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Strip Steve Feat. Puro Instinct - Astral Projection

Collaboration used to be a dirty word in the strictest of musical circles. Proper musicians, it seemed, were loathed to share their sounds with anyone who might take a slice of their Pitchfork rating. Recently, however, even the hippest songsmiths have been extending the laurel branch to create the most unlikely, and striking of marriages; spanning genres and, crucially, fan-bases.

Take Strip Steve’s hijacking of the lovely Puro Instinct sisters. While their album lacked structure, and any truly insightful melodies, here they are given the sharpest of backbeats over which to weave their dreamlike vocal play. Couple this with an achingly cool music video and it all ends up seeming a bit like Ariel Pink fronted by Debbie Harry. Which can only be a good thing.

New: Ariel Pink and Puro Instinct - In The Force

Ariel Pink and Puro Instinct join forces to cover Rexy’s 1981 song In The Force. Be prepared for some underwater pop, vintage space glam and above all addictive lo-fi tape infused flame! A beautiful collaboration that comes in favor of Rexy’s Running Out Of Time re-issue that will drop on March 18th via URU/Lucky Number.

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Puro Instinct - “Dream Lover”

If you’ve been following me you know my borderline obsession with Philly’s captains of smooth Work Drugs. Their mix of tropical dream pop and 80s RnB just makes you feel like you can drift and float away into the sunset. Los Angeles’ Puro Instinct are the female duo version of Work Drugs. “Dream Lover” has that hazy, late summer afternoon sound that makes you wish you were lounging in your beach chair sipping on a pina colada. 

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Strip Steve Feat. Puro Instinct - Astral Projection

Véritable perle de disco avec les jolies soeurs de Puro Instinct au chant, c'est juste parfait. Un vrai tube pour l'été. 

D'ailleurs, Strip Steve c'est un Français qui sortira son premier album “Micro Mega” le 13 Juillet sur le label de Boys Noize. A surveiller donc.