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Since Jason’s truck is still getting fixed up in the shop, they use Trini’s 1998 Land Cruiser as their transportation (She constantly reminds her friends that it’s two years older than them) and that they better respect it. Billy takes her seriously. The others don’t. Zack’s sure that Trini loves the car almost as much as she loves Kim.

  • First of all, it’s Trini’s car. after years of saving money from birthdays and a good paying summer job before she moved to Angel Grove, she bought it with her own money.
  • It’s missing a headlight and has a huge crack down the middle of the windshield. 
  • Trini threatens the boys every time they get in “Zack if you put a dent in the roof I’ll kill you” and “Jason if you make us crash you’re paying for the damages.” 
  • She doesn’t threaten Billy or Kim
  • Kim gets control of the AUX cord and is the only one allowed in the passenger seat (which pisses off Zack and he tries to take it from her. Trini says she’ll throw him out the window) 
  • They start to call her car Hulk because no matter how much shit they put that car through, it’s still in one piece (besides the missing headlight and crack in the windshield) and that it really does feel like it’s indestructible.
  • One day Kim decides to have Billy hotwire Hulk so she can take him to the shop to “Paint over the ugly grey”
  • Trini catches them and just stands there looking all disappointed at her girlfriend with her arms crossed as Billy goes, “KIM MADE ME DO IT, I SWEAR!!” 
  • Trini forgives Billy
  • She doesn’t forgive Kimberly 
  • Later that same week, it’s Trini’s birthday so Kim wakes Billy up at 6 in the morning to steal Hulk. Kim takes it to the shop and replaces the light and windshield. 
  • They drive back to an angry Trini which quickly grows into a happy Trini because, “Holy shit, both of the lights work again!!!” 
  • The next day Trini notices painted pink lips in the corner of her trunk, which she didn’t notice before. Kim just smiles from the passenger seat as she hears Trini, “Kimberly!” 
  • Hulk is the coolest car in the parking lot of Angel Grove. Everyone constantly asks Trini she’ll give them a ride. She tells them to fuck off. (They grumble when Trini lets Kimberly in)  
  • Billy buys Trini a power ranger sticker family (Even though Trini swore that she’d never put a sticker on Hulk, she does it anyways because it’s Billy and she didn’t know that people were making them into car stickers now but she thinks it’s pretty damn cool) 
  • Trini gives her spare key to Kimberly 
  • Zack tries to steal it
  • Sometimes the gang shows up to school late because, “Kimberly, did you take my key?” “What? No, Trini, I haven’t seen your key, I have my own.” Trini and Kim then start bickering about using Kim’s key and Billy just goes, “It’s in your hand, Trini.” 
  • Jason wants to sell his truck for a land cruiser 
  • He doesn’t because, “Jason if you get a wannabe Hulk I’ll cut your balls off.” 
  • It’s almost like Kimberly lives in that car. Her sweatshirts and various articles of clothing are everywhere
  • One day when it’s just Zack and Trini, Zack just holds up a pink bra. (Trini slams on the brakes in the middle of traffic just to punch him all while her face gets red) Zack doesn’t stop laughing. 
  • No matter how many laws they seem to break with Hulk, they never get caught

Power Rangers: The Saving Grace & The Leading Warrior (Jason Scott)

Prologue + O N E // Saturday Detention

As a child growing up, I didn’t have many friends. I was an outsider.

I don’t really socialize and I choose not to. I never had decided to be in society during elementary, junior high, and now in high school. My life actually began to become a mess when I hit high school. And it’s not in the way that you would think.

My grades didn’t get lower, they stayed the same. A’s and B’s. I still obeyed my parents’ rules. I meant that I was only crumbling inside.

But my story honestly couldn’t matter. Maybe not to anybody.

However, I dance through my pain. Don’t ask me how I morn through it all.

This is just who I am.

My name is Adelina Isabel Monet. And let me tell you, my life changes in a 1, 2, 3 to where I’m in an armor and fighting putties with 6 other strangers I met in Saturday detention.

And like life loves it, time will take something from me into something bigger. A one saving grace we’ll say.

* * *

“What’s going on with you?” My dad said after he parked the car.

“Everything was fine! And now you’re off doing some crap that I never thought you would do.”

I stayed silent.

“Speak!” He ordered. I let out a heavy breath and covered my face with my hands.

“I’m sorry. I’m just- I’m tired that’s all.” I looked to him as his eyebrows scrunched together. “So you being tired helped you make the decision of kicking a student in the face?” He said sternly.

“No I just-” My voice cracked.

“This was supposed to be the best year of your life. You had a scholarship, Adelina. I’ve had dance instructors and administrators come to your shows for that purpose. And you threw it all away in one day. You took all of your hard work and tried to rip it all to pieces. But you’re lucky that you didn’t lose it.” He said, “Yet now you have to spend every single Saturday here with a bunch of weirdos and criminals just so you can graduate! I wanted everything good in the world for you, Adelina. And now I just don’t know what to do since you never communicate and speak up. You never talk to me or your mother about anything. You’re such an outcast and you need some help!” He yelled.

I closed my eyes and pursed my lips, “Well I guess you didn’t know your daughter like you thought you did.” I quietly mumbled as I walked out of the car, and my dad did nothing but drive off. I could feel my tears streaming down and I jay-walked into the building. Clutching my bag, I tried getting myself together while walking through the long hall.

Walking into detention, I descended down the stairs as the loud annoying sound of teens filled my ears.

“Oh look! It’s Adelame!” Yelled a red head in my direction. I felt so many eyes on me and it felt super uncomfortable. I could see some familiar faces.

There was Zack Taylor. He’s rarely here in Angel Grove but I have him in calculus.

Tommy Oliver. This cool and chill dude who’s also dating Kimberly Hart, I’ve only ever talked to him once.

Trini Kwan. People say she’s a freak but I choose to not believe that.

Then there’s Kimberly Hart. Dance and cheer would be in the same gym practicing on their own side. We happen to be pretty mutual but only known with each other’s names. Not personally.

With Billy Cranston, he’s probably a genuine person. Yet I see that he’s brave, reminding the time where he knocked out the red head bully.

And then Jason Scott. Former head quarterback of the football team. He seems to have a lot on his plate that’s been a mess ever since the cow trouble I’ve heard about.

But like so, I don’t know him deeply. I kinda wish I did, not because I may have this attraction towards him, but basically that he just doesn’t know me.

I’m probably just a stranger to him.

Shaking my head, I ignored red head and sat in a desk. I took out my sketchbook from my bag and focused on a drawing of a dancer doing a ring leap that I’m currently working on.

There was a moment of silence for me, until I heard loud thump that caused everyone to turn and me to jump. “Hey there pretty babe.” I glared up at the red head as he leaned on your locker. I sighed and returned back to my drawing, “Please go away.”

“Aw come on babe, a pretty girl like you shouldn’t be afraid.” He winked and leaned close so that I could feel his breath on my face. I made an expression of disgust and backed away. I could easily take him, but people might ask questions about how a small girl like me took out the bully with one big punch or kick. I wasn’t going to get myself in trouble again.

“Just walk away and we’ll forget about everything. This isn’t necessary.” I said focusing on my drawing. “Come on sweet cheeks. You’re in the dance team. Maybe you should give me a secret dance lesson,” He smirked, “How about we get outta here-”

I cut him off and stood up from my seat, “Listen up punk Ed Sheeran. I may be some quiet chick who doesn’t normally stick up for herself, but if you think that trying to mess with an innocent girl is the coolest thing in the world right now, then you should really have a second check on your priorities. So how about you go run off and play with your other emo friends, yeah?” I gritted my teeth and gave him a straight glare with no expression.

All he did was smile and immediately grabbed my waist to pull me closer which emitted a gasp from my lips, “Not so fierce now are ya?” He started. I tried pushing him off me, “Get off of me!”

“What’s wrong baby?” He smirked, gripping my hips. “Don’t touch me!”

“Hey! Get off of her!” A familiar voice shouted and pushed him away. And to my left, it was Jason Scott. Red head quickly got up and looked at Jason annoyed.

“How old are you five?” The whole class began to laugh lightly. “This isn’t any of your business Scott,”

“Yeah? What she does isn’t any of yours.” Jason retorted. I was really shocked at how THE Jason Scott is standing up for me.

“Now, unless you don’t want me to bitch slap you again like last time, I know I’m gonna be here everyday for what seems like the rest of my life and I’m sure that you are too, so let’s make a deal.” Jason walked closer to him, “Don’t sit near me or her,” He looked at me, “And we’ll be okay.” He said facing back at him.

And with that, Jason walked off taking a seat across from mine giving me a small wink as I sat back down. I looked over at Jason and before I didn’t knew, his head turned over at me. We had this full eye competition until I looked away, sinking into my seat a little as I felt my cheeks heating up. I can’t believe he made me blush. I peeked a look at Jason who looked away and smirked. And in just the nick of time, the teacher walked into the room.

* * * GUYSSSSS! Here it is!! The prologue AND the first chapter of my new Jason Scott fanfiction!! So you practically get a bonus. Plus, I changed the book title because I felt like The Saving Grace & The Leading Warrior sounded like it fit the plot and not A Hero’s Inamorato. But I hope you guys enjoyed this! It’s short but I’ll try to make the second chapter longer!! Please like and reblog this! Thanks! -Mia

I can’t wait to get pictures from the con :’) second cosplay I made by myself.

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