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Just for fun (if that's fun for you, otherwise ignore me): Could you describe an evening in the tournament sanctuary in completely over-the-top purple prose?

Scarlet plasma sullied his worn, tired brawn. His raven black orbs surveyed the macabre sanctuary, pouring over the fibrous bodies in his company. So much blood was spilled. So many lives were lost - lost like his innocence, lost like his credulity, lost like his virgini - wait, not that. From daybreak to dusk, barbarity reigned supreme, and these men beside him - these carnal creatures, more meat than mind - chose to remember the dead how? Through lamentation? Through sorrow? Did they mourn their expired comrades on bended knee, cursing God above for his cruelty? Nay, no such performance occurred. Instead, these brutes tucked away into ashen corners, pondering delights from the world above. And they fapped.


That’s the best I could do.

Some Mimikyuu headcanons!

They’re such a fascinating Pokemon

- First and foremost, there is so much people don’t know about them. Even though they have a much more favorable reputation now and people are generally more understanding of their nature, many researchers are still wary of looking into them to closely. Everyone has the general attitude of ‘‘You know what, they’re not hostile and they just need some love lets just keep them covered and not question any of it’‘

- Even though they seek companionship and long to have friends, if a human adopts or catches one. It takes a while for Mimikyu to feel truly settled, they have a deeply ingrained fear of being abandoned. They don’t act out or misbehave in any way, they’re just a bit anxious and clingy for the first few weeks. So plenty of cuddling and positive vibes are needed.

- From what can be seen and felt of it, Mimikyu’s body resembles a black-purple plasma-like substance. It feels cold and somewhat slimy on bare skin but leaves no residue. It takes no time to get used to though.

- The one way to make Mimikyu the happiest Pokemon on earth? Accessories! A fancy bow to strengthen the neck of their costume or little beads and buttons here and there can do wonders for this little ghosties mood.

- Trainers often make outfits for their Mimikyu’s, as a way of showing love. Mimikyu’s absolutely adore this, since they have a new and unique look and a more practical shield from the sun. It’s important to make sure you use material that deflects UV rays, but doesn’t trap heat!

- Tailors in Alola have expanded their market and specialize in sun-safe outfits for Mimikyu’s. it’s niche but it’s growing!

- It can be tricky training them for battle, since they have the capacity to cause such horrific mental and physical damage. Trainers need to be sure they know how to hold back, Mimikyu’s have been known to put their opponents into an early retirement.

- They don’t eat or have any need to, but they will always accept treats from their trainers and fellow Pokemon. They appreciate the thought, no one knows what happens to the food their given. Everyone is content not to question it.

- Very easy to socialize, they have a tendency to be clingy for a few weeks so an understanding team is ideal! It’s recommended that you don’t introduce a Mimikyu to your rotation until your team is more experienced and patient.

- They bond particularly well with Banette, Ditto and Cubone. People can understand the relationship with Ditto, but not the other two. Again, no one’s questioning it.

The Ghost of You

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Pairing: Alex Summers x Reader

Warning: Character deathish. Also probably major suckage because I can’t read over my own stuff for shit. Speaking of shit, there’s some minor language.

Word Count: 2,085

Notes: Thanks to @tueddybear and you few anons for taking the time to shoot me some ideas even though I ended up cutting a lot of it so this wouldn’t be like 10,000 words (whoops?). The title comes from The Ocean by The Bravery since the song really fits from the reader’s POV (I personally prefer the Moon Version, but the Sun Version (linked) is more appropriate for this I feel like).There are some parts of this that I’m not too confident about (like the end), but I really hope you guys like it and that it’s worth all the voting and the long ass wait. There was a good bit more and, like I said, I ended up cutting it, but this is still like 4-5 times longer than my usual stuff lol.


Alex ran his hand through your hair gently as you rested your head on his chest. His heart was racing at the thought of what you would be facing tomorrow. The day that the whole team had been training for had finally arrived, and despite the months of preparation, fear filled him. Fear that the team would lose, or that not everyone would make it back.

Similar thoughts plagued you as well. Not just about the fight with Shaw, but also about the fate of the team and other mutants after you won. If you won. “Alex?”

“Yeah?” He replied and stopped moving his hand.

“What are you going to do when all of this is over?” Your finger absently traced little patterns on the fabric of his shirt.

Alex took a deep breath and frowned as he considered it. What was he going to do? “Haven’t thought much about it…..Charles said he wants to make this place into a school for mutants. Maybe I’ll stay here and help out. You?”

“Not sure. I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow…” You sat up to look at Alex and propped your head up with your arm. “Do you really believe in what he says? That humans and mutants can coexist peacefully?”

Your non-answer made him nervous and he barely managed to look you in the eye, “I’d like to think that it could happen.”

“I don’t know, it just seems a little too unrealistic to me. We’re the next step in evolution, Alex. They’re going to be scared of us. Of what we can do, what our existence means for them. That kind of fear leads to violence…” You knew that better than most and you hoped that maybe he would understand.

“You sound like Erik.” Alex did his best to ignore the increasing dread that was gripping his heart and lungs like a vise. He turned on his side to face you and grabbed your free hand, playing with your fingers in silence for a while in an attempt to calm himself. “Hey, promise me something.”

You nodded, silently urging him on.

“Stay with me. Please.” His voice was so small, something you had never heard from him before. You knew about his past and how no one ever stuck around very long. That made the truth that much harder to say.

“I don’t know if I can make that promise, Alex.”


Everything went to shit faster than anyone could have expected. It seemed like just moments ago that you were fighting Shaw together, then in a flash, Charles was on the ground, having been shot down by Erik himself.

Erik stood from his place next to Charles and turned to face the team. “The society won’t accept us. We form our own. The humans have played their hand. Now we get ready to play ours. Who’s with me?” He reached out to all of you, hoping that he could start this society with his newfound family. “No more hiding.”

You watched Raven walk towards him, only to go to Charles’ side. Clenching your fists, you stared at him for a long moment. Alex’s gaze burned into you, making the decision that much harder. As you took a step forward, Alex grabbed your wrist.

“Don’t.” You turned to him to find his eyes full of sadness and hurt.

“Alex, he’s right. Humans will never accept us. Look at what they just tried to do. Charles’ dream…it won’t happen. Not now, not ever. Come with me and we can make a real future for mutants.” Alex didn’t say a word. He was being pulled in two different directions by his heart and his brain. He couldn’t speak, couldn’t move….

You decided for him and leaned in to give him a gentle kiss, relishing it since you knew it would be the last. “Take care of yourself, Alex. I…I love you. I always will.”

With that, you made your way to Erik’s new team, taking Raven’s hand. The regret and guilt swirling in your gut as you looked at Alex one more time made you feel sick. Raven squeezed your hand reassuringly as you all disappeared in a puff of smoke.



You weaved through the crowded halls in the direction of Charles’ study. He had asked you there yesterday to figure out what to do with a student who had started a school wide riot. The door was open so you walked in and smiled at Charles, but the other people in the room surprised you. It was Alex and a younger, blindfolded kid.

“I’m going with the Professor, but I’ll be back later.”

“You’re leaving me here?”

Alex patted his shoulder. “You’ll be fine, Scott. Just be your usual charming self.”

Scott laughed sarcastically. “Very funny. Jerk…..Alex?….Alex.”

The man in question had abandoned the conversation, distracted by the sight of you in the doorway. He almost couldn’t believe it. “(Y/N)?”

“Alex.” You couldn’t help but smile. He seemed so different on the outside, but in his eyes was the same Alex you had fallen for 21 years ago.

Scott frowned, “Wait, you’re the (Y/N)?”

With a knowing smirk, Charles maneuvered from behind his desk and lead Scott to the door, “Scott, Dr. McCoy has something he would like you to try. He believes it might contain your abilities for the time being.”

“O-okay.” Scott stumbled along next to him, not quite sure what was going on.

“Who’s the kid?” Part of you hoped that he wasn’t Alex’s son, but you pushed that thought back. You gave up any right to do that after how you left things.

Alex cleared his throat, coming out of his trance, “He’s my brother. Scott.”

A wave of relief washed over you. “You never told me that you had a brother.”

“He was born after you left.”

“Oh.” You wrung your hands, not knowing what to say for once in your life. Thankfully, Alex held up his end.

He sat on the edge of Charles’ desk. “I didn’t think I’d see you here.”

“Well, here I am.” You shrugged.

“What? Did ‘Charles’ dream’ turn out to not be so far fetched after all?”

You thought it over for a moment as you took the spot next to him. “Some parts still are. I’m not sure that there will ever be complete harmony, but there’s hope. I thought Erik was the answer, but he’s done more harm than good for mutants, if we’re being honest. Charles made a safe place for mutants and that’s something I can get behind.” There was also the fact that, even with everything you did with Erik, Charles and Hank had taken you in after your stay at Trask Industries, but this wasn’t the time to go into that.

“I’m glad that you made the right choice this time.” Alex’s lips turned up in a ghost of a smile.

“I should have made it the first time,” You whispered so low that he almost couldn’t hear it, but he did. Before he could respond, Charles cleared his throat from the doorway.

Alex stood up, straightening his jacket. “Right. I was about to leave with Charles”.

“Oh, okay. I guess we can have our discussion later, Charles.” You got up as well and moved towards the door. “Hey, Alex?”


“How long are you staying?”

“I don’t know. Long enough to get Scott settled.” He shrugged.

“Do you want to talk whenever you get back? Y’know…catch up?” You prayed that none of the hopefulness you were feeling was evident in your voice.

Alex rubbed his neck. ”Ah…Sure.”

“Alright. See you two later then.”

As you walked off, Charles called for you, “(Y/N), please do make sure that Mr. Quire doesn’t stir up any more trouble today.”

You laughed, shaking your head. “I’ll do my best, Charles.”


Erik stood at the other end of the hall, surrounded by a few unfamiliar mutants, as he pulled an unconscious Charles to them.

“CHARLES!” Raven screamed.

Alex ran down the hall after him, calling for the blue mutant. “Hey! Hey, asshole!”

“No! Alex!” Hank knew what was on the other side of this new threat and his Horsemen, and so did you.

You blood ran cold at the thought. “ALEX!”

But it was too late. The other mutants disappeared in a flash of purple and Alex’s plasma hit the engine of Hank’s jet, causing a massive explosion.

In the blink of an eye, you and the rest of the inhabitants of the school were outside. A man covered head to toe in silver stopped right next to you, “Wow!”

“Where did you-?”

“I was looking for the Professor. I thought he lived here.” The man gestured to the smoldering remains of the school.

Hank’s expression turned grave, “They took him.”

You tuned them out and spun around, hoping to catch a glimpse of Alex. Maybe the man had been able to save him, too. He was nowhere to be found and the realization hit you hard. He was gone.

Scott, Jean, Kurt, and Jubilee pulled up to the group and ran out. Scott looked around desperately. “What happened? Where’s Alex? Where’s my brother?”

The silver guy frowned. “Pretty sure I got everyone.”

Hank leaned in and whispered, “Alex was closest to the blast…”


“Scott!” You reached out to him, but he was already running off towards the ruined mansion. As you watched him go, your heart grew heavier. You may have lost your love, but just Scott lost his family.


After you and the others had been taken by Stryker, a student sensed a faint presence under the rubble. What they found was a nearly dead Alex. Thankfully, another student had some healing abilities, just enough to keep him alive until Hank could return and treat him.

You sat by the bed, his hand in both of yours. The heart monitor beeped steadily, comforting and unnerving you all at once. You and Scott had decided to alternate so you could teach and he could go to class, but Alex would still wake up to a familiar face. If he woke up at all.

Just like every day since, you tried to force your tears back. You took a deep breath and hung your head in defeat, letting the tears out. The sound of your quiet sobs joined the beeps of the monitor.

“(Y/N)?” Alex croaked.

Your head shot up and, sure enough, Alex was staring right at you. A grin stretched across your face. “Alex?! You’re awake!”

“How long was I out?” He blinked, the bright lights of the room temporarily blinding him.

“About three weeks.”

“Shit,” Alex groaned. “Is Scott okay?”

“Yeah. He’s in class right now.” You quickly let go and got up to get him some water. Your hands shook as you poured from the pitcher and brought the cup to him.

“Thanks.” He quickly took a sip, hoping to relieve his dry throat and mouth.

“How do you feel?” You asked as you sat back down.

Alex finished his drink and set the cup down on the small table. “Like I got blown up. What about you?”

“Better now…” You smiled and reached to hold his hand again, but you stopped yourself. “I-I’ll go get Scott.”

“Wait.” He grabbed your wrist gently, probably because he was still weak. “Don’t go.”

At those words, you stayed exactly where you were, now staring at the white sheet and trying to think of what you were going to say. It had been so long that you didn’t want to overstep your bounds, but there were things that you needed to get out. “I-I’ve missed you, Alex. Not a day has gone by since Cuba that I haven’t thought about you and regretted walking away. I’ve never gotten over you, never moved on. Now you’re here and…I’m scared of what happens next.”

“What happens next?” Alex shifted slightly, making the bed creak.

“I don’t know. That’s the problem. It’s been twenty years…we’ve lost so much time.” You wanted to kick yourself for saying that because you knew it was ridiculous to think that he’d want to do this again after everything.

Alex took your hand and brushed his thumb lightly over your knuckles, “Why don’t we make up for it then?”

You frowned slightly as the words sank in then looked up to find a small smile on his face and hope shining in his blue eyes. The shock turned to happiness and you returned the smile, “I’d like that very much.”

this game is so fucking weird with the wild pokemon having egg moves now like i’m on route 102 outside petalburg trying to catch a nice ralts for my team and i found a level 3 dude in the grass and i’m like ok cool my level 9 dog will probably kill you so let me just switch in my zigzagoon, it could use some experience anyway, maybe tackle a few times and throw a ball at about half health, that sounds nice and comfy, i look away from my ds for one second to check the moves for ralts and when i look back that fucker’s got his hands up in the air like the goddamn messiah of destruction and there’s blobby purple plasma streaming down my screen as he calls down the primordial death energies of the universe itself, everything is swathed in the roiling darkness of the abyss, my level 2 zigzagoon’s stats are harshly falling left and right and the ralts just fucking faints i guess from the exertion of summoning the goddamn rain of perdition

this wild level 3 ralts knows memento