purple chandelier


Looks like Django just arrived in the Kalos region once again, but this time with a strange gun of sorts on his hip. It’s currently in the very cloudy, like it was close to raining. Flicking up the hood of his cloak, the Immortal hurries along to the Professor’s lab.

Today, he was going to show the other to his home, and act as a guide. His world was a bit too dangerous for someone without experience to come by at any time.

Going up to the front door, he enters and looks around. “Sycamore? Are you about?”

“Yes. I’ll be right with you in a second!” The professor called out from a nearby room.

About a few minutes later, Sycamore walked into the room with what appeared to be a floating purple chandelier following him. Upon spotting the other, the Pokemon floated up to him and tilted his body to show that he was curious.

“Ah, hello Django!” The professor greeted. “What’s up?”