purple noodles


asbel and richard in voltron… GARB…… richard’s was more a character design than anything whereas asbel’s was like. face-focused painting.

Imagine: Obi Wan Kenobi being head over heels in love with you

For anon… Enjoy!!

“Let me get that for you.” You heard Obi Wan grunt before he pushed the door open, holding it ajar for you and smiling. 

You nodded your thanks and strode past him, tailed by Anakin, who snuck Obi Wan a glance of amusement. The padawan smirked.

“Thanks master, but I’m more than capable of opening a door for myself.” He commented, smiling when he heard you chuckle. 

Obi Wan glared at Anakin but bit back a feisty snarl. The worst he could do was pierce his padawan with a dagger-like glower, but Anakin barely seemed affected by it. Instead, he smirked smugly again and followed after you.

You were making your way to the cafeteria in the Jedi Temple. It was nearly lunch time and the Jedi training you spent all morning doing made your stomach growl longingly. Your teacher, Mace Windu, was attempting to teach you how to force push from an incredibly long distance. It drained your energy fairy quickly, causing Mace Windu to become even more impatient with you. Around noon, you gave up on the lesson and requested a lunch break, which Windu agreed to grumpily before disappearing into another room. 

You sat down at the nearest lunch table, plopping down on a seat lazily. 

“Do you know what’s for lunch today?” You asked the two Jedi as they seated themselves across from you. 

Anakin shrugged. 

“Probably those blue noodles again with the ‘mystery’ fruit. I’m convinced it’s an orange that’s been dyed purple.” 

You chuckled slightly at his response, causing Obi Wan to perk up suddenly. 

“Do you want any lunch, Y/N?” He asked, almost eagerly. You noticed his cheeks reddening. 

“Sure. I’ll go up with you.” You requested, beginning to get to your feet. 

“No, it’s fine. I’ll get our lunches, you wait here. You already look exhausted.” The Jedi Knight said before turning and making his way over to the lunch line. You barely had time to respond. 

“Thank you!” You called after him, lowering yourself into your seat. Anakin was laughing, fiddling with a small unknown device in his hands. 

“What’s so funny?” You asked him, staring at the object in his hands but finding nothing comedic about it. Anakin looked up at you, a half smile pulling at one corner of his mouth. 

“I’m surprised you haven’t noticed how exceptionally friendly Obi Wan is being nowadays.” He remarked.

You turned your head.

“He’s just being nice, you know.” You replied. 

Anakin shook his head, snickering.

“You really have no idea, don’t you?” He whispered, leaning towards you from across the table. You raised an eyebrow at him. 

“What are you talking about?” You responded, crossing your arms over your chest. 

Anakin smiled.

“Isn’t it obvious that Obi Wan is head over heels for you?” He breathed, his voice so small that you could barely hear it. 

Your breath came out in a short gasp. 

“What? No, he isn’t.” You dismissed Anakin’s assumption almost immediately, waving your hand. 

Anakin rolled his eyes.

“Come on, he’s even told me all about it, Y/N. He’s in ‘love’ with you.” He air quoted the word love dramatically. 

You sighed, feeling your cheeks starting to burn. 

“Are you sure?” You asked, even though you knew the answer.

Anakin nodded quickly, staring at someone past you. 

“Looks like he only has two trays with him. I guess I’ll just have to get my own lunch.” The padawan remarked, getting to his feet and shooting Obi Wan a look of encouragement before heading off towards the lunch line. 

Obi Wan sat down in front of you, placing a small tray of blue noodles and purple oranges towards you. 

You smiled at him. 

“Thanks.” You said quietly, giving Obi Wan a small smile. 

The Jedi sighed.

“Anakin told you, didn’t he?” 

You looked up at him quickly, your face reddening. 

“It’s okay, Obi Wan,” You told him, “I actually kind of guessed it on my own anyway.” 

It was a complete lie. 

Obi Wan’s eyes shot up to meet yours. 

“It was that obvious, wasn’t it?” He said quietly, stabbing his blue noodles with his fork, his cheeks beginning to burn, 

You frowned at him. 

“It’s nothing to be upset about, Obi Wan. It was actually really sweet of you.” You reassured him.

The Jedi smiled at that.

“Thanks, Y/N.” He murmured. After a long moment, he looked up at you, his eyes unreadable. 

“Now that we got all of that out of the way, would you like to have dinner with me tonight? I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I’d understand if, you know, don’t feel the same way.”  

Now it was your turn to smile.

“What time?” You asked him, flashing him a wide grin. 

Obi Wan’s eyes lit up. 

“How does 7:00 sound? At my place? ” 

“I’ll be there.” You replied warmly.