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wizarding placesollivanders. the shop was described as narrow and shabby with peeling gold letters over the door of the shop read: ollivanders: makers of fine wands since 382 B.C. the shop’s display consisted of a solitary wand lying on a faded purple cushion in the dusty window. thousands of narrow boxes containing wands were piled right up to the ceiling of the tiny shop, and the whole place had a thin layer of dust about it.

Rotten Judgement - part 4

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,877

Warnings: -

A/N: I died three times while writing this. I dedicate this one to the sun, kindly f*ck off. I hope you like this one, some fun stuff coming soon :)

Rotten Judgement - Masterpage

You and Steve walked hand in hand down the street, enjoying the cool breeze. You knew you had angered Bucky, but you didn’t care. You would deal with him and his silly pride later. Right now, you wanted to enjoy your time with Steve. He was charming and, quite literally, perfect.

“I’ve got a friend who wants to meet you,” Steve said.

“You told your friends about me?” A slight blush crept up his cheeks, making you chuckle. “Relax, Cap. I’d love to meet your friends.”

He gave you the most beautiful smile you’d ever seen. It made your stomach do a pleasant flip. You felt your face heat and bashfully lowered your eyes.

It’s too cliché, you thought. Get a grip, girl!

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It was all a lie. Everything that had been, could be, or would be. But she shed no tears, this too was part of the fun.

Zaharinka is a False Queen. Her advisors, those lords and ladies who think they know, don’t think that she’s aware of this. She can see it in the way their eyes slide to each other with every royal proclamation, like they’re humoring her. Like she’s a child, not worthy of their respect or consideration.

Her lips, the deep red of royalty (painted), curve into a smile that has more to do with violence than humor. This is all part of the game.

She strides from her royal chambers, head up, gown fluttering around her ankles as if afraid to touch her. The guards outside her door fall into step at her heel, the only faithful ones left. They’re enough, reminders of an unhappy childhood (she used to call them Leonid and Loke), and familiar. Sometimes they’ll follow her into her chamber and speak of the past, the gardens, the food, the lack of roles they juggled, everything. Sometimes that’s all that keeps her grounded and focused.

The sound of them behind her, the steady clanking of their armor, is all that’s grounding her now.

Lord Kiril is standing at the entrance of the war room, looking handsome in slim cut robes, white fabric striking against brown skin. His dark eyes are relieved as they land on her. “Your Majesty, they’re about to begin.” He opens the door for her, ducking his head to indicate that she enter before him.

Betrayer, her mind whispers as she nods to him and sweeps past. There’s an icy fire in her, something that’s tempering the steel in her spine, something that’s making her finally gain the perspective she needs.

Chin up, she thinks, this is the fun part. She takes her place at the front of the room, ignoring the chattering of those who would be her puppet master. Lord Lazar, the old fool, is trying to hide the smug smile tucked into his jowls, trying not to let his eyes linger on the cluster of dots on the map in front of them all. The dots say that there are 10,000 men about to march on Garbulia’s neighboring country,  ten thousand man ready to finally test the border.

The dots can say whatever they want.

“Lords. Ladies,” she greets and takes her seat. This throne is less ornate than it was in her mother’s time, in her father’s time, but the deep purple cushions allow her to lounge. She does, propping her chin in one hand. “Begin.”

“Your Majesty,” Lord Lazar begins immediately, “I’m pleased to report that our troops are finally in place. With your word, they’ll march on the border town of Marin.” There’s a feverish light in his eyes as he says, “We will finally be able to take back our land.”

“Hmmm,” she hums, dark eyes flicking over the men and women in front of her. They’re a combination of bored and anticipatory. Loke is at the back of the room, watching as she is. She nods to him and he begins to jot down names. “I imagine you all know how much military experience I have.” She waits for the amused looks to be squelched, hiding the curl of her own lip. “What do you suggest my next move be after winning Marin?”

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5/10 sentenced - Supercat - Cat meeting Eliza for the first time and then staying in midvale in Kara's old room. NC x

“I’m guessing you weren’t exactly expecting that kind of welcome, did you now?” Eliza softly asked to a slightly emotional Cat Grant as they were sipping a cup of coffee on the porch, comfortably settled in the swing facing the ocean.

Cat took a few more sip of the black beverage before nodding, reluctantly showing that she was indeed overwhelmed by the simple but true affection Eliza had instantly offered, without judgment and without reservation.
Her voice was low and hesitant when she finally whispered “I am aware this is going to sound cynical but, I am so used to being judged and criticized … I have my doubts and my share of insecurities in this relationship and I was so … sure, you would share them and point them out to me, to try to discourage me, to push me away …”

Eliza nodded but stayed silent for a while, watching the sun slide ever so gently below the line of the horizon, plunging behind the ocean in an explosion of gold and orange shades that sparkled across the soft waves of the water.

Then, she smiled and explained “I admit, I wasn’t exactly thrilled when Kara finally revealed who was that mysterious person she was seeing but I learned to trust my daughters, both of them. They are strong women, kind and brave and they know what they want. My role now, as their mother, is to be sure they are happy and you, Cat, you make Kara happy. As far as I am concerned, this means everything to me. It’s alright to have doubts, it’s only realistic and you and I both know the world isn’t as bright and nice as Kara seems to believe it is but it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to be happy too, Cat. It doesn’t mean you should listen to your doubts and fears and let them get in the way of something as promising as your relationship with Kara.”

Cat stayed silent for a long while after that, too shocked and lost to make sense of the words she just heard. She knew, deep down, it was the truth but she had been living with her insecurities for so long now, it was hard to ignore them.

As if she had read her mind, Eliza added “It will take time, I know that but as long as you are giving yourself a chance … You will give Kara a chance and eventually, she will win you over. She’s kind of persistent, did you know that?”

The comment made Cat chuckle and she nodded “Oh yes, I’ve noticed.”

Both women smiled at each other before focusing back on the darkening ocean spreading before them to meet the sky as night started to fall.

Cat leaned against the door frame and took everything in, trying to imagine a teenage alien in this extremely human setting.

The bedroom was small but cosy, with a huge window encased in the slope of the roof in front of the door.

The wall behind the bed was painted in a dark gray color that seemed to absorb all the light but everything else was white, from the furniture to the walls and the only touch of colors, aside from the items discarded everywhere, could be found in the few pink and purple cushions set atop the natural bench carved underneath the window.

There were posters of various boy bands and pop stars pined on the walls, above the bed, above the small and white wooden desk and even on the doors of the matching wooden wardrobe. 3D puzzles were lining on the shelves across the room, spaceships from the Star Wars movies, the Star Treck saga and she even noticed there were a few Lord of the ring items as well, tucked in between science-fictions figures. It didn’t exactly look like a girl’s room and Cat found that she wasn’t surprised.

Kara had once told her that back on Krypton, gender was something no one cared about and little girls would grow up fascinated by spaceships and engineering, by sports or space when little boys were free to pursue their interest in cooking or painting or fashion or anything they wanted, really.

Aside from the 3D puzzles and various trophies, the main thing that could be found in this room was books. Piles and piles and piles of books, spilling from the already full bookcases, set on the floors next to the shelves or set atop every free surface available. Cat noticed there was a lot of manuals and explanatory books and her heart ached a little for this lost little girl who had landed on a foreign world many years ago, having to learn everything all over again while grieving her whole planet, her customs, her language and most importantly, her family.

She was engrossed in her thoughts when she suddenly felt two strong arms circle her waist and the unmistakable scent of Kara instantly wafted around her, that mixture of human perfume that wasn’t quite hiding the smell of stars and wind that could never be put into words.

“See something you like?” Kara whispered in her ear and Cat could fell the smile on Kara’s lips brush against her soft skin, right underneath said ear.

Moving to turn around and face the young woman, Cat arched an amused brow and sweetly replied “Now I do, yes.”

She laughed when she saw Kara roll her eyes and she pointed it out “You are spending far too much time with me, Darling. You’re rolling your eyes like a true Grant now, Carter would be proud.”

Kara smirked and then leaned forward to claim a kiss, soft and simple but tinged with raw affection. When she pulled away, she stayed so close that when she spoke, her words landed in tempting breaths on Cat’s lips “I’ll spend forever with you, if you let me.”

Cat felt her heart soar in her chest, full of love and amazement and Eliza’s words echoed in her head : as long as you are giving yourself a chance

She decided, right in this moment, surrounded by Kara’s arms and dizzying scent, that she would. She would give them a chance and make it work because after six months of relationship, she was in it so bad she couldn’t imagine her life without Kara anymore.

Instead of trying to put her thoughts into words, she simply grabbed Kara by the collar of her shirt and started walking backwards, pulling her lover with her before closing the door behind them.

Chapter 1

Masterpost and series summary here.

Summary: Sam goes through the daily duties of the King, but trouble is brewing, and he is becoming increasingly worried about his ability to stop it.

Characters/Relationships: Sam x Ruby, Crowley, Alistair

Word Count: 2.9k

Warnings: themes of rape, themes of torture, physical intimacy

A/N: IT’S FINALLY HERE. Well, the first chapter at least. That’s something, right? I want to thank @impala-dreamer and @moonlitskinwalker for their invaluable help on this entire story. Seriously. Give them a cookie. They deserve it. And I hope you all think it’s as awesome as they do!! 

Sam was perched atop the purple velvet cushion of his throne, a slight lean in his back, elbows on the armrests, hands clasped, looking every bit the image of a renaissance painting. He observed how his demons busied themselves throughout the throne room, walking in and out, across and around, babbling about hunters, carrying dusty scrolls and magic books. Their footwear tapped and scraped along the stone floors, mixing with the homogenous murmur of their voices. The great hall was almost always busy and never quiet. Even in silence, the lofty arched ceilings magnified even the softest of sounds, causing them to echo in the cool, damp air. Every action belonging to this room was exposed and enlarged by the acoustics, matching the weight of each decision Sam made. He carefully calculated each one, permitting nothing to be insignificant.

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Mill Cottage Indoor Aesthetic Moodboard

Robert’s got his magazines out again. White cupboard without handles may be off the cards but it doesn’t mean he can’t indulge his suave posh needs elsewhere. With books and comics at easy reach from a sofa that makes Robert feel sexy and powerful. And a desk he can conduct his ‘business’ on, ie Aaron.

At least he’s listened to Beck’s advice and held unto the Mill’s core architecture and old charm, just because Aaron kept teasing how he was right about everything and Rob loves when Aaron is confident. 

Their bedroom is inspired by Aaron’s green top that he uses to make sweater paws. With one purple cushion thrown in to pay homage to their old bedroom which was inspired by Rob’s purple suit.

Obviously he’d design a cute little space for Liv to actually do some work for once, and also so she can draw her masterpieces on the condition that she stops drawing Robert as a monkey. 

And finally he’d make an underground boys club den for Aaron and him to get drunk, play darts and xbox without Liv hogging it or cockblocking them from cuddling and making out. 

beginning of season 6 drabble thing


Mulder lodged yet another no. 2 pencil into the ceiling with a swift flick of the wrist. He eyed it with a focused squint. The circle he’d been trying to shape in the ceiling with pencils was now broken by just by an inch. A frustrated groan bubbled in his throat.

Scully’s gaze slowly teetered up from the stack of papers balanced on her lap, to partner who lounged leisurely in the corner of the room. His chair tipped upwards and glaring at the ceiling, he looked as if he might tip completely backward. She raised an eyebrow at his questionable posture.

“Working hard, huh?”

He fell forward in his chair at the sudden ring of her voice, and his eyes landed on her. A faint blush tinted his cheeks. She couldn’t tell if the fall was intentional or not, and stifled her laugh.

“Yes, actually,” He replied, indicating the pencils above his head with an upward jab from his left index finger. He sighed again and regained his composure. “If Kersh wants us doing paperwork, fine. But I get to decide when I actually do it. And now I’m ready. I’ve already screwed up my pencil circle, just like I knew I would.”

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Hamilton Voice Comparisons

Lin-Manuel Miranda: If a chipmunk swallowed Pop Rocks, and then put his voice through a machine that slowed it down and lowered it to human pitch.

Leslie Odom Jr.: Sitting on a purple velvet cushion and eating a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, in a low-lit room late at night, with a clarinet playing in the background.

Anthony Ramos: That fuzzy feeling you get when you see a puppy you love bark to protect you, even though there’s nothing there; it just got scared and you want to hug it.

Daveed Diggs: That split second rush when you see somebody attractive throw on a leather jacket and adjust the collar while looking back over their shoulder at you, super nonchalantly.

Okieriete Onaodowan: A mocha cake that’s really well made, eaten with a cup of creamy coffee, in a café with white walls and a dark ceiling.

Phillipa Soo: A pale pink feather flitting down from a blue sky into a pile of lacy pillows.

Renee Elise Goldsberry: That feeling in your mouth when you chew mint gum and then drink cold water, and your cheeks feel all refreshed and clean.

Jasmine Cephas-Jones: When the sound in your headphones works after a while and fills both ears, and all of a sudden it’s this rush of clear sound.

Christopher Jackson: A giant stuffed lion whose fur is kind of rough but it has some sentimental value and you really like cuddling it because you’ve had it forever and it cheers you up.

Jonathan Groff: When you know you look really good at a party and you’re trying to show off the outfit you’re super proud of but not trying to come off as a snob.


“general yohane hcs?”

  • She LOVES junk food. It’s ridiculous. She has a special affinity for sweet chilli crisps in particular; her garbage can is littered with them. And meals? What are they?? 
  • It’s especially offensive since she’s still stick thin despite ingesting all that crap every day; everyone hates her metabolism.
  • Yoshiko had actually saved up as a kid to get ACs installed in her apartment. She’s hated summer ever since she was little – the bugs, the heat, the humidity; she hated it all. Honestly, the only good things to come out of summer are the holidays and Comiket. 
  • She almost started crying when her parents reluctantly agreed to install ACs.
  • She’s pretty good at art! As a kid she adored it, but now it’s just something she happens to be decent at. Yoshiko has a surprisingly cute style, and the rest of Aqours (Chika in particular) force her to draw little chibis and doodles for them sometimes! 
  • Yoshiko decides to stop when Chika gets a detention for ‘graffiting’ her maths book.
  • She’s actually a bit of a clean freak when it comes to her room. Most people expect it to be a total mess and are always surprised when they see how tidy and neat it is. Yoshiko simply claims that a messy room stresses her out, which, to be fair, is an understanding complaint.
  • Her hiding place for most of her ‘datenshi’ things is her school bag. She just doesn’t know where else to keep it; she’s far too anxious that her parents will find it if she keeps it in her room, so she compensates with her school bag. 
  • Because of this, unless she’s around Aqours she’s VERY protective of her school bag. She’s honestly quite shocked on how nobody has questioned her always full-to-the-brim bag.
  • Yoshiko has a hugging pillow. Not a proper one; it’s just a plain, purple cushion, but she just can’t sleep unless she has something warm and comfy to wrap her arm around. She wouldn’t dare to admit this to anyone though, out of fear of being teased.
  • On that note, she doesn’t like hugging people. At all. Whenever someone tries to hug her she tends to awkwardly push them off, with only very, very few people being an exception to this. It’s not that Yoshiko dislikes hugging – she has a hugging ‘pillow’ after all, and cuddling does sound…nice – it’s just that she doesn’t really know how to hug. She just kind of awkwardly pats their back.
  • She’ll get over it one day. Probably.
Neko Atsume Vocabulary, Pt. 2: Shopping #21-40

21) ギフトボックス - Gift box

22) ダンボール[小] ( こ ) - Cardboard box [small]  “Shopping box (small)”*

23) ダンボール[中] ( なか ) - Cardboard box [medium] “Shopping box (large)”*

24) ダンボールドライブ - Cardboard Drive “Cardboard Truck”*

25) ハウスデラックス - House Deluxe “Cardboard House”*

26) カフェデラックス - Cafe Deluxe “Cardboard Cafe”*

27) 機関車デラックス ( きかんしゃ ) - Locomotive “Cardboard Choo Choo”*

28) お座布団[紫] ( おざぶとん[むらさき] ) - Zabuton (a flat floor cushion) [purple] “Pillow [Purple]”*

29) お座布団[黄] ( おざぶとん[き] ) - Zabuton [yellow] “Pillow [yellow]”*

30) お座布団[緑] ( おざぶとん[みどり] ) - Zabuton [green] “Pillow [green]”*

31) ちりめん座布団 ( ちりめんざぶとん ) - Silk Crepe Zabuton “Silk Crepe Pillow”*

32) さくら座布団 ( さくらざぶとん ) - Sakura Zabuton “Sakura Pillow”*

33) もみじ座布団 ( もみじざぶとん ) - Maple/autumn leaves Zabuton “Maple Pillow”*

34) しらゆき座布団 ( しらゆきざぶとん ) - White Snow Zabuton “Snowy Pillow”*

35) クッション[ベージュ] - Cushion [Beige]

36) クッション[ピンク] - Cushion [Pink]

37) クッション[ブラウン] - Cushion [Brown]

38) クッション[イエロー] - Cushion [Yellow]

39) クッション[グリーン] - Cushion [Green]

40) オレンジキューブ - Orange Cube

*I’ve included the English version’s translations to compare to my own. Please let me know if I’ve made any mistakes!*

Pt.1 (#1-20)

Pt. 3 (#41-60)

Anonymous said: I wouldn’t mind some Clint/Coulson doing something cute together like… planting a little vegetable patch together <3

“You need a project,” Phil says darkly as he stands and surveys the damage. Three cookie sheets are black with charred oatmeal cookies, the counter is littered with the detritus of cookie-making, and Clint is standing there in jeans only, his bare feet and shirtless chest not even working to distract Phil from the disaster that is their kitchen. 

“You might be right,” Clint says as he brushes his hand through his hair. Flour sprinkles onto his bare shoulders.

They’ve had three days of downtime after a grueling three-month under cover mission in Greece, and this is the third house disaster Phil’s walked in on since they returned to the states. Phil sighs and puts down his briefcase, loosens his tie, and shucks off his suit coat as Clint hands him a beer from the fridge. Phil looks once more at the sink, can’t hold back a wince at the mess, and retreats out to their patio to let Clint fix the current kitchen problem. 

Thirty minutes later, Clint joins him. He sits down in the patio chair next to Phil’s and takes a long swig of his drink. Phil is looking at a home decorating magazine that he obsesses over when Clint leans over and pulls it out of his hands. 

“Hey! I was reading that,” he says, glaring at Clint.

Clint holds the magazine so he can see the back for a moment, and then he gives it back to Phil with a grin. 

For some reason, Phil gets a sinking feeling. “What?” 

“I have an idea. Wanna order Thai for dinner? I’ll do it,” he says, and springs to his feet.

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