purple clouds

“Well? Where are you?“ the Puppeteer yelled. “Come out and fight already!”

She didn’t see the ladybug flying over her shoulder. At least, not until it transformed into a T-Rex.

The Puppeteer yelled as the T-Rex leaned down towards her, snapping its jaws. Fortunately for her, Evillustrator was prepared, and quickly sketched a muzzle that trapped the dinosaur’s mouth shut.

Struggling, the dinosaur managed to rip through the muzzle, but by then the Puppeteer had retreated. “Come on, Lady Wifi!” she muttered to herself. “Where are you?” But perhaps Evillustrator was all she needed. In a matter of moments, he sketched enormous shackles around the dinosaur’s feet, causing it to trip and fall.

In a cloud of purple smoke, the T-Rex vanished, and was replaced by a black panther, which leaped out of the shackles at Evillustrator only to crash into a transparent wall that separated them. Evillustrator twirled his pen triumphantly.

The panther turned, and without warning pounced at the Puppeteer, knocking her wand away from her and pinning her to the ground. He roared in the Puppeteer’s face, and reared back for the kill.

The Puppeteer grabbed one of the dolls that lay next to her, and wiggled its arms slightly. And the pause button streaked in from the sky, hitting the panther directly on his back. The Puppeteer wriggled out from under the panther’s immobilized paws, and snatched the bracelet off his leg, smashing it to the ground.

“Good work, Lady Wifi and Evillustrator!” the Puppeteer announced. “It’s too bad you knocked out Rogercop, but with the two of you, I’m still going to be the winner!”

Honestly, I think 23% is pretty generous for Animan. There was no way he was going to win that.

The darkness falls

The skies thunder as a dark purple cloud covers the skies of the tree and soon the whole island. It reaches from @askbelgianwaffle to @ask-keystar to @steeveetheshinyeevee even as far as @samsam-the-awkward-trashcan. The bright blue skies soon turn to a very dark shade of purple as a rift between all worlds tears open and something jumps out from the portal..

Someone who was once dealt with years ago that Jess herself could barely win against..


I discovered “motelscape” today.
(not my images! most belong to @marina-fini
and @sleazeburger)