purple lettering


18.12.16 [bujo post again haha] Xmas soon'🎄 Planning to do a christmas playlist but not sure 🤔 & If you don’t have any idea of what gifts you want to offer or just want to buy some cute stationery with affordable prices you can use the code “ KIIMBAPNOTES ” to get 10% off at kawaiipenshop.com + the international shipping is free!😊 & the washi on their website omg😍


weekly spread
Hello everyone! Here’s my first weekly spread for the month of May 💜 tried something new out with the three pictures instead of one. I’m very happy with how it turned out, plus I’ve got my #purpledrink to keep me going! Hope you’re all having a great week!


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Can you guys believe that today’s the last day of April? Sorry for not being active all this time, but I’m planning on uploading and answering all the pending asks in my inbox! 
Look forward to: Haikyuu and Zankyou no Terror-themed bujo spreads and an anatomy masterpost soon!