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Teach Me What Real Love is

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A/N: Hello! It’s been a bit but here’s my second fic that I’m posting online!! Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited for this one because I’ve been working so hard on it and I had a lot of fun writing it :) I’ve always had a soft-spot for Wonho I decided to give this oneshot a chance. Also! This is my first time writing in second person POV! So!! That means that it’s my first time using “you” and “y/n” instead of making up an actual character with a name, so please have mercy if there are some mistakes! Thank you for reading, I hope you like it :) All credit for the gif goes to kaimikachan

Summary: The premise behind this story is basically that you’re engaged but you end up falling for your irresistible wedding florist, Wonho.

Rated: PG-13 even though there isn’t any smut or anything, there are just mild references. I’d say this is definitely fluff and possibly a little angsty?? I really don’t know bout the angst, definite fluff though, I think.

Word Count: 12,809

Edit: Here’s a link to the sequel if you liked this story you can keep reading! 

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A Purple Bouquet (Eremika Week Day 2)

Summary: Eren and MIkasa prepare to say their vows to each other.

Rating: K+ | Words: 941 | Read On: AO3  FF.net

A/N: Eremika Day 2: Wedding. Set in a sort of AU where the Titan threat is gone and Ymir’s Curse doesn’t exist. Not gonna lie, I’m not that proud of this one and think it’s the weakest piece I wrote, but it is what it is.

A Purple Bouquet:

Mikasa stands in front of an oval mirror, polishing off her silk white dress. Her hand reaches up to grasp a stray dark hair that has fallen in front of her face. She tucks it back into her bun and lets out a nervous sigh.

Her hands are trembling. She did not realize until now. She can barely hold the bouquet filled with bright purple flowers.

Mikasa is never nervous. She’s rarely frightened. But today, she is terrified. She can’t understand why. Perhaps it is because she never thought this day would come. She thought she’d perish in the mouth of a titan before she ever got to put on a white gown.

But here she is, all dressed up for her big day, awaiting to see the face of the man she loves. She glances ahead at the mirror. What will he think? What will he feel? She anxiously awaits the ceremony that is to take place.

She remembers when Eren proposed to her a few months ago. They had been together for a while, but it still came as a shock to her. To think that she’d get to continue her life by his side when it had seemed impossible to her. She remembers both of them crying and messy kisses exchanged between them. To think now that they would truly be united.

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Who watches The Sign of Three and thinks Sherlock is a straight man?

For god’s sake! The man literally:

-Plans a wedding including building a tiny diorama for the seating arrangement
-learns to fold not one but TWO different types of napkins for the place settings
-twirls in a gay little circle
-spends the ENTIRE time deducing things about eligible men at the reception

Like, my pals, friends, people of the planet earth and beyond…

The man is gayer than the desert is dry and the day is long.

Bitter Betrothed

Member: Taehyung

Type: Hopefully Bomb ass story just for my Bestie!! Angst, Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 3559

A/N: Hello Bestie! I know this took forever but I wanted it to be perfect! I hope this is good enough. I love you <3 @look-its-a-nunn 



Today is the day.

You slide on your purple bridesmaid dress with dissatisfaction. Mock bouquet in hand, the day is about to start.

The commotion can be heard from 3 stories up in the attic guestroom, where you are examining your figure in the dress. 

Men are ushered out of the house as people begin to swarm her. 

The bride.

Though she isn’t quite blushing she is loving the attention. “Mother, I told you the makeup won’t hold unless you use MY setting spray. Don’t put an ounce of makeup on me until you get it.”

‘God it isn’t even 9 am yet and she is making demands.’ you think.

The bridezilla screaming a floor below you is your best friend, Hei. You use that term loosely in this case. And though her name implies grace you can assure anyone that is confused she is far from it.

Her appearance is admittedly breathtaking. She had always had men falling at her feet. But she is like the Cerbera Odollom, a relationship with her can paralyze your heart.


Groaning, you ducked under a rafter and followed the voice to Hei’s room, seeing her being worked on all at once. Legs being lotioned, Hair being curled, makeup being applied. Right now she was Queen of being pampered, not that she was a stranger to it anyway. “Why does that dress look so horrible?”

You narrowed your eyes. “I don’t know, you picked it, ChiChi.” She huffed at the nickname. You have called her that ever since she tried some experimental face scrub back in 7th grade and her face swole making her look like a Monchichi.

“Don’t call me that today.”

But there was another reason a wedge was being forced into your already challenging friendship.

His name is Kim Taehyung.

The man with the voice like honey and face like heaven. He had walked into your lives 3 years ago through vocal lessons.

This was during Hei’s “I want to be a singer, Mother” phase where she somehow convinced you to come with her. 3 lessons in, she had had her fill of another useless thing at her parent’s expense. But Taehyung remained. She boasted privately that he stuck around for her but really he had stayed in touch for you.

It began with plans for the two of them and him asking if you could come along. Then inseparable days of just the three of you. Soon it became you and him sneaking kisses when she was in the restroom or complaining about her incorrect order at her favorite salad bar she dragged you to. The link between the two of you was unexplainable and immense.

Which is why the news of them dating was such a shock.

You approached the situation every way you could and still had no idea how they ended up together. It wasn’t until a few weeks after, during a night at Hei’s home, that you learned part of the story. Hei droned on for an what felt like an eternity about how she “gathered the courage to say how she felt about him.” and how “at first he seemed shocked but admitted to his attraction”.


The kicker to her tale was the remark at the end.

“For a while I was scared. I thought he had a thing for you.” she cackled. “I don’t know why I was worried. After all you’re a foreigner.” Of course your face showed your offense but she quickly added bullshit about the language barrier between you and him.

You held your tongue for the night, knowing it was better to keep some choice words in your head.

He had avoided you well for a whole year.

It wasn’t until they announced their engagement that he even spoke two words to you: “Pardon me.”

And that was it. Two words hastily said as he passed you and another 7 months of not seeing him and suffering through wedding plans.

Now here you were, enduring more of Hei’s criticism just hours before she married the man you loved.



Hei finally reached the point where she was tired of insulting you, sending you away to have your makeup done.

“Excuse me.” Someone called to you in the swarm of people. You noticed one of the caterers trying to get your attention. ‘Yes?”

“Ms.Mei’s mother requests you in the garden.”

You nodded before thanking the woman and rushing off. You knew if you kept Mrs. Choi waiting there would be hell to pay.

The Choi family garden was an awe inspiring place. However the foliage was tall and for unfamiliar visitors it was somewhat of a maze. It took a while for you to find your way around when you were younger but now you could find the dandelions without even turning at the roses with your eyes closed.

Wandering further in after no sight of Mrs. Choi, you reached the center of the garden.

All that stood was the fountain.

As you admired the structure you felt someone’s hand on your shoulder. Naturally, you were frightened and jumped before turning to see Taehyung.


He was all decked out in his blue accented tuxedo. “To match the blue in my bouquet” Hei had told you.

“Wh-” You went silent when his hand stroked your cheek. Your confusion partially melted as you leaned into his hand, tears pricking your eyes for no particular reason.

“I am so sorry.”

And just like that his hand was pulling away and he was disappearing behind one of hedge walls leading back to where his limo was waiting.

Well that was anticlimactic.


“I believe we’re ready.” Mrs. Choi announced, clapping her hands to gather the bridal party for a picture.

The other bridesmaids forced smiles the same way you did. All questioning how they even began to tolerate her. Which you always found funny because a few of them were stuck up and rich just as she was but even they couldn’t stand the woman.

After the picture, her mother ushered you all into the white limo. As you climbed in last you saw her mother send you a look.

Though you weren’t sure what it was you were terrified because the main emotions you had seen the woman express over the years were fury and drunken happiness. She wasn’t drunk, yet, just a little “warm” from the flask she kept in her clutch so you assumed the strange look was building anger that was for some reason directed at you.

You looked away and slid in next to Hei.

Despite the morning of Bridezilla anger, she smiled at you with childish glee as she squeezed your hand.

An easy moment in a friendship of struggles.


“Look, sir.” you said through gritted teeth, accenting sir. “If I don’t get a drink now I will set this whole place on fi-”



You turned, ready to death glare the caller until they burst into flames but you relaxed at the sight of Jimin and Jungkook.

Jimin was Taehyung’s best friend and Best man. He was always the one at Tae’s side trying not to flick Hei in the mouth.

“Guys, shouldn’t you be in prepping?”

Jungkook snapped his fingers and the bartender poured him a glass of Bourbon. Your glare to the bartender was cut when Jimin grabbed your arm. “Shouldn’t you be stopping this damn wedding?”

“Hyung.” Jungkook said, not stopping the glass from coming to his mouth.

The older man sighed. “Fine. Taehyung is getting cold feet. Personally I think you should run away with him-”

Jungkook cleared his throat.

“BUT” Jimin continued, eyeing the maknae. “We don’t know where he is.”

“How do you know he has cold feet if you don’t even know where he is?” you asked, taking Jungkook’s drink and downing the rest in one strong go.

Jungkook took the empty glass from you. “Because it’s Taehyung.”

You nodded, knowing that was a perfectly valid reason.

When things became too much in reality, Tae preferred to be by himself and try to find some sort of grip on it. When there were no cartoons around of course.

You were about to ask what they expected you to do about it but they walked away. You shot the bartender a pleading look for more alcohol but he simply turned away.

Groaning internally, you went to find the missing groom.


“Kim Taehyung” You whisper yelled. Finding him before anyone else noticed was priority but you didn’t think you should be doing so. Frankly neither would Hei.

At the giving up point you sighed, about to turn around when someone pulled your hand into a room.

Pushing roughly in the direction of your attacker you almost yelled. “This is not a good day for me so unless you’re ready to get your ass whooped-”


His soft voice immediately calmed you. And confused you. And made heated nerves rise.

“Taehyung, you’re supposed to be with Jimin and Jungkook.”

He turned away from you, unsure of how to approach what he was about to do. You took the opportunity to look around the room.

It was much smaller than the others. Obviously a prep room. The building was filled with them. Huge rooms for ceremonies and smaller rooms for getting ready.

“Don’t make me do it.” he was facing you again.

You shook your head. “Taehyung, you did this when you proposed.”

At this he scrunched his face and pushed away from the wall in frustration. Like there was something he needed to say but couldn’t. “You don’t understand.”

“Understand what?” You stepped closer to him. “I need to know so I can help and you can go. I’m pretty sure you should be at the altar by now.”

“No!” he shouted, causing you to shrink away from him. He noticed, backing away as well. “This isn’t what I want.”

Crossing your arms with mounting frustration, you ask. “What do you want then?”

As if some desperate cliche response, he takes a large step toward you and pulls your face to his, connecting your lips.

The feel of his lips on yours had you giving an instantaneous response, falling into sync with his so easily. Almost as if hadn’t been nearly two years since you had last felt them.

After a second you remembered what was happening soon just outside the door and tried to pull back but his hands kept you to him. His fingers sliding back to feel your smoothed back hair under his fingertips.

After a moment more he pulled back, breathing as heavily as you. Your hands never left his sides as they turned into fists, grasping more of his dress shirt in your hold.

You looked to search his face and he was already doing the same with a forlorn expression.

You weren’t sure if what he was feeling was what you were hoping he was but there was no time to read into it.

He moved back, pulling off his jacket, intensely staring at you. He threw it to the side before approaching you again. His desperation working in his quick movements.

Everything in you was screaming to continue despite the voice way in the back whispering promises regret.

It didn’t matter. Your mind was made a long time ago.

It was obvious by the speed of four hands that neither of you were wasting time. Years of wanting this made goosebumps rise on your arms and you could feel his rapid heartbeat against your own chest as he brought you flush against him to grasp your ass with his lips to your neck.

He mumbled something against your skin that you didn’t catch before pulling up your dress. His hands squeezed at your waist, fabric resting on top of them. Feeling his hands gripping your skin was nice but it wasn’t what you needed.

Squeezing your hands between your bodies, you popped his trouser button. He moved back a bit to give you space as he smoothed his fingers across the hem of your panties.

You unzipped his pants, pulling the dress shirt out of the way and reaching into his blue boxers to pull him from his pants. His cock was already hard but you smirked and headily smoothed your thumb over the tip. He shuttered, eyes closing and grip returning tightly to your hips. “This isn’t how I imagined this happening anyway so please no teasing.”

Nothing would have excited you more than Taehyung begging for you but you knew you weren’t going to be able to keep that up long. You moved your thumb away to pump instead and leave a kiss on his neck. He took the hint, running a finger down across your covered slit.

You barely let out a breath before he moved your panties to the side. His knee went between your legs to push them further apart as he moved your hand away from his length. Replacing it with his hand to guide himself to your entrance, he locked eyes with you. You stared back, letting out a light gasp as he ran his tip over your clit. Though the situation was…less than ideal and more rushed than either of you would have preferred, his stare was something more than hungry lust. Taehyung’s gaze had you entranced until he began to slide into you. His nails dug into your skin. “Did you stay this tight for me?” he asked lowly.

You gripped his shoulders and nodded. “I didn’t want anyone else. I still don’t.”

He had no set pace, trying to gather his restraint. “Did you see anyone else?”

You whimpered at his ever changing thrusts.

“Amisha.” a demanding tone accompanying a snap of his hips that sent a cry tumbling from your lips. “Yes!”

A rough hand came to lift your thigh as he sped up. He pushed himself into you more, leaning his forehead to rest against the wall behind you. “Did you think of me while they did their best to please you?” His free hand found its way under the fallen side of your dress to rub your clit. “Did you think about how much better I could fuck you? Make love to you?” he whispered almost possessively in your ear. His tone no longer reflected his movements. Slowing down, he moved his face back to look at you again before softly meeting your lips. Gentle passion guiding his lips. You parted your lips for more but he pulled away. “Please.” you begged.

Another pace change coming as he thrust quickly. You didn’t fight to contain your moans, mixing curses and “Taehyung, more” into your loud cries.

Your hands slid up to his neck, your finger tips running over the hairs at the nape of his neck. An obvious fire built quickly in your stomach as he continued to rub your clit while his cock never let up.

His high came first as his hand on your thigh lifted higher for a deep thrust. His deep voice emptied breathy profanities into your ear. He continued to move, knowing you were on the edge. It didn’t take much more. His finger flicked your clit before gripping the upper part of your other thigh. “I feel you, baby. It’s ok to let go.” his words aided the feeling. His lips crashed against yours once more while you clenched around him before your mouth was falling open to cry out his name. The waves of satisfaction jerking involuntarily as he allowed you to ride out your high. It became too much and your hand gently pushed at his hips. He pulled out and stepped back, eyes admiring your fatigued form as he readjusted himself.

It wasn’t long until guilt took over. You turned away from him to fix your underwear and straighten your dress. “We, uh, we should get to the main hall. You need to be at the altar before she can throw a tantrum.”

His face dropped and eyebrows furrowed in confusion, face overall hurt. “What do you mean? You want me to marry someone else? Even after what we just did?”

“What we just did was betray someone.”

“She betrayed you first!” he semi yelled back. “Now you want to go in front of all those people and lie?”

You caught something he said“How did she be-”
There was a knock. “Taehyung?”


Eyes not leaving you, still shocked, he answered. “I’m coming.”

Without another word, he left. Still not looking away until he was out the door.


After pulling the make up artist to the side for a touch up, you got into line next to Jimin. He glanced at you with a knowing look but overall frown. You knew what he was thinking but looking ahead.

The moment you heard the music begin it was as if your heart was being squeezed so tight you couldn’t breathe. Jimin sensed this, whispering a soft “It’s alright.”

If someone heard him they would have guessed it was from nerves but you knew by the sound of his voice that he meant something else. You glanced over to him, seeing a smile smile sitting on his subtly makeuped face.

When it was your turn to walk you held Jimin’s arm tightly. As you split to stand on the opposite side of the groomsmen you tried to calm yourself. You looked up and met Tae’s eyes for the split second before the organ began with ‘Here comes the bride’.

The whole ceremony was a eye stinging blur. Until the question was asked.

You knew it was coming and your eyes shifted to Jimin. His eyes were urging you to act.

“-Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Gripping the bouquet tighter your breathing picked up. You watched Jimin’s eyes widen at you as if he were ready to scream.

Everyone tensed.

You glanced out at the guests, all waiting to see if something dramatic would happen. You looked down to prepare for the ‘I Do’s.

“Then if no one objects-” You noticed her mother breath a sigh of relief from the corner of your eye.

Until… “Really?”

Everyone’s head snapped to the bride. You couldn’t see her face but you recognized that tone.

She was annoyed. That she is getting married?

Your expression mirrored everyone else’s.

“You would really go through with this?” her voice was momentarily softer. She spun around and locked eyes with your wide ones. “What are you doing?” Confusion stared back at her. “You missed the ‘if anyone objects part!”


She sighed, shoulders sagging. Carefully lifting her overly puffed out dress, she stepped down to stand face to face. “I have done some terrible things to you and said more insensitive things than anyone else has been able to tolerate without being completely fake.” she shook her head, seemingly thinking back on all the terrible things she had done to you. “Yet you are still my friend. The best friend I’ve got. I don’t know know how but you are still with me.”

“Hei.” you begin, still so confused.

“I can’t do this to you.” her eyes are glassy now. She turns to the attentive guests. “I’m sorry for leading everyone on but I can’t do this. My mother pressed me constantly to marry someone. Someone good looking and sweet to make our family look even better. To please her and avoid her disowning me, I pressured Taehyung into being with me but I can’t. My family is far from fine and I can’t fix those cracks in our image by betrayal.” She glanced down at her surprised and furious mother. “I didn’t make those cracks, Mother. I don’t have to cover them.”

She shot the woman a disgusted look before pulling you over to Taehyung. “I ruined a perfectly good relationship but now I want to fix it.” She took your mock bouquet to slide hers into your hand. You stared incredulously at the beautiful purple bouquet with it’s lone yellow flower in the middle as you fought back tears.

“NO!” her mother shot up from her seat. “I paid for this wedding and I won’t allow them to use my money!”

“Actually it’s my money.” Hei’s father said, walking over to his crazed wife. “And I say they can do as they please.”

Her eyes widened. “Honey what’s mine is yours.”

“Not anymore.” she stepped back. “It never had been.”

Humiliated she fled the ceremony hall. Hei’s father turned to face the three of you. “Would you like to continue?”

You looked from him to Hei’s encouraging smile to Taehyung.

He held both of your hands, smiling sweetly. “I still love you as much as I did before if not more. I want to do this if you do.”

Your mind went into overdrive. Though you felt somewhat rushed, wondering if you needed more time to be with him, you thought back to all the sneaked kisses and late nights at his home goofing around or listening to music all night. Something said no but your heart took over your lips to say “Yes.”

Everyone rejoiced and Hei took your former spot as the ceremony continued.

“We should honeymoon near Donghwasa.” he whispered as you waved from the limo. You stopped and looked back at him, staring for a moment before smiling.

Love can begin at anytime but it never stops.

(30 Day Writing Challenge) Day 1: Holding Hands

Title: Clammy Hands

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Reader

A/N: this is my first time writing Sherlock so I’m sorry if this sucks. 

There were special times when Sherlock Holmes would get nervous. It wasn’t often and he could usually hide it from everyone. Everyone except his girlfriend (Y/N) (Y/L/N).

She could tell every time when he was nervous because his hands would become Niagara Falls. It was incredible how someone would could hide all emotion could not become terribly nervous within seconds.   

There was only one way she could notice or examine his hands to check if they were clammy, without it being extremely awkward: holding his hand.

Now, both of them were known for not  being the most romantic people in the world. That didn’t bother either of them. They just knew the other cared for them. Their, small amount of, friends understood they the physical and verbal affection was practically non-existent so there was no need to fake it. Which is why it was awkward for when she wanted to see if he was nervous. Also why John and Mary were shocked when she held his hand at their wedding, they’ve never seen that before.

At that time, where she needed to check if he was nervous, it was before Sherlock’s best man speech. (Y/N) wasn’t worried for her speech as the maid of honour. She and Mary had grown quite close and (Y/N) had a good idea on what to say to make her happy.   

On the other hand, Sherlock had been stressing out over his speech since it was announced that he would be the best man. He was alright with that and was also quite flattered John had asked him. But his face micro-slumped when (Y/N) informed him he’d have to write a speech. What was he to say? He’d tried to ask (Y/N) for help but she said John wanted it all to come from him.

So, the day of the wedding had come along. Sherlock was fixing his bowtie in the mirror in the mirror on his and (Y/N)’s door. (Y/N) stepped over to him in her floor length, purple bridesmaids dress.

“You look fine, Sherlock,” she said with a slight chuckle at him. He turned to her with his usual blank expression.

“I know. I just want to make sure it’s perfect so Mrs. Hudson doesn’t mess with it when we get there,” he responded whilst looking for his violin case.

“You know as well as I do that no matter how perfect it is, she will still mess with it,” she said handing it to him.

He nodded a thank you,”I guess you’re right.”. He took if from her and waited at the door to take a cab to the wedding venue.

“When am I not?,” she questioned to him as she walked down to the door. He simply gave a Sherlock esque smile and followed her.

-skip to the reception-

It was time, well almost time, for Sherlock’s best man speech. He sat to the left of John and (Y/N) sat on his left. Then (Y/N) did the thing.

She reached over and grasped his hand with hers. Sherlock would usually clench his hand quickly then go limp, but this time he squeezed and didn’t let go. She let out a small smile at him. He quickly smiled back at her.

John saw this happen and was completely confused. He was happy the two had shown some kind of PDA but was still confused. He turned to Mary and showed her their hands clasped together.

“I guess we aren’t the only people completely smitten with each other,” sje said with a shrug and smile.

just-chats  asked:

For the song thingy Shut up & Dance for Kageyama. Please & Thank you!

For serious, I love this song and it’s one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy!

~Admin Emma

Even though your sister had chosen the absolutely worst shade of purple for your bridesmaid dress, Kageyama still thought you looked beautiful. You were so happy and free, your face flushed with exertion as you grooved to the upbeat pop music. You owned the dance floor, whirling and twirling and laughing. You were so pretty… and yet, he felt so awkward. You’d asked him to dance with you a few times, and each time he’d lost his volume control and shouted ‘NO THANK YOU’ at the top of his voice. It had drawn a few looks, but you knew your Tobio, and you knew the poor child wasn’t so good with his words. So you’d laughed it off and returned to the dance floor.

He was starting to regret it, though. His suit was feeling too tight, and he was feeling fidgety from sitting still for so long. His hands flexed over and over… maybe he could convince you to go outside and throw some balls for him to toss… and then the music shifted. He recognized the song, and the whole crowd burst into thunderous applause and cheers. He tapped on his thigh to the simple beat, listening to the uplifting lyrics, and he almost missed you bounding towards him. You gave him that beautiful smile–the one that melted his insides and brightened his day–and took his hands in yours. He grasped your fingers, brushing his thumbs over your impossibly soft knuckles.

You rocked forward on tiptoe, your breath ghosting across his ear, as you murmured to him; “Tobio, dance with me.”

It wasn’t a question. Still, he flinched from you, his whole face turning as red as a cherry; “____, you know I can’t.”

“Yes you can,” you chastised. “Come on, it’s my sister’s wedding, not a ballroom dancing contest. You love this song!”

He did, too. You’d introduced him to so much good music, and this was one of his favorites. But dancing around your living room like a couple of love-sick dweebs was one thing. Dancing in front of your loved ones in a crowded room was a total other thing. The crescendo was about to hit, which meant the chorus was coming. You tugged on his hands with such a hopeful smile, he couldn’t say no to you.

“Sure, ____, lead the way.”

He allowed himself to be pulled. You weren’t exactly the most graceful of dance partners, and he was a bit stiff, but you never once let go of his hand. He recognized the erratic movement of your limbs and hips–he just never saw it when you wore a dress with heels. He was much more used to seeing you like this in a pair of shorts and one of his oversized t-shirts. You looked a bit like a fool, unflinching and uncaring whether or not you embarrassed yourself. Your smile was wide and bright and infectious, and soon, he found himself swept up in the moment.

By the time the second chorus bridged into the guitar solo, your family and friends and the venue had all fallen away. His suit was now his sweats and a t-shirt, your dress was now your shorts and a tank top, and the dance floor was your living room. He pulled you close, mindful of your toes, as he swept you in a breathless circle. He was laughing! You were so taken aback by this, you were struck momentarily speechless, and you blushed so prettily, he couldn’t stop himself. He hitched you up around his hips, holding you against him, until he could crane his neck just a bit. And then, with an effortless smile that was a rare sight even for you, he kissed you. It was gentle and stiff–sort of like him–but it was perfect.

You made him so happy; you made him feel so free. For that, he would forever be grateful to you, and he would always love you.

KarmyWatch: An Inside Look At The Wedding

Hey Karmy Watchers!

We’re all still reeling from the emotional whiplash-inducing on-again-off-again break-up threesome drama of a few weeks ago, but this week there is MUCH LOVE to celebrate! We have the exclusive scoop on Karmy’s Weekend Wedding Shenanigans!

Karma chose to wear a stunning vintage green number, perfectly complimenting Amy in her purple bridesmaids dress.

Karmy thrilled the crowd and cleared the dance floor with a choreographed routine to Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up (clearly their song!!). It was a truly magical moment.

And then when Amy toasted the marriage of her mother to her new stepdad, she was also clearly referencing her undying, eternal love for Karma and there was not a dry eye in the house. Karma and Amy are clearly as in love as ever and going strong!

Until next time Karmy Watchers!!