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*chants* we want dressing room smut ;) pleaseeeeee

“Babe…you hafta stop…shit they’re about to…”  He looked down while your hands traveled to the button of his jeans.  The bed in his dressing room had been Corden’s idea.  A joke bit for The Late Late Show during Harry’s week long residency.  He wasn’t expected out on stage until the end when he was supposed to sing “Kiwi”.  Harry had never expected it to be some kind of trigger.

But he should have.  His work schedule had been slightly busy lately.  And by slightly busy that meant he got maybe three hours of sleep and a 15 minute break to smack a quick kiss on your mouth before he had to shove food down his throat while he was carted off to the next gig.  

So to say you’d been neglected was…well…putting it lightly.  

The moment you saw the bed in the dressing room your eyes lit up, thinking it had to have been some sort of surprise he’d planned rather than a joke for the show.  The moment the two of you were alone, your mouth crashed down on his with needy, hungry kisses while your hands wrestled with the button of his pants.

You let out a frustrated grunt,

“Fuck…what is with this button.”

Harry shook his head,

“Because it’s not a button.”  He tried to pull your hands away from his pants, “They’re gonna knock on the door any minute.  James is doing his monologue.  You have to stop.”

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Words Can Hurt You.

Lance was talkative, shocker right?

Yeah, no.

But Lance never really expected that it would be his very own voice that would bring him to his downfall.

They had just made it into the Galra ship, Pidge and Keith looking for prisoners. Hunk, Shiro, and Lance off rodents the duo.

Lance was talking.

“Do you think Galra like grapes? Are they purple because they ate a lot of grapes?”

He didn’t even know what he was talking about, just spitting words.

Talking was an escape for the blue paladin. Had been his entire life.

It showed up verbally, in letters, texts, all of it. If he was constantly speaking or rambling or spamming, there was something wrong.

It was a distraction.

Sometimes he’d start saying not so great things, most about himself, etc.

Lance couldn’t exactly control it, and even as he would do it he’d notice how annoying it was.

But Lance. Couldn’t. Help. It.

“—maybe they are all painte purple at birth and are actually not purple. Is that why Keith isn’t purple? Maybe—”

“Lance!” Shiro hissed, glaring hard at his teammate, scolding him.

Lance blinked, clamping his mouth shut and gripped his bayard a little tighter.

Shut up, Lance.

He swallowed hard, walking after his friends with the back of his mind itching with words to say.

They made it to a tall door, and behind it the trio could hear Keith yelling.

“—not one of you!”

Then there was Pidge.

“—my brother?!”

Glances were exchanged, then with Hunk in the lead they charged through. They all filed in with weapons and hands at the ready.

“Let them go!” Shiro barked, eyes dark and ready to fight. Keith and Pidge were being held by guards.

Lance looked around, seeing no eyes on him so he quickly took the chance to slink and hide against a crook in the wall.

Almost seconds after, heavy guards grabbed onto Hunk and Shiro.

Everything was going wrong.
So, so wrong.

Lance watched it all go down.

The speeches, the comments, and then eventually the fight that ensued as Keith escaped.

Shots were fired and blades clashed on every side of Lance. All he had to do was take down Haggar.

He didn’t know what he was doing.
The team didn’t know what he was doing.

Did Lance mention he had no idea what the absolute quiznak he was doing?!

Suddenly he was out of his corner, revealed, his target sighted on Haggar.

Lance would not miss.

Through squinted eyes, though, Lance didn’t pay attention to the purple dark magic shoot from her fingers and hit the team.

There were so many beams of light everywhere it was hard to tell what was what.

There were shouts, then Haggar screamed. Lance didn’t pay attention after that.

Someone grabbed his arm and enforce he knew it the lions were in formation and taking off back towards the castle.

Wait, what?!

A wave of dizziness was he over Lance and he must have been periodically blacking  out.


He opened his eyes and saw Shiro standing above him. They were in the main room of the castle.

The blue paladin sat up, rubbing his head.
“Hmm? We did it?”

Shiro smiled in relief, but his words didn’t match his expression. “Of course, the first thing the guy does is talk.”

Lance blinked, then turned and looked to Keith. “I— So what happened? Did we defeat Haggar?”

Shiro looked confused, like something he had just said had been ignored. He didn’t say anything else though.

“What do you mean ‘we’? You didn’t contribute at all.” Hunk said.

Pidge snorted, “Yeah, sat there like a lame duck.” She smiled.

Nothing they were saying to Lance matches the way they looks at him.

Lance felt his eyes sting, looking down.

“I…I shot Haggar though…”

Shiro walked over, patting Lances back and helped him up with a grin. A twinge of worry in the mans eyes.

“Yes, you worthless piece of shit.”

Lance shrugged away from Shiro, glaring at all of them and ran off to his room. They all looked so confused.

It would continue like that for the following days to come. And Lance would only grow quieter with each nasty comment.

He figured he deserves the first night of it.

By the following day he assumed they were just sugar coating it.

Lance confronted them about it on the third day but only was answered back with more and more, worse, comments.

No one spoke to him on the sixth day.

By the second week, Lance had not been talking for about 9 days.

Everyone started to get angry with him, brushed him off, or completely acted like he wasn’t there.

Only the lions noticed.

Blue sent as many good vibes and comforting consolation as she could.

Lance was thankful for her.

The other lions would try and get the Paladins to hear what they were sayin to Lance, but their Paladins had no clue.

It was all Hagars magic, her last trick.

Everything the team said to the blue paladin reflected his insecurities until it drove him to silence.

Their happy paladin was gone.

Lance didn’t return from the next mission.

Pompeii Chapter 22

There were flowers on her desk.

Sakura blinked, setting her empty lunch container down and looking over at Shizune. “Where did these come from?”

“Seems that you have an admirer,” Shizune said, taking the box Sakura offered her with a word of thanks. “A delivery man brought it by.”

“Huh,” Sakura said, going around to the front of her desk.

She touched the petals of the sunflowers, frowning at the texture. They weren’t real. She lifted the note that accompanied it.

Thank you for your help! Bang! ~Deidara

“What?” Sakura said, examining the flowers more closely. They were made of clay and painted. Honestly, the level of detail was quite astounding. “What did he mean by bang?”

There was a sizzling sound. Sakura glanced down at the stems of flowers which were burning away, like a wick.

“Sakura!” Shizune exclaimed, leaping over her desk and knocking Sakura to the ground.

Sakura watched, breathless beneath Shizune’s protective stance, as the flowers ignited in a small shower of fireworks and sparks.

It was gorgeous and fleeting.

It had also been seconds away from burning her face.

“What was that?” Sakura demanded, brushing her hair out of her face.

“I had forgotten that Deidara has a reputation as a pyromancer,” Shizune said, frown severe. It is an intimidating look on her. She surveys the mess left behind, singed papers and black marks all over Sakura’s desk. “And he is something of a prankster. I will need to remind him that such acts are incredibly inappropriate. He could have burnt your face!”

Sakura stood, assisting Shizune to her feet. “Well you have my thanks for the quick acting,” Sakura said.

“I’ll be having words with Deidara,” Shizune said, eyes an unearthly green.

Sakura was extraordinarily relieved that she was not on the end of Shizune’s wrath.

Shizune gave her a brisk hug before turning to the mess with a sigh. “Go ahead and head out early,” she said, “I’ll call the janitor and track down Deidara.”

Sakura did not envy Deidara his position. “Alright,” she said, shutting down her computer and filing away whatever readable papers are left behind. “How are we going to fix these documents? We need them.”

“Don’t you worry about that,” Shizune said. “Our janitor possesses some lovely restoration abilities. I’ll put everything away after she comes by.”

“You’re the best Shizune!” Sakura exclaimed, bussing a kiss against her cheek and heading out the front door.

It was time for dinner.

“Here are your sunglasses,” Ino said, pressing a pair of aviators into Sakura’s hands. “Make sure you keep them on at all times, even when you’re in the bathroom or if you step outside.”

“Okay, okay,” Sakura replied, pressing a hand to Ino’s shoulder to show her appreciation. She put the blue reflective lenses on. “How do I look?”

“Absolutely lovely,” Ino said as she perched the cat eye sunglasses on the bridge of her nose. She hooked her hand through the crook of Sakura’s arm and strode down the street. “We’re fabulous.”

Sakura laughed, shaking her head but keeping pace gamely. Being with Ino was always an adventure.

They stopped outside a storefront with the name Mamushi in tasteful, if plain lettering at its front. The windows were wide and showcase a scene of long tables, plush seating and warm lighting. There was an open counter where the chefs’ work with the fish was clearly visible. Against the far wall was a bold mural of two women eating sushi in a traditional Azuchi-Momoyama period Japanese art style.

Sakura whistled, impressed. “Nice place.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty wonderful. Patrons just have to be a bit careful. Better safe than sorry,” Ino said, pressing through the door.

“Sakura, Ino!” Naruto called out, waving them down. The group was  seated in a corner. “C’mon over!”

Sakura took a seat between Hinata and Menma, ignorant to Ino’s pout.

“Here,” Hinata said softly, passing her a menu.

“Thanks,” Sakura said, taking a moment to appreciate everyone’s eyewear. “What’s good here?”


Sakura jumped, turning around in her chair.

A woman stood firmly planted in front of her. Her smile was wide and manic, eyes shaded by dark sunglasses.

Her hair was also made a hundreds of snakes.

The snakes were purple and writhing, hissing and turning to look at their surroundings.

“Anko Mitarashi,” she said, sticking out her hand to shake Sakura’s firmly. “I own this place.” She leaned in, scrutinizing Sakura intently. Then she plucked the menu out of Sakura’s hands. “Don’t worry your pretty little head about choosing! I’ll pick your sushi out for you tonight. You seem like an unagi, girl…”

Sakura watched, dumbfounded, as Anko walked away, whistling cheerily.

“Looks like you’re getting the eel,” Menma crowed, nudging her in the ribcage.

“I like eel,” Sakura said, smiling slightly. “I was just a bit surprised that she figured it out just like that.”

“Anko’s good at her job,” Naruto said. “A bit out there but she makes the best damn sushi around.”

“Maybe because she was around when sushi was invented,” Sasuke muttered, arms crossed.

“Oh hush,” Karin said, pouring herself a cup of sake. “You just don’t like the fact that she tried to feed you like a bird the first time we came here.”

“Karin!” Sasuke exclaimed, cheeks red. “Don’t talk about that!”

Sakura laughed, relaxing as conversations started up around her. She enjoyed this, simply being together and talking and enjoying each other’s company. She didn’t have the benefit of a shared history with those at the table, but sitting with them had started to feel like home almost as much as the actual town of Pompeii. There was a place for her here, and it was warm and welcoming. Maybe she was the newest in town, but she still felt like this was the home she was always meant to make and Sakura loved the feeling.

“Tayuya, have you heard anything about this whole fiasco that Kiri is starting up?” Menma asked in a low tone.

Tayuya frowned, thinking. “Not sure what fiasco you’re talking about. Kiri has fingers in just about every pie in town. You need to be a bit more specific.”

“The…recent incident,” Menma said, skirting around the issue.

“He’s talking about that Orochimaru thing,” Naruto said, breaking into the conversation. He was oblivious to the way Sakura flinched. “Dad’s gotten all up in arms about it but he’s keeping it very hush-hush.”

“Tsunade hasn’t mentioned anything to the coven but I know she’s only recently started to attend some city council meetings,” Tayuya said. “You think that’s what it’s about?”

“The clan heads have been to the meetings too,” Shikamaru said. “Dad is being pretty tight-lipped over the whole thing.”

“Mito-sama is involved too,” Karin said. “Whatever’s happening, it’s pretty serious.”

“Nah,” Naruto said cavalierly. “I think it’s Yagura just blowing hot air. He’s always been a paranoid bastard, especially since Akatsuki came around. Orochimaru died centuries ago; we all know it. Hell, Tsunade said-”

Something cracked behind them.

Everyone turned, taking in the sight of Anko bending over a broken tray. Sushi lay in disarray on the ground, ruined.

“Apologies,” she said, smile bland. “I just thought of something funny and I forgot my strength. I will be back shortly with your sushi. I apologize for the inconvenience.”

Most of table’s occupants turned back to their conversation, albeit in quieter tones. Sakura, however, continued to watch Anko, catching the fine tremors in her shoulders and the drooping of her snakes.

The sake in her mouth turned to ash.

“I do not feel well,” Sakura said, standing up abruptly. “I’m going to head home and sleep it off.”

She heard the protestations but she bowed out regardless, offering platitudes before heading for the door.

A hand on her shoulder stopped her.

“Don’t approach Anko, not now,” Shikamaru said, gaze steady as he stares her down. “She doesn’t possess the best control.” He looked at her drawn face and tightly pressed lips and sighed. “Troublesome. Look, Naruto may espouse his opinion the loudest but it doesn’t make it true. Talk to Anko another day. Ino and I will come by later with your sushi.”

Sakura nodded, squeezing the hand on her shoulder. “Thank you, Shikamaru.”

“Don’t mention it,” he said, waving her off lazily.

Sakura stepped out onto the street, buoyed by the cool night air. She patted her flushed cheeks, trying to let go of her anger. She didn’t understand the politics of Pompeii, not in full. How could she? She’d been here for a few months while some of the denizens had been here for centuries.

She began to walk, allowing her boiling emotions to fuel her brisk pace.

It wasn’t Naruto’s fault that he didn’t know, that he spoke out so carelessly on issues that he knew nothing of. Sakura had seen the terror in Yagura’s face, the lingering, stifling fear felt through the older residents when the name Orochimaru was invoked. She doubted that Yagura would dare to resurrect the horror of a seemingly forgotten nightmare without good reason.

Sakura huffed and stared down at the pavement, wishing for a way to understand the tenuous climate of Pompeii. She needed knowledge…

Sakura blinked as the concrete beneath her feet turned to pink brick. She looked up, gaping at the building that was in front of her.

It was a building.

In the middle of the street.

Sakura shook her head, unable to understand what she was seeing. She had walked down this street only half an hour ago. What the hell was this building? Sakura scrutinized the sign, which read Sarutobi Library.

Honestly, she wasn’t sure why she was surprised. This was Pompeii after all.

Still a library, right when she needed one.

Sakura walked up the steps, anger dampening as curiosity took over. She pulled out her phone, turning on its flashlight. She pressed her hand against the oak door, feeling the fine grains of wood beneath her shifting fingertips.

The door swung open beneath her weight.

“Hello?” Sakura called, peeking inside the darkened room. “Anyone there?”

Silence greeted her.

Sakura paused, warring with herself for a moment before valor got the better part of discretion and she stepped inside.

Her footsteps echoed against the marble flooring as she began to explore. She couldn’t quite make out the details of the walls, but it looked intricate, gilt murals and swirling images of legends she knew nothing of. Heavy drapes hung in the path before her. Sakura pulled them away, grinning at the sight.

Books lined every wall as far as the eye could see. Sakura glanced up, turning her flashlight toward the ceiling. She couldn’t even see it, it was so far away.

Sakura stepped further into the library, slightly overwhelmed with all the possibilities. Where should she start?

She shook her head, squaring her shoulders.

She’d just start somewhere.

The starting was the important thing.

She looked around and finally found the light switch. She flipped it on, gasping as the light allowed her to fully appreciate the beauty of the library. The books were gilded in silver and gold and shimmery colors of all sorts, bright and inviting. In the center of the room was plush sofas and plump ottomans and pillows, ready for any reading position. There were innumerable ladders along the walls, positioned in such ways that seemed almost impossible as one ladder connected to another and then another. There were moving staircases alongside the walls, allowing for easy access to the books. The lighting was nouveau in style, thousands of colorful glass shards making up mosaics of pure light.

It was strange and beautiful.

Sakura pulled back her hair, grabbed a conveniently placed basket, and strode toward the closest ladder.

It was time to get to work.

Sakura dodged the flailing tentacle, wobbling precariously on the high ladder as she fought to shut the book. Her shirt was soaked and she smelled of brine, peppermint, and honey, an odd combination to be sure. Sap clung to different portions of her hair, making it stand on end.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had this much fun.

Sakura reshelved 1001 Tomato-Based Remedies for the Apothecary. She wasn’t sure why there was a giant squid inhabiting this particular book, but she decided not to question its culinary tastes.

Instead she pushed against the handy brass rails on the wall, grinning as the ladder swung around the walls smoothly. She paused as a glint of silver caught her eyes, examining the title:

A Brief History of Preternaturally Inclined Villages.

Sakura couldn’t help a sound of victory as she carefully lifted her evil eye medallion, brushing it against the binding on the side.

There was no reaction.

Just to be safe, Sakura pulled out the ankh given her by a client and tapped the top and bottom of the book. (She had quickly learned to be cautious with books that often had a mind of their own.)

Again, nothing happened.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Sakura tucked her talismen away and gingerly lifted the book. She added it to the basket that hung from one of the rungs of the ladder, appreciating once more just how wonderful this library was. Sakura glanced at her ladened basket, counting fifteen or so books.

With a satisfied nod, Sakura clambered down the ladder with an ease that belied her enthusiasm. She startled and nearly missed a rung when someone began to clap.

“Well done.”

Sakura turned, clinging tightly to the ladder as she surveyed her surroundings. Below her stood an older man, hunched and stooped with age.

Perhaps the librarian?

She swallowed, making her way down the ladder to meet the interloper. As she got closer to him, Sakura could make out his facial features: the craggy planes of his face and his warm, kind eyes.

“That was quite impressive child,” he said as she reached the same level as him. “I’ve never seen a newcomer handle herself so well with the more…rambunctious books. Especially considering that you did not use any magic.”

Sakura smiled wryly. “Well, Pompeii offers a steep learning curve.”

“Indeed it does!” the man said, seeming delighted as he laughed. “I am Hiruzen Sarutobi, librarian.”

“I am Sakura Haruno, new doctor here in Pompeii,” Sakura replied, taking his hand and shaking it firmly. “I apologize for barging in here unannounced.”

“No apologies are necessary!” Hiruzen said. “Truly, I am glad that the library chose to appear to you; it almost never comes to newcomers. Whenever you see the library, know it is open to you at any hour of the day.” He peered into her basket, a frown gracing his face. “What exactly were you looking for?”

“I want to understand the town better,” Sakura said, meeting his troubled gaze easily. “Things are brewing just beneath the calm surface and I am behind many other citizens by centuries. I need to arm myself with knowledge.”

“A wise method,” Hiruzen said. “And what is it specifically you seek knowledge in today?”

Sakura swallowed, remembering the reactions of the younger generation. Would this man brush off her concerns so easily too? She breathed deeply and said, “I want to know who Orochimaru was and his significance to this town.”

“Orochimaru?” Hiruzen said, voice high as he staggered back a step. “Yes…I suppose with the current unrest it would make sense to look into the underbelly of Pompeii. And Orochimaru certainly thrived in the darkness.” He sighed, drawing a shaking hand across his face. “Well, A Brief History of Preternaturally Inclined Villages is a good choice to learn about the significance of Pompeii itself but for Orochimaru…” He trailed off.

“Are there truly no books on the events in Pompeii?” Sakura asked.

“Actually, I might have something. Wait here.”

Sakura watched as Hiruzen doddered away, feeling a bit accomplished. It was good to be taken seriously in her concerns.

“Here,” Hiruzen said triumphantly, waving a book above his head. “I found it!”

He pressed a plain book into her hands, looking at her expectantly. She examined the blank cover, looking over the dark stains within the leather. She carefully opened the book, ready to find the title.

It was blank.

Sakura scowled, flipping through the pages. All were blank.

“What is this?” Sakura asked.

“It will reveal itself to you as time goes on,” Hiruzen said. “This should provide you answers on who Orochimaru is and what he has done within this town.”


Hiruzen shook his head. “It is late. You should head home.”

Sakura raised her hands in protest but Hiruzen faded away before her very eyes. She frowned at the spot he once was, not appreciating his cryptic advice. She wanted straightforward answers.

She glanced down at the blank book.

Perhaps answers were within it.

“I’m taking this basket of books with me,” Sakura called, guessing that Hiruzen was listening. “Next time I’m here I’ll get a library card, if that is something you have here.”

When she was met with silence, Sakura took it as permission and headed for the door.

She stepped outside, blinking at her surroundings which had changed.

She was in front of the clinic.

Sakura grinned, looking up at the library. She wasn’t sure how sentient a building could be, but this was Pompeii. She patted the library sign. “Thank you,” she murmured, before moving forward and pressing a key into her lock.

She frowned as something tugged at the space behind her bellybutton.

Her seal.

Sakura placed the basket of books inside the clinic before locking the door, responding to the call of the seal.

She sucked in a heavy breath as she landed in the town square, trying to reorient herself quickly. Blue hands landed on her shoulders, steadying her.

“Sakura,” Kisame said, gazing past her with concern.

“Sakura!” Zabuza was suddenly in her face, pushing Kisame out of the way. He paced in front of her, full of energy. “I…he was alone for just a minute… I can’t believe…it’s my fault!”

“Zabuza, what happened?” Sakura demanded, grabbing his face and making him stand still. “I need you to breathe and explain.”

“It’s Haku,” he said, eyes full of tears. Sakura brushed the saline away, listening attentively. “He…he was attacked.”

“Where is he?” Sakura asked tersely.

“Here,” Kisame said, carrying a slight body over to Sakura.

It was Haku, but he was in very poor shape, tensed in agony.

“Here, hold onto me,” Sakura said, offering her arms to Zabuza, Kisame, and Yagura. “I’ll take us back to the clinic.”

“I’ll do it,” Yagura said darkly, eyes glowing.

They landed in the middle of the clinic and Sakura immediately set to work, pulling on gloves as she gave orders. “Yagura, I need you to call Shizune; let her know it’s an emergency. Kisame, place Haku on the examination table. Zabuza, grab a glass of water and sit down!

“Now,” Sakura took a deep breath to center herself, “what happened?” Sakura asked, brushing Haku’s hair away from his face.

“We were going out to the lake,” Zabuza said, gaze unfocused and voice unnaturally calm. He was in shock. “Haku ran up ahead since I had to stop by Hidan’s for some hardware. It couldn’t have been more than ten minutes…I came across him screaming, all contorted…He’s out of it now but he said something bit him.”

Sakura frowned, leaning in to examine Haku’s neck. There were two puncture holes, reminiscent of fangs. The veins around the entry wound were darkened and inflamed.

She frowned. “Kisame, I’m going to need you to call Chiyo and inform her that I will need her assistance. Kankuro’s too. Haku is poisoned.” Zabuza released a wet sounding noise. “Zabuza, you did the right thing. We are getting him treated.” Sakura wrapped a sterile bandage loosely around the wound. “What venomous animals are native to the area?”

“It was Orochimaru,” Yagura said, stepping up beside her.

“Have you seen this sort of attack before?” Sakura asked.

Yagura nodded. “Chiyo has dealt with it in the past.”

“Kisame, please let her know what we are dealing with,” Sakura said. She frowned as Haku began to scream. “We’ll need her expertise to handle this.”

Yagura stood beside Zabuza, hand on his shoulder. “Orochimaru will pay for this, in blood.”

everyone in pompeii is illiterate because the library is an asshole that acts like the room of requirement.

At some point Steve just slithers around because he hates pants more than is probably normal for a monster. He’s found that if he slithers quickly enough, he destroys the skirts Tony makes him wear. He feels victorious, because Bucky still looks cross when he puts on his pants.

Until the day Tony comes home with a bunch of brightly patterned pieces of cloth. “Sarongs,” Tony chortles proudly.

Steve… loves the sarongs, actually. They’re silky and fluttery and it’s like they weigh nothing. And they’ve got really nice patterns. His favorite sarong has turtles on it. The background is purple. He hisses threateningly when Bucky touches it.

(”What the fuck?” Bucky whispers when he sees Natasha wearing the purple turtle sarong.

It’s the only purple sarong Tony’s bought and she wanted to know what she looked like in purple. Sometimes she says things that Bucky and Steve can tell mean that she’s had a rough past. Bucky supposes that he can swallow his jealousy just this once, but only because she decides that she doesn’t look good in purple.)

HTTYD one-shot: A Little Scratch

               Title: A Little Scratch

               Requested by: @katurdi

               Summary: “Quit your whining! I bet it’s barely even a scratch.” Astrid scolded with a little smile. Hiccup whined again, giving her arm a light-hearted tap.

               Genre: Friendship, Romance

               Rating: K+

               Time-line: RTTE season 5

               Hiccup yelped in alarm, stepping back from the forge before gripping his good leg painfully. Sure, the poker just had to touch his good leg- his ONLY leg. Just his luck.

               He hobbled over to a bench in the corner of his hut, plopping down into it before grabbing his pants leg and hoisting them up to his knee, glaring at the bright red gash below his knee cap. It was already oozing red- almost purple- gunk. He hissed and pulled his pants leg back down and stuffing the ends into his boot, hoping he’d be alright until he made it to the clubhouse. That’s where the supplies were kept… well, where his were anyways. Everyone had their own stash of First Aid necessities in their huts, although he’d been stupid and had forgotten his saddle bag in the clubhouse after their last patrol. He always brought supplies with… and he’d sorta forgotten to bring his back to his hut.

               Hiccup gripped the doorframe and glanced outside where the sun was just touching the sky, shining the first rays of sunlight across the land. Hiccup swallowed thickly before hobbling alongside the wall of his hut, wondering where in the archipelago Toothless could be.

               But calling his dragon might be a bad idea, Toothless had a tendency of being over protective. Once Hiccup had burnt himself in the Forge back on Berk, and Toothless had gone bonkers, rushing about in a mad haste and had even dashed out and dragged his Dad all the way to the forge. It was quite embarrassing, to be honest. And Hiccup didn’t want Toothless to go calling one of the gang. Especially since everyone were still in bed- or so he hoped.

               Hiccup paused at the corner of his hut, glancing about hesitantly before limping quickly to the next hut- uh oh… Astrid’s hut.

               And she just so happened to be the lightest sleeper in the entire archipelago. A fly could buzz twenty feet away from her, and she’d still hear it and be wide awake instantly. She claimed it was reflexes- warrior instincts. No one dared to try any stunts on a sleeping Astrid, for she always had a weapon handy. The twins had merely walked by her once when she fell asleep in her chair at the clubhouse, and Tuffnut had been lucky to get away with his body still connected to his head, although his hair hadn’t been as lucky.

               Hiccup tiptoed as quietly as he could- but with an injured leg and a noisy squeaky prosthetic made going difficult. He froze in position when he heard something creak from inside, then the telltale thumps of steps against wood.

               He groaned when the door opened, rolling his eyes in defeat before letting them settle upon the girl in the doorway. He gave a squeak of surprise and alarm, jumping back slightly at the sight of her.

               Gods, since when did Astrid get bedhead!?

               “What?” She mumbled, swatting a hand at her hair and failing the meek attempt to calm her slightly frizzy hair. Hiccup inspected her again, smiling when he realized… he blushed furiously at the thought that passed through his brain, realizing that yes, he really did like Astrid and bedhead… All those wispy hairs flying about her face and the lose strands falling out of her messy braid… it was the complete opposite of the normal neat and orderly Astrid.

               Thor, she looked beautiful.

               He snapped out of his daze when he noticed her lips were moving, most likely asking a question. He shook his head and grunted a jumbled slur, eyeing her in confusion.

               She gave him a stern look before gesturing to his lower half, “I said, what did you do to your leg?”

               Oh, right. His leg.

               “I… I sort of, was working in the Forge…” Hiccup coughed nervously. “Dropped the stoker. And it just so happened to fall onto my leg- could’ve landed on my arm, seeing as how I have two of those, but nooo.” He joked lightly, seeing her face light up with a small smile. “It just had to land on my one and only leg.”

               Astrid laughed quietly, then stepped forward to grab his arm and help him to hobble forward. “You do seem to attract danger like a magnet.”

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anonymous asked:

How would GOM react giving their s/o a lift somewhere to meet a friend and then they see that the friend is some hot guy?

I have been waiting for this. Hahahaha I laughed way too hard at writing Kuroko’s.

Kuroko: One look outside the window to see a very attractive guy there. That’s all it took. Before ___ could even pull the handle to open the door, Kuroko had locked the car. With a confused face, his girlfriend scrunched her eyebrows up in confusion and look at Kuroko. All he would do is look straight at her with an emotionless expression and blink before hitting the gas pedal and speeding off. “What the heck, Kuroko? That was my friend! You were supposed to drop me off there!!” “My apologies, ___-san. It seems my foot has gotten stuck on the accelerator.” “Liar!!” “Maybe.” “Kuroko!!!”

Akashi: Right as ___ opens the door, Akashi suddenly reaches over and slams it shut. “Wah- Akashi! What are you doing?” “I thought you said you were hanging out with a friend today?” Akashi was staring down the poor attractive teenager innocently waiting across the street for ___. “I am! He’s right over there.” “You never told me it was a guy..Especially a guy that’s..blessed in his appearance.” A dark growl escaped from Akashi as he turned his stare to ___, making chills run down his girlfriend’s spine. “I didn’t think it would matter…Akashi, I’m making him wait, I need to go.” Before she could reach the door handle again, he swiftly grabbed her wrist and pulled her over before whispering darkly in her ear. “I think he can wait one more minute while I make sure he understands you’ve been claimed mine.” Hungrily, his lips went down to her neck before beginning to bite and suck on her skin until it turned a mix of red and purple. “Seijurou!!” ___ hissed grabbing his hair, trying to pull him off and resist the feeling to moan. Akashi pulled away his lips before they formed into a sly smirk while he opened the door for his girlfriend. “Now he’ll know you’re mine.”

Aomine: “Oi, what the hell is this? A sick joke?” Aomine huffs as he glares out the window, directing it to the good-looking friend. “What? No! That’s my friend! I told you we’re hanging out today!!” ___ explains before mumbling a quick goodbye and getting out of the car. She was halfway to her friend when ___ heard a car door slam and heavy footsteps running over to her. ____ watched with a dropped jaw as her navy-haired, quick-to-anger, boyfriend stomped past her to the attractive male friend. “Listen asshole. I’m gonna let you hang out with my ___-chan today because she’s been really looking forward to this..BUT..if you even so glance at her the wrong way and I catch it, I’ll knock you out faster than you can say “forgive”.” was all Aomine said before stomping back to ___, giving her a quick kiss and glaring at the friend.

Kise: “___-cchi!!!!!” Kise called out while wildly running over to her, flapping his hands everywhere. “Huh, what is it Ryou-chan?” ___ called out, pulling away from her very attractive friend’s hug. “Oh is this another friend of yours, ___-chan?” The alluring male friend said as he looked Kise up and down. Kise’s muscle quickly tensed up as he noted the word “friend” and the cute nickname the friend gave his ___-cchi. “No. I’m her boyfriend.” Kise quickly barked back, glaring at the friend that was now too close to ___ for comfort. Kise quickly analysed the beautiful-looking male before his golden eyes went wide in shock. This couldn’t be. ___’s friend was the new attractive model that was currently Kise’s rival. “Ooohh, I know who you are! You’re Kise Ryouta!..You’re apparently my enemy in the modeling business. And it seems you’re also dating my dear ____-chan, whom I’ve known since childhood.” Kise didn’t like the way he stated “my dear __-chan”. “Yes, well ___-cchi invited me to hang out with you two today so you get to know me.” “What, I didn’t say an—“ “Sh, sh, my ___-cchi, she’s just so excited!”

Midorima: “___, can I see your phone for a second?” Midorima calls out, hand held out to ___ while directing his glare out the window to the hot guy who was apparently ___’s friend. “Uhh..sure..” ___ hesitantly gives her phone over to Midorima. A few quick taps here and there on her phone with his talented fingers before he gave it back to her and put the car in drive. “Taro-chan! This is the place! My friend’s right there!” “Yeah I know but it’s scheduled for a later date now.” ___ quickly looks out the window to see her friend look down at his phone and frown a little before beginning to walk away. “What?! I’m so confus—“ “You’re horoscope says you need to hang out with your lover today.” “No! That’s my horoscope for tomorrow!! Today says I should hang out with a friend!” ___ quickly unlocks her phone before realising the Message app was pulled up and the messages with the friend was open. ___ looks down to see a new text was sent to her friend just now, but she didn’t send it. “I’m dearly sorry, (friend’s name)-kun, but I can’t hang out today. My boyfriend needs me.”

Murasakibara: “___-chin. Who is this?” Murasakibara calls out, strolling up to ___ who was talking to the stunning-looking male. “Huh? Sushi-chan, I told you, this is my friend!” The giant stops in front of the beautiful man and glares down at him, analysing him. “I thought you said you were gonna hang out with Eren today?” “This is Eren!” “I thought Eren was a girl..___-chin, I don’t like this..” ___ begins to giggle at the fact Atsushi thought Eren, her attractive male friend, was a girl. Eren began to feel uncomfortable with the huge giant looking down at him with such a frightening stare. “Listen here, Eren-boy-chin, don’t touch my ___-chin. Not a hug, not a handshake, not even a swift touch! If you do, I’ll crush you.” “Sushi-chan!! Don’t be so mean, you’re scaring him!” “You hear me? I’ll crush you.

Inspired by Elenothar’s fic http://archiveofourown.org/works/9181330 where Graves became the designated creature sitter for Newt but they follow him to work and he secretly loves it even though he grumps and huffs about it. Yes its as good as it sounds now go read it and squeal. I also notice the occamy scarf thing as a rather popular inclusion in fics so I decided to see if an occamy can actually pass off as a rather colourful scarf. As you can see I guess it is possible if you don’t mind the shining purple glittering hissing of fabulous. I also thought wouldn’t an occamy just expand inside the Woolworth building and just about bring the whole thing down and then I remembered Newt saying they only do that when stressed so there you go Graves feel stressless he emits calmness his aura is so peaceful an occamy stayed in its small coil. That’s because these are by extension his babies as well Graves is so head over heels for Newt at this point and I think I better stop here I’m beginning to sound maniacal. Again people do not stay up till 2am to draw. 

dat-fluffy-potato  asked:

Hi! ♡ Could I have a drabble with ayato and the reader, it being nsfw and the reader watched ayato during a basketball game and afterwards he felt that the reader was some what teasing ayato (they totally were teasing him!) and he wants to punish her in the nearest closet or dark room avaliable? Thank you so much! ♡ ♡

  • Word Count: 1391
  • Characters: Sakamaki Ayato & reader
  • Theme: NSFW

          Breathes huffed, sweat dribbled down his cheeks, as his fingers curled around your wrist within a puff of air fanned across your face. His chuckled groan thundered into your ear whilst the lightning lashed before you stretched across the surface of the small cage you dove yourself into. The trap had been set and you were the prey that dove right into the bait he had planted out in the open. An intellectual he may not be as he barely held himself together in a snatch of waves slapped across the rocks as he slammed you against the wall, however the little trickster managed to play out his plan within a couple of sleeve rolls as his teeth bite over his bottom lip.

Rustles and rackets of clothes shuffled in the heated mess of hands roamed across your body and tongue slithered pass your teeth as he ripped past the fabric constricted him of his desires. Torn underneath his finger tips as he threw the unnecessary materials towards one side, Ayato’s hands cupped over the meat flesh he could hold onto. Lips curved as his head crooked towards one side, his emeralds tuned upwards to watch as your face lit up in flusters of red painted across your cheeks. It didn’t help as your bottom lip stuttered before it had been bitten away by his fangs as his fingers squeezed at your breast.

Fangs grazed across your lip as he bit down onto the flesh, his lips mould against your bottom lip as he sucked at the flowed crimson into his mouth. Oozed out from your body as your eyes wavered from the sparked eyes gleamed over your expression to his hands plagued over your breast to hips with every ponder, squeeze and pinch he could make with each grunted growl slipped past his lips. “You tasted good as always, chichinashi… But Ore-sama wants to taste down here,” he poked your breast. “You’ve been pulling at that shirt around, and now you don’t have one… Heh, still small as always, aren’t you? Don’t worry, I’ll make them bigger!”

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Shape-Shifter - Wanda Maximoff x Experiment!Reader


Hey love, I just wanted to ask if you could do a Wanda x fem!reader. Where the reader is having trouble controlling her powers (animal shape shifting) and Wanda helps her and at the end they share a kiss. Thank you hun. Have a wonderful day!

A/n: I hope this is okay, I wasn’t entirely sure what animals the reader would shape shift into so I just picked a few random ones that would?

When you were a child, you were scooped off the streets and thrown into illegal experimentation labs in the shady corrupted city of Gotham (A/n: it was that or Star City. Need more corrupt fictional cities.) where many homeless orphan children were experimented on. You were one of the survivors after the labs were shut down for unethical research. You were 15 when you were taken from the labs into a crummy orphanage for girls, but they weren’t girls, they were animals, you roll your eyes at the irony now but… it was there that your powers first activated. You turned into a purple-eyed grizzly bear, slaughtering everyone in there before running into the forests, after a number of days you turned back into your human form for the first time.

Shaken, you took off from the forests, dodging Gotham, arriving at New York City, where you’ve been ever for 6 years since.

You trailed the streets with ease, pick-pocketing wallets and purses before climbing the abandoned building’s emergency escape stairs to your ‘home’. An empty room with a window that easily opens when pushed. You had no idea Tony Stark had just purchased the building to redevelop. Or you didn’t until he and Pepper Potts found you, shape-shifted into a black cat with purple eyes. Hissing and spitting at them, you leaped out the window, landing on your feet in human form, sprinting down the alley and into the busy streets of New York.

A week later, a man with an eye-patch and a stern woman showed up, looking for you. You jumped down from a 10ft wall when they were there, cornering you. You growled, animalistic fangs on show, eyes glowing purple. “Y/n M/n S/n, parents died in an accident when you were 4, taken into illegal experimentation in Gotham at age 7, got out at age 15 and put into an orphanage which was shut down after it was ravaged by a grizzly bear which I’m guessing was when you shifted for the first time…” Maria began to explain but you had backed away, pressed against the wall, trying to breathe. 

“Listen kid, you’ve been on the street far too long, I’m surprised you survived all this time, how about we offer you a deal? We have an initiative that will give you a good home and training on how to use your powers, all you gotta do is come with us…” Fury stated. You paused looking at them. “You’re both relaxed, like you’ve dealt with this type of thing before…” You stated, glancing at them both carefully. You’d be listening to their heartbeats.

“Ever heard of the Avengers?” Maria questioned. You nodded.

“I’ve been in New York 6 years…no shit Sherlock…” You snarked, sarcastically.

“Widow will probably like her… So what do you say kid? Wanna train to be an Avenger?” Fury questioned.

“How do I know you won’t kill me if I go with or, experiment on me more or, throw me back on the streets?” You growled, your teeth had returned to normal and so had your eye colour. “Because we’re SHIELD, now are you in or not?”

Next thing you knew you were standing in the elevator in Avengers tower, Maria and Fury next to you. 

“Avengers, this is Y/n S/n she is the newest Avenger in training, she is able to shape-shift into animals…what is it now Stark?” Fury complained. 

“She literally looks like you pulled her off the streets, are you from off the streets?” Tony questioned, trying to poke you but you grabbed his wrist and pushed him back.

 “You’re the man who tossed me from my home.” You stated, moodily.

 “You’re the black cat who turned into a girl… how did you do that anyway? Altered genetics? Experimentation?” Tony questioned. You glared in response, eyes glowing purple as you felt the tingle in your spine. A snow leopard replaced where you stood, growling, you left the room.

“Watch your tongue Stark, she’s capable of ripping it from your mouth.” Fury snapped before Wanda stood up and left the room after you. “She vants to help her.” Pietro stated, crossing his arms.

Wanda followed you to the roof, where you had curled up, trying to breathe. “Y/n? I am Wanda… I vant to help you…” Wanda whispered. Your ears twitched as Wanda heard your thoughts. “ i vill help you control your shapeshifting… calm your mind…” Wanda explained as she approached, red energy surrounded her hands before she accessed your thoughts. She saw everything, the accident that killed your parents, the experiments, the orphanage, what happened to you during the Battle of New York, how Tony and Pepper saw you in the abandoned building, finally how Maria and Fury found you on the streets. 

Tears flooded your face as you shifted back, Wanda wrapped her arms around you, pulling you into her chest as you shivered. You pulled away as you stared into her eyes, turning from red to normal as yours glowed purple. Wanda smiled before moving closer, her warm breath hitting your lips. You closed the gap between the two of you, causing Wanda to smile into the kiss. The two of you sat there, kissing as the rain began to spit and pour. As the two of you broke apart, you laughed at the cliche moment causing Wanda to grin. “I think you’ll be okay here draga mea.” Wanda expressed, causing excitement to bubble within you. You finally had a real home…

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Witcher moments (55) - Geralt of Rivia, the knight

- Thtop, Odo, What ith your name, hero?
- Mine?
- Of course you. The knight with the purple cloak looked at him menacingly. What’s wrong with you? Are you wounded? Did you hit your head?
- No.
- Then answer, when the queen asks! You can see that she is wounded in the mouth and finds it difficult to speak!
- Thtop that, Odo.
The knight in purple bowed, and then looked at Geralt.’
- What is your name?
Who cares, he thought. I’m sick of all this. I will not lie.
- Geralt.
- Geralt from where?
- Nowhere.
- No family? Meve redecorated the sand under her feet with splashes of saliva mixed with blood.
- What? No, no family. Your Royal Highness.
Meve drew her sword.
- Kneel.
He obeyed, still unable to believe what was happening. Still thinking about Milva and the way he chose for her, fearing the swamps of Ysgith.
The queen turned to the Purple Knight.
- You will thpeak the formula. I can not thpeak.
- For unprecedented valour in battle for a just cause, Purple recited emphatically, For showing your virtue, honour and fidelity to the crown, I, Meve, by the grace of the gods, queen of Lyria and Rivia, By my power, right and privilege knight thee. Serve faithfully. Bear this blow, shirk not away from pain.
- Bow, sir knight, the Purple Knight hissed.
The freshly dubbed knight, Geralt of Rivia, bowed low, so that Queen Meve, his sovereign, would not see his smile - the bitter smile - that he was unable to resist.

Andrzej Sapkowski - Baptism of fire

This moment when the unofficial Geralt of Rivia became the official Geralt of Rivia

She had seen it an infinite amount of times, and yet it never failed to leave her in awe. The separate shades of red and blue colliding as the sun approaches the sea of the horizon, creating the perfect shade of deep purple. The massive hiss made when the sun enters the waters, conjuring a giant pillar of mist at the edge of the world. This glowing disk of red and blue, covered by mysterious smoke on the water, was beyond exquisite.
—  lilium, ‘todai we will dai’
annapolis gothic
  • you see a midshipman. you see another midshipman. they are multiplying, walking around in twos and threes. the midshipmen obscure your vision. there is nothing left to see but midshipmen.
  • you are crossing the severn river. you look to the side and see another bridge. am i on the right bridge? you wonder. you’re not sure, so you drive to the other bridge. you have a sense of deja vu. you are now caught in an eternal loop, crossing back and forth across the severn river.
  • you sniff the air. there is a distinctive salty smell in the air. is it the brackish water? no, you realize. it’s old bay. you inhale the air, smiling. you feel tears trickling down your cheeks, and one slips inside your mouth. you can taste the old bay in your tears.
  • you feel a pang of hunger. you look around for somewhere to buy food. you spot a building, and sigh in relief. there may be no grocery stores in a ten-mile radius, but at least there are three different places that offer handcrafted ice cream.
  • “croquet,” someone says. you ears perk up. visions of johnnies in togas and formal wear fill your mind. you can’t wait for this year’s game.
  • swimming off your community beach, a jellyfish stings you arm. another one stings your leg. you pay it no mind, because the brackish water that flows within your veins has made you immune to the jellyfish.
  • in your orioles jersey, you spot someone wearing purple and black. you hiss. a ravens fan. never mind that they are fans of a completely different sport–it’s about true loyalty. things are going to get ugly. if someone wearing navy colors passes between you, there will be a war.
  • as a woman wearing a bonnet passes you on the sidewalk, a horse-drawn carriage rattles down the brick road. you fear that you have traveled back in time. when the town crier tips his hat in your direction, you remember – watermark tours.
  • the bay bridge is endless. the first time you crossed it, you thought it was long. now you know it is eternal. not only does is stretch across the water, it reaches into the future and the past.
Just A Lil' Dare

Prompt: Could you make a shot where Newt, Thomas, Minho, Frypan, and the reader are playin ‘Pick a dare’ (you place dares in a hat and pick one at random) and the reader picks a dare that says to make out with the person on your left and that person is Newt. So the reader takes Newt to the Deadheads and they get smutty? Please and thank you.

Warning: SMUT

(A/N: Not a problem :) )

Dusk fell over the Glade pretty quickly today. You’ve just settled into your job as Medjack and the some of the Gladers want to celebrate you finding your place amongst them. You’ve adjusted fairly well. Frypan grabs some food from the kitchen and Minho, Thomas, and Newt follow to a crackling bonfire, much like the one that was thrown the first night you arrived, minus the other Gladers. 

You take a seat on one of the stools and dig in as the rest gather round.

“Here’s to the Greenie for finding her job this week,” Frypan holds up his jar of moonshine and the rest of us follow suit clinking them together, “Now what should we do to celebrate?”

“Hmm how about we play a game?” You say devilishly as your eyes peer amongst the small group of boys.

“What kind of game?” Thomas asks 

“Well from what little I can remember from the outside world, there were quite a few interesting games kids would play to pass the time. One I remember pretty well. I say we use this jar here, take some pieces of paper and write some dares, shake it up and each of us, one at a time, has to pick one and execute it.”  

You smirk as the group of boys nod their heads in agreement and Minho passes out slips of ripped up paper. Of course you had your own vendetta. You’ve been eyeing Newt ever since you landed in this hell hole. You seem to enjoy making him squirm. The way you playfully shove him around or “accidentally” brushing your leg against his at the  table during meals, you love teasing him. Partly because you know he would never make the first move considering his status as second in command.

You scribble down:

Make out with the person on your left

You figure it would be the perfect icebreaker to lead to something more in the not so distant future. That is if all went according to plan and he picked up that particular dare. 

You all place your dares into the jar and Minho shakes it up, signaling he’ll be the first to pull from the jar. 

“Alright, you shucks, let’s see.” He dips his hand into the jar and pulls out the first slip.

His eyes widen and he groans.

“Kiss Winston on the lips? Are you shucking serious? Which one of you shanks came up with this one?”

Frypan lets out a chuckles and waves his hand.

“What’s the matter Minho? You wanna chicken out?” Newt teases earning a chuckle from the whole circle.

“Ain’t no way in shucking hell am I chickening out!” He pushes up off of his seat and takes off in a jog towards the Blood house where Winston will most likely be tending to the animals.

Within seconds we hear a screech and slew of profanities leaving all by the fire in a fit of booming laughter. When Minho returns he spits and wipes his mouth.

“There is a special place in hell for you shuck faces.” He murmurs passing the jar over to Newt.

You take a deep breath and hold it as he sifts the papers in the jar. He slips his fingers into the jar and your mind quickly shifts to the dirty things you’ve imagined him doing with those before you go to sleep at night. You shake the thoughts away to focus on the words that are going to push past his lips.

“Um..” He looks at you, then towards the others, and back at you, “It says, that I have to make out with the person to my left.”


You’re doing internal back flips just hearing him say it.

A chorus of whistles come from the other boys. He turns to me, his cheeks turning a deep red, and presses his lips to mine. He was attempting to be a gentleman and you decide to quickly nip that in the butt by quickly shifting from your seat and into his lap. You sense his startled reaction, but he quickly recovers as his hands make their way to your waist, holding you in place on top of him. Your hands run through his hair and his tongue begins to dance with yours. You have him exactly where you want him.

“Hey hey hey!” Thomas’ voice breaks through your make out session and you both break apart with your fingers still tangled in Newt’s hair, “This is getting NC-17, I think it’s time for the next dare?”

You look down into Newt’s eyes and playfully bite your lip.

“I think we are going to have to skip out on the rest of this game boys. Newt’s looking a little under the weather. And I know exactly what’s needed to cure it.”

You wink and grab his hand pulling him along with you.

“GET IT, NEWT!” Minho shouts and you let out a laugh pulling Newt deep into the deadheads. 

You push him up against the tree and play with the waist band of his pants.

“You’re quite a persistent one Y/N.” His voice sends shivers up your spine and your stomach flips.

“That shucking accent.” You growl and push your lips roughly against his. 

He deepens it by clinging onto your waist and grinding you onto him.

“How about you let loose?” You tease, “You’re always so…composed, Newt. How about every time you’re with me you just let that wall down.” 

You slowly kiss down his jaw to his neck and sink your teeth into the nape, not to hard, but hard enough to leave a big deep purple mark. He hisses and pulls your hair back and you let out a chuckle.

“You’ve been teasing me all week, Y/N.” He tilts your head back and places a gentle kiss on your throat.

His lips press against your ear and he whispers.

“We’ll be doing this my way.” 

 He let’s you go and he leans against a tree.

“Strip for me, Princess.”

You kiss his lips once more and ruffle his hair before stepping back and lifting up your shirt. He eyes you and licks his lips. You unhook your bra and let it fall onto the ground. Once you lose your shorts you walk up to him. He reaches his hand in between your legs and rubs you through the fabric.

“Someone’s wet, huh Princess?”

You nod and attempt to give a vocal response, but you feel as if the words are caught in your chest. 

“You’ve been fantasizing haven’t you?” He continues rubbing you and he uses his free hand to bring your hair out of your face, “Tell me about what you’ve been imagining, Y/N.”

“You,” You whisper, “Crawling into my sleeping bag at night. And sticking two fingers deep inside me.”

His fingers slip past the waist band of your panties and gently tease your entrance. You let out a gasp and grip onto his wrist.

“Go on.”

“And then y-you,” You gasps as he pushes his fingers into you fast, “fuck me.”

He pumps his fingers faster and whispers,

“Finger fuck you?”

“No,” My voice cracks, “With your cock.”

You feel the corners of his mouth turn up into a smile as he kisses your neck one more time before pulling his fingers out of you. You take his fingers into your mouth and playfully suck them clean.

“We’re going to test those oral skills another time. Right now I want you to bend over.” 

You and him trade places so that you could hold on to the tree for support. He yanks your panties down and within seconds he plunges into you, taking you by surprise. You didn’t even realize he had already disposed of his pants and underwear. 

“Oh my god, Newt!” He holds you by your hips and continues with his rapid rhythm.

He smacks your ass and tugs gently on to your hair pulling you back onto him. The frictions amazing nearly causes your eyes to roll to the back of your head. You’re seconds away from your orgasm and his thrusts begin to feel more intense. You feel him throbbing and his breathing begins to become ragged. 

“Bloody hell,” He curses, “I’m not going to be able to last much longer, Princess.” 

You nod and bounce back quickly onto him. Earning a deep groan from him as he finds his release inside of you. The sensation drives you wild and causes you to come undone. He slaps your ass lightly and lets out a chuckle.

You let out a groan as he slowly pulls out of you.

“I’m so glad you decided to play that bloody game.”

Meeting the Professor’s Son

Summary: After committing her best friend, reader meets John Winchester’s son. Meanwhile, Chuck is still battling the war with his schizophrenia.
Characters: Professor Chuck Shurley, Sam Winchester, Professor John Winchester & Female Reader
Word Count: Just shy of 1,500
Warnings: Language, angst, fluff, talk of mental illness, taking medication, awkward meeting between reader and Sam. Yeeeeeah….
Author’s Note: Any mistakes are mine and mine alone. Part 11 of my Professor John series. @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @hidingfrommychildren @balthazars-muse @aprofoundbondwithdean @manawhaat @spnfanficpond  @mrswhozeewhatsis @iowarose @mrs-squirrel-chester @ginger-rae1991 @dacianamusik23 @leviathanslovedick @rizlow1 @saenalife
GIFs not mine (x)(x)(x)

You sat up with a strangled gasp, sweating and panting as you gathered your bearings. The marks that decorated your neck and shoulder still ached from where Chuck had grabbed you, forcing you to your knees. Speaking of your knees, they were red, purple, and extremely tender. Hissing, you turned to sit on the edge of the bed; head hung and elbows on your thighs as you ran your hands through your hair.

You couldn’t believe that you were here right now. Not here as in John’s bedroom, but here as in having your best friend physically injure you. Never did you ever think that you’d have to commit him against his will. And never did you ever think that your best friend would be capable of murder.

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Stolen My Heart : Burgled the Burgler #2

Burgled The Burgler #1

Words: 5500 +

Characters: Nori, Thora (OC), Dwalin, Ori, Dori ( Mentioned), Thorin ( Mention), Dis ( Mention)

Couple : Thora/Nori ( Thori)

Based on:

Imagine telling Nori he’s stolen your heart and he refuses to give it back, but instead tells you he’ll give you his in return

Imagine being the one to bail Nori out, and him having to tell you why  on @imaginexhobbit

An: The highly requested p.2 of the last Nori oneshot i wrote. Can be read by itself but is a bit more meaningful with part 1. let me know if you guys want more!

Thora grumbled as she pressed the cold cloth to the purple bruise. The ginger hissed below her hand as she used a corner to dab the blood away from the scratch along his eyebrow. Idiot, she hissed and wiped the dried blood droplets from the red hairs in his brow.

“ Thora,” Nori started.

“ Shut up!” She silenced with an unnecessarily hard press to the bruise on his cheek.

Thora had had enough of the thief for the day. Her morning had been entirely peaceful, she had spent the morning shopping in the square with the hot sun and cool breeze making the day perfect. The perfect painting of flowers and grass swirling in the wind and dwarves blending in a blurry wave of faces she didn’t care about. It was shredded, however, when Ori had stumbled up to her, a pile of self-conscious and awkward energy wrapped in skin and knitted wool, and all but pleaded with her to tell him where Nori was. It was an odd occurrence when the dwarrow didn’t know the whereabouts of her trouble-making friend-an even odder occurrence now that they had gotten closer after the burglary incident-but it was one of those occurrences. The dwarrow had to stop the forest fire of worry that was threatening to burn poor little Ori to the ground. So, she had promised to find him and have him home by dinner.

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The Boy Next Door Part 3

Summary: You just moved into a new apartment with your boyfriend. Bucky also lives in the same apartment complex.

Warnings: Abuse and cussing

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

A/n: I didnt write in Bucky’s metal arm, so you can imagine him either way. Also, sorry for the cliche title, but my creativity is crap. (Gif not mine, Credit to owner) And this is a little shorter, but I think its cute. <3

Part 1 Part 2

The next day

Bucky was completely exhausted. His job was a simple one at a factory that required a lot of heavy lifting. He wrapped his fingers around the knob and noticed that it wasn’t locked when he knew good and well that he locked it before he left for work. Going into stealth mode, he quietly opened the door and looked inside the dark apartment. Nothing seemed out of place, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. His noiseless footsteps made their way through each room and he stood there and scratched his head, confused as to why the door was unlocked. He made his way to living room ready to write another note and figure out a way to get it to you. But something stopped him.

“That’s why my door was unlocked…” He smiled when he looked down and noticed you laying on his couch, covered in a blanket, and sleeping like a baby. The smile soon faded away when he realized that she had come while he was gone, did her boyfriend do something to her?

Like your body could sense that someone was staring at you, you stirred in your sleep. “Y/n? Are you alright?” You heard the sound of his soothing voice, even though you could hear worry in his tone. You finally opened your eyes and winced in pain.

“Oh my god y/n… Did he…. Did he do that to you?” Bucky pushed the hair from your face, so that he could examine the large purple bruise. Seeing you hiss in pain when his fingers lightly caressed your face, he stood up angry and headed for the door. “Where are you going?’ You cried. “To fix this problem. You don’t deserve this y/n. No one does.” You stood up quickly and ran in front of the door to stop him from going any further. “Please don’t… I know it sounds crazy, but it will make things worse…” You put your hand on his bicep and he relaxed under your touch a little.

“Just at least tell me why… Why do you stay with him? Why did you move away from your family to be with that asshole? You deserve so much better.” Bucky wanted to say that she could be with him instead. He knew if you were his he would never let anything happen to you. And he sure wouldn’t dream of every laying a hand on you that wasn’t a sign of affection or love. You were the most precious thing he had ever encountered. He’s only known you for 3 days and he doesn’t even remember what life was like before you were in it.

You pulled him back to his couch and sighed as you sat down. “It wasn’t always like this… We’ve been together for years. It started out that he would just be this way when he was drunk, which wasn’t too often. Being the idiot that I am… I thought I could change him, make him better. But it only got worse as time went on…” Bucky grabbed your hand and encouraged you to finish. “I’ve threatened to leave him tons of times… But he’s just so… Manipulative.” He squeezed your hand. “How so?” His voice was taut and to the point. “He said he would hurt me worse than he’s ever had… He said he would hurt lily… My family… And I just can’t let him do that. I would rather him hurt me than them…” Wet stains dotted your jeans as the tears fell from your eyes. Bucky never let go of your hand and pulled you to him. You sobbed into his chest. His hand ran lines up and down your back and hummed an unfamiliar tune in your ear as you calmed down. Even when your crying ceased, he didn’t let go of you.

Lifting your head from his chest your eyes locked with his, something you did a lot with him. You saw love, kindness, and hope. Instead of anger, hatred, and violence. You found yourself slowly leaning forward, tilting your head a little as your lips made their way to his. You stopped just before your lips touched his not breaking his gaze. You felt his hand slowly travel

to your hip and it was like a switch went off in your brain. Your lips hit Bucky’s so hard he fell back onto the couch, with you on top of him.

Bucky kissed you so deeply and passionately that you didn’t even know someone could kiss you this way. Your fingers tangled in his hair at the base of his neck as you pushed your lips harder against his, worried that he would pull away from you.

Bucky gripped your hips tighter pushing your body against his. He moved his head to position his lips better against yours. Every second your lips were on his he dwelled on the moment not wanting it to end. But much to his dismay, you pulled away.

“I-I’m so sorry…. I shouldn’t have done that.” You started to move to get off of him but he just pushed his mouth against yours again, to show that you had nothing to be sorry for. A tender smile crept onto your face in the midst of him kissing you, and that made his heart soar. His bare finger tips went just under the hem of your shirt making you gasp. This gave him the opportunity to slip his tongue into between your teeth. The feeling was just… Right. The way your lips molded together and they say your bodies fit together comfortably.

Finally, Bucky pulled away but only because he was getting light headed. You laid your head into the crook of his neck as he glided his hand over your hair. Your one moment of pure happiness was ripped away when your realized what you had to go back home too. Sighing sadly, you crawled off of him and pulled on your jacket. “Well… I guess I should head back… He’s going to want dinner soon.” The next thing you know you feel his fingers intertwine with yours and he pulled you to his chest. “We’re going to figure a way to get you out of this…” He said softly as he placed a kiss on her hair. You smiled, knowing that she could trust him.


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Second Chances, Part 7

Korra sees a lot of herself in Kuvira, even in prison, and is determined to offer her guidance.  Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about that.  Continues from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

A/N: I’m really sorry this took so long.  I hope it was worth the wait!

Also, I forgot to note this when I originally posted it, but… this one’s kind of violent.  I’m sure that’s not all that surprising, given that it’s me, but I figured I ought to give a heads-up anyway.  ;P

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Things to Live

This is somewhat more painful than helpful, but i needed to fic myself a little catharsis. Warning for all the spoilers under the cut. 

A return to Whitestone. Desperate magic in the aftermath of episode 68

Eventually they make it back through the sun tree.

A smattering of gasps and a few cheers follow their appearance. Vax barely has time to snag a passing guard and instruct him to bring Lady Cassandra as fast as possible, before Pike is rounding a corner from the temple. She breaks into a run when she sees them, a relieved smile on her face.

“You’re okay! I felt the necklace go off – who needs healing?”

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