purple oil

Just so y'all know

•if you bleach your hair do your roots last

•if your blue hair fades to green and you don’t like green, and you don’t wanna bleach your hair again, and you want to go somewhat natural, red is the best solution I’ve found. Don’t do brown unless you want swampy lookin hair.

•coconut oil. Everywhere. Haha what I do after bleaching my hair is I trim like an inch off and then put coconut oil in my hair and leave it in over night. Your hair will love you so much more after.

• if you have dyed blonde/any other light color, use purple shampoo that shit will make your hair color last way longer and it’ll take any brassiness out

•on top of coconut oil…eggs, mayonnaise, avocado, and olive oil are all good things that can make your hair healthier :)

•if you want long hair don’t cut it… like at all. Idk about you, but I’ve always heard stuff like “trim your hair every few months if you want long hair” but this year I haven’t cut it at all and it’s finally to the length I’ve always wanted.

• if you want a cool color (Pink, blue, purple, green, ect) and you don’t have very light blonde hair, you’re gonna want to bleach your hair in order to turn out brightly.

•(this part is for naturally curly haired people like myself lol) when your hair is wet put argon (I think that’s how ya spell it) oil in your hair and then mouse then defuse. You’ll get the perfect crazy curls :)

This is just from experience!!! I’m not a licensed cosmetologist, but these are some things I wish someone else told me when I decided to do my own hair. :)