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For the question thingy 8,18 and for the non existing 13... which is your favourite colour for hair ( for yourself and drawing ) btw you are amazing!!! \( ^ ω ^ )/

8. Show us at least 2-3 drawings from 1-2 years ago.
Jan 2016:

July 2015:

Jan 2015:

cringe why is the face so round… the only thing that stay unchanged is the empty background lmao

13. Your favourite colour for hair?
Creamy white! And just really light colours in general. Purples and greens are big no-no. For myself I like my natural black hair, but if I were to dye it… maybe a reddish brown?

18. How long have you been drawing / when did you officially “declare” yourself as an artist?
I’ve been casually doodling as long as I remember. If digitally then since 2011. I “declared” myself as an artist ~mid 2015 when I started selling my stuff*, but I didn’t really view myself as one until very recently.

*Speaking of which I’M FOREVER THANKFUL TO THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORTED ME BACK THEN OMG I didn’t know anything but you trusted me and gave me critiques that put me where I am right now… ;___;

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Jeff and Ham don't remember what their respective toothbrushes are.

At first at least.

“Uh…which one is yours.” Alex’s eyes flickered from Thomas to the toothbrushes.

“I…forget. I mean, my favorite color is green but purple’s just kinda my color..?” Thomas shrugged.

Alexander just shook his head, grabbed one, and went to grab his toothpaste so he could get on with the day.

More of Me

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Relationship status:  Giddily married to my best friend and lover, Wolf

Favorite color:  purple, followed by black, green, red

Pets:  We’re down to one amazing, 5yo bluenose red pitbull named Zaphod.  I’m convinced he needs a kitten, because sometimes he’s lonely.

Last song I listened to:  Grimm’s Fairy Tale by Keeley Filgo.  It’s what our burlesque routine is being danced to.

Favorite TV show:  Bones, NCIS, Forensic Files.  Don’t get to watch Supernatural until the season is over (Netflix).  Don’t get to watch Doctor Who ever, it seems.

First fandom:  Supernatural, then Doctor Who

Hobbies:  Knitting, baking, cooking, soapmaking, yarn recycling, love to garden - maybe in this house I’ll get to

Favorite book:  Who can pick just one? Here’s a vain attempt:  Agnes and the Hitman and also Wild Ride by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer, The Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich, anything by Diane Mott Davidson, Patricia Cornwell, or Douglass Addams, and the Bible.

Worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted:  Handmade hand lotion (now there’s a story you can ask my kids about)

Favorite place: In Wolf’s arms.  Or if you mean a geographical location, anywhere I can see the mountains.

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an understanding

The Joker’s actions should not be excused. Harley’s physical and mental pain should not be excused.

But it shouldn’t be simplified, either.

Jumping right off the bat into the thought process of: “oh, she gets hurt so automatically she is confused and needs to overcome him.”

Harley doesn’t deserve what The Joker does, but you can’t forget they are sado/masochistic clowns in a fictional universe where chemicals give you purple eyes and green hair and a man jumps off roofs in a bat costume.

It’s fiction, and I think people feel less connected, even uncomfortable to think that this bubbly, lovable villain is masochistic, forgives her abuser and even loses interest in him when he stops being the abusive asshole that he is. (read: My Boyfriends Back)

I think also people refuse to believe that an abuser can CARE for - even LOVE their victim. The Joker isn’t bashing her head in every panel. He shows affection and has proved feelings for her.

Yes he’s still an asshole psychopath.

Yes she still gets abused.

But, some of it can even be considered consent. Expectation, even.

Harley’s attraction to him and Ivy show what she wants - a dominant. Which Ivy and Joker are, but to the very extreme. The, I’ll hurt the fuck out of you, extreme.

So extreme they both put her in harm’s way.

It’s okay to be uncomforted by this.

It’s not supposed to make you feel good, she’s a murderous clown, her entire character is supposed to be unnerving.

Harleen Quinzel was driven by love for her patient - a man she knew who was dangerous. A man she knew could and would kill her whenever he pleased.

This does not mean she is a black and white abuse story.

Harley Quinn is so much more complicated than that.

It’s almost insulting to her creators to see her as nothing but a doormat who can’t defend herself.

She can.

She will.

She HAS defended herself.

Becoming a villain gave her more confidence and self respect and HAPPINESS than she ever shown to have as a doctor - even while being with Joker: a murderous maniac.

Harley Quinn has had so much development as a character, but most importantly, a VILLAIN in Pre52. Even by Joker’s side, she evolves into something just as dangerous as him.

Don’t excuse what happens in their relationship. Never accept abuse.

But don’t simplify the complexity that is Harley Quinn.


an incomplete list of LGBT+ characters in (fictional) period pieces [insp]

* much more prominent/explicit in the original book on which the film is based