purple cameo


Work stages on another cover illustration I did for White Wolf’s pen-and-paper fantasy RPG Exalted. This one’s an infernal/ demonic  companion to a previous, more genteel and divinity-oriented cover, which you can see here: http://adamwarrencomics.tumblr.com/post/107283956885/work-stages-on-a-seriously-crowd-intensive-cover

Line art my me; final colors by the fine lads of Guru eFX.

Note that I tossed in a cameo (purple-skinned woman, at right) by one of the many neat Exalted characters drawn for the sourcebooks by the great Ross Campbell. His heavily pierced and tatted ladies were clear standouts  among the RPG’s various illustrations, IMHO.

Another thing I’ve ordered from Restyle.pl, and it is as good as the bag. The cameo is located in a floral frame and the edges are located under it which prevents it from falling out of the frame. It is really unique and not like any other cameo pendant on the internet. Also, I can be worn both as a necklace and a brooch. Five starts for this perfection.