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Work stages on another cover illustration I did for White Wolf’s pen-and-paper fantasy RPG Exalted. This one’s an infernal/ demonic  companion to a previous, more genteel and divinity-oriented cover, which you can see here: http://adamwarrencomics.tumblr.com/post/107283956885/work-stages-on-a-seriously-crowd-intensive-cover

Line art my me; final colors by the fine lads of Guru eFX.

Note that I tossed in a cameo (purple-skinned woman, at right) by one of the many neat Exalted characters drawn for the sourcebooks by the great Ross Campbell. His heavily pierced and tatted ladies were clear standouts  among the RPG’s various illustrations, IMHO.

Under the Sea

The commission for @yamadara87 this month! I hope you like it! If you’d like more of my writing, including a new Mystery and Shadow to be dropped tomorrow, check me out at my Patreon! 2012 words. 

Michiru Kaioh, whenever asked what she would like for her birthday, smiled and said she was too old for anything too dramatic, and that she would very likely go to dinner with Haruka, perhaps take in a play.

What she did not say was that mostly, she simply wished to be left alone.

The last party she remembered having was her 16th, thrown by her parents to fete her burgeoning womanhood, or so the story goes. It had been the same as all her parents’ other parties, with lavish decor, champagne flowing, a cake decorated in the most lavish and expensive way possible, floral arrangements with crystal details, live music, and all the empty fineries of the world.

The first party she remembered wanting was when she was four. She had wanted a Little Mermaid party, and her parents had agreed. For weeks, she had looked forward to seeing the bright haired singing mermaid atop her cake, with her loveable yellow and blue friend, and the grumpy crab that always made her laugh.

When the day came, her 4th birthday party varied precious little from her 16th, the only nod to Michiru’s request the decor on the cake, mermaids singing on the shoreline and even they invoked Waterhouse in smooth lines and soothing colors, with none of the technicolor glow that entranced Michiru’s little heart.

And so, on that day, she learned that birthday parties were never for her, and always for others, and she dropped them as soon as socially permissible.

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