purple hats

So I made my own completely original AU 

I call it

The Dreamer AU

Meet the crew!!!

The boss of this lovely company, she’s small and young for an eldritch but don’t underestimate her! Purple’s a force to be reckoned with, even if she’s not that good at using her powers yet. She’s a dream eater, meaning she feeds off of the dreams and nightmares of others. She’s a bit immature and loves to make friends, but her ultimate goal is to become as strong as Black Hat is! And with the help of her crew, someday she will!

The scientist of Purple’s company. Dr.Yume is a human woman in her mid 20′s who, admittedly, never saw herself working for an eldritch horror. This woman is a genius, able to create devices that harness and harvest dreams. Though Purple isn’t at all what she expected, Yume respects her as the boss and will do anything the young eldritch orders, as well as lay down her life to protect Purple. She’s fairly stoic and gets exasperated with the rest of the crew’s immature nature. She mostly thinks of herself as Purple’s babysitter. 

The muscle of the group, Insomnia is the resident bodyguard and dream catcher. He’s almost as immature as Purple, though he’s more of a big brother to her than anything. This boy is the most hyper child in the universe, and can usually be seen drinking coffee, eating candy, playing video games, or rocking out on his drums. Purple loves him, but he’s detrimental to her sleep schedule sometimes.

3.0.3, a snake created by Dr.Yume to help Purple with her social anxiety. The snake is very sweet and cuddly, though if anyone comes near his friends, he’ll become vicious and tear someone’s throat out. He’s extremely venomous as well and loves to eat the dreams Purple doesn’t like. Or meat. Whichever.

I hope you guys like them. I worked really hard on this AU. Feel free to ask questions about the AU either here or at @rintaeldritch which is my Purple Hat rp blog. Should I make a blog for this…?