purple one tho

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*Epic!Sans comes by and snags a cookie* BRUH!!!!!


Epic!Sans belongs to @yugogeer12


These beautiful and really awesome people @misshammett, @walk-among-us and @quasarior tagged me to post a selfie, danke! ;3

Today I was feeling really confident about my looks, so I decided to take some pictures and these among 3 others were the best ones.

I’ll tag these gorgeous people: @tobiassammetsavangaysia, @elixmia, @e-n-s-a-m, @red-hot-sky, @celtic-frosted-flakes, @bruceedickinson, @bees-against-humanity, @mathiasismywhore, @derogatorylt, @into-solitude, @skadi-och-skjoell, @vedrividia and @hobbitsmind

I just watched Excuse Me for the first time, and wOW THEY’RE SO HOT–

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yes… yes i am wearing a costume. no you don’t know what it is and you won’t even if i tell you. okay fine. it’s a long story. you see, there was this boy named scott…

its ya boi