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What other Rucas hc do you have ?? :o

i know i asked for this but like i always draw a blank so i’m just gonna talk about this prom headcanon (and i’m gonna talk about senior prom.. i know america has like junior prom too but i only experienced the senior one here in canada so) lol

  • soo basically riley and lucas know their going to prom together
  • and lucas doesn’t have to do this huge thing to ask bc they don’t need that
  • but he makes an effort and asks anyway and prepares a little thing at Topanga’s one day
  • little did he know that riley was also trying to do something to ASK him to a dance this time
  • so basically they’re at Topanga’s and they ask each other to prom at the exact same time,, no huge gestures just the two of them 
  • so basically their colour scheme is purple 
  • aND listen, when the girls go dress shopping they have to stop riley from sending a pic to lucas eVERY TIME she tries on a dress
  • she wants him to be surprised when he sees her on prom night but she also wants to make sure he likes it okay???
  • so for the rest of the time they’re shopping maya has riley’s phone and smackle takes the pics and sends them to riley later
  • the whole day riley spends before prom is SO LONG AND NERVE WRACKING bc she’s getting her hair and make up done for hours and all she really wants to do is get to prom alreadyyy
  • and lucas is nervous too you don’t even know
  • he literally buttons and unbuttons his purple shirt MULTIPLE times bc he doesn’t know which looks better
  • if you wanna count how many times zay and farkle roll their eyes and groan go ahead
  • they almost have to tie him up to a chair while they play video games while they wait because lucas cannot sit still 
  • when it’s finally time for the boys to pick them up at the matthews’ it’s a good thing lucas isn’t driving bc they will not get there
  • farkle rented them a limo courtesy of minkus international™ btw
  • zay had to hold lucas’ hand to drag him up the stairs to the apartment
  • there’s a lot of “dude why are you even nervous about this”
  • “you guys have been dating for three whole years”
  • “you look like a face it doesn’t matter what you look like you look like a face”
  • cory opens the door with a glare at lucas and a “she looks like a princess and you better treat her like one. she’s been nervous about this all month”
  • bc if riley’s nervous that means his nerves weren’t as irrational as he thought
  • but all that goes away when riley makes her way into the living room with her beautiful purple dress, all dolled up
  • and lucas is having war flashbacks to their first date and simultaneously imagining their wedding day
  • then riley adds another reason to why purple is her favourite colour and it’s bc lucas friar looks so damn fine in it 
  • but don’t u worry all their nerves go away when they hold each others’ hand and they have an amazing night
  • lucas can’t really dance but riley leads it’s 100% okay
  • and they may not have been prom king and queen but they get voted best dressed couple so who really wins??
  • the end

I feel like Ulaz’s outfit:

Is kind of a combination of these dude’s uniform (engineers?) 

plus the hints of orange seen in these dude’s costumes:

and I’m curious as to what that means, if anything. I mean, he definitely isn’t affiliated with the these specific rebels, given that he didn’t know anything about Matt’s break out. But maybe they were originally from the same faction under the empire before they rebelled? 

Other characters that have dark color schemes with purple highlights include: Haggar/the Druids, Mysterious Weblum Visitor, and your friendly neighborhood Beta Traz Guard. Meaning I am almost definitely trying to read too much into the outfits but hey, it’s fun. 

Also, if Ulaz was an engineer (like I assume the Galra working on Zarkon’s suit to be) what was he supposedly going to be doing with Shiro? Tests on his arm?

Anyone with more coherent thoughts on this than me, feel free to add! Is there something here? Am I missing something glaringly obvious that disproves any connection? Let me know. 

I just really love Ulaz. He deserves so many thoughts and theories. 


Sehun in EXO’s 2015 music videos

again my personal taste has a lot to do with why i prefer frozen, and i think anybody who knows me irl and knows what i enjoy would guess which movie l’d have preference to.

like honestly if didney set out to make a princess movie specifically targeting me, besides pirates it would be frozen,,

visually the darker blue/green/purple colour scheme is one i really like, i more or less even based my prom dress on those colours that’s how much i enjoy them. and frozen has a lot of those in both constume and setting.

hell, just the scenery of fjords is something i love, this movie made me go to norway so i could see the landscapes in person.

another visual motif i adore are slavic decorative paintings. the early concepts of frozen had more slavic tones to it but norwegian traditional art shares a lot in common in both art and clothing. i love the background details in the movie showcasing them, i wish there was more

as somebody who greatly appreciates films set in a certain historic location, i think it’s easy to understand why tangled didn’t fit the bill as much. it more or less takes place in fantasy fairy tale land of no discernible location which works for the movie, but is a thing that never stuck with me. 

tangled more or less based its visuals on 18th-19th century romantic european paintings and illustration. which is something in itself that i like the concept of, but i think the aesthetic wasn’t pushed so hard in the final film. which i can understand, because tonally it wouldnt fit the movie so much, and i think in general that artstyle would mesh more in a hand drawn or very stylized 3d film instead. i guess that extra ‘push’ of historic concepts is what i wish for.

finally as for music, i am slut for theatre and frozen’s music direction is more towards the musical theatre area and i also love wicked so theres that. tangled is more towards the pop genre which i am less partial to.

and as for character design, physiologicially i dont hold either characters’ physiques above another, i just really like norwegian dresses.

tl;dr: i like frozen better than tangled on a basis of personal taste and aesthetic, somebody could just as easily do the same thing favouring tangled and neither opinion is right or wrong.


I have a strong feeling the Galra pilot Keith rescued will turn out to be Lotor. If for no other reason than the (modified) color scheme with purple, red and blue. Also to have a nameless, voiceless character appear and not come back later is too big of a mystery to not come back to. It would also bring back the Keith/Lotor rivalry from the original but with a twist, that being Lotor owes Keith his life.

So essentially Lotor would be Space Zuko.

i love justine and her kids…

Fun fact: Alex Fierro in Hammer of Thor is the first canon genderfluid and first canon transgender character in the PJO universe


I think I went a little overboard putting male Robin in a yukata

But I got the idea from an otome game I play bc I was admiring the kitsune mask of my fave chara (who also has white hair lol) which was my main insp for this and I was like…you know who else has a purple/gold color scheme and also has white hair? ROBIN.

Bonus: Robin’s a youkai or is the vessel of a demon spirit (like Grima lol)