purple motorcycle

This small-scale custom bike fit him perfectly.

One of the most enduring images of Prince is the Purple Rain album cover and movie poster showing him astride a purple motorcycle. With billowing smoke, dramatic backlighting and heroic upward angle, Prince and his tricked-out ride make for a truly indelible image.

Surely Prince’s badass bike was some monstrous Harley, right? While that was probably the perception of many fans, Prince actually rode a motorcycle as diminutive as the musical icon himself. The bike was actually a customized Honda CM400A twin-cylinder starter bike that was notable for its low seat height and its automatic two-speed transmission that absolved His Purpleness of having to squeeze a clutch lever.

He kitted out the bike with a classic ’70s Vetter Windjammer fairing and a seat with pink velour inserts. Most motorcyclists would be dismissive of such a small-scaled machine, but Prince’s ride fit the five-foot-two pop god perfectly.

what if the boys at the 4077th weren’t doctors? what if they got drafted as soldiers just like everyone else?

imagine, Hawkeye Pierce as the son of a fisherman from Maine, who worked in the local drugstore to pay his way towards becoming an English teacher, who taught at the town’s tiny schoolhouse until the day he got his draft card.

John McIntyre the lawyer, trying to argue his way out of leaving his wife and children, and ending up on the front lines just the same.

part-time auto mechanic, part-time hobbyist BJ Hunnicutt, being sent to work on sherman tanks and fire a gun in his spare time.

Frank Burns, failed actor, successful accountant, clinging to his bible and ultimately proving too cowardly and neurotic to be anywhere near the front.

Sherman Potter, just barely avoiding the draft and being left at home to continue being the best veterinarian in Hannibal, Missouri. 

and Henry Blake, a family man who managed to get an early retirement from his job as a salesman, unable to believe that he got drafted, of all people, struggling to make sense of his situation.


Prince Roger Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016)

Music by: Marvel X Speeks - (Fantastic Adventure)

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Purple Rain (1984) Warner Bros.

Directed by: Albert Magnoli

Screenplay By: Albert Magnoli & William Blinn

Starring: Prince, Apollonia Kotero, Morris Day, Olga Karlatos and Clarence Williams lll


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A lot of people make fake ah gavin the golden boy who pulls the strings on the crew with flawless skills in negotiations that everyone protects, but I’d like you to consider:
-Gavin Free who spends all his money on real gold sunglasses, necklaces, rings, etc. That he uses to embellish the cheap threads he bought at the local thrift shop
-Gavin who uses gold colored laces on every pair of far too broken in shoes that get replaced every few months
-Who carries around a gun inlaid with real precious metals that he can’t shoot for shit; can’t even afford extra bullets
-Owns a sleek purple motorcycle that he keeps parked next to the rusty old stolen bicycle that he rides everywhere because he lost the keys to the motorcycle and can’t be bothered to get another set
-His entire closet combined (not including accessories) is worth less than just one of Geoff’s suits
-Somehow better with any weapon other than a gun but it’s the only weapon he chooses to carry
-Can’t afford nicer clothes because he spends all his money on stupid bets and dumb nick nacks that he puts around the penthouse
Like, golden boy Gavin is super cool, but I really like silly Gavin.

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Wow I didn't even think about analyzing the shoes! It makes so much sense! So you're saying that purple boots is Riley, animal shoes is Maya, and combat boots is Lucas? That's some really sneaky foreshadowing 🙄😏

Purple boots is definitely a Riley nod, leopard shoes is definitely a Maya nod, but the motorcycle boots/Lucas connection is a little more dubious.

If the rebel shadowing Lucas in GM Friendship was meant to show a part of himself he was/is repressing (and with the rebel being credited as Brandon aka a nod to Colonel Brandon from S&S perhaps), then it suggests to me that at SOME point we are gonna see Lucas truly stop repressing and fully integrate himself in terms of who he used to be vs who he is now, a la Topanga in GM Popular. But I think for that to happen he’s going to have to go through something that shakes the foundations of what/who he thinks he’s “supposed” to be (I’m sure you can guess what I think that’ll be)…and that’s where leopard shoes comes in, maybe. (There’s also the fascination with Harper/her bike in GM New Teacher, hat tip to @lucayafever23! And Maya wore motorcycle shirts in the Forgotten and Gravity, hat tip to anon for reminding me.)

Oh, and then there’s Leopard Shoes & Motorcycle Boots being dressed similar to Maya and Lucas’s costumes color palette-wise for most of the episode I think, but I need to double check.

Motorcycle boots could also potentially be a Josh nod if you REALLY wanna reach using IRL stuff about the actor, but that’s WAY more dubious than the Lucas/rebel connection in terms of actual canon to tie it back to.

BONUS: Purple combat boots are a LOT like motorcycle boots, albeit not exactly. They’re more alike than either pair of boots vs leopard shoes though…