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Vivid spring garden by Rourkeor
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Corsehill Park, Ayr

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-Lee got a large ass bundle of flowers over his bullet wound scar. Geraniums, Yellow Carnation, Orange Lilly, Purple Hyacinth, Basil and Daffodils cover most of his abdomen. He never takes off his shirt around Alex, Peggy, Angelica (and by extension Eliza), John, James, Thomas or Washington because he knows they know about the flower language. (To clarify, the meanings are directed at himself.) Lee has also been considering adding a few peonies for Burr (4/? I'm sorry)

Rivamika Week, Day 6: Hanakotoba (NSFW)

Day 6 Prompt: Floral
Rating: M
Word Count: 4,464 words
Read This First: Hannah Montana prompt
Summary: Levi is bad with words, so he uses flowers.

Mikasa is in Vienna when the first bouquet arrives, bright and soft pinks of ranunculus and roses, sunny daffodils, purple forget-me-nots. (How ironic, she thinks, running her finger over the outstretched petals of the violet bloom.) Tucked between two fat blossoms is a small white card. She plucks it from the bouquet and opens it with unsure fingers; flowers are not Erwin’s preferred form of motivation, and she cannot recall doing anything recent of note that would necessitate such a gift. Inside the card, there is a short handwritten missive, the letters spiky and cramped:

Thinking of you.

Mikasa snorts. “Probably from his management,” she mutters, then tosses the card in the wastepaper bin.

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Guild Wars 2 Fashion Week ~ Bouncy Castle Yay

Bouncy started as a joke but quickly caught on. I enjoyed making a light-hearted, silly, fun charr to contrast the typical fierce charr. 


  • Fuzzy Panda Hat
  • Forgeman Pauldrons
  • Forgeman Breastplate
  • Forgeman Gauntlets
  • Forgeman Tassets
  • Forgeman Greaves
  • Pink/Warrior Quaggan/Fuzzy Ram Backpack


  • Silly Scimitar
  • Zodiac Warhorn
  • Zodiac Hammer
  • Sunrise
  • Lovestruck Axe
  • Lovestruck Shield
  • Pop Gun


  • Fresh Green
  • Red
  • Grape
  • Purple
  • Daffodil
  • Strawberry
  • Orange
  • Limette
  • Robin
  • Hydrangea
  • Sea Green

It all started on Thursday on my lunch hour. I received a message from TaylorNation on Tumblr saying that they loved my blog and that they wanted to know more about me and to email them my information. This was when I started to make odd, unhuman sounds and practically started convulsing, I knew what was going to happen next. I got a call a couple hours later, of course I was in class, so I played phone tag with TaylorNation until about 7:00 in the evening on Thursday night. This was when I was told I was selected to attend a special event and that it was highly confidential and to not share the information I was given over the phone. There was a password to the event of “Daffodils Painted Purple” obviously Taylor totally came up with that. So I booked a flight to Providence, Rhode Island, got a hotel room, and a rental car. I left Florida on Friday night in order to ensure that I would be at the event promptly at 4:00 pm. So on Saturday my mom wanted to get familiar with the area that we would be attending the event and wanted to know where we were going to park, so we explored Watch Hill for a couple of hours. Honestly it’s the cutest little beachside town and kind of reminds me of my own little beach town with more luxury boutiques and mushier sand. So, I went shopping and bought this super adorable white coat that was in one of the boutiques there and that was that. While roaming the quant town of Watch Hill, I ended up seeing theblameisonme on the streets and she is literally so nice. Then 4:00 came, it was time to head to the place we were supposed to meet. It was raining and dreary outside, so while we were checking in, we all sat in our cars instead of forming a huge line. That took about two hours to finally get into the little shed where we were supposed to check in and get a security check there. Once we checked in, signed some confidentiality forms, and got checked off by one of Taylor’s security, we were in a van (there was about 9 of us in there) and we arrived at Taylor’s mansion, we all practically squealed and were like “Oh my god, this is real, this is actually happening” So then, we go into her 5 car garage that was basically empty except for us and 4 paddleboards that hung on the wall of her garage. We got checked off by security again and then were able to go inside. Upon entering the second floor, Taylor’s house smelled like fall, the perfect mix of pumpkins and autumn leaves with a hint of Christmas trees. We could go grab food and beverages, there was a tabled with sushi, pizza, little burgers, and other things, sadly by the time I got there, the chicken nuggets were gone but that was okay because I wasn’t really hungry because I was so excited I thought I was going to throw up on Taylor. So, I grabbed a coke because I knew I was going to need all the energy that I could get. Then I chatted for a little bit, and we all huddled into Taylor’s living room when they told us to. There was a myriad of pillows laying on the floor and a couple of couches and some chairs and her house was literally the most adorable nautical themed house ever. Taylor finally arrives in the Living Room and we basically all had the biggest fangirl moment ever, screaming occurred, crying occurred, and asking if this was all a dream occurred. She came in and sat in a chair with a speaker and had this biggest grin on her face saying “Hey guys!!!” Then she told us that she would be playing her new album “1989” for us and that she hoped it was okay with us. So she explains how the first song was about changing how she lived and where she lived and everything and it’s so catchy that it’s not even funny. Then the second song comes on and LITERALLY SO SASSY AND SO GOOD AND IT’S JUST THIS SONG THAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO LISTEN TO BECAUSE LITERALLY IT IS LIFE!!!!! THEN AFTER THE SECOND SONG SHE LITERALLY CALLS ME OUT AND WAS LIKE “DIDN’T I JUST LIKE YOUR SELFIE ON INSTAGRAM??” and I looked around because I knew she didn’t like my picture on Instagram ever, and then we was like “OH I MEAN TUMBLR, YOU’RE SHANNON RIGHT?? I LIKED YOUR PICTURE BECAUSE IT WAS SELFIE NIGHT” and then I explained that I was waiting in the car for two hours so I had to pass my time somehow. And she was like “I LOVE TUMBLR” and continued to ask how many of us there were from tumblr. I don’t remember much of the rest because I was kind of dying that she knew my name and my face and I mean I remember the gist of the songs, but I can’t tell you the names or who I think they’re about and that’s basically all I can recollect until intermission. So during intermission, some music played and Taylor and this little girl passed out cookies and Rice Krispy treats that were THE BOMB DOT COM. There chocolate chip cookies, mint chocolate chip cookies, rice krispy treats with sprinkles and some that were dipped in chocolate. And we kind of got to just socialize with her for a while. She was wearing her cute little Louboutin black oxford heels and I ask her “Taylor how are you even walking in those on PILLOWS right now??” and she replied “You should be impressed with me right now” LIKE SHE IS THE MOST ADORABLE LITTLE CUTIE EVER. So after the intermission we listened to the rest of 1989. BASICALLY THIS IS WHERE THAT SONG THAT IS THE MOST PERFECT MINAGERY OF TAYLOR, LORDE, AND LANA DEL REY INTO ONE SONG. THERE IS A PIANO PART OF A SONG. A BEAUTIFUL ANAPHORA AS A CHORUS. A TUTORIAL BASICALLY FOR EVERY GUY IN THE WORLD. AND THE LAST SONG. DANG THE LAST SONG WITH IMOGEN DANG. THAT SONG GOT TO ME. I DIDN’T GET A TEAR IN MY EYE UNTIL THEN. LITERALLY SUCH A GREAT SONG. So after we listened to the entire album, we dance to Shake It Off AND TAYLOR DANCED WITH ME FOR A LITTLE BIT AND IT WAS BASICALLY A DANCE PARTY AND THAT WAS SUCH A CARDIO WORKOUT I SWEAR. So after that we all got into the group numbers that were on our wrist bands, I was in group 7 with drinkingmaplelattes and julyninths and basically we waited at least an hour and a half to get our pictures taken. So there’s a group picture of all of us in group 7 somewhere and it was on that couch from Taylor’s most recent 4th of July extravaganza. So while we were waiting, we listened to Andrea tell stories about Taylor and Scott gave me some picks and literally life is so great. I was getting really tired though because it was like almost midnight by the time my group finally got called to meet Taylor. Group 7 was finally called, I was last in line but that was okay because I really did want more time with Taylor. While I was waiting I looked at some of Taylor’s things in the room that her grand staircase is. Like it’s so vintage and nautical and it’s seriously the cutest thing ever. There’s this rustic bar that has a cabinet behind it with like a picture frame and some nautical themed things. Finally, it was time for me to meet Taylor. I walked up to her and gave her this really long hug which she probably thought was crazy but it was so reassuring to know that she was there for me. (I’m crying right now because these memories are so amazing and I’m so sad it has ended) So basically I got about 5 minutes with her because it was really getting late. So I was like “Taylor you know how far Florida is right…?” and she said, “I know, but I really wanted you to come here and I’m really glad you made it” and then I told her how I had told my mom two days prior to the message on tumblr, I had asked my mom if I could go anywhere to see Taylor if I would be able to, and then I got the message and my mom thought I was insane. And basically she told my mom that she hand selected me to come and that I was hilarious but my mom probably already knew that. And then she asked me about if I liked Watch Hill and I told her how I explored the city a little before I had gone to the Secret Session and she was like “Did you see the carousel??” and then she told me the story about how the carousel was built in the 1800s for the little kids, but now only kids that are like 4 and 5 can go on because the children in the 1800s were so much smaller than the ones that are now. Also she told me that each year in the winter, the carousel horses are repainted so it’s good to go in the summer. Then basically her people were wanting things to speed up so she was like “Let’s get a mother-daughter picture and then you and I can get a picture too” So she leaned on my mom and we got a smiley picture, and then she asked me what kind of pose I wanted to do and I didn’t really know, but she noticed the blanket and was like “DO YOU WANT TO GO TAKE A PICTURE UNDER THAT BLANKET AND SIT ON THAT FANCY CHAIR??” and I was like “YEAH!!” because I really wanted a picture with that chair because it’s literally so cute and fancy. And so she sat on my lap and she made her little cute face and before we got in the chair she did this little cute move and she is a little cutie and I don’t even know how to explain it. The girl who took our picture (I can’t remember her name for dear life) but she turned on a light in the back of the chair and taylor was like “oh that is a good idea to put a backlight on!!” and so we took the picture and she was like “that’s going to turn out so cute!!! Post it on tumblr and I’ll see it!!” so then I gave her a hug and we got our 1989 merchandise and we got back onto the vans to leave. It was such a nostalgic night and I’m so emotional after this but thank you so much taylorswift for being there when I needed someone and for being the light that guides the ship when you’re in a storm.



You had been missing Calum a lot lately. You were feeling lonely and didn’t know what to do about it. He was still on tour for another two months and you still had to work. You really didn’t want to bother him at all about it  because you wanted him to focus and you most certainly didn’t want him thinking that your relationship was too hard to maintain so you tried your best to hide it when he called or face timed but one night it just subconsciously slipped out and he could tell how bad you felt. When you realised you told him not to worry about you but he was determined to do something to make you feel better. About two days after you talked to him you heard a knock on your door. It was not Calum, obviously but instead to your surprise it was a delivery guy. “Y/n?” he asked asked smiling. You nodded wide eyed before he simply handed you a package and left. You closed the door behind you and opened to see a single rose perfectly fresh and  cold feeling like it had been chilled inside. With it was a note which said. “I know you miss me, it’s the same here really. So I’m going to give you one of these everyday i feel like holding you until i get back so you can feel a little better while I’m gone babe -Calum” It was personally signed by him and that astonished you because you knew it would have cost a fortune to send a single rose all the way to you in such good condition. You smiled in appreciation for your boyfriend and went on with your rose.  Calum didn’t fail on his promised the days after either, almost everyday a delivery from the florist came to your door handing you a single rose which always had a sweet little note like “I miss your weird laugh” or “Wishing you were lying down to Netflix with me right now.” Everyone made you so happy and you were always looking forward to get the next. You got so into it you weren’t so bothered by him being gone and could barely notice the two months pass by. One morning you were just sitting in your living room reading when you heard a knock on the door. You smiled know it was your flower for that day and quickly walked to the door to receive it. Your eyes nearly fell out of their sockets and you practically screamed when you saw Calum in front of you. He was hold the final rose in his hand and was grinning like crazy. You jumped into his arms and said, “I loved every single flower, you made me smile every day even if I missed you like crazy, Baby. I love you.” He just hugged you tight in response happy to finally hold you.


Your boyfriend was the best, there was no doubt about it. He was the sweetest person ever and he would always care about how you felt. Uni was just tiring for you. You had so much work and so many assignments to do and lessons to attend. It was truly exhausting for you and Ashton knew that. Tonight you just came home tired as usual ready to pass out. You made a quick stop to the kitchen making sure you stocked yourself up to on coffee before you started and made your way to your room tiredly. As soon as you got to your desk you eyes jumped open and you nearly dropped your coffee when you saw what was on your desk. IT was a gigantic bouquet of what seem to be about hundred flowers. They were bright yellow daffodils and purple violets all arranged so beautifully sitting on top your desk and you just knew who they were from. You took the note attached to it read it, “Random pretty flowers for my random pretty girlfriend. I hope they colour up your day the way you colour up my life, baby ;)  -Ash xx.” Your spirits were lifted immediately. His little surprises and the tiny things he did you make you smile were the things that made you love him so much he was really just the sweetest. You really wanted to see him but you still had work to do but you felt so much better now and just wanted to work twice as fast so that when you were done you could go show you amazing boyfriend some love. 


You were mad. Specifically you were mad at your boyfriend Michael Gordon Clifford. Why you say? Because you two had a really important meeting with a real estate agent to finalize stuff for a flat you two were going to get together and he totally blew you off and you had to totally reschedule because the Realtor needed both of your names and he wasn’t there. You really wanted the place ‘cause it was perfect for both you  and it would be a huge step moving in together and you did not know if you would get this flat because it was looked at by a lot of people. Over all you were just mad at him because he just blew you off and when you found out for what you got even more mad. A new game that he was waiting for finally came out and he spend the entire weekend in his man cave with his friends playing it and ’forgot’ to call you and worse yet he didn’t even tell you the game came out 'cause you wanted it too! Anyways because of this you sat at your home upset and ignoring his calls and texts because you did not want to hear his half-assed sorry’s. You were flipping through your channels out of boredom but stopped as the doorbell rang. You opened the door to a very anxious looking Michael. His teeth were biting down on his bottom lip and he was wiping his hands against his jeans. You didn’t want to bother slamming the door in his face because that would just be too dramatic but you really didn’t want to talk either. You opened your mouth to ask him what he was here for but he spoke up before you, “Y/n I am really, really, truly sorry. I mean it, I swear. What I did was stupid and I should have called you- No, I should have never blew you off at all.” He looked you straight in the eye as he said every word. You were going to say something but then he continued, “And I know what moving in together means to you because I want to be with you too, so I called the flat-seller-person and I got us a meeting with him tomorrow morning and I will pick you up and everything. And this…” He paused and bent over for something next to him that you couldn’t see and came back up holding a large bouquet of flowers in his hands. “They’re pink carnations. The flower guy said that they mean I’ll never forget you again and I won’t, I promise you that so… forgive me?” His eyes were wide and hopeful like a kid and he was slightly pouting which just melted you heart. “First of all, I need to teach you job titles like flower guy? Flat-seller-person? and second I will forgive you one condition,” you spoke giggling at him. “What is it?”  "You are bring that game over tomorrow so that we came play you idiot. I love you.“ You took the flowers from him and pulled him into a hug.


"I still can’t believe it. Y/n really?” Luke asked you astonished. “Yep, I have never got flowers in my life.” You said casually not realising the big deal at all. You and Luke were lying down together watching some romantic comedy film, somebody just got flowers and you randomly said that you never got them and he was so amazed. “So like, you never even got them for Valentine’s day or something?” He asked curiously and you shook your head. To you it wasn’t really a problem, “I dunno I never got it from the few guys I dated before you'cause like you’re my first actual really serious relationship I guess. I don’t think anybody else would have gotten me them so.” You just shrugged not really thinking much of it. You weren’t really one of those I-want-to-get-flowers girls anyways. “It isn’t really a thing so, it’s okay. I just expected 'cause it was so common y'know.” Luke said continuing to watch the movie. You just shrugged again and gave a simple “Whatever” before returning to the film as well like nothing ever happened. The next day you were just just on your way home when you got a text from Luke saying that he was by your house and he had a surprise for you. You were confused by it but just went along with it and headed to home to see what he was up to. When you opened the door to your room, your saw the most beautiful sight ever in your life. Your room was filled with all sort of different flowers on everything. They were all sort of different types and all sorts of different colours and the best part of the view was your tall, lanky, blonde haired boyfriend standing in the middle of it all with his classic cute smile on his face. When you walked up to him he pit the daisy into your hair before asking. “You like it?”   Your breathe was completely taken away, it was like nothing you ever seen before. It almost seemed like your room had been turned into a garden. You had more than liked it. “I love it Luke,” You smiled at him before planting a quick kiss on his cheek. “That’s good. I just want to be the first one to give you flowers. It stupid and irrelevant but I wanted to make it mean something…” He smile at you happily his hands resting on your waist. “I love you so much my cheeseball,” you nuzzled your nose against his. “I love you too y/n, until the last flower i handed you wilts.” You were confused for a second by what he said so you pulled the daisy out of your hair and looked at it closely. It was artificial….

Sorry if the is late but I’ve been sick I will usually post one like thrice a week though. how was this, like what do you guys think? too sappy?