purple land crab

It is Goldberry!! This poor girl survived a year in a painted shell with no ability to molt, no heat or humidity, and no buddies. It’s been almost exactly 3 months since she came home with me, and I’m hoping she feels much better now that she’s had a chance to properly molt. I’m so happy she came through it safely! ♥♥♥

Started pulling up my bookmarked sites for hermit crab shells & food so I could link a new owner to them. Now whining to my roommate about wanting to spend money because one of the shell sites & one of the food stores are both having sales…. Must…spoil…smallest…babies….

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The crabs that you have were taken from the wild too I'm sure you know that. I feel like I could just as easily say you don't really love them or you Wouldn't own them either. Even carribean hermit crabs have a reduced life span in captivity. Or do you just mean that you disagree with buying ones that are known to be extra sensitive? Like the strawberry crabs? If thats so than I agree.

Yep, I do know that all hermit crabs are wild-caught. Which is why I disagree with buying all hermit crabs - I don’t think they should be in captivity at all, including purple pinchers. 

My hermit crabs, except for one, are all rehomes & rescues. Which is what all of my future hermit crabs will always be. I do have one that I got from a pet store ~1.5 years ago & I still have extremely mixed feelings on that. On one hand, I’m happy I have her because I remember her reaction when she saw the shell choices I gave her, and the non-pellet food I had available. But I still really regret having supported any store selling hermit crabs, and I wish I hadn’t done so. I make sure I avoid hermit crabs in pet stores now to avoid making a mistake like that again. 

I will continue taking in rescue & rehome crabs from others in my crab groups & from Craigslist because there is a need for people to do that, and because I have the ability & willingness to provide a suitable captive environment to give them the best shot I can. I actually do hope to establish a hermit crab rescue in the future, when I’m in a better situation to afford & sustain it, and I hope to do educating and re-homing of crabs with that as well.

Also, I’d like to add that I’m not anti-cap in general. I specifically disagree with it for hermit crabs because they don’t do well in captivity, and because of the rampant abuse against them from the moment they’re caught. I also really doubt the likelihood of people being able to breed them successfully enough to sustain any kind of captive-bred-only market that would eliminate capture of wild crabs. They’re difficult to breed, the babies are extremely difficult to raise, and while I greatly admire the efforts & successes of those who have been able to do it, it’s not at all likely to become a reliable source of hermit crabs. Hermit crabs should not become a new captive-bred exotic pet. They should not be pets at all. 


So over the past 8 months during my hiatus from here, I took in a number of rescue & rehome hermit crabs. My crew is now up to 10 crabs! A lot of them are larges (at least 5-6 of the 10, though I haven’t really properly measured them on the crab size chart), so I wanted to upgrade from the 55g tank. I got lucky & found a 150g tank for $100 on Craigslist! It was a mess & had a carpet stuck on the back wall that I had to remove, but was well worth the work!

This past weekend, I finally managed to get busy & get the mansion set up. 8/10 crabs have been moved over, 2 are buried in the 55g. So that’ll be sticking around until they surface so I can move them to join the rest. I’ll be able to get better pictures of the 150g once the 55g is out of the way. :) More details about the tank set up below the cut!!

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New crabby food! Top dish is just supplements (bone powder, montmorillonite clay, & green sand). I didn’t have to refresh worm casting dish this week, they were mostly going after the calcium/minerals! In their regular food dish (left), we have…

Proteins: beef liver, chicken, powdered fish (whiting, pollock, swai)

Veggies: mushrooms, broccoli, tomato

Fruit: cantaloupe, mango, pineapple

Extras: crab cookies from an online shop, beet root powder, & mixed seeds scattered on top of everything (hemp, chia, & celery)

The round dish on the right is their “wild food” dish. Current mix is chickweed, nettle, plaintain, alfalfa, clover, hibiscus, honeysuckle, jasmine, rose. I added some oak twigs, crushed oyster shell, and snake skin as well. :)

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How big will your hermit crabs get? And do different types of hermit crabs get to different sizes? AND how do you even manage to clean all of that sand? How often would you have to replace all of that

Yay, crabby questions!! :D 

If they live long enough, they can get up to the size of softballs! Jumbo crabs are big & strong enough to snap pencils in half with their big pincher. I think I have one or two crabs getting close to jumbo, but I don’t like to handle them, so I’m not positive. They might still just be considered large/extra large.

Yup, different species can be different sizes. I know I’ve read that Ecuadorians don’t get as big as Purple Pinchers, and I’m not sure Aussies do either.

I actually don’t have to clean or replace the sand (thank god - there’s 600lbs!). It’s really better not to once you have a tank established, unless you get a bacterial bloom (which smell like rotten eggs). But the tank basically becomes kind of like a bio-active enclosure, with beneficial bacteria that pop up. Some crabbers also add springtails and isopods to their enclosure to help with cleaning up mold, old food, etc. I added some isopods a couple months ago, not sure if they’ve survived. I need to add some more, and order some springtails.

For a really good cleaning, I’ll usually remove all of the tank decor, skim off the top of the substrate with old food, etc. & throw that away, add in some more fresh substrate, and mix up the top few inches with a bit of added water to ensure it’s not getting too dried out. I haven’t had to do that with this big tank yet though. I also try to only do it when everyone is aboveground, so I don’t risk collapsing tunnels on anyone. But I have enough crabs now that I don’t know if that’ll be possible, so I’ll just have to be extra careful next time I do a full cleaning.