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Uploading some concepts i created a while back but was always too scared to share them with the world 😓 Confession time: I study/ read tarot and have always been mystified by the characters within each card and meaning. This is my take on the high priestess. Hope you like her. 💐

The Signs as Things People at My School Have Said

Aries: “I had a dream last night about a pig walking around a potato. Nothing interesting happened it was just a pig, walking around a potato”

Taurus: “Ah yes, the Paleo diet. We have everything except carbs, if you eat carbs hahahaha you’re a fucking fatass ”

Gemini: (Guy drops purple marker) “ROGER NOOOOO!”

Cancer: “I’m so energetic! I just want to punch a bear in the face!”


Virgo: “On a scale of one to Jim Parsons how gay does this look on me, I’m going with Tyler Oakley”

Libra: “Who’s James Madison, is he an actor?”

Scorpio: “Roses are black, violets are black, everything is black, fuck you”

Sagittarius: “I Thought Argentina was a State”

Capricorn: “This is a heckin’ good birthday card"

Aquarius: “Everyone has an inner sassy black woman”

Pisces: “He’s my lil munchkin cinnamon roll pumpkin spice patty cake”

Soul Mate Doodling (Stiles x Reader)

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Reader Gender: Female

This is an AU, where whatever someone writes/draws on their arm appears on their soul mate’s arm. 


Stiles smiled down at his forearm, watching as the ink swirled from beneath his pale skin to create beautiful intricate flowers all entwined together with thin vines. Stiles loved his soulmate, he loved the way she drew on her arm, and subsequently his as well. Soul mates had the ability to write or draw on their skin and have it show up on their partner’s arm. Stiles could still remember the first day when he was 8, hanging out with Scott as they played video games when he felt a tingling on his hand, looking down to see a name scrawled in purple marker. “Y/N”. Stiles could remember sitting in awe as both he and Scott stared down at the writing in shock before they both ran through the house to find their parents to tell them about this sparkling revelation. Ever since that afternoon Stiles had been exchanging small written messages, watching the ink appear on their arms before quickly writing a reply.

Scott stifled a laugh when he saw Stiles fixated on his forearm. Allison had been Scott’s soul mate, but a few months after she died Kira’s small markings started to appear, and Scott’s futile attempts to sneak some notes into exams on his wrists started to appear on hers. “Dude, focus.” Scott joked, making Stiles look up and smirk at his friend next to him. “I am focusing, don’t worry.” Stiles said, looking back at his forearm to see that the doodling has abruptly stopped, the ink seeming to already fade back beneath his skin. Stiles scowled and pouted, wishing he knew where his soul mate was so that he knew what she was doing that made her stop her drawing or writing. Stiles rolled down the sleeve of his flannel shirt with a sigh, knowing he would feel the tingling on his arm re-awaken when she would start her absent doodling.

“Someone’s coming.” Scott whispered. “Seems like we’ve got a new girl.” Scott whispered, picking up the conversation between the supposed new student and the principal walking down the hall towards the classroom. Stiles grunted in response, it had been 15 minutes since his soul mate stopped her drawing and didn’t reply to any of his messages usually she did even if it was only a quick scribbled “Sorry, can’t talk.” Scott rolled his eyes as his best friend’s poutiness, his eyes fixed on the door that creaked open, revealing the new girl and a teacher.

Everyone sat up in attention when the new student stepped into the room, except for Stiles, who had rolled his sleeve up again and began to write on his arm, obviously writing a message to his soul mate. “Class, this is our new student who has just transferred from San Francisco, please take a seat beside Scott and Stiles.” The teacher said, gesturing to the empty desk between Stiles, who had still not looked up from his forearm. The young girl nodded to the teacher who had introduced her to the class, moving slowly down towards the spare desk. He smiled at Scott and Stiles as she sat beside them, Scott nodding in turn as she pulled out a spare notebook and pen, letting her exposed forearm rest on the table as she listened to the teacher.

Scott’s eyes immediately zoned in on the writing appearing on her skin. In real time with Stiles’ writing on his own arm. “Dude.” Scott hissed, elbowing Stiles, who shrugged him off, intent on his persistent writing. “DUDE!” Scott said, elbowing Stiles harder, earning a yelp from the human boy who finally looked up. “What?” He hissed back to Scott, stopping his writing to look at his best friend. “Look. Her arm.” Scott said, Stiles instantly whipping his head around to see the new girl’s arm. There it was. His scrawled handwriting beside some faded flowers. “No way.” Stiles said under his breath, making Scott laugh and the girl to look up from her note taking to see what the rukus was, her eyes finding Stiles’ arm, which had identical writing to that that was on hers. He smiled, a blush spreading across her cheeks as she found Stiles’ gaze. “Hi.” She whispered, hiding a laugh as she saw Stiles’ awestruck expression. “I’m Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you Y/N. I’m Stiles.” That made you break into a smile, never in a million years would you have thought you would’ve met your soul mate during your first day at a new school.

A/N: Woah what is this?? I’m actually writing something for the first time in like 2 weeks, partly because I couldn’t go to school because I got a cold. School breaks in 3 days and I wish that meant I could get back to a regular updating schedule but I’m booked full the entire holidays and then some. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it xx