purple circle lens


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❄Dueba Ice Flower Violet❄

Quick mini review!

Ok so I really love these ☆3☆ I think they must be a Dueba copy of EOS ice series because I couldn’t really find many examples of these online? They are very vibrant but because of the jagged center they don’t look like creepy wolf eyes thankfully lol I think from now on I will stick to lenses like these where the design is more focused on the outer ring.

These aren’t as comfortable as GEO unfortunately, I’d say 4/5, but at 14.5mm the enlargement is good enough for me. They definitely have 5/5 color! I would most likely wear these with more elaborate outfits, but they actually don’t look too noticeable in natural light. For only $19.90 with a free pair after buying 2 pairs I’d say Solution-lens is the cheapest lens shop. I would try another color in these too~