purple does art

You know what today is?? Ace art day! Happy Ace Awareness Week everybody!

To contribute I decided to draw my favourite ace ot3, frazeleo ft aromantic Leo. His shirt was supposed to be the aro flag but I only managed to get three of the colours in. (also there seems to be three versions of the aromantic flag? anyone know what that’s about?) Frank’s shirt design is an actual shirt you can buy right here.

I kind of gave up near the end of this, I realized I don’t know how to draw curly hair so sorry if it looks weird /: 

I’m back! (Sorta) I’m shifting my life back to the world of 2D artwork again, so my time will now officially be invested in the numerous commissions I’ve had in my queue throughout April. Until I’m finished with them, have some doodles I did while I was away! It’s no secret that @sparksplitter and I have been shipping the hell out of Rod and Galv for the last year, and ever since Wyatt posted pics of Galv’s TFA design, I knew I NEEDED to draw him, even if it was just a quick sketch <3

Also, fun fact, my birthday is on the 19th! I figured I ought to post a little artwork this week since it’ll be a special occasion :)

some alternate designs for Fluorite AU, i’m still going to use the usual designs i made when I started the AU back in around February, but i will also occasionally use these designs

the other day i had a thought about mysticbaconslice’s idea of scripted vincent being blind and eventually recovering his sight

what if because he wasn’t used to that kind of depth perception he kept bumping into things b/c he couldn’t tell exactly where they were

like can you imagine

I’ve been learning how to be a competent photographer recently, and really like the lighting in this one. What do you think?


Clara dealing with this new-fangled huggy Doctor and still holding down the teaching gig is probably like being the one person in your friend group with a job and everyone wants to party on Wednesday night, except with far more clingy Time Lord.