purple peice


So we got invited to a small Halloween party last year, and decided on a simple costume. We made origami plumbobs. I wish I remembered how on earth I did this, but I watched a video on YouTube so I know you can figure out how if you want it. I used a bright green scrap book paper and painted it with glitter once I put it together. Then I used so wide craft wire and stuck it on the plumbob and hot glued it on place. I then attached that to a head band. This took a lot of hot glue and prayer lmao. I love these plumbobs. I am a huge sims fan. It was super easy but required some manipulation and patience. Its about the only time i let myself make funny faces on camera. I just did kind of an punk look with some dark lips and makeup, some clip in purple hair peices, and clothing that was comfy and looked alright. Great for last minute costume. Oh also my bestie @8-bit-daydream was my fellow sim.