purple ipod


MARKJIN / JINMARK *:・゚✧.  IPhone 5 / IPhone 5S / IPod Touch Background Pack  *:・゚✧.

Feel free to take them, but don’t remove the watermark    *:・゚✧  And I think that they fit in other phones yay <3 They’re so cute huh? <3

cr: Some of the pngs I used were taken from deviantart, credits to the owners <3

Made by me.


three random wallpapers!! best fir for iPhone 5/5s/5c/iPod 5 :)

p.s. guys let me know if you want anything specific on a wallpaper, i am happy to accommodate/take requests!! 


257 by Gina GT
Via Flickr:
Processed with VSCOcam with t3 preset

Is your hair green like algae? your skin marred by burns? you wearing your stupid purple ipod sweater? in the middle of summer? you wearing long ass denim jeans? but you’re a bit hot so you rolled one pant leg up? Is your name Tsubomi Kido? You lead a gang?

You’re beautiful, valid, and i love you and your terrible fashion choices