purple mango


Rickardite + Mango = Purple Chalcedony

A fusion where Mango is clearly the dominant part. Very flirty, but also playful and jumpy. They try to be charming, but mostly end up giggling about their own pick-up lines and being too impatient for any real flirting.
They can summon two sickles and hover a few feat above the ground.


The white pineapple, sugar loaf. Heaven. This is a rare variety of pineapple that has almost no acidity so as the name hints it’s full of such a unique burst of robust sweet love. If you ever come across a white pineapple, get it, at any cost. Such a gift from the earth! You can tell a true sugarloaf because the leaves have the most beautiful hint of purple on them. Mango and pineapple season doesn’t get much better than this.

I go to sleep thinking about Shuu Tsukiyama
I wake up thinking about Shuu Tsukiyama
I go on with my day thinking about Shuu Tsukiyama
I’m in love with Shuu Tsukiyama and it hurts, but he can’t even take the responsibility bc he ain’t even real aND THAT HURTS


ok, I love optical illusions, they are so cool. They look like something and they are something else.

salvador dali is a famous painter he paints abstract things. here are some of his paintings

External image

External image

External image

External image

some other illusions

are these moving?

External image

are these dots moving or not?

External image

stare at this for 30 seconds, blink alot, then look at a wall. can you see a face?

External image

do you think optical illustions are fun :). I do.

blog later


Todays family "get together" I was saying about yesterday

Well ya know how I was telling you about my family “get togethers”, well now I am going to tell you about today’s :).

I thought it would be extremely bad, but it turned out to be even worse. As I predicted I ended up baby sitting 4 kids. They are all extremely annoying in there own way. Well all of them extept for the smallest one, the only thing bad about her is that she is quiet, but that is perfectly fine and not bad at all, and she is fricken adorable <3.  <<<thats her, I can’t show face though. The others how ever can be like grrrr. (the following are not their real names) Carren is 7, she doesn’t do anything without permition from her parents and is like their little pet. Zambian is 6 he is a pair with Cathy who is 8, they always fight and are grrr, I think Cathy should be more mature because she is older.

Also my aunty and uncles. Marta is alright well she is slightly annoying because she picks on me alot because of my mum but she makes up for it by her cooking :) yum. Kathren is a bit of a smart ass, but is very nice. Manny is alright but he kinda scares me. The other manny is really nice and funny I like him.

So for today’s family outing we went to a restraunt called medicis, the food there is sooo good :). But when we first got their mum kicked up a stink about being near the toilets *rolls eyes*. But then we sat down and took our orders, I ordered a veggitarian pizza, I love pizzas. Cathy and Zambian were playing monopoly, It is like a little travel one it is so cute. They started fighting about weither or not you start with money or not, they obviously didn’t know how to play. so they were all like

but it was ok :)

then we played chinese whispers and it was so damb, boring -.-. And my mum started to play to and she was so annoying it made me a bit agro

and then we all finished eating and we played hide and seek, I really didn’t want to though. So I was always it so I wouldnt have to do much.

Then we drove to harbertown which is a shopping place, it was ok, I did some shopping and stuff. Afterwards we left.

damb boring day don’t you think?

well blog more later

bye :)