purple revolver

What I want to see from VRAINS before the show ends:

-smol child/baby Ema, Akira and Shoichi. I want to see our adults as cute little kids, ok?

-Shoichi reuniting with his brother at long last but due to inconveniences it’s more angst than happy endings

-Ema’s elf ears playing some importance in the plot

-Naoki being a super cool duelist who manages to save the cast on occasion even if he’s not confident in his skills. Maybe he even saves the crew in the most mundane of ways, calling for help when they’re injured or sheltering the main six if/when they get labelled as ‘criminals’

-Akira’s and Ema’s past together revealed

-Ema’s background story, actually

-Ghost Girl realizing Playmaker = a 16 year old boy

-the fucking parallel universe thing getting explained

-Shoichi backstabbing Yusaku

-Also, I want a flashback with Yusaku, Shoichi, and Shoichi’s brother since it’s been hinted that Yusaku knew said brother

-Finding out who the fuck the people of the Data Storm are that Shoichi mentions in episode 1

 -Aoi making friends. Real and true friends, actually

-Revolver befriending Yusaku and Aoi and Go and being chill w/ them

-seeing Yusaku’s and Aoi’s and Go’s real parents and getting to see their faces and know who they were

-real life Revolver


-the monsters of the VRAINS becoming sentient as per the usual YGO trope. 

-Ai reunites with the other Ignises and being a normal brat but all the Ignises are so happy to see him that they don’t care whether he’s being stuck-up or not

-all six kids getting their six Ignises and teaming up alongside them against the big bad of the show

-Ema maybe getting a kid of her own to take care of…?

-obligatory Yusaku goes bad arc

-one big happy extended family in a hotdog truck

-Yusaku and the rest being branded as “criminals” and forced to hide from society

-Specter doing something other than sitting in the BG 24/7

-happy sibling moments between Akira and Aoi

-Go having some actual relevance to the plot

-Aoi tells her brother her feelings on how his treatment has affected her and forces him to listen

-finding out what that fucking tower in the Cyverse symbolizes and why six AIs were guarding it

Daddy's Gun

She could feel the cold barrel of the gun as it pressed underneath her chin. It was a pretty weapon, a large purple revolver with solid gold embellishments and a crowned skull emblazoned on the side. Red rubies winked in the eye sockets, glimmering as Dr. Harleen Quinzel felt the tears began to roll down her cheeks.

“M-M-Mr. J…” she stammered.

“Shut up,” he growled.

“P-P-Please… please don’t kill me.”

“I said shut… the fuck… up.” The metal jammed harder into head, rapping against the bone of her jaw.

Oh, the irony was rich. She was the one that had brought him the revolver, after he’d asked her for a machine gun during their last session and she’d told him she had no way to get it. He’d dictated a phone number to her, asking her to repeat it back to him three times to ensure she would remember it. He told her to call the number and say the magic words, the rest would be handled.

She’d frowned.

“The magic words?”

“Abracadabra!” He’d said with a theatrical flourish, then threw back his head and cackled with delight at the joke.

She’d called the number and spoken the magic words - abracadabra - into the phone when a male voice picked up, only to be greeted by a swift ‘click’ in her ear.

“Some joke,” she’d grumbled.

The next day, the gun arrived on her doorstep.

It was packaged in a shiny silver box with a red foil bow, looking like nothing so much as a fancy Christmas present. A simple golden tag read, ‘For J.’

She’d brought it into her apartment quickly, unwrapping it in the front hallway to find the magnificent purple gun winking up at her. It had felt warm when she lifted it, feeling the satisfying weight of it in her hands.

She had done it. She had actually done it.

And sneaking it into Arkham hadn’t even been hard. She wore metal tipped stilettos in that day, and all the silver jewelry she owned. Tucking the gun between her legs before she got out of her car, she held her breath as she passed through the metal detector and it went off. Giving the security guard a sheepish smile, she kicked her toes against the ground, throwing up sparks, and then held out her arms, which were covered in bracelets and rings. After taking an additional look at her layered necklaces and dangling earrings, he distractedly waved her through and went back to reading his newspaper.

Now she was pressed up against the wall in the solitary room where they had their sessions, the muzzle of the semi automatic jammed into her throat.

His straightjacket was a puddle of white fabric on the floor; she’d freed him from it the moment the door closed behind her, as she had done a hundred times before. The first time they kissed over the table, he’d had it on, which thrilled her, the sense of power, of control she had over him; she had a feeling he’d sensed that, because the next session he demanded she release him after the guards left. And how could she say no to him? She would do anything for him.

But today, after she pulled the gun out, he’d pounced, taking it from her outstretched hand and pinning her against the wall in one smooth motion. Once they’d begun… SEEING each other, she’d demanded there be no cameras or recording devices in the room, going straight to the board of the asylum and claiming it violated doctor-patient confidentiality. They’d reluctantly agreed as long as she wore a panic button which, naturally, she’d stopped carrying months ago. It was just her and the Joker for the next 90 minutes.

Would she be dead within the next five?

“Please, I did everything you asked me to,” she whispered.

“You did EVERYTHING I asked you to, sweet little Harleen.” He eased up on the pressure, moving the gun from side to side, tracing her pulse as it jumped around her throat. “And Daddy is very proud of you. I knew you had it in you.”

“So, what are you…”

“You question me?” He snapped, cutting her off. The gun pushed into her chin again.

She tried shaking her head, but couldn’t move.

“No, Mr. J.”

“Tell me how you got it in here.”

“I wore jewelry, so when the detector beeped-”

“Not that!” He bristled and she pushed back into the wall as far as she could go, trying to ease away from the revolver. His grip tightened and the gun followed her. “WHERE did you hide it?”

“Oh.” Despite herself, Harleen blushed. “I… I…”

“Yes?” He grinned, the metal grill shining in the dim fluorescent light overhead. Just looking at his silver smile made her feel dizzy with attraction, despite his orange Arkham jumpsuit and the fact that he was holding a gun to her head.

Or maybe because of it.

The longer he held it, the less afraid she felt; if he hadn’t pulled the trigger yet, surely he wasn’t going to kill her? The fear began to drain out of her, replaced by a peculiar tingling in the pit of her stomach.

“I- I hid it in between my legs,” she said in a quiet voice.

He clucked his tongue like a hen. “What a naughty little girl you are, Harleen.” He nuzzled the gun against her chin as gently as a lover buries their face in the crook of their beloveds neck. With his free hand, he trailed his large, square palm through her hair and down her torso, until he reached the hem of her tight pencil skirt.


Her eyes widened. Swallowing, she moved her smaller hands down to meet his. Grasping his one hand in between both of hers, she gently pushed it under her skirt, to where the gun holster lay smooth against her inner left thigh.


It was a simple loop of leather that she had picked up in a pawn shop in one of the seedier parts of Gotham. A pouch could be clipped onto the circle, and the gun fitted snugly inside.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell,” the clerk had remarked as she paid for it in cash. He’d told her how to work it - “Ya just belt it on ya leg and put the piece in” - then sent her on her way. It rode high up her leg, sitting just under her lace underwear, and she could feel the Joker’s long, white fingers as they skimmed over her skin.

“Oh, God, you’re so GOOD,” he breathed, rubbing his hand over the leather around her leg. Without loosening his grip on the gun, he leaned in, hungrily covering her mouth with his.

The tingling sensation in her stomach intensified, spreading throughout her entire body. Whenever he kissed her, it felt like the world stopped. Nothing mattered, nothing at all, except his kisses. And in a way, the gun made it even better, the complete and utter control he had over her in that moment, and the complete and utter trust she had, the faith she had that he wouldn’t shoot her.

He wouldn’t shoot her. She knew in her gut, in her BONES, that he wouldn’t shoot her.

No longer the slightest bit afraid, she threw herself into the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck. The tiniest misstep by either of them and she’d certainly be dead, heightening the exhilarating pleasure of the moment. He kept his rock solid grip on the gun, his other hand moving higher and higher between her legs. She gasped as he touched her thin panties then curled his fingers into the fabric, ripping them. She could feel moisture running down her legs as he stroked her, and her body quivered with pleasure.

“Move your hands,” he moaned into her mouth. Instinctively, she knew what he wanted her to do. Drawing back and staring him in the eyes, she placed both of her hands around the gun at her chin. Perfect trust. Total love. Her small, warm hands wrapped around his large, cold one, with his finger on the trigger.

He growled and bit her cheek. Working the fingers of his other hand faster and faster, he brought her to a pulsating climax. She pressed her lips together to avoid crying out; she didn’t want the guards to hear and investigate. Instead, she turned completely inward, eyes rolling into the back of her head as she crested on wave after wave of sensation.

She wanted to moan in agony when she felt the barrel of the gun leave her throat. Her hands fell, limp by her sides, as he took the weapon away.

“No…” Before she could stop herself, the word slipped out of her mouth. She opened her eyes to see him staring at her in surprise. Lips red as a cherry, hair glowing emerald green in the light, he had an otherworldly beauty. She just wanted him to POSSESS her. It was frightening in its ferocity.

“So you like Daddy’s gun?” He asked in a low voice. It was almost like he couldn’t believe it; like he’d been expecting to scare her, and he was the one that ended up scared by her reaction.

“Y-Yes.” Her voice shook. She had liked it. She could still feel the ghostly imprint of it pressed under her chin.

He pressed the cold metal against her chest, the side of it, this time. She could feel it, heavy against her sternum, before it slid lower, across her stomach, and lower still.

“How much do you like it?”

Harleen knew what he was asking her, but couldn’t bring herself to answer. They had already done things in this room, but this- this was unspeakable.

His free hand drifted up and curled tightly in her hair, jerking her head backward.

“I asked you a question, little girl.”

“I love it, Daddy,” she admitted truthfully, cheeks burning. His own eyes rolled up into the back of his head in pleasure at her words.

Slowly, carefully, he nudged the gun into the waistband of her skirt.

“Do you belong to me?”

She looked at him with tears of love in her eyes. “I do.”

The metal was cold as it nosed its way between her legs, and her body tensed against the wave of pleasure she felt. He was USING her. Depraving her. Claiming her in a way she never had been before.

But he was gentle as he worked the gun in and out of her body. He kept one hand in her hair, holding her up against the wall as her knees buckled and shook. He kissed her face, her nose, her eyes, murmuring as his lips passed, whisper light, over her skin. She moaned softly and he pushed his tongue into her mouth.

“You have to be quiet, baby.”

She sucked his tongue like a pacifier to keep from wailing. The pleasure was so keen it felt like a sharpened knife pricking her all over her body. She trembled against the brilliant heat rising inside of her, swelling and bright as she suddenly shattered into a thousand pieces. She was clinging to him, sobbing and grinding her hips and working her body against the gun and it felt so good, so so so GOOD, better than anything else had ever felt before, and he was laughing, quietly chuckling into her ear, and whispering about how she was SUCH a good little girl, such a mad little girl, and she thought that if this was madness then she wanted it.

She wanted it.

He held her as she came back to her senses, still pinned up against the wall in the solitary room. The gun was nestled between her thighs, and she swore she could feel it pulsating wetly.

“No one has ever loved my gun as much as you do,” he said, and she glowed with pride. “We’ll have to get you one of your own, won’t we? Can’t have you running off with mine to have FUN.”

“Yes, Daddy.” She flushed at the desire that rose within her again at his words.

The door suddenly swung open.

“Times up, Dr. Quinzel- oh shit.”

Someone normal : Part 2. Joker x Reader x Harley

A/n: ughhhhhhhh finally got the writers block down !! Hope you like this one . Oh and btw special thanks to @bitch-its-bigbang for kick starting this part ;) 😘 also I’m in love with the lucifer tv series 😍any one interested to see a Lucifer Morningstar x Reader 😆😆

Plot : the reader is Jokers and Harley’s daughter and she makes friends with a civilian and normal girl her age

Pairing : (Jared Leto ) Joker x Harley x (daughter)Reader

Warning : guns , swearing.

Someone normal : got caught.

She stared at you with her dark brown eyes , you staring back at her with your (y/e/c) ones  . You stood there for about 3 minutes before you broke the silence.

“Are you scared ? ”

You blinked a few times , not taking her eyes off you .

“No” …….. “Wait….what ? ” you asked her , surprised that she didn’t scream or call someone. Because let’s be honest there’s only one kid in this city who has a purple and gold revolver.  “I know who you are , but I’m not scared . If you wanted to kill me you would have done that when we meet right? ” she says .

True . J taught you how to kill . That you couldn’t trust anyone.  But right now you felt like you don’t have to obey the rules anymore . As you heard him say a few times “the only sensible way to live is without rules”.

“You … your  … Jokers Ace as he calls you ? ”

You smirked at her question “i guess you could say that . But I don’t really like that name so just call me (Y/n) kay?  ” she smiled at you and walked away and grabbing your jacket you followed her to the kitchen. 

You two had sandwiches together while you talked :

“So how did Joker found you ? ”

“Technically it was Harley but to awnser your question : they found me on the streets when I was 3 ”

“They taught you how to use a gun ”

“Yeah and how to throw knives, daggers,  small swards , swards ,to use grenades , bombs and so on and so on ”

“And that revolver? ”

“A gift from Harl ”

“How is it like to live with them ?”

“Well I don’t know…. normal ? I mean normal for us that is . I don’t think normal people go out once a week to hijack an expensive car to crash it in about an hour ”

And so you two talked , she would ask you all sorts of questions and you would laugh at the awnser. 

She was so calm . Even though she was sitting next to the daughter of the most wanted man in Gotham.  Talking to her made you forget how you almost got caught tonight. It was so strange.  You never had a person to talk to like this . To show of your revolver , and show off your knife throwing skills with huge kitchen knives .

You looked out the window to see the sun rising . You were tired and so was your new friend . You were about to say something when you welt your phone buzzing.  You pulled it out to see what’s up . It was a call.  From Joker . “Are you going to awnser? ” Karina asked after looking at your phone screen,  with a sigh you answered the call “yeah ? ” you say like nothing ever happened. 

“DOLL WHERE ARE YOU ?! DID YOU SHOOT THE BAT LIKE I TOLD YOU TO ?!” you heard him yelling and smiled “I’m fine J no need to yell and no I didn’t shoot the bat because a had to run away from him ” you say “oh now that’s disappointing there pumpkin but oh well,  we’ll get him next time.  Where are you ?” You slightly frowned “well I….” you didn’t know what to say.  If you tell him the truth he will be pissed and if you lie to him he will be pissed “(Y/n). I’ll ask again.  Where. Are. You. ” he asked again , this time his tone was more strict and much more dark . “Well …. I … I had to say at this girls place,  she thought I’m a stray and took me in , she left right now so I picked up the call ” ok that want exactly a lie right ? .

“Fine . Kill the girl and when your done call Frost to come get you , got it ” you slightly sighed “got it , see you soon , and tell Harl I’m fine .” You said before hanging up .

You looked at Karina, who heard everything . You got up from the chair and put on your jacket “what are going to do now ? ” she asked.  “I dunno but I’m definitely not killing you .”

You took out your phone again and looked at her again “Hey… um … you still interested … I’m being friends?  ” you asked,  not sure if you should have asked that . “Sure . I know it sounds weird and a little crazy but sure . I’ll be friends with you . It’s not every day you get to be friends with the daughter of the infamous Clown Prince of Crime right ” she smirked slightly.  You gave her your number before leaving the apparent building. 

You called up Frost who got to you in less than 20 minutes and before you knew in you were home .

Home sweet home. 

As soon as you got out of the car Harley grabbed you and huged you as tightly as possible saying things like “no more heists for my baby !!” or “did the nasty Bman hurt you ?!” All the while basically choaking you . “Calm down Harl and let her go she’s already turning blue ” Joker laughs as he sees your face turning blue from the lack of oxygen.  She let’s go and pulls you back home as she keeps saying “how worried I was for my little baby ” .

Yeah she loves you a bit too much .

You often glanced at J . He was acting as bit out of character.  He was too quiet.  “Ummm … J ? Are you mad I ruined the heist? ” you asked earning a look from him “I am disappointed in you about that pumpkin but seeing that you easily got away so quickly was a bit impressive ” he smirked , roughly patting your cheek “now go to your room and play , me and Harley have work to do ” he smiled looking at Harl than at you .

You noded your head and left to your room before falling to your bead .

What a day .

You were dowsing of to sleep when you heard your phone again . You got it out of your jacket and looked at it to see a text :

- hey ! Hope your home safe and didn’t get in to trouble.  I was wondering if we can hand out soon ? It was fun talking to a psycho xddd -K

You smiled at the text .

You might just got a normal friend.

The Waitress. Part 4.

The Waitress. Part 4.

(warning!!: smutty smut smut comes along finally, this is my first time actually doing smut so bare with me lol)

When those words leave his mouth my whole body turns as white as snow, as if my soul left my body. J’s body tenses up as well and I try to pull away from his muscular but his large and veiny pale arm keeping a tight grip around my slim and curved waist. I close my eyes and let my eyelashes rest upon my cheek, putting my warm hard against J’s much colder and hard chest “say that again for me” J says, his voice getting deeper and raspier as I see his eyes turn dark as well, He holds up his purple and green tinted revolver to Aj and I look away instantly but all I hear is Aj’s chuckle “oh she didn’t tell you? Oh Mistah J only if you knew. I found her in a diner as a Waitress and she was on her knees begging for me to make her something, did she ever mention the kind of money she made me? taking so many strangers coc-” A loud ringing fills my ears from the sound of a gunshot coming from J. Within seconds I hear a thud and I turn my head slowly, looking over the desk and seeing a lifeless body of Aj laying across the floor. I gulp when I feel J’s hands slide against my bare smooth skin, hearing his raged breathes and then a low growl “kitten” he starts, tossing his gun onto the desk as if nothing and slicking his hair back, his eyes fluttering and rolling back as he rolls his head around his neck and cracking it, then rolling his shoulders “you have some explaining to you” he breathes out heavily, seeing the anger inside of starting to rise.

I tuck my bottom lip in between my teeth and cross my arms under my chest, struggled breathing coming out of my nostrils and my chest rising higher and falling. I feel J coming closer to me, my eyes on Aj’s now almost equally pale body. J’s slow and long strides towards me make my head lower down and stare at my heels, my thoughts going to back when I was his property. I’m brought of of my daze when J’s hands roughly grips my chin, pulling my head up and causing me to gasp with a small whine. My (E/C) eyes meet with the clown prince himself, his icy blue and cold eyes starring into me and the corner of his red lips tugging upwards into an evil grin “doll face, don’t make daddy hurt you for the truth” he says, voice slow and deep as his body almost touches mine from how close he is. When I don’t answer his grin disappears within seconds and his fist slams against the glass beside my head, making me flinch and duck down as he lets out a scream of anger and rage. I keep my eyes on him and put my shaking hands in front of me just in case he tries to lunge at me “okay, okay Mistah J” I say, trying to calm him down as A few strands of his hair falls out of place, which he slides his fingers through his hair once again and fixing it back into place. I look away as I feel my tears on the brim of falling as I open my quivering lips to talk “I just got out of a foster home” I begin, my voice soft and weak “I was a waitress at a diner and he was my customer, he would compliment me and left a big tip. He finally asked me to sit down and ordered me a coffee and then went on to say that he could tell I had financial problems” I go on to explain, my fingers fiddling with each other “he offered me things that no one has, but little did I know it had a price” I whisper, wiping the now streaming tears off my face as J keeps his eyes on me he whole time without emotion showing “it started out with, me just helping a few of his friends that gave me nice stuff, then the beating s-started” I say, my voice starting to break “and then the warehouse and chains” I spit out, sobbing quietly and covering my mouth as I shake my head.

J balls his hand into a fist once again as it rests beside my head on the glass, his eyes shutting and his eyes slowly rolling back as he draws a deep breathe in. I look up at him expecting him to understand, but to my surprise he waves his hand lazily and turns around, his bare back facing me and watching his back muscles flex “get her out of here” he growls. His words hit me like a ton of bricks and I narrow my eyes “get that fucktoy out of here” he growls louder, looking at Frost with a glare that could kill. Frost takes a few steps towards me but I move out the way, “I can show my own way out” I spit out at him. Not even taking one look back at Joker as I kick off my heels once I’m out the club, picking them up and with a grunt I throw them at one of the glass windows but no damage is done. “I hate you!” I scream, knowing people walking by must think of me as a lunatic.

I look around as I try to get my breathing under control, wondering what to do now. Knowing that I’m not giving up on my job now I simply just walk back home, holding my arms tightly across my body to keep me warm through the cold breeze, my head down and eyes on the concrete the whole time.

When I finally reach my apartment I slam the door shut, kicking around a few glasses around the kitchen out of anger. I run a hand through my curly ponytail as I pace around the apartment, Hours go by without a word from any one, my mind going some where else through out the time as I wait until I have to get to the club. I see it’s time to get going and I get another pair of black heels for my shift, I grab everything that I need along with another coat since I left my trench coat at the club. I sigh as I walk out of my apartment and lock it, when I turn around i’m met by a large buff guy, three times my size. I narrow my eyes at him and slip past him “boss said to watch you” he rasps out but I laugh “tell him I don’t need a body guard, especially one that comes from him” I say, walking down the stairs. I hear heavy footsteps behind me and I already know he’s following. I groan softly and ignore him, walking out of my apartment building and start to head my way to the club.

Once I get there I get in without any hesitation, the bouncer seeing one of Jokers goons following me around like a vulture. I get inside the club as usual, pushing through bodies that are drunk and dancing to the beat that the DJ is playing. I don’t even look up at the office where I last saw J, I smile politely as I pass the bar where Derek is serving a party of drunk
girls and Move towards the back. I put away my jacket and everything ready to start my shift and look up at the henchmen, a scowl on my face “I have a job to do, you go tell your boss that even for a fucktoy I can take care of myself I don’t need a caregiver” I say, biting the inside of my cheek and pushing past him. I pick up a tray as I come behind the bar and meet Derek, a small sigh leaving my lips as I reach over across from him and start to pile on drinks “well aren’t you a happy camper” Derek mumbles, a smile evident in his tone. I let out a small groan and a small chuckle leaves my lips, trying to lighten the mood “just trying to do my job” I say, he nods understanding and gets out my way as I start to deliver drinks.

After a few hours of delivering drinks to drunken messy people the dancers finally come to stage, letting me take a few minutes to take a break. The lights start to dim and a stage light focuses on the dancers, I go back to the bar as most of the people already departed to the dance floor to watch the dancers. I toss the tray to Derek and he catches, smiling at me as I hop up onto the bar and cross one leg over my other one, leaning back on my hands as I watch the dancers “you know, you deserve better than a joke” Derek says over the loud music, causing a wide grin to spread across my face and brighten up my attitude. I turn my head and look at Derek, opening my mouth to speak but i’m interrupted when a hand is put on my thigh. An unfamiliar hand that i’ve never felt before, I look over and see that it’s just another drunk idiot, a sly smirk on his lips as he runs his fingers along my skirt “you figure my eyes would be on the dancers” he says, words slurring as he tries to pried my legs open but i keep them shut “but all I can see is you baby” he says, a small hiccup at the end of his words.

I roll my eyes at him as I hop off the counter top of the bar, adjusting my skirt and seeing how much taller he actually is than me. I grab his wrist and pull them off of me “sir, you can’t put your hands on the staff” I say, trying to not lose my cool. But he puts almost all his body weight on me and pushes me against the bar “oh sweet thing, you’ll be a good thing to do tonight” he says, giggling at his own words. I open my mouth ready to protest but when I see long slender pale fingers with gold rings grip the mans shoulders I shut my mouth, hearing an all too familiar purr. I see J easily behind the man, the stranger stopping his movements as J rubs his shoulders and grins evilly as usual, the same sinister look on his face “are you enjoying yourself?” J asks the stranger, the stranger too drunk to even notice who he’s getting involve with he nods his head and laughs again, his glossy eyes looking down on me “I would but this hot little thing won’t come home with me” he says, pouting teasingly at me.

I let out a scoff at his words, my hands instantly pushing the guys chest “oh she’s feisty” The stranger adds to the lines of ridiculous comments. Seconds later J’s right hand is holding the guys head still by his hair and his right hand is gliding a long blade across his neck, the mans skin tearing in two and blood splattering all over me and the club being filled with shrieks of terror from people. I groan as I look down at one of my few uniforms I have covered in some strangers blood, surprised that i’m not freaking out about what just unfolded in front of me. I look up at J with gritted teeth as he lets go of the pathetic man, his drained body now falling to the floor with a thud. “yeah i gotta go” Derek whispers against my ear as he runs out with the rest of the crowd. I turn around without saying a word as my body relaxes and I bend over the counter of the bar, searching for a rag that we clean the glasses with. As I wander my hand around trying to grab at it I jump at the feeling of two rough and large hands gripping at my exposed and blood covered waist, along with the sounds of growling coming behind me. “oh kitten, such a cute and juicy ass” he says, his voice low and deep while I hear his breathing get heavier and more raged. I finally grab the rag and stand up fully, turning around on my heel as I keep my eyes on my hands while i wipe off the blood “excuse me” I say weakly, going to move past J but his hand roughly grips my upper arm tightly, causing me to whimper and my eyes look up at his that are already staring down at me, jaw tightened and veins nearly popping from his neck . “daddy hasn’t excused you, baby” he says lowly, I take in a deep breathe and try to pull my arm away from him but he doesn’t budge, instead tugging me along towards the elevator that leads upstairs “did you really think, I would just let you stride your sexy little hips out of here sweetheart?” he asks, his sinister grin I knew all too well finally coming into view “didn’t seem to care when you called me a fucktoy and wanted me out of your face” I say.

I’m dragged into the elevator and nearly hit my head against the glass, my body being pushed up against the back of the elevator and the doors closing. His head tilts down and his eyes turn a shade darker that I haven’t seen before, my eyes going wide like a deer in headlights as his body pushes up against mine, feeling the cold of his muscular body. He slams his fist by my head with a scream, making me flinch and look away. As my head tilts to the side and our eyes break away from each other I feel his hands grip my jaw tightly, making me look up at him as I see his lips start to curve into a wide grin and his laugh echoing through out the elevator. I lick my lips as I breathe heavily and try to back away but i’m trapped “baby doll, would you like to say that again for me? hmm? say it again for daddy kitten” He whispers, his jaw starting to tense up again. I bite the inside of my cheek and close my eyes, my hands dropping then now slightly blood covered rag. I don’t say anything and I feel his hands finally let loose on my jaw, previously standing on my toes from his grip I steady myself and lean against the elevator, Mr. J facing the glass to look upon his now empty club except for his henchmen cleaning up his mess. As he eyes seem to be busy looking out the glass I take the moment to look over him, how the black ink of tattoos kissed his pale body, seeing how his muscles flexed without even trying, how his slick back green hair never seemed to stay out of place. I hear the ding of the elevator and it comes to a halt, J walks out of it without a word and I follow with a small groan to myself. I walk past the doors and into his office where a few lights on the walls keep it lighted up, enough to see his body moving through out the room and behind his desk. He sits down in the big arm chair and his legs stay apart, his fingers laces together in front of him and placed on the desk while his eyes stay on my silhouette.

I look around trying to get more details of the room, my toes curling against the cold dark wood floor that lays beneath me once I slip off my heels. “I just need a shirt and maybe some pants to change into, then i’ll be out your hair” I say, no emotion in my voice. He doesn’t move or say anything, our eyes on each other but no words being said between us as I wait for him to order one of his minions to bring me a shirt, but nothing. I narrow my eyes slightly once I see that same grin that i’ve learned to grown accustomed to, “come here, kitten” he says in that deep raspy voice that usually gets me, but not this time Joker.

“i’m perfectly fine here boss but thank you for the offer” I say, showing a polite and innocent grin. His smile fades and he stands up slowly, his hands coming apart and pressing against his desk as he stands tall, showering how much taller he actually he is than I am. “don’t make daddy go over there and get you” he says sternly, slamming his fist against the desk and laughs, his infamous laugh that he has tattooed on his chest. I don’t say anything, my eyes on his and my body calm while i wait for his laughter to die down. I see that me not doing anything hot him angry, he growls again and stands up straight “(y/n)” he says sternly, a snarl leaving his lips as he moves in front of his desk and points down to his feet “so help me god, if you don’t get over here god won’t be able to help you” he says. A smile comes to my lips and I throw my head back in laughter, my hand holding my still blood covered stomach. Once I stop I see the confusion on his voice, I pout playfully and take a few steps forward “Mistah J, you really expect me to come to you after you call me a fucktoy for being pimped out, and then kick me out of your club?” I ask sarcastically. He says nothing but I can tell by his eyes that his mind is running, I turn around on my heel shaking my head, ready to walk out like this “If you did think that, you’re more psychotic than I originally thought” I say, my feet walking one over the other and swerving my hips every time I walk. Proud of my self I keep my head up high, finally feeling more confident. But that all comes down when I hear stomps of feet behind me, before I can turn around to see J I feel his muscular arms wrap around my waist and pull me into him. My head hits against his hard chest and I open my mouth to speak but a dark purple cloth that’s slightly soggy covers my mouth and nose, the clothe stifling my screams and protest. My eyelids start to get heavy and my whole body relaxes against his, my body feeling unable to fight back while I hear his laughter filling my ears again. My eye sight starts to get fuzzy when I feel his lips press against my neck, right below my ear “lets see what you think when i’m done with you” he whispers, growling as I finally feel myself go into a deep slumber.

Hours later I feel my eyes start to flutter open, groaning softly as I try to wake myself up more. I stretch out my body limbs with louder groans, not really having any collection of what happened before I feel asleep. As my mouth hangs open from my groans and grumbles I suddenly feel a big and cold familiar hand cover my mouth, making me stop my groaning and panicking rising from me as I can feel his cold rings against my plump pink lips. “Mmmm” J hums annoyed, I turn my head slowly to the side seeing J’s eyes shut and his chest rising with a rhythm while he sleeps. His bare body seeming so peaceful , the light of the lamp on my side illuminating against his scarred and tattooed skin. I turn my body slowly so i’m laying on my side, my face inches away from his. I bring my finger tips slowly up to his firm and nicely shaped face, my fingers running along his sharp jaw. As my fingers finally touch his skin I feel him flinch away, his hand quickly grabbing my wrist with his eyes still shut. He pins my hand down between us and pull us closer to him, his hand starting to snake around my waist and hold me by the waist tightly. I close my eyes again with a sigh and bring my fingers to his face again, slowly stroking a few strands of hair from the side of his face that has fallen out of place “you’ll have to explain yourself sometime” I whisper, he lets out another grunt in annoyance and nods. I smile feeling at ease, enjoying the feeling of warmth between both of our bodies.

The moment is soon broken when I hear my stomach make grumbling noises, I bite my bottom lip and hope that it doesn’t make that sound again but sure enough it does. I cover my mouth with my hand and hold in my giggles, hearing J groan loudly and nearly scream as he moves his body so he’s laying on his other side, his back muscles becoming evident to me. I lean over and place my warm soft palm against his huge bicep, kissing his cheek softly and tenderly “i’ll make us some food” I whisper and he waves me off, assuming he’s still half asleep. I get out of the bed slowly and see that i’m already in one of his black silk buttoned up shirts. I smile as I look down at the shirt and see how nice it actually looks at me and how great it feels, his scent of sweat and cologne reeking off of the clothing but I enjoy it. The sounds of my feet padding against the floor fills the room and I quietly walk out the room, shutting the door and making sure I don’t wake him again.

I run to the kitchen with a bright grin, some of his henchmen leaning against the wall and keeping their eyes on me as I bend down and rummage through the fridge, the end of the shirt rising over my ass and exposing the lace underwear I have underneath. I groan seeing not anything good in the fridge so I close the door quietly and hop up onto the counter top, looking over at Frost and waving playfully but he doesn’t flinch or hint a smile. “Frostyyyy” I sing, jumping off the counter and skipping to Frost with a giggle, using it all as an act. “Can you please get me and Mistah J some take out? I’m reaaaally hungry” I say. When Frost opens his mouth he’s soon interrupted with a voice behind me, Pale strong arms wrapping around my waist securely “you heard the queen Frost” J speaks lowly, pressing a soft yet firm kiss against my exposed neck. I smirk proudly up at Frost and see him narrow his eyes, I stick my tongue out and make a gesture with my hand “well shoo” I say jokingly, watching him turn around without a word and walk out the penthouse. J turns me around quickly so i’m facing him, his fingers gripping the shirt by my hips tightly to keep me close as he growls and grins , showing off his grill “come to daddy” he purrs. Pulling me into a deep kiss, our lips moving together hungrily as I wrap my arms around his neck and stand on my toes.

He’s soon to slide this tongue into my mouth, our tongues soon fighting for dominance as he runs his hands over my body. Grabbing and griping at any little skin available while I pull away and bite his bottom lip roughly, grinning and tugging it back causing him to groan. He snakes his fingers down my curved back and below my ass, lifting me up easily and causing me to squeal and wrap my legs around his waist so I don’t fall. “daddy’s gonna have his way with you, doll” He whispers against my already red stained lips, him carrying me with one hand to the bedroom and making me giggle with excitement. Once we get inside the bedroom he kicks the door shut behind us, J easily tossing me onto the bed and making me watch him walk to me, like a predator about to devour his prey. I bite my bottom lip as my breathe gets heavy from our making out, my fingers starting to unbutton each button of the shirt slowly cascading down my body. I see J’s eyes get darker as he stands at the front of the bed, once I strip myself from the shirt I toss it aside and sit up on my knees on the bed. Only wearing my lace panties as I grin innocently at Mr. J “Mistaaah J” I say, wiggling my hips playfully as I watch his hand slide down his body and grab the tent that’s forming at his crotch. “come here kitten” he says with his deep and raspy voice, pointing infront of him.

I get on all fours with my eyes on his the whole time, a devious smile played on both our lips as I crawl to him slowly. My hips swaying back and forth as I crawl and my back arched so my ass is propped up in the air on display for him. Once I get in front of him I lower my head,my moist tongue licking along his V line teasing as he growls roughly. I bite the waistband of his sweatpants and I tug it back slowly, making sure to make eye contact again with J as I let go of the waistband and let it snap against his skin. In an instant he has his hand wrapped around my throats tightly and I’m being brought up to his lips, having his mouth move roughly against me and his other hand sliding down my waist and the curve of my back to grip my ass. I moan into the kiss playfully but that makes him more eager, my body soon being lunged back against the bed breathlessly. I bite my bottom lip and giggle again as he gets on the bed and hovers over my body, his heavy breathing and purring filling the room “daddy can’t wait to tear that pretty little pussy apart” he whispers as his teeth start to bite and suck at my neck, knowing marks will show by the end of this. I tilt my head back moaning again and slide my hands over his muscular back, feeling his muscles contract under my touch when he grinds his pelvis against my bare skin causing me to whimper in desperation.

He grips my chin and turns my head so my eyes are on his, he starts to trail his thumb along my stained lips. I smirk and open my mouth to catch his thumb in between my lips and teeth, letting my tongue lick around it while I whimper and cry out in pleasure, grinding my hips back against his. I see his face harden again and he sits up in a hurry, his hands starting to slide down my bare body with his hands trailing every inch of it, until it’s on my already dropping wet core. His hands grip my hips firmly and he looks up at me, his thumb sliding closer and closer to my throbbing clit as he smirk starts to widen. He finally touches it and puts pressure on my clit, making me gasp and arch my back while grabbing and gripping at the sheets. I close my eyes and moan at the feeling of his thumb rubbing circles on my clit, making me grind and squirm my hips but he reminds me he has full control by keeping me still. He stops playing with me and I whine at the loss of touch, hearing him chuckle lowly while he pulls down his sweats to let his hard and thick cock release from his pants. I look down and bite my bottom lip, moaning at the sight “you want this little girl?” he asks, starting to rub his sensitive tip against my clit and entrance to tease me. I nod my head yes eagerly but he makes a small ‘tsk’ sound. “let daddy hear you baby girl, beg daddy to fuck you hard, like the dirty little slut daddy knows you are” He growls.

I tilt my head back and let my hands wander over my body, moaning again and nodding “please fuck me daddy” I breathe out, looking back up at him. He puts a hand to his ear playfully and see his forehead wrinkle, from wear an existent eyebrow would rise “say that again for me doll daddy can’t hear your cute little begs” he says and I shoot him a glare. “daddy, I need your cock in me please” I beg again. He rolls his shoulders and grips my hips so rough that I will have his fingertips bruised against my skin. “Get ready for daddy’s cock baby” he whispers, starting to slide his length into my tight pussy, making me arch my back and my body tightening while he stretches me out. I feel his cock finally slam into me, feeling him deep in me and hitting my most sensitive parts making me scream out already. I hear a laugh from him while he lets me adjust to his size, his hand coming to my mouth and letting his tattoo of a grin cover my mouth “there’s a good girl, take daddy deep in you” he moans. He draws his hips back slowly and then slams inside of me again, letting me feel how rough he can possibly get and letting me feel each throbbing inch. Soon enough we are panting, my legs bent and wrapped around his waist securely with both of our heads thrown back, moans and screams coming from us and the headboard slamming against the wall behind us. His rough and dominating thrust making me bounce against his hips, one of his hands coming up to my bouncing tits and grips my right one tightly, his fingers starting to pinch and play with my hardening nipple and causing me to squeal. “daddy loves when his little girl moans for him” he grunts, swear starting to form down his temple and his thrust starting to get sloppy.

My eyes are rolled back and my mouth is in the shape of an 'o’ from the pleasure he’s giving me, I can feel myself start to get closer and closer to my orgasm and J can notice. His other hand presses closer against my thigh and his thumb starts to rub my clit rough and fast, making my whole body shake and my hips rise against him “is the little slut going to cum for her daddy?” he taunts. I nod my head yes frantically and grab the pillow i’m laying on, gripping it and trying to not pull it apart as I moan his name. J lowers himself over my body and bites my earlobe tightly, tugging on it and growling with a purr right after it “beg daddy to let you cum” he whispers, making a shiver run down my spine. “please daddy, your little girl needs to cum” I moan over and over.

He growls and sits up again, thrusting harder and harder making me tighten around him again “cum baby, cum for daddy” he pants and grunts. I press my hands against J’s stomach and dig my nails into his hips, curling my toes and screaming out louder than before as I cum around his cock, J not missing on beat as he thrust into me. Once my orgasm dies down I whimper softly, feeling J slow down and slide out of me. I look up at him breathlessly while he crawls up my body and straddles my shoulders, his hand grabbing my hair tightly and guiding my mouth to his long member with precum dripping down the tip “now let daddy have his fun, let him cum down that tight little throat if yours” he says, his cock starting to slip past my lips and move down my warm and wet mouth. He groans and then he smirks, his grip getting tighter and his hand guiding my mouth further down his cock “atta girl, take daddy’s cock in your tight mouth. daddy can’t wait to fill your throat” he grunts. He starts to thrust roughly against my mouth, feeling his cock slide down my throat and making me gag around him, seeing him tense up and stop moving from the feeling. “That’s it” he whispers, his thrust getting rougher and rougher. Within a few more thrust into me he cums, making eye contact with me and making sure I keep it with him as he shoots his hot sticky cum down my throat and making me swallow each drop.

He slides out of my throats slowly and lets out a sigh when his now limp yet still huge cock lays against my chest, trails of spit running down my chin and making me gasp for air. He looks down at me and smiles, a sexy playfully grin on his lips as he gives me a small pat against my cheek, gripping my jaw and pulling me up to kiss him passionately and roughly “that’s a good girl” he whispers and lets go of me. He crawls off of my body and tucks in his cock, sitting at the edge of the bed and slicking his hair back. He rolls his shoulders and his head against his neck until there’s a pop sound and then a soon sigh is released from him. I get up from the bed slowly, already feeling sore from the rough fucking but knowing it was worth it. I grab his t-shirt I was wearing and bring it over my body again, going into the bedroom to clean myself up.

I scurry to the bathroom in a hurry and my feet run against the floor, earning a small chuckle from J as he lays down on the messy bed and relaxes “doll, come back to daddy when you’re done” he calls from where he’s at, his eyes closed and hands behind his head. I turn on the light of the bathroom and squint my eyes from the harsh lighting, my eyes tying to adjust as I put my hand over my eyes and wobble to the counter where the sink is. I bend down without a look in the mirror and wash off my mouth and chin, then standing back up and fixing my hair up into a ponytail. I keep my eyes fixated on the floor and smile softly while thinking of how my life is right now, seeing how good it has been to me. I finally look in the mirror and lean forward, looking at the hickies sprawled across my skin making me smile and let out a small chuckle. I look up at my eyes about to make sure my hair is styled neatly but I see something else that catches my attention.

I look up at my temples, seeing purple and red bruises in the shape of circles, as if they were suction cups against my head. I reach up slowly to touch the bruises but I wince at contact, confused on how I got them and why I did. “J!” I call from the bathroom, my voice starting to get shaky and panicky. I hear his heavy foot steps against the wood floor and I see him appear in the door way, rubbing his eye like a tired little kid as he leans against the frame and quirks where his eyebrow would be “yes doll?” he asks, coming behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist, starting to kiss along my hickies on my neck. “what are these?” I ask worried, curios as I lean forward and Look closely in the mirror. I feel his arms tense up and he pulls me closer to him so my back is to his chest “just a little bruise from helping you heal from your past kitten” he whispers against my skin, making me squirm slightly “no more AJ” he adds, letting go of me and walking slowly back into the bedroom with a little stumble, from him being tired I assume. “Come on doll, daddy’s getting cold and he needs his little kitten to keep him warm” he calls it again but I lean forward once again, my eyes narrowed as I stare at the marks while I think for a bit.

<i>who’s AJ?.


The Laurel, Oliver, Felicity Love Triangle Debate

lovesmoakingarrow submitted: Hi Jen, I know you have heard it so many times but bear with me please. CW is all for love triangles. In Arrow first season, they set the triangle between Laurel, Tommy and Oliver. After the backlash for Lauriver, they withdrew back from Laurel-Oliver romance and promoted Olicity in the first half of the second season and thought not as direct as first season, they set the conflict in romance with Oliver-Sara-Felicity. By the end of the season, they had established that Felicity is going to be the main love interest for Oliver this season.

Going into season 3, they were well aware that Laurel was not a character that was well accepted and they are aware of the hate that character receives so they made the wise decision to take the Lauriver completely off the table and are making her Black Canary so she will be liked. Meanwhile they keep scenes like hugging and carrying her out of the car to keep Lauriver shippers hope kindled. Oliver has been nothing but understanding and loving to Laurel given the tragedy that is Sara’s death. All these are the settings for their final litmus test. Is laurel going to be accepted by the fans or at least not receive hate as much.

If they succeed in it this season, they will set up the ever dreaded Laurel-Felicity-Oliver triangle next season because she will not be hated as much. Lauriver may not be end game but they will always keep the flames fanning. If Oliver sleeping with Sara was the breaking point for Lauriver in Season 2, I think if Oliver ever gets back with Laurel that will be the breaking point for Olicity. So what do you think?

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Winners of the 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Awards:

 Album of the Year

  • Avenged Sevenfold, Hail to the King
  • Black Sabbath, 13
  • Five Finger Death Punch, The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1 and 2
  • Korn, The Paradigm Shift
  • Queens of the Stone Age, …Like Clockwork
  • Volbeat, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies

Best Vocalist

  • Jeremy McKinnon (A Day to Remember)
  • M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold)
  • Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch)
  • Papa Emeritus II (Ghost B.C.)
  • Jonathan Davis (Korn)
  • Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age)

Dimebag Darrell Best Guitarist(s)

  • Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains)
  • Synyster Gates & Zacky Vengeance (Avenged Sevenfold)
  • Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)
  • John Petrucci (Dream Theater)
  • Zoltan Bathory & Jason Hook (Five Finger Death Punch)
  • Munky  & Head (Korn)

Paul Gray Best Bassist

  • Johnny Christ (Avenged Sevenfold)
  • Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath)
  • Chris Kael (Five Finger Death Punch)
  • Rex Brown (Kill Devil Hill)
  • Fieldy (Korn)
  • Emma Anzai (Sick Puppies)

Best Drummer presented by Razor & Tie

  • Arin Ilejay (Avenged Sevenfold)
  • Brad Wilk (for his work with Black Sabbath)
  • Vinnie Appice (Kill Devil Hill)
  • Matt Halpern (Periphery)
  • Chris Adler (for his work with Protest the Hero)
  • Mike Portnoy (The Winery Dogs)

Best Live Band

  • The Dillinger Escape Plan
  • Gojira
  • Lamb of God
  • Mötley Crüe
  • Slayer
  • Rob Zombie

Song of the Year presented by Randall Amplifiers

  • Alice in Chains, “Hollow”
  • Avenged Sevenfold, “Hail to the King”
  • Bring Me the Horizon, “Shadow Moses”
  • Five Finger Death Punch, “Lift Me Up”
  • Of Mice & Men, “You’re Not Alone”
  • The Pretty Reckless, “Going to Hell”

Best Film & Video presented by Eagle Rock Entertainment

  • Behemoth, “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”
  • Huntress, “Zenith”
  • Lamb of God, As the Palaces Burn
  • Metallica, Through the Never
  • Motionless in White, “America”
  • Pierce the Veil, This is a Wasteland

Best New Talent presented by Victory Records

  • Deafheaven
  • Heaven’s Basement
  • Issues
  • Scar the Martyr
  • Twelve Foot Ninja
  • ††† (Crosses)

Comeback of the Year

  • Black Sabbath
  • Carcass
  • Deep Purple
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • Queens of the Stone Age
  • Suicidal Tendencies

Most Metal Athlete

  • Tony Alva (skateboarder)
  • Grant Balfour (MLB)
  • Josh Barnett (mixed martial artist, UFC)
  • Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors, NBA)
  • Derek Garland (Metal Mulisha, motocross)
  • Tuukka Rask (Boston Bruins, NHL)

Most Dedicated Fans

  • A Day to Remember
  • Avenged Sevenfold
  • Five Finger Death Punch
  • Of Mice & Men
  • The Pretty Reckless
  • Slayer