of his steps, and smiles. “Good morning.”

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au where ithro and sportacus are princes, and their kingdom is enemies with their neighboring kingdom, which robbie happens to be the prince of, with Glanni as a nobleman. The Rotten Kingdom is full of bandits and criminals and is basically a safe haven for them, while the Elven kingdom is Not™ about that life.

Afram is the king, and is getting remarried shortly so a huge ball is held for all in their kingdom to attend so he can introduce his wife to them all. (Who’s his wife? Idk roll with it) Ithro is watching over Sportacus as he dances and laughs with the guest when he’s approached by a handsome stranger. The man introduces himself as Rikki, and they flirt for a while before chaos breaks out when suddenly there’s bandits raiding the buffet and stealing jewels off guest as they run around and dodge guards. Ithro looks at Rikki, about to apologize, when suddenly Rikki takes off his fancy coat and hat and suddenly he realizes Glanni Glaepur is standing right in front of him. 

Ithro goes for his sword, but is stopped by Glanni pushing him up against the wall and kissing him. Glanni pulls away, whispers “I’ll see you around.” before darting away from Ithro to be lost in the chaos. 

When the bandits clear out and everyone is calm and those harmed are taken care of, Ithro sees Sportacus with lips covered in smudged purple and Sportacus takes in Ithro who’s hair is all mussed and they both just silently grin.

(there of course is like a whole battle of duty over heart “my duty is to my heart” and Afram losing his shit before Glanni and Robbie request an audience with him and point out that their kingdoms could be at peace if they married and Ithro and Glanni don’t get married because they feel as if they’ll be better off without either of them feeling too tied down because the thought scares them but Sportacus and Robbie have a big wedding in the field that separates the two kingdoms and it’s gorgeous)

and i am proud ; drarry drabble

summary: draco and harry first pride together.
words: 1263
disclaimer: work of fiction, original story and universe belongs to the one and only jk rowling no profit gained out of this
comments: this is for the @hpqueernet​ pride month pair-up event. i got the lovely @sadqueerboy (we’re icon twins!) who requested drarry for their gift. i got a little carried away writing but i hope you like it

happy pride everyone!!!!!
stay safe, stay happy and most importantly stay proud

you can read this in ao3

pd: all hail bisexual icon harry james potter ♡

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Tonight I unpacked and used my altar. (I keep my altar in a box. Because I travel too much, and love being outdoors to much to have a permanent set up) and I was just cleansing my crystals and meditating. Afterwards I took a photo to show my friend and this is how the photo turned out. I didn’t edit this photo I just took it on my samsung phone. How cool!

Will You Be My Oxygen When I'm Running Out Of Air? If I Close My Eyes, Will You Still Be There?

Written by: @why-do-i-ship-this

Requested by: @matthew-the-neko-boy

Prompt: Negan finds Carl after he is beaten up by one of the Saviors, and decides to take his revenge. (I did a really bad job of following this prompt, I am so so sorry).

Words: 1,041

Warnings: swearing, mild violence


“What the fuck happened to you, kid?!”

Carl froze, his thin fingers hovering mid-pat above his collarbone. He had just applied a bright white patch of gauze to the skin, but he could already feel the blood soaking through, blossoming across the mesh like some sort of twisted rose.

“Nothing,” the teen answered shortly, voice gruff. Hand shaped bruises along his slender neck left his speech raspy and strained, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Negan.

The Lead Savior strode over, grabbing Carl’s chin harshly and forcing him to look up. His angry expression softened when the boy winced, and he quickly let go, crouching down so they were eye-level.

“Kid…” Negan whispered, gloved hand brushing strand of Carl’s long brown hair behind his ear. The man nearly gasped when he saw the teen’s now uncovered socket; it was a flaming red edged in greenish-yellow, and some of the strings of skin that had been growing back were now broken, leaving a watered down pool of blood behind.

“Fuckin’ shit!” Negan cursed under his breath. “Carl, tell me what happened.”

When Carl didn’t answer, the older man let his saddened gaze run over the rest of the teen’s body, checking for other injuries. His anger only grew with every inch of skin he saw, as he was full of vibrantly discolored spots and shallow cuts leaking crimson liquid.

Carl shifted uncomfortably under the scrutiny, wrapping his sore arms around himself as if he could hide behind the skinny limbs.

“‘M fine,” he mumbled, forcing a smile. “I just–um–I fell.”

Carl was lying through his teeth, the memory of being pushed down a flight of stairs by one of Negan’s men making him bite the inside of his cheek hard enough to draw blood.

“I’m not even gonna acknowledge that weak ass lie,” Negan said with raised brows, before his face became concerned again. “So tell me, my future little serial killer–what happened?”

Carl swallowed audibly, breaking eye contact with Negan’s intense stare. “I pissed someone off, and I payed the consequences,” he answered flatly, stubbornly blinking back tears. “It happens.”

Negan’s eyes darkened, and he stood, ghosting a gentle hand across Carl’s face before turning around, grabbing Lucille, and heading out the door.

“Negan–wait! What are you doing?” The teen asked in panic, ignoring his aching body as he scrambled after the older man.

Negan didn’t stop, but he answered nonetheless; “I’m about to kill the fucker that thought they could touch *my* boy and get away with it.”

Carl felt a flutter of something foreign in his heart when Negan called him ‘his boy,’ but he pushed it to the side, instead simply speeding up, latching onto the older man’s arm before he could turn the corner.

“Negan–stop,” the teen ordered, finally managing to get him to obey. The man in question turned around, anger rolling off him in waves.

“Kid,” he said warningly, though Carl could tell the threat was empty.

“Just–stop,” Carl said again, hand still laying on Negan’s leather clad arm. “Stop, and h-help.”

Only then did the Lead Savior notice how incredibly place the teen was, and his eyes widened when he started swaying on his feet.

“Carl!” He yelled, catching him just before he hit the floor. The one-eyed boy was limp on Negan’s arms, his concerningly cold skin now slick with blood. “Fuck!”

Negan sprinted down the hall towards Carson’s office, all thoughts of murder long forgotten. He charged like a bull through the stragglers that got in his way, all his focus on making sure his boy would be okay.


When Carl woke up, he felt groggy and weak. He felt something cool running through his veins, and looking to his right, he saw he was connected to an IV. Furrowing his brows in confusion, he reached over to pull it out when a string hand gently caught his wrist, pulling it into their chest.

“Wha–?” He began to ask, only to be cut off my a familiar voice.

“Hey, kid.”

When Carl looked at Negan, he almost didn’t recognize him. The man’s eyes were rimmed in red, purple smudges from fatigue claiming the skin underneath them. He seemed skinnier, more tired, and his beard had grown in noticeably.

“Negan?” Carl asked, and he was shocked to find that his voice was incredibly raspy and dry, as if it hadn’t been used for a long time. “How long was I out?”

A heavy silence settled over the two of them, and Negan let his gaze drop to the bed sheets, seemingly unable to answer. Eventually, Carl became uncomfortable, and he shifted, withdrawing his hand from the other man’s grasp.

“Negan. I need to know. Tell. Me. How. Long.”

“Two months.”

Negan’s voice was barely a whisper, a croaky and heartbroken tone lingering within it, like they were the default emotions. Carl’s eye widened, and he shoved the covers off of him, jumping out of the bed.

The second his toes touched the ground, he collapsed. Undeterred, the teen started crawling, trying to get to the door of Negan’s room.

“I–I need to see my family! I need to see if they’re okay!” He was yelling now, ignoring the fact that it felt like swallowing fire, and that his bones were nearly jelly.

“Carl…” Negan said with a dad sign, standing up and walking over to the boy. Without hesitation, he scooped him up, holding him tight as he fought against him.

“Let me down! Negan! Stop it!”

The Lead Savior gave Carl’s cries a deaf ear, carefully tucking him back into the bed. “Carl, stop,” he pleaded, voice as small as the teen had ever heard it.

Maybe it was all the pain he was causing himself, or maybe it was the grief in Negan’s tone, but Carl suddenly stopped fighting, slumping fast against the older man.

“I want to see my family…” he whispered, refusing to acknowledge what he’d already known, had sensed from the moment he’d woken up.

Wrapping his arms around the boy’s small frame, Negan kissed the top of Carl’s head, closing his eyes and letting the silky strands of hair tickle his face.

“I know, baby boy,” he finally answered, beginning to rub Carl’s back. “I know.”

+Vαмριяє Bαяσиѕ +
Requested from @vampirebarons​ , an incredible artist that fills her art with the tempting shadows of the darkness, the redness of blood, and the light of the fullmoon! I choose for you something that reminds me the palette of colours that you usually use for your arts, and a makeup inspired to the Victorian age, in both in style and color. Crimson, deep purple and black, all smudged perfectly like you usually did with the colours, dark red lips, long and black eyelashes with a very winged eyeliner, a veil of sparkling highlighter and sculpted jaw and cheeks (especially the nose!).
Like this, you’re ready for meeting your beautiful Vampire Bride.

Like what I did? Send me an “ ❤ “ in my message box and I’m gonna give you an aesthetic with images based on a make-up that I think it could fit your writer/artist’s personality!


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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!Au / Angst / Smut / Drabble series

Rated T for mentions of violence, blood, death, mature themes

Word count: 1.8k

Synopsis: It’s never easy when a vampire holds your heart in his hands, but maybe Jeon’s love is enough to stand together, even if blood ends up staining both your lips and bodies.

Author’s note: another drabble series yay! Now we have vampire!Jeon aka the beginning of @wolfjeon’s lil turture :-)

part 1 // part 2 // part 3

I. Safe lies

“How many, this time?”

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I’ve made myself a smokeless cleansing spray for my room, but I went a little overboard and added some other items to the brew. We have sea salt, lavender, mint, purple sage, anise, and cinnamon. Smells amazing, feels wonderful. I’m going to let it sit on the windowsill for a few days to let it ferment, and then I’m going to spray everything.

anonymous asked:

"Maybe I'm just crazy" Annaleen? 💓💓💓💓💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗

What We’re Owed

Pairing: Annaleen

Word Count: 1078

A/N; Sorry this was so late, I hope you enjoy it! 

“Maybe I’m just crazy,” Eileen sighed, stirring her cup of coffee with her spoon as she watched the cream meld with the black liquid, “but shouldn’t children be grateful for their parents bringing them into the world? I could have just as easily gotten rid of the brat, and how does she repay the hell she put me through? Following her heart? What kind of bullshit did that stupid old man fill her head with.”

“I don’t know,” Anna sighed. Eileen’s eye twitched at the annoying sound, fighting the urge to throw the steaming coffee on her friend’s face. Ha, friend. She had been spending too much time with the damn ball of sunshine and teddy bares. Both things that Eileen thought were far too overrated and unnecessary, much like the woman she was comparing them too. “I think Wendy knows what she owes me for taking her in. She’s always leaving me these adorable presents and sweet notes. She’s not my favourite for nothing.”

“And when was the last time you saw Wendy?” Eileen asked, voice dripping with sarcastic sweetness.

“Hmm,” Anna said, leaning back in her chair as she thought. The afternoon sun made her pale blonde hair glint, tip of her ponytail falling over her shoulder, purple icing smudged on her lip from her half eaten cupcake. “A week or two ago, I think? She made dinner for me the night I had that big presentation due!”

“Anna that was two and a half months ago,” Eileen said flatly, rolling her eyes at Anna’s shocked expression. “And didn’t she put lemon in the chicken? You know, the only fruit you’re allergic to?”

“Oh, she didn’t mean to! And the hives went down right away,” Anna smiled. Eileen wished Wendy had shoved an entire lemon down Anna’s throat instead of just spiking the chicken. She had to admit though, the kid could be ruthless when she wanted to be, which was better than her own wasted potential of a child. 

Regardless, they were spending far too much time not talking about Eileen. 

“Can you believe that Erza would rather be a teacher than follow my lead as a lawyer? All that genetic material wasted by that damn conscious of hers,” Eileen’s lip curled at the thought. Why would she ever lower herself to help others? If anything, they should be begging to help her. Just like Erza should, seeing as she failed her original purpose of keeping her father under Eileen’s control. While he was a stupid and cruel man, he had been hers, and Eileen would rather see the thing dead than lose control of what belonged to her. 

“Makarov has always been a strong believer in those things,” Anna admitted. Her nose scrunched like a kitten when she tried to pick all the pink sprinkles off the remaining half of her cupcake. Eileen hated kittens. Ironically, Anna hated pink. Weren’t they such a lovely pair. Eileen scoffed at her own thoughts before speaking. 

“I can’t believe she fell into the one fucking orphanage that won’t sell to Alvarez after the incident at the Tower,” Eileen sighed, stirring her coffee more violently as irritation built under her skin. “I told him mixing ages would lead to those vermin getting ideas but noo, Zeref refuses to listen to counsel as always.”

Legal council,” Anna reminded her, popping the rest of her cupcake into her mouth. Eileen felt her lip curl in a sneer at the emphasis Anna put on the word.

“I have known the man for almost a decade,” Eileen spat.

“And I have known him since he was a child.” Anna said, “helping him search through the orphanages for his lost brother only a few months old when Zeref was already ten or twelve. Or do you think I would take in five children of my own will?”

“Seeing as how you abandoned your actual blood niece I suppose not,” Eileen said dryly, conceding to Anna’s hard glare. Eileen much preferred when the cold steel entered her boring brown eyes than the usual vacant joy. “How long was it until you dropped Natsu off with Igneel anyway?”

“I had him for a few years, but you know boys, so gross and icky as they grow up.” Anna said. Zeref had been very displeased with Anna at giving away his thirteen year-old brother, which meant Eileen had enjoyed the few months of bliss where Anna wasn’t able to do no wrong. Nothing felt better than watching others fail.

“You finally have an empty nest now,” Eileen hummed. Natsu had gone off with Igneel, Gajeel to Metallicana, Sting and Rogue to those disgusting saps  Weisslogia and Skiadrum, and finally Wendy had moved in with Grandine. It was exhausting keeping track on these useless children, but Eileen liked to make sure she knew everything about everyone that interacted with her daughter. 

“Not quite yet,” Anna said, wagging her finger at Eileen. Eileen wanted to break it, but focused on her breathing instead.

“Wendy has moved in with Grandine now that her tours are over in wherever this stupid country is fighting against.” Eileen said sharply. 

“What?” Anna asked, hurt clouding her eyes as she looked at her empty plate. 

“For two and a half months,” Eileen said snidely, a pleasant feeling growing in her chest as she watched Anna finally understand what had happened. Served her right for being so damn naive. “And now what you see what I mean about children being so fucking ungrateful? Look at all we do for them, and this is how they repay us! Leading their own lives as if they don’t owe us those lives.”

Eileen swung her hand out in agitation, spilling the coffee across the table. She sighed standing up and grabbing her case. She was due in court in an hour and half, some stupid reporter putting their nose where it shouldn’t be and trying to ‘expose’ Alvarez production. As if they were any match for Eileen’s tongue. “C’mon,” she said, not looking at the still pouting Anna, “let’s go see if we can convince that little brat how good you were to her.”

Eileen snarled when Anna beamed up at her, grumbling but not shaking Anna off as she slung her arm around Eileen’s elbow. Satisfaction curled in her chest, easing her need to kick something when she saw the waitress hurry to their table with a rag and step in a puddle of the liquid.

It’ll Be Okay

Pairing: Dean x Pregnant!Reader

Warnings: Pregnancy, other than that none at all!

Contains: Fluff 

AN: For the lovely @gothamsmermaid I am sooo sorry it took so long I was busy with GISHWHES this weekend. I hope you enjoy this sweetie! :))

You tossed and turned, trying to find a comfortable position. But finding a comfortable position when you were eight months pregnant was easier said than done. For the last thirty minutes you had been shoving pillows between your legs, kicking the covers off, pulling them back on. Instead of getting sleepy all it did was make you restless, and soon enough you were wide awake. Huffing you let your head fall back against your pillow as you stared at the ceiling in the room you shared with Dean.

Speaking of Dean where the Hell was he?

Sitting up in bed on your elbows you looked around the room not finding a trace of your boyfriend. Swinging your legs over the side of the bed you groaned as you got off the memory foam mattress. Dean had to be either in the library or the garage of the bunker. Placing your hands on your swollen abdomen you treaded across the cold floor of the bunker looking for him.

“Dean?” you yelled through the halls of the bunker, looking here and there for him, “Where are you?” He was nowhere to be found it seemed as you left the kitchen. Seeing there was a month before your little girl arrived, Dean had been laying off hunting. But since then he was always doing something and he never told you what it was.

As you walked into the garage you thought about how the two of you ended up here. Seven months ago the three of you had been hunting and kicking ass. But one night after a heated argument about you going off after a wendigo yourself had led lots of sex in the back seat of the Impala. One month later you found yourself staring at the positive sign on the pregnancy test in shock. You were terrified about how Dean was going to react to the news, oh course you figured he’d be terrified and shocked much like yourself…but the two of you had never discussed having children in the future.

Of course when you found the courage to tell him, he panicked. Being a hunter was not the ideal environment to raise a child in. As scared as the two of you were Dean swore to you that everything would be okay. So far in the eight months of your pregnancy everything had been perfect. The two of you had baby proofed one of the spare rooms that you planned on making a nursery one of these days. You both read baby books, and you were pretty sure you did all that you could to prepare for the baby.

As the thoughts ran through your mind you noticed the Impala was missing. Maybe he went to fill up Baby with gas, or grab a burger or something. Sighing you made your way back to the room you shared with Dean, hoping he’d be back soon. You always seemed to sleep better with him in bed next to you. Just as you grabbed the door handle you heard faint music playing from the nursery room.

“Huh?” you blinked following the sound. The door was creeked open, light shined from within. You pushed the door open finding Dean standing in front of one of the four walls staring at it. You raised an eyebrow stalking towards him looking around the room.

The walls were painted light blue, while there were stenciled navy blue castles in some areas. Your eyes widened as you stared at the walls gently reaching out to touch them.

“Oh no you don’t.” you squealed as Dean threw his arms around you nuzzling your neck, “What do you think you’re doing sweetheart?” you squirmed giggling as he covered your eyes with his hands, “This is suppose to be a surprise.”

“My bad,” you smiled his hands trailing down your arms resting on your swollen belly, “I guess the cats out of the bag now huh?”

He turned you around, his olive green eyes staring into yours, “I guess it is,” he leaned down pecking your lips, “Sammy and I have been working on this for a few hours.” he motioned towards the room. “I sent him out to get some things.” You looked up and down grinning like a fool.

“Is this?” you raised an eyebrow smirking at Dean, “Is this a Frozen themed room?” This took him by surprise as he scoffed shaking his head back and forth.

“What no way.” he leaned against the changing table rolling his eyes, “It’s just a princess themed room.” you giggled rubbing your stomach, “What’s so funny?” his lips curled into a smirk as he watched you walk around the room.

“You do realize Frozen is like my favorite Disney movie right? There’s no point in lying to me.” he chuckled shrugging his shoulders. He was wearing a faded ACDC shirt that had some blue and purple paint stains smudged across the fabric.

“You caught me,” he crossed his arms over his chest, “it’s a Frozen room.” you wobbled towards him wrapping your arms around his neck.  He stroked your abdomen leaning in kissing your lips gently, ‘I’m going to take a wild guess that you like it then?”

You kissed back, his plump pink lips moving against yours, “Like it is a bit of an understatement Dean.” You looked around the room once more before staring into his eyes, “I love it, and our little girl will love it too.” Dean’s tongue slipped out of his mouth darting against his bottom lip.

“You really think so?”

“Oh sweetie, I know so. You’re going to be an amazing Daddy to our little girl.” Dean got down on his knees in front of your stomach. You felt your cheeks burn slightly as he lifted your shirt up slightly exposing your skin to him. He placed gentle kisses all around your stomach stroking it with his calloused hands causing you to shiver.

“Hey sweetheart,” he whispered against your stomach placing another kiss, “it’s me…your Daddy again.” he chuckled, “I know I tell you this all the time but I thought I’d just say it again.” he presses his forehead against your stomach, “Daddy loves you so much sweetheart. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms, and give you all the love in the world.” he looked up at you placing one last lingering kiss on your stomach, “I love you and your mommy very much…even though I know she’s going to try and convert you into a Disney maniac much like herself.”

“Hey.” you whispered placing your hands on your lower back.

“But I’ll teach’ya everything about Baby and classic rock.” He grinned standing up leaning in close to your face, “you’ll be here soon enough princess and I’ll do my best to give you everything I can.” he kissed you on the lips, his hands cupping your face as he licked your bottom lip begging for entrance. You of course let him in, both your tongues massaging each other as they fought for dominance.

“Ehem.” you quickly pulled away from Dean looking at a slightly irritated Sam carrying in bags, “I’m back with your stuff Dean.” Like Dean Sam was also covered in paint, looks like the soon to be Uncle was as eager for the newest addition of the family has his brother. He placed The bags on the ground before licking you all over. “Dean I thought you said you wanted to keep this a secret. And instead I come home to find you and Y/N making out.” He motioned towards star shaped stencils on the floor, “Dude did you not do anything while I was gone?  ”you were supposed to have those painted by the time I got back.”

“Sorry Sammy, it would seem something came up.”

“Yeah something came up all right, that’s how you guys created my niece.” You couldn’t help but laugh out loud at Sam’s statement. Soon enough all three of you were laughing as the boys started painting the rest of the room. you stayed in there until the smell of paint became too overwhelming. You kiss Sam on the cheek standing on your tiptoe you stayed in there until the smell of paint became too overwhelming. You stood on your tiptoes giving Sam a kiss on the cheek. And as you left the room you kissed Dean on the li stood on your tiptoes giving Sam a kiss on the cheek. And as you left the room you kiss on lips warning the boys not to stay out too late.

You got back to bed and they have been asleep for an hour or two when you felt the mattress shift. You opened your eyes squinting slightly as you saw Dean waning over your swollen belly kissing it. His lips curled into a smile as he whispered I love you to your unborn daughter. He crawled under the sheet and wrapped his arm around you pulling your body close to his own. He placed a kiss on your shoulder and whispered he loved you too you.

It was a little nerve racking getting knocked up not knowing what to expect after all the two of you were hunters. It was going to change your lives forever having a little girl around. Even though it was scary and you didn’t know what to expect you are more than ready to start this new step in your life. As long as you had Dean Winchester by your side the father of your child, the man who saved your life countless times, the man you love with all your heart. It was going to be OK, everything is going to be just fine, Hell it might even be perfect.