purple makes me look good


i made a quick dumb edit using a leaked screenshot from ‘room for ruby’ bc i actually rlly love these expressions and they rnt horribly disfigured beyond repair by the boarders right here + matching icons


batfam moodboards –> stephanie brown

“My name is Stephanie Brown. I’ve been a Robin. I’ve been a Spoiler. And now, I’m… I’m seeing something through. Which is kind of a big deal for me.”

just rewatching glee s3 and wow i actually miss this show so much. obvs i went straight to asian f because it’s a mike-focused episode and i just want some harry, and omg tears are streaming down my face, that scene between mike and his mum though.


if i ever type “lol” without actually laughing out loud, i force myself to laugh to make it true.




*subtly holds up skirt to hide the fact that it’s not completely finished*


pretty much done with my faye cosplay just gotta tighten the skirt and find my suspenders >.>

now i need to do my immortan joe cosplay but i have 3 days until  youmacon goodbye world i’ll be dead in the corner if you need me