purple amber

Ok so I have to leave in 2 hours for a vacation and I still need to pack EVERYTHING but I really wanted to put this out for a friend.

The characters are from this lovely webcomic that you should totally check out right now.


Let me just say this

Amber- could EASILY be a lesbian, I mean that whole ep with sashi. It kinda felt like she was showing off and flirting when she and sashi were duking it out

General Bighorn- A literal butch lesbian and you can’t tell me other wise

Shirley B Awesome- dosnt need a man and would probably date a girl like sashi, small but ultimately deadly

Lady Starblaster- probably an asexual lesbian who thinks men are beneath her.

Phyllis- who the hell even knows

Other LGBTQ+

Madame president- would probs LOVE Lady Starblaster I mean she’s beautiful also has some weird monster thing going on (MP is totally chill with monsters)

Sashi- would date amber and they would be the best girlfriends

Vonnie- had a crush on a cute girl in high school once but ended up in a loving marriage with her bff Brock

Boone- is bi, and I’ll fight every single one of you on this topic

Larry- probably liked rippen at one point (or still does)