purple peridot

GEMINI: For clear two-way communication

A small pouch or bag
A purple ribbon
Two peridot stones
Himalayan pink salt - Friendship
Valerian - Harmony
Lavender - Peace
Basil - Relationships

1. Charge the two peridot stones for one night under a full moon, one to represent each of you
2. Mix the himalayan pink salt, valerian, lavender and basil inside the bag.
3. Place your partner’s stone into the pouch.
4. Hang up the pouch outside using the purple ribbon.
5. Gift your stone to your partner to keep with them.

[Pearl] Oh! Peridot!

[Peri] huh?

[Pearl] That purple friend of yours-


[Peri] Wh- uh… I don’t actually know them. but what?

[Pearl] Ah… I wasn’t sure.. Anyway, I saw them at the edge of the woods. I tried to say hello but they just ran off!

[Peri] That seems to be their only response to greetings huh. Thats the only sign of them in a while… could you tell where they went?

[Pearl] The encounter gave no evidence to anything in particular, they just kinda ran off in some random direction, I’m sorry.

[Peri] Well uh, thanks for letting me know, I guess.

I really hope they come back

the thought of them never returning just because they think I might go after them if they come near is a bit daunting. I’ve… underestimated how much I rely on them. and now I need all the help I can get.


[Ame] Check it out! squak squak! she likes it!


No Sell

After a long, unsuccessful search for Jasper when her gem mysteriously goes missing, the Gems take a break and accompany Amethyst and Steven to show support for Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire’s return to the wrestling ring. Much to their surprise, they find the new reigning champion is none other than Jasper, dominating the ring as the “Ultimate Rock Runner Warrior,” using brutal moves from “worlds unknown.” Can Puma and Millionaire defeat the Warrior and take back the championship belt? Can Pearl and Garnet get into kayfabe and entertain the audience as “The Delmarva Blueblood” and “The Most Electrifying Gem in Entertainment?” Or will the sudden appearance of “That Little Pie” and “Lustrous Lapis Lazuli” throw everyone for a loop?