purple midnight

Terrible Love

Sebastian Stan x Fanfiction

Warnings: Language, Smut

The soft melody of the guitar strummed in the background for no longer than twenty seconds before the singing began. I stood outside on the balcony watching the sky’s lighting change into different colors from orange to purple then midnight blue. Resting my arms over the balcony, I kept replaying the scene over in my head like a movie that wouldn’t change scenes. Today was the day Sebastian got married.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and my tongue went completely dry. I held the champagne glass up to my lips and it tasted of pears. Taking only a sip I placed my glass on the cobblestone ground beside me. Turning my back a little I noticed my friend Toby Flack was walking close up behind me. “Can you believe Collide by Howie Day is their wedding song? How very two thousand four of them.” Toby laughed in a condescending tone.

“Listen to the lyrics it is the right kind of cliche.” I tried smiling to pass of my feelings of contentment as oppose to how I was truly feeling.

“How are you holding up Noora?” He asked as he outstretched his left arm wrapping it around my shoulders.

“All day people have been coming up to me creating small talk then asking me that same question. For the hundredth time I’m happy for him. He’s proof enough to show that broken hearts eventually heal.” I said, even though I was the one who obliterated it.

“You guys use to be Noora and Sebastian! I thought I would be standing in your wedding for fuck’s sake!” Toby expressed , as he looked at me waiting for my response. I kept looking onwards still gazing at the sky with no stars insight , yet I was extremely fixated on the blissful nothingness.

“Don’t give me the silent treatment. I know you don’t like talking about what happened between you two but-.”

“Because it was a long time ago.” I looked down at my dress flattening down a wrinkle interrupting him. “Besides I am only here to show my support for the happy couple.”

“You don’t have to lie to yourself and you sure as hell don’t have to lie to me.” Toby said. Breathing in the night air in one sharp breath I recounted in my head our horrible ending. It was probably a mistake for me even showing up here then again was it a mistake that I received an invitation?

Sebastian and I haven’t spoken in years and this was the first time in a while since I have laid eyes on him. It was temporarily refreshing. Looking at a fragment of art in motion, he stood tall looking more handsome than ever. “It was stupid of me for showing up. I should probably leave now .” I said.

Suddenly Toby turned around and faced the same direction as me. “Wait! I wouldn’t go that way.” He said through his teeth.

“Why?” I asked. “Sebastian is walking towards us.”


{Part 1 out of 3}