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Hello, I hope that soon you will feel better. :* I have 2 ideas for you: 1 - Hannibal made Bedelia massage and she fall asleep in his arms for the first time. 2 - Bedelia has a problem with sleeping, Hannibal is trying to help her. All the best for you! :*

Thank you so much lovely anon! ♥♥ This has been sitting in my inbox for a long time, I am sorry for the delay. Your kind words mean a lot!

1. The first story was already posted, you can read it here.

2. Another post s3 fic, hope you’ll enjoy it:

respiraro, si te videro

The room is quiet, the only sounds still present are the even breaths of the man lying next to her and the distant ticking of an old-fashioned clock in the next room. Even the city is silent at this time of night. Bedelia feels as though suspended in a different world, the only thing keeping her grounded is the warm radiating from Hannibal’s body. A familiar heat remains comforting after all the years apart. Bedelia curiously examines the sensation, wandering towards the warmth and away from the stillness of the room. Yet it does not help her to drift back to sleep. Her eyes spring open at last, breaking the illusion of sleep. She waits for them adjust to the dark and gets up, looking for a distraction before her mind starts to reflect on her predicament. Doctors are the worst patients, she knows it well, but she silences her reasoning, secretly longing for the state of oblivion that comes with sleeping pills.

The feeling of another world persists as she stands by the window and gazes at the street in front of the house. The vibrant purple blossoms of jacaranda trees are visible even in the dark, turning the urban landscape into a tranquil dream. She has never considered visiting, let alone living in South America and now she finds herself in Buenos Aires. The new surroundings can be easily blamed for her lack of sleep, yet she knows it is not true.

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