purple shirt

This Tumblr, This is Benedict Cumberbatch and he refused my curlywurly and Chocolate mini brownie bites… He is on a strict diet, I feel sorry for him.

I didn’t notice him when he first walked nearby, he was this very skinny guy taking a photo in a purple shirt on the very corner of my vision. Then my friend was like, you didn’t see Benedict? (Because I was staring at Martin Freeman) and then there was a purple shirt walking into my field of vision!

And he put on his suit jacket and I said, “my gosh, he is so skinny!” That suit really shows how skinny he is! And after a practice run through, he put on his big coat & scarf and paused for a photo! =D

He was in Sherlock mode and there was no touching at all!

He remembered I ask about cheese. *blushes* That was a good conversation and he agreed on one as his favourite and I said, as a point of fact, you prefer the more Mature though right? And he agreed! I scare myself sometimes! Creepin’ on the cheese knowledge!