purple duffle bag

Their Christmas [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: hooo boy, villain!barry owns me now. can i request a oneshot with how he and Y/N would celebrate christmas?

a/n: same. He owns me

You got a tree for the safe house, much to Barry’s dismay. When the pine tree came through the door, with you followed behind, duffel bag strapped over your shoulder, the villain peers over the glossy magazine. His potion remains intact; one leg slung across the other, upper back resting against the wood bedframe.

He slams the magazine closed, flinging it onto the bed. His eyebrow arches, watching you hoist up the tall Christmas tree, and he fixes his black and red checkered shirt, pulling it down his abs. “Uh, what the fuck is that?“ he grunts, scowling at the inanimate object.

Pushing it up, you let go, grinning at him. Your cream cardigan tangles in a branch and you frown, tugging on it gently. “It’s a-” you yank on the fabric, stumbling slightly as it breaks free. “Christmas tree.” you finish, placing the purple duffle bag down carefully. “I got it for us!” you exclaim, crouching in your snow boots, unzipping the bag full of goodies.

Huffing overdramatically, Barry heaves himself to the edge of the bed by his forearms. His black combat boots hits the concrete floor with a thud. “You rob The Christmas Tree Shop?” he jokes, eyeing the bag and pouting. That’s like insulting him; you going on heists alone. Flexing his long fingers, he leans back; supporting himself on his elbows.

A smirk graces your lips while you pull out a ruby red headband that has a small Santa hat sewed on top. Standing up, you strut over to the villain, playing with the accessory. His bright green eyes squint at you, challenging you silently. “No! Well, kinda. I stole decorations… And you are going to help me decorate in here.” you quickly put the headband on his fluffy bedhead.

Scowling, the speedster shakes, “Don’t think so, babe.” he grumbles, beginning to peal the hat off his hair. Suddenly, he stops, noticing the broken look on your face. Oh, if he wasn’t so weak when it comes to you. “Fine.” he sighs, defeated; his arm drops to the bed. “I’ll watch you decorate, how ‘bout that? Even put the star on top, okay?” he whispers.

You shrug, “Okay.” you grin, going to the bag filled with ornaments. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Barry laying on his side; one hand pressed to his pale cheek, causing his nose to scrunch. As you pick up a silver glitter glass ornament, quiet hums invades your ears. “Oh, I get Christmas music too? Awesome.” you grin, spreading the branches apart.

The humming stops and you try not to frown. The green eyed man lets a breath out. “Got any requests?“ he mutters under his breath. You knew he wasn’t a grinch. Before you can answer, he starts to hum a beat. “Last Christmas… I gave you my heart…”

“But the very next day…You gave it away…“ you harmonize, peering over your shoulder.

He smirks, toying with the edge of his shirt, “This year…To save me from tears…I’ll give it to someone special…” he elongates the last word, licking his lips. This song is filled with truth, but Barry won’t let you know. At least, not yet. Maybe next Christmas. Maybe.