purple peep bits

I’ve always been a fan. I sit right at the borderline of the Gravity team and the Mickey Shorts team at work and was always amazed by the talent of everyone on the show. Excellent talent, excellent show. I enjoyed seeing what it’s become all these years and I’m sure it will go out with a bang. I just wish I had more time to do a bigger tribute. Great work Gravity team. Looking forward to the series finale!

Hey, everyone! Thanks again for being so patient! We need just a little more time! We’re nearly done and we’ll post something major very soon. Thanks for all the new followers! We’re loving all the support and feedback. 

To hold you over, here’s an old concept drawing of Snag and Rawhide done a couple years back. We’ll be sure to post more to show how these characters evolved. They looked extremely different at the start. You can tell their proportions are skewed and they both had more detail but their personalities are still there. 

Long Gone Gulch has reached 500 followers! Thank you all for joining us! We’ll try not to disappoint! Next, we’ll be introducing these new characters in the coming days. Let’s try for 1,000 followers this time! There’s less than 10 days until our announcement in October. We are working everyday to try to get this done in time. Are you as excited as we are? More will be revealed. Enjoy our promotional poster!

Hey, everyone! Thank you for the 700 followers!  We’re so close to 1,000! Lets try to hit it soon! As a reward we’ve updated the “ABOUT” tab with new info, including a brief premise of Long Gone Gulch and summaries for the main characters. We are doing our best to stay on schedule for the launch but please be patient as we’re working night and day to get this done. Snag and Rawhide can not wait to show their stuff. More will be revealed.

Jippo and Oswald.
My twin sugar glider boys.

Jippo is the happy go lucky younger brother, he always glides to the front of the cage whenever I come near. He never barks or complains and he gets along with anyone who holds him. 
Oswald is….my lovable problem child. He is very fidgety, barks for attention, steals Jippo’s treats and crabs when I hold his pouch. Plus, hes a fatty and an alpha glider. BUT I still love his big fat butt.  Jippo loves blueberries and melon while Oswald loves peas and corn but they both love their yogies. Yes yes. 

BAM! Something big is coming…..

Meet SNAG and RAWHIDE, the main characters of “Long Gone Gulch!” As well as the launch of our official tumblr! Its shiny and new. Things will be updated and working in time…. Zach and I have a big announcement in early OCTOBER, be sure to mark your calendars! We might give sneak peeks and new info in tiny bits until then but only if this gets enough notes. Spread the word and all will be revealed!


Thanks to everyone keeping up with the project so far, as well as the love and support! We now have over 800+ followers but lets try to get it to 1,000 before the reveal!  Snag and Rawhide’s excitement can not be contained. Stay tuned!


 Here’s a turnaround for Rawhide. She always has her left eye covered with hair. What’s under there is a mystery. She went through many variations at the beginning but once her design was pegged she hasn’t changed much since. Out of all the line-up she’s the one that stayed the same the longest.  We’ll share more concept later.

We would like to thank everyone for over 300+ followers thus far! We appreciate all the positive feedback and amazing support from everyone. Keep it going and more will come! All of this will lead up to our announcement early October!


Here’s a turnaround for Snag. I think Snag went through the most changes. We really wanted the two main characters to stand out and give them both a certain unique“flare.” Our goal was to take a spin on a main boy character and make him look a little more rough around the edges but still be a hero. No backward baseball cap here. Snag unlike Rawhide is a bit more symmetrical. He sports his trademark shark fin hair and leather jacket with built in spikes inspired by “Godzilla.”


So someone from Tumblr asked me to showcase my Oswald the Lucky Rabbit “Collection” as of now but I actually have things not pictured here if you can believe it. Stuff that I use (pen, iPhone case, golden dvd tin, ext) or things I have displayed at work aren’t featured, so here’s what I got at home and could wrangle up for a decent photo. I’ve been collecting him for years and I like being the Oswald queen. Yes, I love collecting him and love my job. Don’t judge me. Haha. 

Today is the “Mad Monster Party” Art Gallery Show at the Van Eaton Gallery!

This little diddy will be there and is up for sale along with many other outstanding and monstrous pieces. Come check it out tonight!