purple mango

head canons for lance!

please be nice this is my first attempt :)

~ the boy is super energetic like ALL of the time

~ he once at a worm because someone dared him to

~ threw up 2 minuets later

~ the first fight he got in was with a older boy who pulled his little sisters hair

~ he lost but his family was sooo proud!

~ lives by the motto “depressed but well dressed”

~ is bi/pan basically flirts with everything that moves

~ he does this for validation! (langst)

~ he flirts with keith on the ship!

~ keith has no idea and is very confused

~  Lance: hey can I follow you because my mama always said to follow my  dreams!

Keith: ????? erm no?? don’t follow me??

~ the poor boy SUFFERS

~ he can dance really well

~ like REALLY WELL the boy can move !

~ he surprises crew when at a banquet he pulls out this fabulous traditional dancing and WOOO BOY WE SEE THE CROWD LOSE IT

~ the team are kinda ??? after

~ wow lance you can dance! how come you never told us?? - pidge

~you never asked I didn’t think it was important??- lance

~cue hugs from team because I am WEAK

~ lance likes all creatures he finds

~if its smaller than a toaster and non-toxic he will pet it

~he has petted a super rare space animal before and it got attached

~its about the size of a mango and purple

~it lives in his room now!!

~ its called nemo

~lance can do the eyelid thing

~where you pop them out  inside out

shiro SCREAMED the first time he did it in front of him

~the team brings this up a lot

welp that’s all I have for now I might do some more if people like them :)

please forgive any mistakes this is my first attempt :)

purple-mango  asked:

I love reading your tags and seeing stuff about Seb like "he's a little ugly" because honestly I think that sometimes with certain pictures but at the same time I'm like, "he's the most perfect human being on the planet" and it makes no sense

Seb is the most beautiful human alive, personality wise, and also the most beautiful man alive physically, so long as he’s washed his hair and is being photographed from the exact right angle in good lighting, otherwise he can look a lil weird but in an endearing way. 


The white pineapple, sugar loaf. Heaven. This is a rare variety of pineapple that has almost no acidity so as the name hints it’s full of such a unique burst of robust sweet love. If you ever come across a white pineapple, get it, at any cost. Such a gift from the earth! You can tell a true sugarloaf because the leaves have the most beautiful hint of purple on them. Mango and pineapple season doesn’t get much better than this.

moniqho  asked:

raspberry, mango, cherry, kiwi & papaya!

Raspberry: Lavender. It’s pretty and purple.

Mango: My trademark is my glasses I guess. I have awful eyesight, so I always have my glasses and when I take them off I turn into Velma.

Cherry: I play both violin and flute. I’m more skilled on flute because I had more opportunities to be taught with flute than violin, but I’ve owned (and practiced) my violin for longer (v:11 yrs /f:9 yrs). I own my own violin and flute. I sang a bit in my highschool chorus, but beyond what I know to help me with my flute and violin, I don’t have much practice in singing.

Kiwi: Psychology fascinates me. I love knowing why people do things and then figuring out how to change those things or what influences those things. I guess it’s a mix of psychology and sociology.

Papaya: My aesthetic changes a lot, but I guess it would probably be anywhere from TT by TWICE and Blood, Sweat and Tears by BTS.