purple dinner


I’ve been eating random stuff for lunch lately because I’m trying to use up everything before we move…like noodles with hot sauce. 😅 But my lunch today is leftovers from this delicious dinner last night! Thanks to Rebecca for cooking!! 🤗 Roasted sweet and purple potatoes, smoky canellini bean hummus with paprika and sesame oil, salad and pitta bread! Also with refreshing kombucha cordial and lemon balm tea. 💯 Yum!!

Leather Bound Memories

Happiest Birthday to the lovely @sdavid09. I’m just in on the actual day.
Here’s my submit for your What If challenge. I’m so so sorry it’s late. Do forgive, please.
What if: after John died, he stayed around as a ghost, tethered to his leather jacket? (the jacket in the gif)
Warning of sweet Angst
Thank you to the wonderful @whispersandwhiskerburn for beta-ing this for me.

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I shrugged on the oversized leather jacket.
It was like getting a hug from Dad. Not that there were many of those going around after my fifth birthday. I closed my eyes and let the smell bring back long buried memories.
The day I shot my first gun, my father giving me a side hug and a big grin. I smiled as I remembered Dean’s look of annoyance and disgust, only cause he’d missed the mark and didn’t have Dad’s attention any more.

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robindaspoopy  asked:

Red with 20; "i've been waiting all my life for you"? If you're feeling it? >\\\\\\\\\\\<

Underfell Sans (Contains Drinking and vomiting) 

“there’s no way you can out drink me,” Red smirks, confidence swelling in his chest. He recounts the times other patrons challenged him, winning every single time. 

You chuckle darkly, fueling his arrogance, “Against a big strong monster like you? I don’t stand a chance. But I want to try. Come on, what do you have to lose?” 

Red strokes his chin and kicks the patron beside him off their seat and pats it, inviting you to sit down with him. The customer growls but shrugs off anyway, allowing you to take their warm spot. 

“whoever has the most shots win,” Red states before motioning Grillby over, “loser buys dinner,” 

The purple flame monster places two shot glasses in front of you and Red and on the count of three, the competition starts. Right away, Red finishes his in less than a second already on his fourth by the time you look over. You have two shots down, you have to pick up the pace. Ignoring the burn in your throat, and the world spinning around you, you gather your determination  and down the shots as fast as you can. There’s nothing else right now, you just have to drink every shot in front of you like a trance. You can faintly hear the crowd cheering behind you, for Red or you, you don’t know, but eventually, you couldn’t handle it anymore. Everything’s a blur and you fall off your seat, stumbling as fast as you can to the restroom. Never have you been so happy to find a toilet to throw up in. 

You flush and make your way over to the sink to wash your red face, embarrassed that this even happen. Why did you think you could beat him? He’s a freakin skeleton monster, he doesn’t have a throat or stomach to process this. Taking two deep breaths, you walk out of the restroom with your head held high, not letting your dignity get destroyed either. You find Red waiting outside for you, with the biggest grin on your face. 

“I get it, you win, I’ll buy you dinner,” you grumble, sticking your cold hands in your pocket. 

The skeleton tilts his head, “what are you talking about? you won dollface. i’ve never seen a person drink like that in my life.” 

You blink in surprise. You won? Holy shit you won! 

“35 shots in less than 10 minutes, i’m impressed,” Red chuckles and pushes you against the sticky wooden wall, his eye blazing seductively, “but tibia honest, i’ve been waiting all my life for you. why not get dessert after dinner too,”