purple cheetah

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Just like Otabek said, they went to buy Yuri his own guitar. A right handed one this time and suddenly, Yuri understands why it felt so weird holding the other boy’s instrument in his hands earlier. 

They even found him a nice strap for it, with a pretty pink and purple cheetah print and a handful of pick as well. The guitar feels cold under his fingers, the strings hard and strong under his delicate hands. 

He is surprised he can even hold the thing properly with Otabek siting so close to him. He is surprised his fingers are not shaking as Otabek’s rough ones are helping him to position his own properly on the neck of the guitar. He is surprised that such strong hands can feel so soft and tender. 

But of course they are, it’s Otabek. With his dark eyes and square jawline. With a face that is quite intimidating to anyone else but not when he looks at Yuri.

There is always a softness on his face when he looks at him, warmth in his eyes and in his voice. So, it’s obvious that the way he touches Yuri would be just the same. He makes him feel important when he looks at him, makes him feel talented when he sits in a corner of the studio and watches him dance like there is nowhere else he’d rather be.

He makes Yuri feels like he is on fire, under his rough fingertips.

And it’s only one innocent guitar learning session. Yuri is going to die at some point, he just knows it.

Otabeks tells him there are three chords to know at first, that most popular songs were written with those. He is almost whispering, looking up at Yuri from behind the fringe of his dark silky hair to check if he understands what he is telling him.

Yuri gives him a faint little nod, knowning by how hot he feels that his face is probably bright red at the moment. He lets Otabek place his hand correctly on the neck of the guitar and he is silently praying his hand are not too sweaty.

“Now, play.”

And Yuri does, strumming the strings with his thumb. It sounds a little shaky but not too bad and when he looks up at Otabek with a proud smile lighting up his whole face, he finds the older boy already smiling, his coffee brown eyes shining with pride again. 

“That was good, Yura.”

Yuri looks back down at the guitar to hide the blush blooming all over his cheeks again at Otabek’s praises and sweet nickname. But he feels the dark haired man pushing a few strands of his long blond hair away from his face, tucking it behind his ear. His thumb brushes against the warm skin for just a fraction of a second before dropping his hand back on his knee, “Now do it again.”

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MC posts an pic in her swimsuit or sexy pajamas and the bidders find out via another bidder or sees it and all the bidders comments on it and gets made at her

So I decided to just do swimsuits since they’re easier to describe and most females take pictures in bikini anyway. Hope this was what you wanted nonny! <333


  • She wanted to show off the new swimsuit Eisuke bought her for their upcoming vacation.
  • It was a black and white, one piece swimsuit that had the sides/back out and that tied in the back at the top and the bottom of it. But, it also pushed her breast up to make them look fuller. Lastly, there were purple Topaz stones that traveled down the middle of it.
  • Scroll through his feed on Instagram he would eventually see it and the pose that you chose.
  • I don’t know I would just imagine Eisuke would stay on Instagram just because of her lol.
  • “Take it down immediately,” He would say, though she never does which infuriated him more.
  • Though, not as much as the comments that the others would leave on her photo.
  • “Looking hot Koro!!!’“
  • “Sexy bones, collarbones looks especially exquisite in that swim suit.”
  • “Princess should be a model, looking sexy(;”
  • Sighing, because he knew how stubborn she was so he would punish her until she finally decides to obey.


  • He sent one of his subordinates to go with her to buy her a swimsuit since they decided on having a ‘family’ day at the beach instead of a party for Soryu’s birthday.
  • She decided on a royal blue monokini that zipped in the front and had a royal blue and white chevron pattern on one side that twisted with a simple all blue pattern on the other side. The top cut low enough for her breast to sit up and show off.
  • She took a photo while in the dressing room and posted it on Facebook before coming home.
  • Soryu didn’t know anything about it until after he came back from meeting with the bidders. Their comments didn’t help the situation either.
  • “Koro’s boobs look amazing”
  • “She doesn’t look like a kid anymore”
  • “So Beautiful Princess! <33″
  • Eisuke just smirks at the photo but, we all know what he’s thinking. Fucking perv lol
  • Soryu just pulls his gun on everyone in the room after he reads their comments and of course everybody raises their hands to surrender.


  • Ota went shopping with her to get her a swimsuit for him to alter for their vacation.
  • She chose a bikini top that had a floral pattern that was tied around her neck and a solid white high waisted bikini bottom that zipped in the back. He added a couple of rhinestones and some ruffles on the sides.
  • She decided to model the swimsuit for the bidders without Ota’s knowledge.
  • Walking down in heels and her bathing suit, she twirled and poked her tiny bottom out.
  • “Damn Kid”
  • “Ota picked a nice one.”
  • Soryu just looks away shyly, rubbing the back of his head.
  • Ota walks in with Baba as they’re making small talk until he looks up to see her modeling for them.
  • “Koro, What the hell are you doing?!”
  • He rushes over to her, throwing his jacket around her.
  • Whispering in her ear, “You’re getting punished tonight for showing them my masterpiece, Koro.”
  • Before guiding her back to his suite.


  • They decided to go swimming at night while he thought the other bidders were away.
  • He picked out a skimpy bikini top and bottom that was a lime green color, with a bold black outline. A simple bikini for a simple man…
  • She was climbing out of the pool as the other bidders were walking in before they stopped to stare.
  • They watched her walk towards Baba as she pulled her bikini bottom down. No pun intended lol
  • “God damn kid”
  • “Nice,” was all that slipped Eisuke’s lips as he just smirks his usual smile.
  • “Enjoying the view?” Baba asks as he gives a soft smile while she jumps in the water. Smiling, as she leans on the edge of the pool, resting her head on her arms.
  • She giggled as all the other bidders looked away, blushing.
  • Pulling her out the water, he kisses her on the forehead as they made their way back to his suite.


  • Since he and MC decided on going to the beach, even though Mamoru was reluctant at first.
  • Somehow the bidders caught wind of where they were going and decided to follow, showing up at the worst possible time.
  • She was walking out the changing room as she was tugging on her swimsuit as every turned their heads to look.
  • She had on a purple and teal cheetah print bikini that had purple lace at the waistline and under the buss line.
  • “Oooo, Koro looks hot!”
  • “Wow Princess, looking good!”
  • Mamo almost dropped his cigarette in his lap as he started coughing staring at his girlfriend walking towards them.
  • She had her hair in his favorite updo as well, turning him on even more.
  • She made her way over to him sitting in his lap as she kissed him on the lips and smiling at the others.
  • “Damn Kid,” was all he said as he kissed her on the forehead, cheesing like a kid in a candy store.

Cause now it’s in HD with the new DCEU opening, you can clearly see out of the Batfam, Bruce, Babs, Dick, Robin (it’s Tim Drake’s uniform but it could be meant to be Jason) and Selina.

The Hawks. The bigger one is very much Hawkgirl as the one in the background in more masculine in build. 

The Lanterns, The usual suspects and Jessica Cruz 

Arthur, Mera, Black Manta, and I’m pretty sure that’s either Garth or Kaldur

Ivy, Harley, Joker

Others in random spots…Green Arrow, Black Canary, Bumblebee, Solomon Grundy, John Constantine (who else where’s a trench? other than question but no hat), Martian Manhunter, Blue Beetle, Shazam, Black Adam, Supergirl, Starfire?/Firestorm, Lobo, Freeze?, Booster Gold?, Black Lightning, Star Sapphire (glowy purple), Cheetah?, 

yeah still the sickest opening ever thanks to the JLU vibes. Love it. 

I’m gonna drag a 16 year old’s fashion

I’m gonna do it cause this child is a fashion trainwreck. And you might be like,

“Oh Jetaime, he’s not THAT bad!” Bitch look at episode one!

Oh he look normal? Look at his shoes

Homeboy wears red cheetah print slip-ons to kick down a motherfucking door. The actual fuck child. This should have been my first hint he was gonna be a fucking trip



And when traveling???

This child looks like a 31 year old single mom who gets fashion tips from Victoria Beckham.


And to top it off?

He buys a TIGER SHIRT!


I love this smol Russian angry child like a son but expect this series to continue for however long this show runs. Because this boy’s fashion is an adventure and I expect it to get only worst.

I’m ready episode 3.

I’m ready.