purple chandelier

This nursery is absolutely beautiful. I love the lilac color, mixed with the gray branch on the wall. The bird sitting on the branch among the leaves brings an imaginative element to the room. The chandelier above the crib, along with the mirror on the wall, adds a touch of glitter to the simple and cozy nursery.

Riarkle One Shot

Riarkle one shot au thing! 
Rating: G
This is where Riley and Farkle realize they have feelings for each other, but then Farkle goes to Europe for 2 months. 

It had been 2 months since she’d last seen him. Farkle had gone to Europe with his family for the summer, leaving a lonely Riley behind. Of course she had her other friends to keep her company, but ever since she had realized her feelings for Farkle were more than platonic, he was her favorite person to be around. Maya teased her incessantly by calling her Riley Minkus, thankfully after Farkle had already left.

They texted and facetimed on a daily basis, but that wasn’t enough for Riley. She missed going over to his house to watch movies. She missed going for ice cream on the hot summer days. This summer had been so different without him. Thankfully, he had left his sweatshirt at her house the night before he left accidentally. Riley had worn it to bed almost every night. When Farkle facetimed her, he caught her wearing it once. Riley could tell he noticed, but he didn’t say a word. Instead, he just smiled.

Farkle had always loved Riley. However, after Smackle realized they were too similar to be a couple, he noticed Riley in a new light. The way her hair perfectly framed her face. Her big brown eyes that glistened in the sun. How she laughed when he told a joke. The way she lit up when her friends were around. His love was deeper for her now, but he just didn’t know how to tell her.

Riley and Farkle were facetiming like they usually were. She was cuddled into bed, wearing his sweatshirt once again, forgetting he could see her wear it.

“So you’re coming home in 4 more days?” Riley smiled.

“Yep! I cannot wait to be home. I miss New York so much.” Farkle laughed. It was true that he missed New York. Mostly because Riley was there.

“New York misses you too.” Riley said quietly. Farkle smiled at her words. “What movie do you think I should watch tonight?”

“You must’ve watched every movie in existence by now!”

“Well you’re not here to watch movies with me, so I gotta make up for it.” Riley explained. Farkle smirked at the thought that she missed him. Riley squinted at the background behind Farkle on the screen. “Where are you? That doesn’t look like your hotel room.”

“Oh, I’m in the lobby of the hotel. Better wifi.” Farkle said defensively.

“But the lobby has the big chandelier and purple walls.” Riley tilted her head at the screen. Her eyes got wide. “Farkley?”

“What, Riley?” Farkle questioned nervously, bringing the camera closer to his face.

“Is that the hallway of my apartment complex?” Riley asked excitedly. Farkle was silent. Riley dropped her phone and sprinted to her front door. Farkle stood right outside, smiling.

Riley jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. Farkle backed up into the wall, catching his balance.

“Why did you lie to me?” Riley squealed, unburying her head from his neck. Farkle placed his hands on the small of her back to hold her.

“I wanted to surprise you.” he chuckled. “I was going to come into your room and surprise you there, but your front door was locked.”

“The bay window is always open, idiot.” She chuckled, jumping down from off of him.

“How could I forget the bay window?” Farkle jokingly hit his forehead with his palm.

Riley smiled at him, totally in love with this dork. Without even thinking about it, Riley placed her hands on her shoulders, stood on her tiptoes, and placed her lips on his. Farkle froze in his tracks, completely in shock.

“I love you Farkle.” she smiled as she pulled away.

“And I love you.” he replied, leaning down to kiss her back. “Nice sweatshirt by the way.”

Riley laughed, dragging Farkle inside by his hand so they could finally watch a movie and eat ice cream like a normal summer.