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infiniitas  asked:

☭ ʕ ง•ᴥ•ʔ ง I'm going to show you the light today, young man

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‘ Caius that’s gay’

Battle Intro: “ Now we shall cross swords. “
Victory: “
Your time has ended immortal one. Begone.
Half HP: “
This is only the beginning…
Low HP: “
I cannot be careless!
Defeat: “
I shall not…surrender…to the like of you!
Death: “

Assist: “
We fight as one!
Taunt: “
Now is your chance to flee.
Reacting to Taunt: “
With that said and done…now I’m going to feed you your teeth.
Flee: “
Reacting to Flee: “
Until next we meet then. “
Tie: “
Seems we are on the same rhythm.
Perfect Victory: “
You were careless.
Low HP Victory: “
I…won’t back down!
Finishing Move: “
Feel my rage!