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“When history books are written, I don’t wanna been known just as the person who won 96 Worlds or 98 Worlds or 2000, 2001… …Titles are great, but I think the best thing is who the person was and what she brought to the sport. I think when everything I said and done, and I’m done with skating, I hope that the years I did skating I brought inspiration to people, I brought joy, happiness and just made people feel that.”

-Michelle Kwan [x] (the last part of that video makes me sob)

Today is the International Women’s Day and I’m dedicating this post to my childhood hero, the one and only: Michelle Kwan

She has an amazing record 2 Olympic Medals, 5 World Titles, 9 time US Ladies Champion & several international competitions medals, but Michelle is not just remembered because she is one of the most decorated ladies in the history of figure skating, she's remembered because her passion, dedication, consistency, elegance, artistry & opening her heart when she skated, that is why she is regarded as one of the best figure skaters of all times. A legend

I’m sharing my favorite performances of Michelle (in chronological order):


@kiri-crossing​ wanted to see my Black Asymmetric Hoodie and Purple Dress with some box pleats. I hope this is what you were wanting, and thank you for being so amazingly patient for like 10 days while I’ve been AFK dealing with life, so here’s your request + an alt color for the wait! 


It’s a rainy day in Popcorn. At least my town tree is big enough to take shelter under! All the villagers look so cute with their umbrellas (っ^▿^) ☂ ☁


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